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Enchanted Crystal Variety Review September 2023

Kate Kemp
ByKate KempOct 25, 2023 | 0 comments

Enchanted Crystal Subscription Box
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Enchanted Crystal is a monthly subscription for crystals, hand-picked and uniquely curated to offer a truly enchanted crystal experience.

My Subscription Addiction received this box free for review. (Check out the editorial guidelines to learn more about how we review boxes.)

This is a review of the $42.00 Crystal Variety Box.

First Impressions


How cute is the crystal covered tape that wraps this sturdy box? Such a lovely presentation! The crystals were carefully packaged: nestled in several feet of sturdy paper and (separately) enclosed in bubble wrap. Not surprisingly, they arrived in perfect condition.

Enchanted Crystal has continued to use QR codes on the insert included in the box. There are three QR codes that take you to the Enchanted Crystal Library as well as links to welcome letters!

In their September blog post, Enchanted Crystal shared that they were excited because they would be visiting the Denver Gem show, which is the second largest gem show in the United States. I’m excited because that usually means even more unique and beautiful specimens to be found in future Enchanted Crystal boxes!

The Crystals

Etched Amethyst (Rare)


Amethyst is one of the most popular and widely known crystals. I’ve made jewelry with it and even owned a gigantic geode filled with Amethyst crystals. But this is my first piece of Etched Amethyst. Which isn’t surprising considering its rarity. According to the Crystal Library, “Etched amethyst is believed to have undergone extreme heat and pressure in the Earth's crust, causing the surface to dissolve slightly, creating these fascinating patterns.”

Enchanted Crystal also shares that, “Metaphysically, etched amethyst is associated with enhanced spiritual growth and inner exploration. Its intricate surface patterns are thought to symbolize the labyrinth of the mind, encouraging individuals to delve deeper into their thoughts and emotions. This unique amethyst variety is believed to amplify the energy of the third eye and crown chakras, facilitating a heightened sense of intuition and spiritual insight. It's often used in meditation to access higher states of consciousness and enhance dream work.”

Rose Quartz


The next crystal is another popular semi-precious gemstone: Rose Quartz. Rose Quartz is a member of the Quartz family and is formed in rock fissures. Its soft pink color comes from tiny amounts of minerals such as Titanium, Iron or Manganese within its crystal structure.

According to Enchanted Crystal's Library, “Metaphysically, rose quartz is associated with love, compassion, and emotional healing. It is considered the stone of unconditional love, promoting self-love, harmony, and forgiveness. It is believed to open and activate the heart chakra, facilitating the expression and reception of love in all its forms.

This crystal is often used in meditation to connect with the heart center and deepen one's capacity for self-acceptance and love. It is believed to attract love and harmonious relationships, while also supporting healing from heartbreak and emotional traumas.”

Red Calcite


Red Calcite is a crystal I’ve not seen before. Calcite is Calcium Carbonate. Red Calcite is formed when Iron impurities are introduced while the Calcite is forming. This leads to a reddish color. The more Iron present, the more intense the red hue will be.

The Enchanted Crystal Library states that, metaphysically, “Red calcite is known for its energizing and stimulating properties. It is believed to help boost vitality, motivation, and physical energy. Some people use red calcite as a crystal for overcoming lethargy, revitalizing the body, and promoting a sense of courage and action.

In addition to its energetic properties, red calcite is also thought to have positive effects on the physical body. It is said to support the circulatory system, aiding in the regulation of blood pressure and improving blood flow. It is also believed to assist in the healing of bones, connective tissues, and provide overall support to the body's metabolism and immune system.”

Rainbow Agate


Agate, in general, is one of my favorite semi-precious gems to make jewelry with because of its range of colors, low cost and the beautiful bands of color within it. These swirling bands of color are created by mineral impurities that are introduced into the crystal structure as it is forming. This piece of Rainbow Agate displays those bands as white swirls over a yellowish base, giving it a very soft and pleasing appearance.

Enchanted Crystal's Library explains that, “Metaphysically, Rainbow Agate is believed to possess a harmonizing and balancing energy. It is often used to align and balance the body's chakras, promoting a sense of equilibrium and overall well-being. The vibrant spectrum of colors within the stone is thought to symbolize unity and connection, making it a favored crystal for fostering positive relationships and enhancing communication. Many individuals use Rainbow Agate to promote optimism, creativity, and a deeper connection to the natural world. Additionally, Rainbow Agate is considered to be a stone of protection and emotional healing. Its soothing energy is thought to alleviate stress, anxiety, and negative emotions.”

Spirit Quartz (Rare)


This next crystal is entirely new to me which isn’t surprising considering it’s labeled as “Rare.” Also called Cactus Quartz, Spirit Quartz, originates in South Africa. To me, it resembles the Quartz Point I received as a bonus crystal, but rather than having a smooth clear appearance, it’s a cloudy white color that is covered with tiny, sparkling bumps.

According to Enchanted Crystal’s Crystal Library, “It's recognized for its stunning appearance characterized by a central crystal cluster surrounded by smaller crystals, often resembling a sparkling flower. This formation occurs due to a unique geological process where smaller quartz crystals grow on the surface of a larger central crystal.”

The Crystal Library adds that, “Metaphysically, Spirit Quartz is celebrated for its harmonizing and uplifting energy. It is believed to promote a sense of community, unity, and cooperation, making it a valuable stone for group dynamics and relationships. Its multiple crystals are thought to symbolize the collective spirit, reminding us of the interconnectedness of all living things. Spirit Quartz is often used to create a sense of harmony within environments and relationships.”

Tanzanian Green Kyanite Set (High Quality)


The final crystal that I opened was Tanzanian Green Kyanite. I saved it for last for two reasons: Blue Kyanite is one of my favorite stones (so I hoped that Green Kyanite would be equally amazing) and it’s labeled as “High Quality” which I find exciting! I couldn’t wait to see what a high quality Green Kyanite looked like. I wasn’t disappointed. I’ll admit that I’m still a bigger fan of the blue version (not surprising considering that blue is my favorite color). However, this green is stunning and in some pieces there are vibrant streaks running through them like a blue river! I found it incredibly difficult to capture in my photographs, but if you look closely at the last few, you’ll see it.

Metaphysically, Enchanted Crystal’s Library explains that, “Tanzanian Green Kyanite is thought to promote healing on both physical and emotional levels. It is believed to have a soothing effect on the nervous system, alleviating stress and anxiety. This stone is often used to support emotional healing and release negative patterns, fostering emotional well-being and inner tranquility. Its vibrant green energy is associated with growth and renewal, making Tanzanian Green Kyanite a cherished tool for those seeking to align their energies, open their hearts, and embrace personal transformation.”

Hand-Crafted Cloth Grid


Each month, a new grid design is printed onto a sturdy, hand-sewn cloth with water-based, PVC-free ink. Like in the past few months, this grid came with a QR code. From now on, Enchanted Crystal will be giving not just the backstory on each month’s grid, but suggestions on how to best use it!

The design of September’s grid is based on the “Flower Of Life” symbol. Interestingly, according to Enchanted Crystal’s blog post devoted to this grid, “...many consider to be one of the most ancient and profound symbols in the world. Historically it has been found in various incarnations used by Egyptian, Sumerian, and Mesopotamian civilizations. The most notable is the Temple of Osiris in Abydos, Egypt, where it was prominently ascribed on a massive slab of pink granite.”

Enchanted Crystal goes on to explain the best way to get the most out of this grid design. “In addition to the Flower of Life symbol in this month's design, combined hexagonal and six-sided star elements are used to create multiple pathways and nodes for placing crystals you wish to work with. This straightforward approach to the design hopefully allows you to create harmonious arrangements with ease. Combining the sweeping and rounded forms of the Flower of Life with hexagonal and star shapes is thought to encourage balance in the design, connecting any crystals you've chosen to arrange, with direct pathways to each other.”

I’d like to add that I love that it’s purple; it’s the perfect color to accentuate the “Flower Of Life” design!

The Verdict

September’s variety box from Enchanted Crystal was another winner! It contained such a nice variety of colors, shapes and sizes of crystals. I also love that it had a great mix of common and uncommon stones. It’s nice to receive a popular semi-precious gemstone such as Amethyst or Rose Quartz as well as beauties I’ve never seen before (like the Tanzanian Green Kyanite) or heard of (Spirit Quartz).

I especially love Enchanted Crystal’s Library, where you can look up the physical and metaphysical properties of each stone. They continue to update it monthly, so if you haven’t looked at it lately, it’s worth perusing again.

While I’m not yet a firm believer in all of the metaphysical powers attributed to crystals, I really do enjoy admiring and studying them. I’ve learned that like in life, there’s so much more to their beauty than their outward appearance.

Each Enchanted Crystal box brings with it a new opportunity to learn about both the beautiful crystals that mother nature has provided as well as how they can be used to assist us in our lives.

I’m genuinely excited to see what next month’s box brings!

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To Wrap Up

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? No, your first box will be October's box. However, Enchanted Crystal does have an online store that you can visit to browse and purchase stunning specimens that are in stock.

Sign up on or before the 5th of the month to get the current month’s box! All orders processed after the 5th will ship the following month. We ship between the 5th and 8th of each month.

Value Breakdown: This is the Crystal Variety box that costs $42 a month. That’s only $7.00 per specimen (not counting the cloth grid)! When you consider that shipping is free, that’s a surprisingly good value!  Want to start small?  Enchanted Crystal also offers a smaller box, containing one crystal (and a bonus baggie of small crystals) each month for $16.

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