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Allure Beauty Box October 2021 – Full Spoilers

Allure Beauty Box August 2021 – Spoiler #1

ByMSAJul 19, 2021 | 97 comments

We’ve got the first spoiler for the August 2021 Allure Beauty Box.

The August 2021 Allure Beauty Box will include:

111Skin Y Theorem Day Cream (full size, $270 value)



From the 111Skin website:

This rich Day Cream works to infuse the skin with anti-aging active ingredients whilst providing a protective barrier to shield the skin from harmful aggressors. The vitamin-, antioxidant- and hyaluronic acid-infused formula plumps and revitalizes the complexion while keeping the skin feeling hydrated and nourished. Ideal for people who work in polluted or urban surroundings, the Y Theorem Day Cream NAC Y2 is formulated to reduce the effects of environmental aggressors.

The Subscription: Allure Beauty Box

The Price: $23 a month

The Goods: Each month, subscribers receive six or more Allure-approved makeup and skincare selections (including at least three full-size products) valued at $100+

Ships to: The contiguous US for free

To learn more, check out our Allure Beauty Box reviews and Allure Beauty Box Spoilers to see what you can expect from this beauty subscription box, or find out why our readers named Allure Beauty Box one of the best skincare and beauty subscription box gifts!

What do you think of the spoiler?

At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.

At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.
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Full spoilers are up on Amazon.

Tabby O

Ok. I got excited about signing up when I saw the September Sunday Riley sunscreen. Then I saw August has 111skin. The biggest sub box rip off filler item. I just signed up and I’m already calling to skip. Uh oh… seems Allure price went up and quality went down. How does this always happen? I used to love this box. SIGH…


Here’s a comment from another site’s Allure/August spoilers that kind of sums up why I won’t be renewing:

“The value of this box supposed to be $315. So if they are claiming that 111skin is worth $270 then the other 5 products will be about $9 each.”

Just getting tired of the over-inflated main item which gives them an excuse to fill the rest of the box with junk. To make up the $250-$300 value they aim for, I would much rather have four good quality full size items @$40-$80 than one over inflated item and random junky filler products with little or no value. Urgh.

WorkHard BeNice

I’m good on metallic anything right now.
And I feel like there were more really great collaboration boxes before they hiked up the price


This is really frustrating. To skip a box you have to request it no less than “three business days before the end of the month before”, which means tomorrow at the latest, yet we only have ONE spoiler released for August, so no way at all to make an informed choice to skip or not.

I started out really loving this box, but the items and the service have just got progressively worse and worse. After skipping a dismal July box, I hoped they would get their act together enough to make me want to renew, but it appears not and at this point I’m just going to let them send me the last couple of boxes left – however good or bad – so I can end up this subscription and cancel the renewal. Really disappointing.

PS: What’s the chance this box will contain another La Roche Posay product?? 😉

Angelina Crane

As an accountant and banker I will say the 3 business days is not their fault, it is the requirement of the automated clearing house, ACH, debit transaction system. Theoretically it could be stopped in less time but typically 3 days is required to change an automatic payment, those are entered far in advance and begin days before you see the charge. I personally have had plenty of luck checking the next month at least a week before? Not through this site per say but I search for the next month often and always see it long before I could cancel, which I never bother to do, sadly. But the extras make nice gifts or stocking stuffers.

Why the dislike for 111skin? Seems like decent reviews from when I checked out another product of theirs I’ve received.


I personally love 111 skin .To be honest though it’s extremely overpriced who would pay over 200 for a day cream?

Tanya M

Allure sent out an email with two more spoilers yesterday. I didn’t want to step on MSA toes by listing but two more are out there. I’m looking forward to trying the moisturizer as long as same formula. I’m curious enough to check the jar the next time I’m in Bergdorfs. I’m working through three open moisturizers including the Ayuna which requires just a dab or it peels. I’m down to the Allure sub, I started with on 2012. I wish they had that Allure annual contest though. I loved hoping to be a winner.


Hmmm. I don’t think I got that email either – but then again I get sooo many daily emails from Allure that I may have missed it by deleting it without reading it. I’m going to look through my deleted mail now!


How did you get this email? I’m annual and they didn’t send me anything


Curious to know where you got your info about skipping no fewer than 3 business days before the prior month – do you mind sharing? When I set up my annual they told me I had until the 3rd of the month to skip. I just went to the FAQ section to confirm that things had changed and found this: “The request must be processed before the end of the previous month.(To skip November’s box, members need to contact Customer Care before the last day of October.)” I read that to mean before July 31. I’m considering skipping (again, sigh…) but have been holding out for more spoilers first, so I’d definitely like to know for sure what the cut-off is.


Got it, thanks for the info. I always call, so wasn’t really thinking about email lead time.


SBR is right – that is for emailing them to skip a box:

“If members contact Customer Care by email, we advise that they do so at least three business days prior to the end of the month, in order to make sure the request is processed before the next box. Our team will respond within 48 business hours.”


I “think” 3 days is if you email to skip.


Another site is showing two more spoilers, Haruharu Wonder Black Rice Hyaluronic Toner & REALHER Eye Am Resilient Metallic Bronze Eyeliner.


The Haruharu product is a deluxe sample size.


The travel size toner is on sale for $1 on the haruharu website. The eyeliner sells for $16. So that’s $17 so far, plus whatever value the fake, inferior 111Skin day cream has. Allure claims the value is $270, so they can put more cheap junk in the box and claim the total value is over $300. Pathetic.


So MSA, Allure released 2 more spoilers for their August box yesterday, and you still don’t have them posted, despite your glitzy revamp? If you can’t handle the basics, what’s the point?


I am still not finding the newer spoilers on this site, but it is so visually noisy that I find it difficult to find anything on here anymore. I did not accept what some others said about the decline after Liz left but this is ridiculous. I used to come here a couple of times a day to see new spoilers and reviews but now have to look elsewhere. They also haven’t been posting ipsy gbp choice spoilers in a timely manner. You are right…These are the basics.


Right??? Good golly they are behind.


I could guess they choose not to disclose any more of their products due to the negative feedback they get when they do announce one. It seems that people make such a big deal out this. It’s a $23.00 box… I think one should be happy with whatever they get. If you don’t like something that you get in your box, give it away! Someone else may appreciate it 🙂


I get tired of seeing this kind of comment. First of all, no matter what these beauty boxes feature every month, they are making a profit on it. They aren’t doing this out of the kindness of their hearts. We don’t owe them a “be happy with whatever” attitude. They are also the ones who created this level of expectation of what we get every month. We actually have every right to criticize because even if it’s “only $23”, if it’s a box of stuff we can’t use then their falsely inflated private label copies of expensive products aren’t worth jack. Many of us also subscribe to several different monthly and yearly boxes so we actually do give these companies quite a bit of money every year and deserve to have an opinion. In the end I probably give away more than I keep so yeah, it really does matter what’s in the box for any given month because I’m tired of throwing money away!


For me it’s not so much the $23 but more that Allure is choosing sketchy products with ridiculous retail values.


Yes lol Like what are you excepting for 23 bucks?!


Fashionsta is $24.99 a month and regularly puts together good boxes. Though I’d only recommend it for those who love getting a new eyeshadow pallette pretty much every month. Nice things about their curation:

1) All full size items. No ‘deluxe samples.’
2) A balance of skincare and makeup.
3) A variety of colors for makeup – it isn’t always neutral or always wild.
4) It includes a lot of nice indy brands as well as favorites. In June we even got two Earth Harbor products.
5) It’s not one star product plus filler. Even when there is a clear hero item, the other items are nice. I usually find 3+ items in every box that I really like, and there have only been a couple products this year I was “meh” on.
6) It’s not just the same brands over and over and over again.

Downside?: There’s an eyeshadow palette almost every month. Some of these have been very cool though, so I don’t personally mind.

If Fashionsta can manage that at a similar price point, with far less resources and brand partnerships at their disposal, then I would hope Allure could step up their game.

Meaghan Pike

not excited…the 111skin is meh


After reading the comments below I had to look at the box from my 111skin vitamin brightening booster that came in my Allure box in (March?). I can’t believe it but they are right, it was made in China…


I could be wrong but isn’t a part of why companies get their products in sub boxes to get subscribers to purchase a full size version or other products from that brand. By switching to a lower quality product wouldn’t they just create thousands of people who now view their products in a negative way.


Usually, yes. A lot of indy brands like the exposure sub boxes bring. Not only do they get some new customers from those who got the sub box, but if the product is really good it generates a lot of buzz as well, which reaches friends of those people or good comments on internet sites. Plus, an influx of new, positive reviews helps!

But with 111Skin, they are a pricey brand that doesn’t market to the average person at all. So they get some sales, but probably not a lot of bulk sales. I speculate that they realizes sub boxes were a way to make giant bulk sales, and that they could outsource filling those orders to labs in China. So their sub-box products would be ways to drive up sales without driving down the value of their department store products. For them it’s probably like the best of both worlds – sell less, high quality products for $$$, and sell more, low quality products for $ apiece, but in bulk they end up with profit. And if the average person ends up grousing about it, that isn’t likely to affect the fans they already have that are willing to pay full price at a department store, as the two markets don’t have a lot of crossover.

That’s just my theory, though. IIISkin is the only brand I know of that is essentially making knock-off products of *it’s own products* to get bulk sales, while using their own brand name vs. like a generic store name brand.


Your question is one I’ve thought about for a long time. Maybe it’s a status thing for some people and they just like having *that product* by *that brand* to show off with. Like having the latest name brand shoes or purses – think of fakes you come across trading on the name of what they’ve copied.

I have no basis in fact for this I’m just trying to find an explanation for offering subpar products in a bid to recruit new customers because something is keeping them in business despite the sketchy tactics.

Tammy g.

August box looks great so far…love allure.


At this rate, if they don’t release full spoilers in time I’m just going to cancel this month anyway. I’ve cancelled for June & July because the boxes looked underwhelming to me.


Me too. Im waiting to see what else is in this box before I resub.


I sent an email to 111Skin over a month ago asking them to clarify that the serum they sell and the serum that is in the Allure box are not the same. One is made in the U.K. with one set of ingredients, and the Allure version is made in China with different ingredients. Shocker- they did not respond.

So I get my China version in the Allure box and I can’t get the bottle open! I tried everything and it just spins in circles. I am guessing that doesn’t happen with the U.K. version. So I sent Allure an email and they said they would send me something although it would not be the same brand. It was a Tarte LIPSTICK! A lipstick that retails for$20 and is currently $13 on the Tarte website. To top it off it is bright FUCHSIA! How many women can pull off this shade? In my opinion, those with full lips and medium to dark skin tones of which I am neither. What an insult to send lipstick for a serum! I’m about to write them and tell them what I think about it right now.


111 skin did the same thing with the eye serum that Ipsy sent out.
The face cream from Ipsy did have the same ingredients that are officially listed on the website, but the eye serum, as well as the 111 skin vit c booster from allure did not.
I also asked 111 skin why, and they did not respond.


Julie, that happened to me too but with the 111skin vitamin C serum. After 2-3spins, just pull the dropper up. It should work. Also, do the same thing when you close it.


Hannah- Thanks for the tip but it still won’t open no matter what I try. I haven’t tried pliers yet but I don’t think we should have to keep a pair of pliers next to our skincare lol!


I feel your frustration. I have noticed Kate Sommerville’s Exfolikate be completely different from her website to subscription boxes.I think some brands cheapen sub products for cost purposes. Sorry about the Tarte lipstick. I can’t pull off fuchsia on my lips but sheered out on my cheeks looks gorgeous.


I have a theory: Allure is offering awesome gifts to new members to reel them in because these new customers are less likely to have been past subscribers and therefore won’t see a difference between the old and new boxes. They’ll accept the $23 price as is.

I’m one of the people who took the annual deal at the old price, then cancelled before it renewed.
Perhaps we are few, but when I cancelled I did so fully intending to re-subscribe at the monthly rate. Allure is *usually* trustworthy when it comes to featuring real brands and products.*

*Yes, now they’ve thrown me a curveball by putting another 111SKIN product in the next box.


Wow am I ever a little confused. I have read every comment posted thus far. I agree Allure was my fav box of all for apx 1 1/2 years. When they increased their price I was still happy with the 1st few boxes. Then I cancelled. Then came back for May 2021 box Skipped last month. The confusion comes in about the 111 brand. I actually got a couple deluxe samples and 1 of them was a serum with a wonderful slip and it has been lasting me. (I don’t use daily). When I do use it I love the way my skin looks in the morning. I think I got those through Ipsy. (some other 111 product also and I have to try it yet). My skin loves 111. So what I’m reading is if I get August 2021 box I should compare ingredients to those I can find online from a reputable seller? Obviously if it’s a bait & switch I won’t be happy. You all I was thinking, when the sub was $12 & then $15 (i think) we got some awesome products. I was very happy as most of you all. So I’m going to send a message to Allure to come and read through the posts. I don’t see ANY REASON at $25 why they can’t still put together an honest box with great products if they could do it at less cost in the past. I am under the impression that beauty companies come to the various subs & want their products included to drum up our business. If they get even a 10% recruit after trying a sample x’s hundreds of thousands of subs it’s a nice return. But I have read comments where many people do buy the most liked products so my 10% is likely low. So companies donate or sell their products to subs at a very low price and even with free shipping the subs are making money. It’s volume purchases of the subs that makes an impact. Now a days I add a few drops of Active Argan and only this brand because of how it’s made to any good base skin care to boost it’s efficiency. So it becomes even more important to me that I am getting the real deal regardless of which brand. Then I decide which to use. I hope this makes sense. Basically I can’t and don’t want to use a less than product. It’s our skin and what we put on does absorb and it matters. (I will look into the 111 and thank you to all of you)


You can buy 111Skin products directly from their website. If you really love their serum you will be paying the premium price for the UK version. As I recall the Vitamin C version is $160 and the amount of Vitamin C is a mystery.

Personally, I would buy Peach & Lily serum which is affordable ($39) then add the vitamin C powder (Nue Company) to it and mix it in your palm. If your sample wasn’t a vitamin C version then I suggest you try Peach & Lily alone as it has the wonderful slip you were referring to. It is one of the serums that is associated with the “glass skin” movement that started in Korea.


That Peach and Lily serum is one of my favorites! I have re-ordered it a few times now.


If you are getting 111skin out of sub boxes, ANY sub boxes then most likely you are not and have not got “the real” 111skin. This conversation issue has been going on and talked about for a couple years. There are even quite a few YouTube videos on it as well.


Hi Julie I would like to thank you for the suggestion of trying Peach & Lily. I have used a few K-beauty products that I love. Frankly I could never afford 111Skin which is why I have enjoyed the 2 “real” deluxe samples I have rec’d so far in another sub. I’m getting another one next month from other sub which is the exact same as the bigger jar Allure is sending out. More than likely the “real” thing again. Yes it agrees with my skin but I will only ever get to try when it comes in 1 of 2 subs. But your idea is so great and I hope to try Peach & Lily really soon. I’m always open to hearing from others re: new products at least to me that others like.


Can someone from Allure or 111 Skin please comment as to the country where this product is manufactured? I toss any products made in China. I will not even give them away. For now and since no one is commenting, we will have to assume that it’s not made in Europe.


All 111skin sub box products have been made in China so far, so I doubt this would be any different, but why in the world would you throw away products made in China? There are lots of people who’d love to have them. So unnecessarily wasteful


There are some official or high end labs in China that are fine – so you can get nice products from some Chinese brands.

But these aren’t cases of a known Chinese brand creating their own product. These are various labs that put out many different products for different brands or brandless product, and have different standards for production, packaging, ingredients, etc. which means the products from unknown labs are not actually safe. It’s not being wasteful – it’s doubtful the friend is going to appreciate you passing off the risk of toxins and fecal matter that have been found in various analyses to be in 15% to 50% of brand outsourced products, knock-off, and counterfeit beauty products from China.

And that’s not even getting into the bad working conditions that could have gone into it, or that even if a manufacturer like IIISkin gives the lab guidelines on ingredients or process, there is no way for them to track that that is being followed besides watching in person or expensive post-testing (which needless to say, few brands pay for.)


Every single 111skin product I’ve gotten from beauty boxes (allure, Ipsy, fff, and boxy) have been made in China.
That’s what they do and that’s how they make it profitable all around. Shovel crap onto us and pretend it’s the exact same as the stuff on their website or in large upscale retailers. It’s not. Not the same ingredients, not the same formulation methods, not made in the same place, and the people making it aren’t afforded the same work environments as they would be with the original products. It’s garbage.

Amanda N H

Allure – if you are reading this, your consumers are completely done with companies sending out differently made products, meaning different manufacturing facility than if you were to purchase directly from them. It is not okay to state that the RV js the same if it is made in the PRC instead of somewhere in Europe (I think that’s where most true 111skin’s products are made)
And to you 111skin – this tactic of manufacturing your extremely expensive skincare in a separate facility but claiming it is the exact same product has turned off every person I have ever talked to about your brand. I truly believe the majority of us would rather have a smaller size true to you product from your brand if we must keep seeing it. But I’ll be very honest, I don’t know a single person interested in paying full price for any of your items. And I can give you an easy answer why. When you send PRC junk instead, it does not perform the same. Hence, we think your products aren’t so great. Smdh. Whoever started this tactic with supplying sub boxes sub par product really did not think it through. The idea is to make us want to go seek out your brand because YOUR product is good. When you do this, we aren’t getting your product AND it makes us think you have (because you do) shady business practices.

Calico Cat

Hear, hear!! Very nice comment. Thank you fir summarizing what many of us feel.


Boxy. Boxy started this crap. Also, notice how now that Ipsy & Boxy have merged, so many of the piss poor buisness tactics/ethics of Boxy has now tainted Ipsy. Once Joe did that with Boxy, they all jumped on board. Curious to know how it’s legal honestly? They are advertising themselves as one thing and presenting us with another.


If I round up every good quality usable product I’ve received since the price change and tallied the cost, I don’t think I’m near the $165 I paid for the year at the old price. These fake price-boosters, plus repeat categories and useless items, definitely make me regret locking in for the annual.


Same here. I took the annual deal because I loved Allure when it was $15/box, so I figured I there was no way I wouldn’t love it at $13.75/box. Yet, that’s what has come to be. There have been a couple of good boxes to my view, but otherwise I really feel like there was a serious change, and not at all for the good, with the price hike. I do now wish I hadn’t gone annual and I just want to be done with it at this point. So most months are a big debate – do I skip because I’m not liking the spoilers, or do I just get the box so I can be closer to putting this behind me.


I did the same thing only I didn’t know you could skip a month. Anyway August is my last box as I cancelled, this was my very last sub box.


Amen. There is no way I will be renewing Allure when my sub runs out.

Becky King

😲 I love this I have a few samples from Ipsy and it is very rich! I must sign back up for this!

Ranee this stuff..I just joined back this month..after they raised there prices last year…


I’ll be skipping-again-because this is a fake luxury brand. There’s NO WAY a company is going to provide a $23 sub box hundreds of full size versions of the same product that retails for over $250. NO WAY. (Which is why the Augustinus Bader sample in the May box was so small; that was presumably the real deal). Allure just needs to accept that we’re on to them. Game over. Oh, and how about a daytime moisturizer with SPF, since we’re all supposed to be wearing sunscreen every day?? Duh.

Anita F

Totally agree and cancelled my annual from the low price which will end next month. I loved the augustin bader sample and got an extra box from Amazon just for another of it. That’s what I like- a real sample not fakes.


I would rather receive a sample size of the real deal than a full size mockery of the true formula. Otherwise it’d be Allure Bootleg Box :/

JoAnn Borget

I agree with you on this. I cancelled my sub, and I use to live them before the price hike.

Kelli Armstrong

Yes full size face sunscreen please. It is summer


I totally agree.


I couldn’t agree more! The brand is a joke.


I’m kind of surprised they are making 111Skin a hero item *again.* Unless they made doubly sure it was identical to the standard product, this time, and not one made in a different country with different ingredients.

Although in this case, maybe it is the normal product, but they just need to offload it due to the fact it only has 2-star reviews.


Not just “again” but after 111SKIN released a statement *acknowledging* their beauty box product versions are different!


I’m not sure what part of “All aspects of the product including key active ingredients and componentry remain the same” and “All aspects of the product including key active ingredients and componentry remain the same” are unclear. Like, at all.


Melissa I’m not being rude, I’m genuinely curious how you feel that statement doesn’t prove the products are different? I take the part about “our products remain at a consistently premium quality “ to literally mean they are different products. They don’t say they remain “the exact same as our department store products “ or “remain the exact same formula“. To me it sounds like double speak for they are different. How are you reading it? Also I love that they call the manufacturing site a trusted “Far East” partner 😂


That is not how I read this statement:
As the scale of our business continues to grow we frequently transition between different suppliers depending on capacity needs. All aspects of the product including key active ingredients and componentry remain the same.

Whilst we may produce a small number of units with our longstanding Far East manufacturer for beauty box partnerships, all raw materials are sourced from our regular suppliers within Europe and the USA to ensure the integrity, efficacy, fragrance and texture of our products remain at a consistently premium quality.”


Believe it or not, but I have never received 111Skin product through sub except maybe a single use mask. And reading everyone’s comments doesn’t make me want to get this at all. Too bad. August is my birthday month. Canceling August through Amazon.


I’m in the same boat; I used to be upset that I never got the “good stuff,” but now I’m glad. These days I’m down to just one skincare-oriented box at any given time, usually BH, Boxwalla, or Mintd. They’re not cheap, but at least I know that whatever I get will be truly high quality.


@CC, yes See New also looks great, although I haven’t tried them yet.


@Tolin, those plus See New are the best options for sub boxes, in my opinion!! You’re already getting the best out there haha

Nicole Tetreau

Lucky you! I can’t avoid 111 no matter how hard I try and I haven’t seen any significant results. It’s come to a matter of principle for me when these boxes include a $250 RV product that isn’t the same formula or ingredients as the product that costs so much to begin with. It’s deceptive and bad business to over inflate the box value with a product that isn’t what you would have received if you ordered and paid for it from 111’s website. The sub box version of 111 is garbage that gets outshined by msny less expensive drug store products. For this reason anytime I see it in one of my upcoming boxes, I skip or cancel. Even with the real deal 111, there are so many less expensive, better products out there, so I’m with you on this, I would never/have no interest in either version. It’s nothing more than a filler item in these boxes.


I received the July box through Amazon. I had paused my subscription through Amazon until at least August, but they failed to acknowledge the pause and shifted anyway. I have a return label that they sent me, but I’m not confident that I will ever receive a refund if I send the box back. So I will just keep it and sacrifice the 25 bucks. I will never use the eyeshadow palette. I tried the overpriced night cream. It does not absorb well. I hope the brow pencil has good results. The rest is useless fluff. Maybe I will just mail it back with the free shipping label. I loved this box at one point. I think I am just over wasting all this money on these subs.☹️

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