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Why Every Pet Owner Needs Pawp, the Digital Health Clinic for Your Pet

ByMSAJul 19, 2021 | 18 comments

Telehealth proved to be a literal lifesaver this past year for people in need of medical attention who didn’t want to venture into a brick-and-mortar facility to receive top-notch treatment. But did you know you can sign up for the same high level of digitally administered care for your cat or dog? You can with Pawp, the digital health clinic for your pet.

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For just $19 a month, Pawp subscribers receive unlimited telehealth service for up to six cats and/or dogs—which includes access not only to top-flight vets, but also to pet experts who can help with social, emotional and behavioral issues—plus an annual $3,000 safety net should any pet emergencies arise.

Wondering exactly how Pawp works and what the benefits are? We spoke with pet owner and Pawp subscriber Julia H. to ask her all about how Pawp has helped her be the best pet parent she can be to her new Pomeranian, Elvis. Keep reading to learn about how Pawp provides all the tools and information you need to give your pet everything he or she deserves.

Q: Hi, Julia! Let’s start by asking you to tell us about your pet!

A: More than happy to! Elvis is an all-back Pomeranian. He’s four months old now but I got him when he was only eight weeks and under two pounds. He was so tiny and felt very breakable to me, so I was really nervous. Now he’s a little over 3 pounds and stronger, he’ll be five pounds when fully grown. He recently finished all of his shots, so he’s been going to the dog park this week. It’s been fun and he seems super happy.

Q: How did you discover Pawp?

A: The first time I heard about Pawp was when I started looking for vets in New York. I was also looking at pet insurance to try to understand if it was worth it, by comparing what each of them covered and what the monthly rate was. After spending some time browsing different pet insurance websites, it kind of felt like a scam because they had a lot of hidden fees and weren’t super clear about what they did or did not cover. Honestly, it felt like they charged a lot of money for not very much coverage. That’s when I came across Pawp. The information on their website is simple, concise, and straightforward. For a monthly fee of $19 (so less than a dollar a day), you can cover up to 6 pets, get unlimited telehealth for you to video-chat or text their licensed vets at any time, and a $3,000 safety net in case of a life-threatening emergency. 

Q: ​​What part of Pawp’s service were you most interested in when you signed up?

A: To me, it was the 24/7 telehealth service. But, I have to admit that their Emergency Fund has an amazing value too. Even though I haven’t needed to use it yet (fortunately), it definitely gives me peace of mind to know that Elvis is protected regardless of our location and the fact that I can get instant professional advice on everything I need at any time.

Q: Can you tell us about the first time you turned to Pawp for help after becoming a member?

A: I actually started using Pawp even before I got Elvis. I had so many questions since I have never owned nor raised a puppy before. Pawp got me unlimited access to licensed vets, so I started asking them about vaccination schedules and what kind of food they recommended. I also wanted to check what kind of food he was being fed at the breeder and whether I should change it or not. 

I use Pawp as my go-to digital vet clinic. Within minutes I can get in touch with professionals for big and small questions. It’s basically just like having a vet that I can video call or text whenever I want and wherever I am, which is amazing.

Q: How did Pawp help prepare you for your future role as a pet parent?

A: It was extremely helpful. I mean, when you Google something, you just never know what you’re going to get. A hundred different answers will appear on your screen, but you’ll never know which information is trustworthy or just sponsored. It’s just so much easier to be able to talk directly to a vet whenever questions arise. But other than Pawp, there’s really no way to do that, especially for a flat fee of $19 a month. So yeah, after getting informed on everything I needed to know I felt way more prepared, confident, and supported.

Q: Have you ever used pet insurance before? If so, what makes Pawp different?

A:  No. The other pets that I’ve had have been family pets, so even though I wasn’t as involved [with them] as with Elvis, my parents didn’t use pet insurance. But after doing some research on pet insurance companies, I found that a lot of information was hidden on their side and their fees depended a lot on the dog’s breed, age, locations, and pre-existing conditions.

Unlike traditional pet insurance, with Pawp you can cover up to six pets at no extra cost besides the $19 monthly fee, and they have the $3,000 emergency fund for you to use once a year – even if that emergency relates to pre-existing conditions. No other company does this. Besides, if you get in touch with their vets and they confirm that your pet needs emergency care, you can go to any vet clinic in the U.S and they will pay them directly before you leave the clinic. So besides being a safety net for your pet, Pawp’s also a safety net for the pet owners from a financial standpoint.

Q: Can you tell us about a time when Pawp helped you and Elvis by saving you time, stress and money? 

A: Not long ago, Elvis and I went out of town for a wedding. Elvis was playing with one of my friend’s bigger dogs and she stepped on his little paw so he started limping. He wasn’t putting any weight on one of his front paws so I was like, “Oh my God, I’m gonna have to go to a random emergency vet clinic in an area that I’m not familiar with.” But instead, I used Pawp and within minutes I got connected to an amazing vet. I showed her how Elvis was walking and she said: “Yeah, he’s not putting weight on it, so you should keep him off of his leg for an hour. Maybe hold him in your arms and keep him calm. Wait around an hour and then put him back on the floor, if he’s putting weight on it, then it’s okay. If he’s still not putting weight on it, you need to go to the emergency room.” I waited an hour and he started putting weight on his paw, so luckily everything was fine in the end. I saved money in this scenario because if I hadn’t called Pawp, I would have to take him in for an emergency visit and it probably would have ruined my weekend. It would have been really annoying and really expensive, but ultimately he didn’t need it. His paw was just sore and he was a little bit scared.

Another time that Pawp gave me peace of mind and saved me a trip to the vet was when Elvis ate some of my cereal. I used Pawp and quickly sent a picture of the ingredients to a vet to ask her if I had to be concerned. She told me that none of those ingredients were toxic to dogs so that everything was fine. Easier for me than Googling it.

Q: What would you want to tell other pet owners about using Pawp?

A: I would tell them that protecting their pets doesn’t have to be expensive, but it’s important. It’s normal that sometimes we get worried, especially if you are a new puppy parent like me. Elvis will have some transitions since he’ll stop being a puppy eventually, but I am happy that I have Pawp’s support to get all my questions answered and worries buried. 

So many pet issues and questions can be solved with just one video call or text, which has given me peace of mind, saved me money on vet visits and allowed me to be more productive and show up in a more focused way since I don’t have to worry about it anymore. 

Click here to learn more about Pawp or to become a member today!

Your safety net for unexpected vet bills. Pawp wants to make sure you never choose between a vet bill and your pet's life. There's a reason only 2% of pets in the US are insured. It's expensive. For a flat $19/month no matter your pet's age, breed or medical history Pawp gives you: -24/7 unlimited a... read more.
At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.

At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.
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Beth F

What on earth has happened to this site?? Why is this posted here? Who wrote this? Who supposedly conducted the interview? Even more importantly, who the heck is Julia H and why should we believe her? And why should we think her one set of experiences with the company are representative of anything?

Seriously MSA, this needs to stop right now. A scantily disguised ad featuring a nice feel-good story does not constitute a review.

Your readers understand MSA is a business and is there to make money. But it’s not as if there aren’t literally hundreds of sub boxes that you could be reviewing, instead of posting this contrived mess and grossly offending the intelligence of your readers. I was willing to be patient and see what happened after the botched site redesign. But this is way too much.

I’ve read MSA since about 2014, sometimes checking the site multiple times a day — especially in those golden years when there was the forum. But I can’t watch this train wreck anymore, MSA. You’ve lost all credibility. So for me, it’s over. Goodbye.


Amen! You say what I’ve been thinking over here!!!


Just wow And the 1star review did MSA see or read that?


They deleted the 1 star review after u said this…shady


No kidding!

Beth In Oklahoma

When I have a problem, I call my trusted vet. If you have a good vet, they’re going to give you good info over the phone, even on an emergency basis, and for FREE. I worked for vets during my college years to help pay for tuition, I know the process. If they want you to bring your pet in for an exam, it’s probably for a good reason, especially during their “off” time at home with their families.

This sounds like a scam for millennials with money and not much sense. You can tell “Julia” doesn’t have kids 😆! (And who on Earth brings their dog to a wedding?)

This site is truly going to the dogs . . .

Pawp Support Team

Hi Beth!

Thanks for your feedback! A lot of people don’t have access to their vet via phone, especially nowadays with Covid-19 and clinics being very backed up. We’re definitely not trying to replace your primary vet or physical evaluations – every animal needs those. However, we can help you determine if you need to go to the clinic or save yourself a trip – which can end up saving you a lot of money.

Let us know if you have any questions!


Lmao no access to phone calls with the vet due to covid?! Are you just pulling excuses out of your butt?! No don’t use covid to try to make your trash service seem like a great deal.


You should be ashamed of yourself for even having this type of service. Msa should be even more ashamed to have endorsed it.


Exactly….the questions the author had she could of just called her vet for free and asked the same questions. As long as it’s her dogs vet and not just calling a random vet, I’m positive they’d help over the phone. How do I know? Bc I’ve owned 11 dogs over the course of my life and have had to call the vet before! Even the emergency clinic answered my question for free on if my puppy with a bladder issue could wait until the morning to see her vet or I’d she needed to come in immediately (they said it could wait). Why pay for what a quality vet will do for no extra charge. They say all the time ” call us if you have any questions”.


Why is MSA even pushing this company in the first place? It’s not a subscription box. It’s not something mailed to your door, even (like a clothing rental company). This site these days… sigh.

Pawp Support Team

Hi Jenna!

We provide a monthly subscription for $19 that provides 24/7 access to vets and a $3,000 emergency. Not quite a subscription box, but a subscription nonetheless! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at Pawp if you have any other questions!


NOT a good company to promote! The $3000 coverage is false advertisement. This company requires you to prove through a video call BEFORE you go to a vet that its a true emergency. They only count it as an emergency for coverage IF the pet is past critical and must be obviously seen by a vet immediately (not something that can even wait 24 hours!). If it is something that can wait until the next morning, it will not be covered.

WHO, upon seeing their pet get hit by a car is going to bring their pet to the computer for dealing with the wait time and red tape of a video call, to get the “approval” that yes, it is a true emergency, so you are cleared to take them to an animal ER clinic?

In a TRUE emergency, you take your pet right to the clinic if your pet appears to be horrifically sick or injured. If it is not something that can wait til the next morning, you are going to not put your pet’s life on the line to be sure you follow their required procedure to get the $3000 coverage.

If this company really cared about your pets, they would not force owners to decide whether to put their pet’s life on the line, drag out its pain and suffering, in order to be sure to get the 3k coverage.

Obviously, Pawp is making a pretty safe bet that they do not have to cover the 3k for that many situations.

Unfortunately, I am one of the cases that dealt with a true emergency for my dog, and was denied coverage because there was NO TIME to “prove” through a video call on my PC that my Min Pin mix was potentially dying of blood loss before taking him to the emergency clinic in the middle of the night. I was stuck with a bill well over 2k dollars and was snarkily told by customer service to first go to them THEN the emergency clinic next time. No coverage this time. Seriously? If I had done that, my dog would not even be here.

I’m not going to risk my dog’s life for shady coverage.

Pawp Support Team

Hi Amy!

Thanks for your feedback. We appreciate you bringing your unfortunate experience to our attention. We’re always doing our best to improve, and your feedback is very important to us.

Although we do have our rules and regulations in place for a reason, we’re always ready to help when you need it. Please reach out to our team at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to re-evaluate this case as clearly this is not how we work and we want to make it up to you.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

The Pawp Support Team


Thank you for the honest review!! I was close to subscribing but saved wasting money. Not to mention not having the help promised if we needed it for a member of our fur family.


That’s good to know Amy, thank you! If it’s a real emergency, I’d be rushing to get to the pet hospital and not thinking about doing a video call.

Tiffany Nicole

Thank you so much for this info. I was thinking about signing up but it seemed too good to be true and now I know it is. Thank you again Amy


I am glad people read my comment! Don’t learn the hard way like me! If it’s too good to be true, it probably is! No good pet owner is going to keep their severely sick or injured pet in pain, or risk it’s life in a true emergency to do a video call at the PC first before getting the pet medical care. This company has a safe bet with their strict protocols, making it extremely rare they would cover a real emergency. No wonder they don’t care about age, breed, etc and allow up to 6 pets per plan! Pet insurance is much more expensive and exclusive for a reason!

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Our reviewers research, test, and recommend the best subscriptions and products independently; click to learn more about our editorial guidelines. We may receive commissions on purchases made through links on our site.