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21 Best Coffee & Tea Subscriptions of 2020 – Voted by Readers

Best Coffee & Tea Subscriptions

Many a morning ritual involves making and drinking a warm beverage. Coffee and tea subscriptions deliver the best beans and leaves directly to your home or office so you can focus on the best part of the process. Almost every roaster and tea brand seems to have their own service, so how do you know which to try? We asked our readers to share the boxes that keep them stocked. Bonus: These boxes are also a foolproof gift idea for anyone who likes to cozy up with a cuppa, even if they only drink decaf, green teas, or third wave coffee.

We’re especially excited to share this list, as it’s a new category for the 2020 Subscription Box Awards! Ready to see which coffee and tea boxes fueled our readers up?

Most Popular Coffee & Tea Subscriptions, Recommended by Our Readers

What’ll it be, coffee or tea? Here are the sippable subscriptions our readers are loving right now:

1. Sips by

Inside of Sips By box, featuring a variety of teas.

Image from our review.

Cost: $15 per month. Subscribe here!

COUPON: Use code SUBSCRIPTIONADDICTION to save 50% off your first box!

What Our Readers Say:

“This is my favorite overall subscription, EVER. The variety of teas they send are AMAZING. I look forward to this box every single month and haven’t been disappointed yet.” – Amy

“I have discovered some great teas. Enhanced my love for tea.” – Sherri

About the BoxThe Sips by subscription is totally catered to your tastes! You’ll share your preferences when you sign up, and each month you’ll receive a selection of 4 teas from well-known and up-and-coming brands, with 15+ cups in each box. This female-founded company is dedicated to setting you up for steeping success by supplying you with the biodegradable filters (if you are sent loose-leaf tea), guides, and tasting notes in each box!

Check out our Sips by review and Sips by details to learn more. Ships free to the US, $9.50 to Canada, and to western Europe for varying costs.


2. Bean Box

Bean Box June 2018 review featuring 4 coffees and a candy.

Image from our review.

Cost: Plans start at $19 per month. Subscribe here!

COUPON: Limited Time Only! Use code MSA-5 to save $5 off your first box!

What Our Readers Say:

“Tastes so delicious.” – Maria

About the Box: Hailing from Seattle, this coffee subscription company is out to share the best of their local roasters with coffee drinkers in other states. Bean Box works with small-batch, independent roasters, so you can be sure you’re getting thoughtful, high-quality blends in every box. Choose from light, medium, dark, and decaf roasts, choose whole bean or ground, and get ready to see which of their 712+ varieties will find their way to your mug!

Check out our Bean Box reviews and Bean Box details to learn more. Ships free to the US only.


3. Simple Loose Leaf

Simple Loose Leaf January 2019 - Simple Loose Leaf All Items Shown Front Top

Image from our review.

Cost: $9 per month. Save with longer subscriptions. Subscribe here!

What Our Readers Say:

“Seamless billing and delivery, and the tea quality and freshness is excellent. It’s also a great price at $12 per month.” – flowerbunnylove

About the Box: If you’re setting out to learn which teas you love or are simply excited by variety, the Simple Loose Leaf tea subscription may be your jam. Each box contains a variety of 4 sampling options based on your choice between the Original Sampler Box, Herbal Decaf Box, Green Tea Box, and Black Tea Box. They often come from artisan sellers worldwide and include reusable organic linen tea filters for sustainable brewing. Choose to receive a box every month, every 2 months, or every 3 months.

Check out our Simple Loose Leaf reviews and Simple Loose Leaf details to learn more. Ships to the US for $2.99 and Canada for $9.49.


4. Teabox

all of the teas contained inside the box

Image from our review.

Cost: $39.99 per month. Save with longer subscriptions. Subscribe here!

What Our Readers Say:

“Love it!” – Sheeners

About the Box: Loose-leaf tea lovers will look forward to the beautifully packaged blends sent in each monthly Teabox subscription! Including 5 premium teas from India, each centered on a theme and featuring choice flavors from regions including Darjeeling, Assam, Kangra, and the Nilgiris, this is a box for the regular tea sippers out there. To make the experience even more exciting, they include extras such as tea info, postcards, bookmarks, plant seeds, and more in each box!

Check out our Teabox reviews and Teabox details to learn more. Ships worldwide for free.


5. Trade Coffee

Trade Coffee box shown with a bag of whole bean coffee from Onyx Coffee Lab and a bingo sticker.

Image from our review.

Cost: Starting at $15 per week. Get “The Classics” for $25/shipment (two 12 oz bags per shipment, $12.50 per bag) or “The Hookup” for more adventurous varieties priced at $15-$22 for one 12 oz bag per shipment. Subscribe here!

COUPON: Get 30% off your first subscription shipment, plus free shipping! No coupon needed - just use this link.

About the Box: After taking a short quiz based on your flavor preferences and brewing techniques, Trade Coffee will play matchmaker to pair you with a small batch bag of coffee from one of 400+ roasters around the country. The beans are roasted to order and shipped directly to you from the roaster, so freshness is a guarantee. After giving your match a try, you can rate the coffee in your Trade account to further hone in on your perfect cup!

Check out our Trade Coffee review and our Trade Coffee details to learn more. Ships free to the US only.


6. Blue Bottle Coffee

Cost: Starts at $15 per month. Subscribe here!

About the Box: We envy the folks who get to stroll into a Blue Bottle Coffee cafe for a cuppa, but the rest of us can partake with a subscription to this Oakland-based company. Serving up high-quality coffee blends that are sustainable and seasonal, a Blue Bottle Coffee subscription sends freshly roasted beans for you to brew and enjoy in your home.

Check out our Blue Bottle Coffee details for more info. Ships to Australia, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States.


7. Coffee & A Classic

Coffee and a Classic Subscription Box Review May 2019 – Box Open With Products Top

Image from our review of the Starter Children’s Classics box.

Cost: Starts at $38.89 per month. Subscribe here!

What Our Readers Say:

“They offer different flavors of coffee made in small batches (or you can choose tea or cocoa). Bonus, a great read is included!” – MizzMo

About the Box: This subscription is just as much about the sitting and reading as it is about the sipping! Sending along a single serving of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate (there’s a “surprise me” option, too!), paired with a book in either the Classic Literature, Classic Non-Fiction, or Children’s Classics genre, Coffee & A Classic is a well-rounded experience in a box. Choose the Starter subscription ($38.98/month) or the Standard ($49.39/month) to dictate how many bookish extras come along with the beverage and the book.

Check out our Coffee & A Classic reviews or our Coffee & A Classic details to learn more. Ships to the US for free.


8. Craft Coffee

Three Craft Coffee boxes stacked, with three bags of whole bean coffee on display.

Image via Craft Coffee.

Cost: Starts at $9.99 per month. Subscribe here!

About the Box: Craft Coffee delivers high-quality beans straight to you, just after roasting. If you want to explore the offerings available, you can subscribe to a sampler of three 4-ounce bags for $29.99 per month, or if you already know your own tastes to a tee, you can subscribe to a single type of coffee (prices starting at $9.99 per pound).

Check out our Craft Coffee details to learn more. Ships to the US for free.


9. Hawaii Coffee Tour [In A Box]

Hawaii Coffee Tour February 2018 review coffee beans

Image from our review.

Cost: $38.33 per month or save with longer subscriptions. Subscribe here!

What Our Readers Say:

“Really smooth.” – Diane

About the Box: Here’s your chance to try various types of coffee from the Hawaiian islands! Hawaii Coffee Tour [In A Box] works with local farms and roasters around the islands, so each whole-bean variety you receive is completely authentic. Occasionally you’ll even get an additional surprise (like a coffee-related sweet treat) in your shipment!

Check out our Hawaii Coffee Tour [In A Box] review and Hawaii Coffee Tour [In A Box] details to learn more. Ships to the US and worldwide.


10. Black Rifle Coffee Company (BRCC)

Flying Elk coffee displayed among coffee-making tools

Image via BRCC.

Cost: Starting at $16.99 per month. Subscribe here!

About the Box: This veteran-owned coffee company roasts its own small-batch coffee. When signing up for the Coffee Club, you can choose to receive 1, 2, 3, or 4 bags of coffee from 13 proprietary flavors, including 1 decaf—or have BRCC surprise you each month! You can also indicate whether you’d like to receive beans, grounds, or coffee pods with free shipping. Their Exclusive Coffee Club is an upgrade available to a limited amount of BRCC subscribers, costing $25/month. With this subscription you’ll receive a bag of micro-lot coffee selected by founder Evan Hafer.

Ships worldwide for free.


11. Plum Deluxe Tea

Two loose-leaf teas from Plum Deluxe Tea.

Image from our review.

Cost: Plans start at $10.00 per month charged quarterly. Subscribe here!

COUPON: Use code MYSUBADDICT to save 15% on your first shop order!

What Our Readers Say:

“The tea is great, but they have the absolute best customer service of any company I’ve encountered. I’ve subscribed for nearly four years, and they are consistently fantastic.” – Jess H.

About the Box: Loose-leaf tea drinkers will delight in the organic, fair-trade, seasonal leaves sent in the monthly Plum Deluxe subscription. You decide whether you’d like to receive one or two teas per month—either way, you’ll be sent a bonus sample of the next month’s tea, too!

Check out our Plum Deluxe Tea reviews and Plum Deluxe Tea details to learn more. Ships free to the US and Canada.


12. Atlas Coffee Club

Cost: Plans start at $9. Subscribe here!

COUPON: Limited Time Only! Get your first 12-oz bag of premium single-origin coffee FREE with any subscription (you just cover shipping) AND up to $55 off all gift subscriptions. No coupon needed - just use this link.

About the Box: Take a moment to think of all the best coffees you’ve tasted, and the countries around the world from where they came. Colombia, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Kenya—all these countries of origin and more are represented in the single-origin coffee sent to Atlas Coffee Club subscribers! Choose the number of bags (half, one, or two) you’d like to receive, the frequency (every 2 or 4 weeks), your roast preference, and whether you’d like whole bean or ground coffee, and wait for your order to arrive in amazing packaging, and with info about the country featured.

Check out our Atlas Coffee Club reviews and Atlas Coffee Club details to learn more. Ships to the US for $4.95 and Canada (add $6).


13. Art Of Tea

Four tins of loose-leaf tea from Art of Tea displayed in a wooden box.

Image via Art of Tea.

Cost: $65 for a 3-month subscription. Save with longer subscriptions. Subscribe here!

COUPON: Use code ADDICT10 to save 10% off your first box!

About the Box: Classics, rare finds, and specialty blends are all on the table with the Art of Tea subscription! Choose which is right for you, including options for caffeine-free teas and pyramid bags (as opposed to loose leaf), and expect to receive 2-4 oz. (about 30 servings) of rotating teas in each box. It’s a great way to explore new tea flavors!

Check out our Art of Tea reviews and Art of Tea details to learn more. Ships to the contiguous US for free.


14. Adagio Tea of the Month Club

Image of a box from Adagio Tea Club

Image via Adagio.

Cost: $59 for a 6-month subscription, $99 for a 12-month subscription. Subscribe here!

What Our Readers Say:

“Great teas.” – Jennifer W.

About the Box: Adagio lets you try new teas on a bi-monthly basis! Your first delivery will contain two months at once, and will come with tins to keep your loose-leaf teas in. Future shipments include simple plastic packaging (the idea is that you’ll reuse the tins). Each shipment contains enough tea for 75 cups!

Check out our Adagio Tea details to learn more. Ships to the US.


15. Bones Coffee Company Coffee Club

Cost: Starting at $13.49 per delivery. Subscribe here!

About the Box: Say hello to this small-batch coffee, which boasts just as much personality in its packaging as it has flavor! Bones roasts its own beans, and as a member of their Coffee Club, you’ve got options on how you’d like to partake. Choose from 1, 2, 3, or 4 bags of coffee that will arrive ground, whole bean, or single-serve (20 count), and select whether you’d like your shipments to arrive weekly, bi-weekly, or every 3 or 4 weeks. Decaf drinkers, there are lots of options to choose from!

Free US shipping on orders $50+.


16. Amoda Tea

4 tea bags from amoda tea

Image from our review.

Cost: Plans start at $20 per month. Subscribe here!

COUPON: Use code MYSUB40 to save 40% off your first box!

What Our Readers Say:

“Introduced me to a new world of herbal tea!” – Jody E.

About the Box: This tea subscription hooks subscribers up with loose-leaf teas from North American companies. You have the choice between the classic and “Low Caff” plans, and if you need to re-up on extras, you can add some reusable, biodegradable tea filters, or a tea spoon for $5. Each box comes with tasting notes and steeping tips so your brews can reach their highest potential! Plus, it’s got gorgeous packaging, which is always a win in our book.

Check out our Amoda Tea reviews and Amoda Tea details to learn more. Ships to the US & Canada for free.


17. Match Made Coffee


Image from our review.

Cost: Plans start at $19.95 per month. Subscribe here!

COUPON: Use code MSA10 to save 10% off!

What Our Readers Say:

“Fun and usually tasty.” – Mishy D.

About the Box: Match Made invites you to be a coffee taste tester, pairing a flight of international flavors with cookies and other treats that complement the flavors. Included is a pairing guide explaining each pick, giving you reading material to enjoy as you sample.

Check out our Match Made Coffee review and Match Made Coffee details to learn more. Free shipping to the US.


18. Harney & Sons

Harney & Sons June 2019 open box 2

Image from our review.

Cost: $14 per month. Subscribe here!

About the Box: Harney & Sons is a fine tea company that offers loose-leaf and sachet-style tea subscriptions. Tea selection will vary and include green, black, white, flavored, decaf and herbals. We love that they arrive in tins—great for organized storing and repurposing! 

Check out our Harney & Sons reviews and Harney & Sons details to learn more. Free shipping to the US.


19. Moustache Coffee Club

Cost: $13 per box for 6 oz., $22 per box for 12 oz. Subscribe here!

What Our Readers Say:

“Absolutely fresh whole bean coffee–rarely a miss. I’ve been getting this one for several years, and it has really turned me into a coffee fanatic.” – Anonymous

About the Box: Moustache Coffee Club is dedicated to sending subscribers top-quality beans that are roasted fresh before shipment. Customize your order by indicating whether you’d like a 6 oz. or 12 oz. bag and the frequency (weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly), and they’ll send a surprise bag of high-quality coffee your way. Want to try it before committing? Sign up for a free 6 oz-er!

Free shipping to the US. This company also offers separate Canadian & international subscriptions.


20. Tea Runners

Flat Tea Runners box and four bags of tea & a bowl of honey.

Image via Tea Runners.

Cost: Plans start at $21.25 per month. Subscribe here!

About the Box: Tea Runners offers a monthly, bi-monthly, or tri-monthly subscription that sends the best in loose-leaf teas. Plans are plentiful and include an all-black tea box, an herbal tea box, a pure tea box, and their original box (a mix of all of them). In each box you’ll receive four 3-oz. packages of tea, and Tea Runners promises not to send duplicates for at least 12 months.

Check out all of our Tea Runners reviews and Tea Runners details for more information! Ships worldwide and free to the US and Canada.


21. Regular Coffee

Open box filled with coffee bags from Regular Coffee.

Image via Regular Coffee.

Cost: Plans start at $21.25 per month. Subscribe here!

About the Box: Are you a regular coffee drinker? You might want to consider being a Regular Coffee drinker! This subscription offers tons of options for how to receive your shipment of freshly roasted coffee. Choose from whole beans, grounds, or pods. Sizes range from 30 three-ounce packets to one giant 36-oz. bag. And, you can place a one-time order, purchase a three-month gift subscription, sign up for a monthly subscription, or pre-pay for one year of monthly coffee deliveries.

Check out our Regular Coffee details for more information! Ships free to the US.


Did you find a coffee or tea subscription that stood out to you? If you feel like your research isn’t done, take a gander at our full list of coffee subscriptions and our full list of tea subscriptions!

Written by Christen Russo

Christen Russo

Christen is a smile collector, outdoors enthusiast, and appreciator of soggy French fries. Her favorite subscriptions involve eco-friendly products and clothes, nature supplies, stationery, and coffee. She can be easily won over with a good sheet of stickers.

Comments (7)

  1. I buy Bones Coffee Monthly and I have to say I love the flavors of the coffee and the artwork on the packaging is beautiful. I am clipping the artwork after the coffee is done with and keeping them in a picture book.

  2. I’m on my 3rd month of Trade coffee and have been pleasantly surprised by how nice it’s been. I like getting to choose from their suggestions each month and how easy it is to change the shipment date.

    • THat’s awesome, LJ. I’m a Trade subscriber, too, and I have been really happy with what they’ve selected for me!

  3. How is Angels Cup not on the list! It is one of the best with its selection, variety of choice from dark, med, light roast and ground or whole bean option. Not to mention the price is amazing.

  4. I have received Simple Loose Leaf both from their website and from Amazon (deal alert). I love it, but had to pause because I just have too much tea right now. I also got a deal on Tea Runners’ first month on Amazon. As much as I had enjoyed it, $25 is too much for me. I just subscribed to Sips by out of curiosity (and I love a good deal). I would say that $15 a month is tops for me. I have tried Amoda tea years ago – liked, but too expensive.

    I always go back to David’s Tea – their prices are rather agreeable, especially during a sale.

    As for coffee, I am using a Nespresso machine.

  5. Whistling Kettle is great, too!

  6. MSA, I would love to see regular reviews of the Hawaii Coffee Tour box. When we visited Oahu in 2007, we had the best tasting, smoothest coffee I have ever had. Given the price point, I would like to see a few reviews before taking the plunge! If the reviews are as great as the coffee I remember, it is worth the $.

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