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4 Reasons Why Daughters of India Should Be In Your Wardrobe

Jenny Scheck
ByJenny ScheckJan 9, 2023Sponsored

Did you know that your current shopping habits at Target, Zara or H&M might actually be costing the planet and people around you?

That’s exactly why you need to consider shopping from Daughter’s of India, an ethical and sustainable fashion brand that creates the highest-quality, lightweight and chic clothing.

Here are 4 reasons why you should consider adding Daughter’s of India into your wardrobe today:

1. Their Clothing Is High Quality, Timeless & Unique!

Daughter’s of India creates the highest quality, ethically sourced and sustainable clothing on the planet.

Their clothing pieces, particularly their dresses, are incredibly light and stylish. The pattern designs are beautiful and of the highest quality, while the fits are certainly flattering.

The lightness of the clothing additionally does not subtract from its quality at all - you’ll be able to find the smallest design details across your clothes that make you feel like you are wearing something unique and special.

2. You’ll Be Supporting Local Villagers 

Not only are their clothing pieces stylish and very unique, but they also support local villagers and  female artisans of India in a sustainable and impactful way.

If you shop at places like Target, H&M and Zara (just to name a few) then you already know that their clothing is made as fast as possible with little regard to the environment, water quality, carbon emissions and more.  

3. Conversational Pieces 

When you wear your Daughter’s of India pieces out in public, you’ll be sparking up conversations left and right!

I love conversation pieces and the “where did you get that” question that I now get 3+ times per day when I wear my Daughter’s of India!

And my favorite recent interaction was when I was wearing my Zuri Wrap Dress and got to answer this question with an explanation of the sustainable supply chain that brought me this piece.

Everything from Daughters of India is made in small factories not far from the historic pink city, Jaipur, India. The local villagers employed are supported in fair trade– and isn’t that how it should always be?

4. You Get Free Shipping and $20 OFF!

And even if you needed yet another reason to add some Daughter’s of India into your wardrobe today – they offer free shipping and $20 off your first order.

If you’re ready to redeem your $20 off deal, then click here to shop Daughter’s of India!