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My Subscription Addiction

5 Ways Tempo Will Revolutionize Your At Home Fitness Routine

Ali Van Straten
ByAli Van StratenJan 2, 2023

Run, Eat, Sleep and Repeat!

I'm a cardio junkie who avoids almost all other types of exercise. However, as I get older, I've learned that my exercises must be a little more balanced if I want to avoid injuries.

That's where Tempo comes in!

When my friend told me about the Tempo Studio and how it made her love strength training, I knew I had to check it out. I'm so glad I did! Here are 5 ways my Tempo Studio has revolutionized how I work out.

1. Real-time Form Feedback

One of the biggest issues I've had with doing a strength training program at home has been my form. While I would love to think I look like a super trainer with perfect form, the reality is I need constant reminders and feedback.

With Tempo, I can get that real-time feedback just like I used to when I'd go to Orangetheory. Tempo has a sensor that tracks my body movements, calls out when my form needs correcting, how to fix it, and then recognizes me when I do the move correctly.

This form feedback has helped me a ton, and my physical therapist has even commented about how much my form has improved!

2. Personalized Weight Recommendations

Another challenging part of working out at home is figuring out how much weight I should be using. I don't want to go too heavy, but I also want to make sure I'm challenging myself enough.

Tempo considers things like range of motion and strength level to give me exact recommendations for the weight I should be using with each move.

It took a few workouts to get my base down, but their suggested weights are spot on now. At the end of every rep set, you're asked to rate how the weights felt and they use that feedback to recommend weights in your next class. I used to think I could only deadlift 15 lbs because that's what I was used to grabbing, but I've learned with Tempo I can actually do 25lbs!

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3. You're the DJ

Music is a huge part of my workouts and can end up making or breaking them. At the beginning of every activity, you can select what genre of music you want to play during the class (and don't worry if you don't know what to pick - you can also leave it up to Tempo). The playlists are shuffled so you won't hear the same songs repeatedly when choosing the same type of music.

I really like this because sometimes I'd avoid certain classes at the gym if they had certain music themes (a country spin class? No thanks!). With Tempo, I'm always able to have the perfect type of music for my classes.

4. Keeps Track of Reps and Timing

I used to get so distracted during workouts trying to keep track of my reps, but Tempo has taken care of that for me. Tempo will count my reps, remind me of what I did in the last set, and display my pace for doing the moves. It'll even save my results so that when I retake the class, I can see how much I've improved!

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5. Not Just for Strength Training

When I first heard about Tempo I thought all they had was strength training classes - I quickly found out I was wrong! Not only do they offer other class types like yoga and meditation, but they also have mobility and recovery classes to make your workout routine more balanced.

I'm a runner and use my Tempo daily. I'll use Tempo's Pre-Run Warmup on my running days, then recover after my run with a stretching and mobility class. On my strength days, I'll take a strength class made specifically for runners followed by a mobility class. Since including all these strength and mobility classes into my running routine, I've found that my running pace has improved, and I'm not getting injured!

Final Thoughts

I've had my Tempo for a few months now and can't imagine it not being a part of my workout routine now. It's completely changed how I work out and has made me love strength training!

Ali Van Straten
Ali Van Straten

Ali is a busy mom of a baby and preschooler living in Minnesota. She's a health and fitness enthusiast who loves to run, and also enjoys blogging about all things parenting, Peloton and meal prep. Ali's blog, Champagne and Coffee Stains, was created in 2019 as a resource for healthy recipes and tips for living a healthier lifestyle.