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100th IPSY Glam Bag Celebration – Our Favorite Bags of All Time!

Marne Orenich
ByMarne OrenichMar 10, 2020 | 39 comments

March marks IPSY’s 100th Glam Bag. Can you believe it? We thought we’d celebrate this milestone by takin’ a little stroll down memory lane and sharing our fave IPSY Bag designs from the past 100 years. Kidding. It hasn’t been that long, but boy are there a lot. Some were celebrated. Some were controversial. Let’s see what members of the MSA team regale as their top Glam Bags of IPSY past, along with ideas on how we all use them that you can adapt for your own!


Selected by Savannah, Editor + Review Coordinator

How she uses it: “I quickly put this IPSY pouch from July 2017 to work as my travel wallet shortly after Christen gifted it to me a few moons ago. It served me incredibly well in Japan as it kept my bills flat and pristine, which is a big part of Japanese culture. No mangled cash here! I was also delighted to find this bag also fit receipts, coins, and my passport comfortably. Even better yet, it delighted everyone that spied it whenever I was paying for onigiri from 7-11 multiple times a day. It’s been a loyal travel companion of mine ever since.”


Selected by Liz, Founder of MSA

How she uses it: “I love using zippered IPSY bags (like this galaxy print one from November of 2015) in tote bags/purses/beach bags that are open and don’t have a lot of pockets – they keep me organized!”


Selected by Marne, Content Specialist

How I use it: “I like to use IPSY bags like this spooky cute one from October 2016 (illustrated by artist Valfré) as a travel sleep kit. I can be very finicky when I sleep outside the comfort of my own bedroom which means I need 1. earplugs, 2. a sleep mask, 3. some pillow spray, 4. some sleepytime tea or sleep aid (like melatonin). The IPSY bags are perfect for creating a little kit like this to always have on hand and toss into an overnight or weekender bag!”


Selected by Megan, Content Creator

How she uses it: “I love using IPSY bags to compartmentalize my messy life. I have some for pens, some for tampons, some for way too many lipsticks, another for watercolors and brushes. I am a disorganized person in general, but being able to sort different things into cute bags makes me feel a little more put together. I was immediately smitten with the color blocking on the June 2018 bag because they reminded me so much of Pantone colors. And that little heart pull? Swoon!”


Selected by Sara, Brand Partner

How she uses it: “I was/am a huge fan of Tetris, so this bag from June 2019 is my favorite. I played the game so much as a kid that I dreamt about playing it in my sleep! Side note: the packaging from the full collection’s products are retro, but cool, and I also love the nod to the red Z tetromino on the bag’s zipper pull. I’m constantly using different backpacks or totes, so I use my IPSY bag to carry all my tech accessories (ie AirPods, laptop cord, anything else day-to-day that will fit :))”


Selected by Sarah, Content Manager

palm themed makeup bag

How I use it: “I normally use IPSY bags for my essentials, whether I’m traveling or just trying to locate the important stuff in my messy backpack. The contents of my bag typically include a concealer, lip product, eye drops, pen, mini notebook, and a little cash. The bright colors of this palm design from July 2019 give me hope for warmer weather and serve as a reminder to water all the houseplants I’m trying to keep alive!”


Selected by Christen, Copywriter & Editor

How she uses it: “I keep a zipper pouch in my laptop bag to store my little tech accessories, like my AirPods, Bluetooth mouse, and blue light glasses—that way they’re kept clean, tidy, and together. The pop of neon orange along the edges of this denim pouch from the February 2017 IPSY makes it easy to find among the other items floating around in my bag!”


For more bag designs and makeup, check out our years of past IPSY Glam Bag reviews and find your favorite!

What’s YOUR favorite Ipsy bag of all time? How do you use yours?

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Marne Orenich
Marne Orenich
Marne is a lipstick connoisseur, record collector, and twice over cat mom. She loves discovering new clean beauty brands and has quite the collection of beautifully packaged serums and moisturizers.

Marne Orenich
Marne Orenich
Marne is a lipstick connoisseur, record collector, and twice over cat mom. She loves discovering new clean beauty brands and has quite the collection of beautifully packaged serums and moisturizers.
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I donate mine to children to use as crayon bags. The ones I keep, I typically use when I don’t have time to do my makeup and have to rush that day’s look into a bag to take with me onto the bus. Or I use them to organize my nail polishes, face masks, or even my brother’s shaving tools!


I haven’t been getting Ipsy for very long, since October of 2019. It was the last sub I got so I’m behind in bag designs! But so far my fav is tied between the January marble ultimate case and the February quilted big ultimate bag. They’re so cute and match my room perfectly. I use my January case for all my sheet masks for my fave while the February bag has my foot masks, hand masks, body scrub pouches, etc. I like to find a way to make them work in my day to day since they’re so pretty!


My favorite bag was my 1st it was the one with the envelope heart February 2016. The my next favorite would be the Halloween one and the sleeping egg that’s shown and the Mermaid one I can’t remember the month and year. 😊

Tanya M

I’m going to ride with the Betty bag as my all time fav.. I use so many for different purposes including phone accessories so special fondness for several… I feel for Ipsy as my March bag (regular) will be nearly impossible to top in sheer awesomeness ✌🏿❤️😍 Thank you Ipsy!!! Wishing you another hundred bags .


My favorite were the Betty Boop face, the Halloween one like you posted, the marble, the sky looking one like above, and there were a few more but I can’t remember


Hard to choose but I really like the admit one ticket bag and the Halloween bag that Marne likes.


If anyone wants a bag they don’t currently have.. there’s lots of them on Mercari, often multiple bags for $10-$15 in case you want a favorite you missed out on!


I cannot pick just one favorite. I use some of my favorites to organize all the many chargers we have in a drawer. Then I use some past favorites that I change out seasonally in my purse. I love the studded black and green bags with the gold zippers. I also love the vintage looking lemons for summer. My favorite two are either the 8 bit looking valentines day one that resembles an envelope or Marne’s favorite Halloween Valfré collaboration. I also miss the the great bags Ipsy sent when Plus first started. The pink suede bag is amazing!


I think that 8 bit bag is my most favorite bag that was before my time with Ipsy. 🙂

Marne Orenich

Great idea, Amanda! Thanks for weighing in on some of your faves as well!


I’m sentimental. My favorite bag is my first bag. The February 2016. 😍😍😍😍


I’ve always been a little envious of the ticket bag, the butterfly bag and the Halloween one that Marne posted. However, I’m also happy with the amount of sparkly bags i received over the last year.

Marne Orenich

I DO love a bit of sparkle too. 🙂


I also like the pink constellation bag, mostly because of the crystal zipper pull. I also like the dark purple one with black hearts, it’s a bit rounded at the top but I can’t remember when it’s from.

Cindy Brady

I love the constellation bag too, mostly because of that crystal zipper pull!


Sticking my neck out here, but my favorite bag has been the Betty Boop bag (for the regular bag). I’m not even a major Betty Boop fan, but I keep extra lip balms in it at work and every time I open up my “vanity” drawer in my desk it’s basically the first thing I see and it always brings a smile to my face.

The bag I regret the most missing out on is the Gudetama bag. I was in a stubborn no-buy phase when that came out, and being good on no-buys always leads me to regret. ha!

I’m probably sticking my neck out on this one too, but the prettiest bag I have is that bright pink furry bag that everybody seemed to hate so much. I can never bring myself to actually use it, because I think it looks so pretty, so I just stare at it for a minute when I re-discover it during a re-organizing phase.

Cindy Brady

I love the constellation bag too, mostly because of that crystal zipper pull!

Luna. I’ll step out with you.. The Betty Boop bag took a beating when it came out. Maybe because it was Halloween month?? IDK.. but I also really, really like that bag. Had the face then the shiny black on back with a B zipper pull *( my last name starts with B) . I love that little bag….
Oh. I liked the Tetris bags too. I got the purple L and even picked up another one hoping to get a different one and surprise surprise I got another purple L !!! Haha…


I agree with you on the Gudetama bag!! I regret not getting that one so much!


My favs have been the yellow passport bag (my fav of all time), the constellations bag, the gold sequin (December 2019 I think) the pink February 2020 one, and there’s a fuzzy pink glittery one from december 2016 or 2017 I think that I still have. Love the classic looking ones and the glittery ones!

Cary san

Gudetama is my favorite I use it as a first aid bag with tylenol and bandaids. I hope they do a hello kitty one in the future or any other cute sanario characters.


I use it for my tampons because eggs 🤪

Marne Orenich

LOL Lia!


Omg I’m cracking up over that.


I like the fabric ones more than the plastic/vinyl/vegan leather ones. I’ve been a member less than two years, so I don’t have that many, but my favorite is probably the black and gold fabric one with the sleepy eyes.

Julie B

The Gudetama is my favorite and fits my iPhone 7s perfectly. I love that’s it’s a conversation starter for when I meet people who know who he is, as well as those who don’t


The graffiti one was my fave.


I use the same Galaxy bag as Liz, but put all my coupons and gift cards in it – makes it easy to find in the void of my black purse!


Ditto! Except I use the same one as Christen ☺


I think my favorite was the Rebecca Minkoff bag. Loved the flowers on the dark background and I really like that bag style (zipper on font, not top).

Also liked the recent pink constellation one and this month’s.


My favorite is the November 2019 leopard. Anything cat is tops for me.


You and I must have been separated at birth. We could write each other’s comments.

When I read the title of this post, I immediately said: “Someone will mention the Gudetama with the butt!” And there it was – the first one mentioned.

I’m with Christen on the comfy denim bag with the orange piping. It’s also more roomy than the standard ipsy bag.

I travel for business a lot and these bags corral so much for me. Love ’em.


When I first saw the Gudetama bag as a spoiler, I was not happy with it at all. I thought it was one of the worst bags ever. When I got it, though, I flipped it over and saw the little butt and fell in love with it! The little butt is just so funny. It is one of my favorites, so I will probably never use it.

Sharon in SE TX

My favorite bag was the clear, water resistant bag with popsicles and ice cream cones on it from May 2017.


I loved that one! I used it as my toiletry bag for a long time. I hope they do something similar again

Marne Orenich

That one is super cute too!


Yes! I still use it for my makeup brushes when I travel. I hope they make one like it again in the future.


Omg I didn’t know the Betty Boop one was so controversial lol


I like the Butterfly one best (April 2018?) I’ve never managed to get my hands on one unfortunately…but I still hope to swap for one someday.


The Butterfly Bag from April 2018 was THE ONE that finally made me subscribe to Ipsy. I’d been tempted forever, and followed each month’s spoilers, but that bag was so beautiful I had to have it. Very happy Subscriber since! I think in addition to it, I love the pink constellation bag from this winter, and the marble print bag we got in January.

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Our reviewers research, test, and recommend the best subscriptions and products independently; click to learn more about our editorial guidelines. We may receive commissions on purchases made through links on our site.