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Enchanted Crystal Variety Review February 2023

Kate Kemp
ByKate KempMar 23, 2023 | 0 comments

Enchanted Crystal Subscription Box
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Enchanted Crystal is a monthly subscription for crystals, hand-picked and uniquely curated to offer a truly enchanted crystal experience.

My Subscription Addiction received this box free for review. (Check out the editorial guidelines to learn more about how we review boxes.)

This is a review for the $42.00 Crystal Variety box.

First Impressions

How cute is the crystal covered tape that wraps this sturdy box? Such a lovely presentation! The crystals were carefully packaged: nestled in several feet of white paper and (separately) enclosed in bubble wrap. It’s not surprising, then, that they arrived in perfect condition.

The insert included in the box is a quick note from Adam, the owner of Enchanted Crystal, asking subscribers for requests of what they’d like to see in future boxes. Adam will consider requests while browsing the Tucson Gem Show, which is the highlight of the gem world in America. I can’t wait to see what goodies the Enchanted Crystal team comes back with!

These notes are nice and add a personalized touch, but I’m still desperate for an insert or QR code with a link to information about each crystal. Scouring the internet for facts on each stone is interesting, but incredibly time consuming, and can be very difficult with the rare crystals.

The Crystals

Moroccan Amethyst (Rare)


Moroccan Amethyst is a rare stone that wasn't found until 1990 and not brought to the worldwide public until 2009. Amethyst is a purple variety of Quartz and one of the most popular crystals available. While researching this crystal, I found some interesting information. According to Gem Adventurer, “Moroccan Amethyst also displays an attractive color change from purple in sunlight (candescent), to pink in candlelight (incandescent).” I haven’t had the chance to try this, but I’m going to need to!

The Crystal Council explains that, “Amethyst gains its color from gamma irradiation and trace amounts of Iron. This crystal gained its name from the Greek word "Amethystos" which translates to "not intoxicated."’ Many cultures throughout history have believed it to prevent intoxication; so much so that they made wine goblets from Amethyst.

Metaphysically, Amethyst it’s thought to have the ability to create a protective bubble that increases physical energy and promotes mental clarity. Because it helps to raise the frequency of our energy, it can also provide comfort by relieving stress while awakening your intuition.

Mexican Green Fluorite


I’ve often worked with Rainbow Fluorite (which contains shades of green, blue and purple), but I find Mexican Green Fluorite lovely. Unfortunately, I received this exact stone in the December Enchanted Crystal box. While I don’t mind having an extra piece, it seems a bit too soon to have a repeat item.

As for its metaphysical properties, it’s believed that Fluorite brings mental clarity as well as assisting with decision making. It can absorb the negative energy from your aura while activating all seven of your chakras. Green fluorite, in particular, is said to bring balance by uniting the heart and mind.

Madagascar Candle Quartz


This big crystal is Madagascar Candle Quartz. Candle Quartz gets its name from its resemblance to a lit candle that is dripping wax.

Metaphysically, it’s said to have the ability to remove bad habits and positively change your priorities in a way that can even alter your life’s path. It’s also believed to improve self confidence, motivation and expand your mind. Candle Quartz is said to be a valuable tool for Reiki practitioners because of its ability to help with past-life problems.

Moroccan Apatite (Rare)


My favorite gem is Neon Blue Apatite; so when I saw the label on this little package, I was excited. I’ve never seen Moroccan Apatite before so I was slightly disappointed to see that it’s a golden color. Since I didn’t know anything about Moroccan Apatite, I did a lot of research. I wish that Enchanted Crystal’s website had a glossary of crystals, especially of the rarer minerals that they send. But now I know that it’s commonly used by the fertilizer, pharmaceutical and ceramics industries.

Metaphysically, it’s believed that Apatite improves mental clarity, strengthens willpower and combats depression. Many use Apatite to unite past and future lives, as well as invoking self-confidence. Physically, some say that Apatite aids in weight loss by increasing metabolism and decreasing hunger; it’s also used to treat hypertension and joint pain.

Moss Agate Tower


I love to save the best for last and this Moss Agate tower is my favorite stone from this month’s box. It’s utterly gorgeous: totally different from every angle. My research indicates that Moss Agate is not technically agate; it’s a form of Chalcedony with inclusions of Manganese, Chrome and/or Iron. It’s these impurities that give the illusion of moss (or other organic matter) encased within it.

Metaphysically, some believe that Moss Agate grounds us to mother Earth while shielding our aura. According to The Healing Crystals Company, “It is said to reduce inflammation, treat colds and flu, lower fever, prevent dehydration and treat fungal or skin infections.” But for me, this Moss Agate Tower is stunningly beautiful and I love staring into its depths.

Hand-Crafted Cloth Grid


Each month, a new grid design is hand-crafted onto a sturdy cloth. This month’s design is very intricate and reminds me of a lovely turquoise mandala. But what, exactly, is a grid? After searching a bit, I found a great explanation. According to a blog from the Healing Crystals Company:

“A crystal grid involves the physical act of laying out one’s crystals in a pattern that is recognized in sacred metaphysics. This layout, combined with the user’s genuine intention, is thought to amplify the properties of the stones quite significantly, bringing greater benefit to the user or more successful outcomes.”

The Verdict

This is my fifth Variety box from Enchanted Crystal and I’m totally addicted. If you’re like me, and crystals are new to you, this is an awesome way to jumpstart your collection! After just 5 boxes, I have a very respectable collection of beautiful crystals. I’m really enjoying researching all of these stones and dreaming of ways to display them. I truly can’t wait to see what next month brings!

While I’m not totally sold on all of the physical powers attributed to crystals, I enjoy studying them and would love to believe in their ability to aid us! The more I learn, the more I respect and appreciate them, plus my home is now much more sparkly!

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To Wrap Up

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? No, your first box will likely be March's box. Order by the 5th of the month to receive the current shipment. Also, Enchanted Crystal does have an online store that you can visit to browse and purchase specimens that are in stock.

Sign up on or before the 5th of the month to get the current month’s box! All orders processed after the 5th will ship the following month. We ship between the 5th and 8th of each month.

Value Breakdown: This is the Crystal Variety box that costs $42 a month. That’s only $8.40 per specimen (not counting the cloth grid)! When you consider that shipping is free, that’s a surprisingly good value!  Want to start small?  Enchanted Crystal also offers a smaller box, containing one crystal (and a bonus baggie of small crystals) each month for $16.

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