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Enchanted Crystal Variety Review March 2023

Kate Kemp
ByKate KempApr 17, 2023 | 0 comments

Enchanted Crystal Subscription Box
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Enchanted Crystal is a monthly subscription for crystals, hand-picked and uniquely curated to offer a truly enchanted crystal experience.

My Subscription Addiction received this box free for review. (Check out the editorial guidelines to learn more about how we review boxes.)

This is a review for the $42.00 Crystal Variety box.

First Impressions


How cute is the crystal covered tape that wraps this sturdy box? Such a lovely presentation! The crystals were carefully packaged: nestled in several feet of sturdy paper and (separately) enclosed in bubble wrap. Not surprisingly, they arrived in perfect condition.

The insert included in the box was a quick note from Adam, the owner of Enchanted Crystal, who just returned from the Tucson Gem Show. He asked for feedback from Enchanted Crystal subscribers and hinted that new gems will be coming to the box! Now that I’m a collector, I’m excited to see what’s to come!

The Crystals

Turkish Chalcedony (Rare)


Let’s start this off with my favorite gemstone in the box: Turkish Chalcedony. Blue Chalcedony is a member of the Quartz family. It’s found in large formations but blue Chalcedony is rare and only found in a single region in Turkey, which has been mining it since 2500 BC.

According to The Crystal Council, “The blue hue of the stone occurs because of the “Tyndall effect”, which is defined as light scattering by colloid sized particles. The color can range from a light transparent blue to a solid baby or sky blue.”

Metaphysically, Chalcedony is thought to help calm emotions and give one the ability to communicate clearly. If you struggle to express yourself, or speak in public, Blue Chalcedony is the stone to turn to. It can connect your spiritual and physical body, allowing you to speak in a way that will create self-confidence.

Mali Garnet


I love Garnets, so when I saw a little parcel labeled “Garnet” I got really excited. Garnets are most commonly a deep reddish hue; so I was really surprised when I first saw this stone. It’s not unattractive, it’s just completely different from what I was expecting.

After doing some research, I’m not convinced this stone is actually a Mali Garnet. Most Mali Garnet is a green hue that’s usually transparent. Perhaps this stone was mislabeled?

Mali Garnet was discovered in 1994 and is found only in Mali. As for its metaphysical properties, it’s believed that Garnet can enhance creativity, positive energy, self-confidence and increase love and passion. Garnet is tied to the root chakra and is considered to be a protective stone that can rid evil energy and prevent nightmares.



This is the third piece of Epidote that I’ve received from Enchanted Crystal (though one was in a matrix). This is only my sixth month receiving the box, so I’m surprised that there is another repeat. I’m passing this one on to my sister who has also caught the crystal collecting bug!

According to the research I’ve done previously, epidote is one of the few crystals that should be used cautiously. The reason is that it’s an amplifier of energy. Considering that, it makes sense that the name “epidote” comes from the Greek word for, “increase.”

It’s believed that carrying epidote will amplify whatever energy you’re manifesting at the moment: positive or negative. Because of this, it's thought to be unwise to carry it on a day when things are going badly. On the other hand, carrying it on a good day can attract creativity and prosperity.

Banded Agate


I’m such a fan of Agate. It comes in such a wide variety of colors and types while still being incredibly affordable. Banded Agate is composed of Quartz bands that are the result of volcanic activity over long periods of time.

Metaphysically, it’s believed that when used in meditation, Banded Agate brings a sense of relaxation, security and can help you gain control of your emotions.

Indian Ruby (Rare)


I love the unusual shape of this gemstone; it’s quite beautiful! The name Ruby comes from the Latin word for “red” and it was considered the stone of nobility. It has a long and interesting history. According to the Crystal Council, “In Burma, inserting a Ruby into one’s flesh would make them invulnerable and provide protection. During the Middle Ages in Europe, Rubies were used to convey good health and remove negative energies from the user. Chinese lore has also said that Emperor Kublai Khan offered an entire city in exchange for a very large ruby.”

Metaphysically, rubies are tied to the root chakra. Some believe that Rubies are great at collecting and boosting energy that increases concentration. Ruby is also thought to encourage fortitude, passion, strength and the ability to control your dreams.

Hematite “Picture” Quartz (Rare)


This piece of Hematite “Picture” Quartz seems to also be known as Hematoid Quartz. Metaphysically, some believe it has the ability to increase self-worth and self-respect. Hematoid quartz is associated with water energy and it’s believed to enhance the energy of the space it’s placed in (especially one of calmness, prayer and meditation).

Like hematite, it can ground you, remove negative energy and balance your body, mind and spirit. Hematoid quartz is said to combine the amplification power of quartz with Hematite’s grounding and balancing ability.

Hand-Crafted Cloth Grid


Each month, a new grid design is hand-crafted onto a sturdy cloth. This month’s bright mint-colored design reminds me of a crop circle! Perhaps I’ve watched too many episodes of The X Files, but that’s the first thing that came to mind when I unfolded it. I’ve never been a fan of green but it really feels like the perfect color for spring.

Interesting to behold, but what exactly is a grid? After searching a bit, I found a great explanation. According to a blog from the Healing Crystals Company:

“A crystal grid involves the physical act of laying out one’s crystals in a pattern that is recognized in sacred metaphysics. This layout, combined with the user’s genuine intention, is thought to amplify the properties of the stones quite significantly, bringing greater benefit to the user or more successful outcomes.”

The Verdict

This is my sixth Variety box from Enchanted Crystal and I’m totally addicted. If you’re like me, and still consider yourself a newbie to crystals, this is an awesome way to boost your collection! After 6 boxes, I now have a respectable assortment of beautiful crystals. I’m really enjoying researching all of these stones and dreaming of ways to display them. I truly can’t wait to see what next month brings!

While I’m not totally sold on all of the metaphysical powers attributed to crystals, I enjoy studying them and would love to believe in their ability to aid us! The more I learn, the more I respect and appreciate them, plus my home is now much more sparkly!

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To Wrap Up

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? No, your first box will likely be May's box. Order by the 5th of the month to receive the current shipment. Also, Enchanted Crystal does have an online store that you can visit to browse and purchase specimens that are in stock.

Sign up on or before the 5th of the month to get the current month’s box! All orders processed after the 5th will ship the following month. We ship between the 5th and 8th of each month.

Value Breakdown: This is the Crystal Variety box that costs $42 a month. That’s only $7 per specimen (not counting the cloth grid)! When you consider that shipping is free, that’s a surprisingly good value!  Want to start small?  Enchanted Crystal also offers a smaller box, containing one crystal (and a bonus baggie of small crystals) each month for $16.

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