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Looking for the latest spoiler for this box? Find it here:

Ipsy Glam Bag X August 2021 Curated by Halsey – More Spoilers

Ipsy Glam Bag X August 2021 – Curated by Halsey + First Spoilers

The envelope packaging from the Ipsy Glam Bag May 2021.

We have the first spoilers for the August 2021 Ipsy Glam Bag X. Ipsy Glam Bag X is a quarterly, limited edition upgrade to your monthly IPSY membership.

First, the curator reveal: The August Glam Bag X will be curated by Halsey.

You already know Ashley Frangipane as the ultimate beauty chameleon, even if you don’t realize it. That’s because you probably recognize Ashley by her stage name: Halsey. Yes, that Halsey. She’s most known as an award-winning musical artist, but a closer runner-up is her ever-evolving beauty. She’s rocked glitter tears on an album cover, a cobalt lip on the red carpet, and more iconic eyeliner looks than we can count—and what’s even more impressive is that she does it all herself.

“It started out of necessity,” says Halsey. “I was a very small artist signed to an indie label that didn’t have a budget for glam.” Now she sees her makeup artistry as one of her greatest gifts: “It has given me the opportunity to center myself before performances and take my identity into my own hands.” It has even led to the launch of her own makeup line, about-face, earlier this year.

Here at IPSY, we’re all about helping you express your unique beauty, so who better to help spread that message of individuality and creativity than Halsey? Which is exactly why we tapped her to curate our August Glam Bag X collection. Introducing Glam Bag x Halsey.

“I am so excited to share my Glam Bag X collection,” she adds. “I’ve been a makeup junkie since I was a teenager, always grabbing and experimenting with whatever product I could get my hands on. So I’ve tried it all; drugstore to designer, neutral and natural to experimental and avant-garde. I took this mix and match approach curating my Glam Bag X collection, so I can confidently say there’s something in it for everyone. You can do your basic glow, everyday face, take really amazing care of your skin, and you can play up your adventurous side experimenting with high-impact color.”

This collection brings you into Halsey’s world with products she hand-picked. You’ll receive five of Halsey’s favorites, plus you get to also choose three from a personalized assortment. In total, you’ll receive eight full-size products worth up to $500. “I hope the mix of everyday staples and vibrant pops of color empower you to unleash your inner artist and take a few risks,” says Halsey.

Ipsy has also shared this bag’s first two spoilers. Your August 2021 bag may include:

Fenty Beauty Full Frontal Volume, Lift & Curl Mascara in Cuz I’m Black ($24 value)

Whether you’re performing on a stage like Halsey or giving a presentation on Zoom, this mascara has got you covered. The innovative brush lifts, curls, defines, and separates for a lash look that won’t smudge or smear for hours. “I love that it’s super buildable, so if you just want a light coat that looks really natural, you can get that,” says Halsey. “But if you love a dramatic lash, then all it takes is a couple coats to get there.” Even better: Everyone getting the Glam Bag x Halsey drop will receive this mascara.

Tatcha The Silk Canvas Filter Finish Protective Primer ($52 value)

One of the most important beauty lessons Halsey has learned from her years in the spotlight: the power of primer. This one from TATCHA is a favorite thanks to blurring silk extract, mattifying silk powder, and a velvety texture that grips foundation for all-day wear. “I love this product because it makes my makeup last longer while giving me a natural, more even-toned look,” she says.

Meanwhile, Women’s Wear Daily reports that the bag will contain eight products and that some will be from Halsey’s own About Face makeup line.

More on Ipsy Glam Bag X:

The quarterly upgrade is available for Ipsy Glam Bag and Ipsy Glam Bag Plus subscribers. It’s an additional $43/shipment for Glam Bag members and $30/shipment for Glam Bag Plus members.

  • Get 7–8 full-size, celeb-curated products (worth up to $350/shipment)
  • Choose 3 faves from a personalized set of the most-coveted brands
  • Get exclusive access to the hottest launches before anyone else
  • Glam Bag X replaces your monthly bag 4x a year (in Feb., May, Aug., and Nov.)

Full details from Ipsy:

It’s time to get even more of the beauty you love, want, and can’t get enough of—because treating yourself a little extra is always a good idea. That’s why we’re totally over the moon to introduce the all-new Glam Bag X, a quarterly, limited edition upgrade to your monthly IPSY membership. Think of it as your all-access pass to the most-coveted brands, hottest launches, and need-to-try products in beauty. Your Glam Bag X includes seven to eight full-size products (worth up to $350) specially curated by beauty’s biggest tastemakers and celebs, and you’ll even get to choose three from a personalized assortment—which, BTW, includes dibs on exclusive product drops you won’t find anywhere else.

What do you think of Ipsy Glam Bag X curator and spoilers?

And if you are new to the regular Ipsy, it is a $12 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes or find out why our readers think Ipsy Glam Bag X is one of the best high-end beauty subscription boxes for 2021.

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Comments (87)

  1. WWD had an article about this box. Do a search for WWD, Ipsy and Halsey. in addition to Fenty and Tatcha, Herbivore, Glow Recipe and Beautyblender were noted. The article also mentioned that two About-Face products would be included.

  2. so I unsubscribed awhile back frm ipsy plus and my year membership for ipsy glam just ended and I decided not to renew…BUT I want to get this box and then cancel again (I really don’t need a monthly box)…should I already resub so I can reserve my spot or do you think that I can wait til July to sign up so I don’t have to get so many boxes before canceling again? is this going to sell out fast?

    • the first glam bag x did.. alot of people didnt get it

    • Unfortunately, you might need to go ahead and resub. The last two sold out pretty early.

  3. Will both of these products be included in every box? From the email I got today, it seemed like that would be the case.

    • Just the mascara says that it will be included in every box on ipsy website.

      • Speaking of which, MSA, please update this or make a new post including the 2 Halsey items they’ve revealed.

      • Echo, they did. Have a look at the feed.

      • @Sherri Thanks, I see it now! That’s what I get for quickly scrolling past the post to get to the comments. 🙂

  4. Hmm … my gut response is that the Tatcha product is the lure like the Charlotte product. I read Ipsy’s b.l.o.g, which has a s.n.e.a.k p.e.e.k photo. I’m afraid Boxycharm has more influence than I fear.

  5. A lot of us just got that mascara in Boxycharm recently .. it’s terrible!! 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

    • The Fenty? I like mine, it fluffs up lashes pretty well.

  6. Well I resubscribed. I had canceled ipsy eight months ago because of product overload, but if Halsey is curating, I can’t miss it. And I was a little afraid there would be a waitlist so I went ahead and resubbed now to grab my spot for the X bag.

    Huge fan of Halsey, moreso for her style than her music (although the music is good too). Excited to try some of her makeup line; haven’t tried any of it yet. And really excited to see what else she picks out. Maybe we’ll finally get some bold, different colors. One of the reasons I canceled ipsy was I was so over all of the neutral, natural colored products. I don’t like neutrals, rarely wear neutrals, but that’s all I ever got. Halsey is not known for being subtle so I’m really excited to see what we’ll get!

  7. PSA for others who really want the Tatcha, but worried you won’t get it in your bag, they have a 20% off sale going on their website right now!

  8. Hello beautiful ladies 🙂
    So summer is approaching and well I need a setting powder recommendation!

    I am new at makeup very basic skills lol
    I have combo skin if anyone has any of their favorites please let me know

    Thank you

    • Mireia, while we are all talking about Tatcha, it’s funny you should ask about powder because I just purchased the new Tatcha powder after receiving a sample and loving it! It is really really nice. I had been using the Fenty powder in lavender before purchasing the Tatcha and I loved it as well. Before receiving the Fenty powder in a Boxycharm I was using the Becca hydro mist setting powder and I thought it was pretty great too. The issue with it is that Becca is going out of business and will no longer be available after September so it was time for me to find a new one. So those are my three personal recommendations. Hope that helps get you started with some ideas! 🙂

  9. “Might include” means it will be in someone’s box but not yours.

  10. Hi! Can anyone explain how this works? Do you have the join the basic ipsy to get this box? p.s. there are full spoilers up on other sites 😉

  11. I was not at all thrilled with my last box. Hopefully the third times the charm. If I get another palette and zero products I will actually use this may be my last one before cancelling.

  12. I’m signed up for this… but my Glam Bag Plus for May JUST arrived yesterday and only had 3 items in it instead of 5?? Annoying. Hoping this doesn’t happen with this box too.

  13. Another response….please understand my comments are for me to say how I feel…not for you to comment on what I say out loud…I buy these boxes for my 20 year old granddaughter..who just happens to like the best products possible…do you understand …

    • With all due respect, you may want to consider that this is a public forum – and just as you have the ability and right to say how you feel, others do as well. Interaction among readers via the comments is very typical here, and the only real way to guarantee that someone doesn’t comment on what you say out loud, is to not say it. It’s the nature of this type of site.

    • i think your right, ranee….ipsy does need better products..not the same ones over and over…and it’s no one’s business what you want to say..or buy..or do with your money in life…

    • Ranee – what a fun gift for your granddaughter! I bet she loves receiving it. And of course – we all want the best quality that we can get.

  14. I still have not even received my May Glam Bag X. I also haven’t received my April Glam Bag Plus which turned into a May Glam Bag Plus and then a June Glam Bag Plus. None of my addons or refreshments. I’m so over Ipsy at this point.

    • Wow, tht’s insane! Sry to hear, (hopefully u,ll get your money’s worth in the near future. 🙂

    • I haven’t received my May glam bag x either. It’s been supposedly “shipped” on May 10th. The 1st time cs got back to me (2 weeks later) they said it was already on it’s way even though the tracking said the package was not even received yet. After a few emails and almost a month later they tell me another bag will be sent but may not have what was supposed to be in it. I am over them too. I’ll wait to see what they send before hitting the cancel button. Just unacceptable.

      • Yeah, they said mine shipped also but the tracking info still just says that they (USPS) were notified that I placed an order with ipsy. But nothing else. And ipsy is making me wait until next week to “issue replacements”. I already know I won’t get most of what I am suppose to get along with (likely) none of my addons. I used to really love ipsy but at this point, I am soooooo over them.

    • I barely got mine and when I did they replaced items I picked as choice items with other things. Reached out the customer service and they basically said it was not their problem and when I suggested if they ran into an inventory issue they should allow you to pick again for choice, their response email was, “ Thanks for the update – that’s great news!”

      I’m baffled and also pretty disappointed. The Glam Bag X seems like Ipsy bit off more than they can chew and a bit haphazard at times.

    • I JUST YESTERDAY received my May glam bag and it was missing half the products in the bag including two Sunday Riley add ons VERY ANGRY at Ipsy their shipping takes forever

  15. It hasn’t always been like that. I’ve been here for years. It used to be a community. That was fun and it felt like they were on your side. Things change. Too Bad

  16. I hope there is a more fair distribution in products this next go around. My last GBX was a dud, but I’m hoping my next one is better. Not all of them can be winners I suppose.

    • I still have not even received my May Glam Bag X. I also haven’t received my April Glam Bag Plus which turned into a May Glam Bag Plus and then a June Glam Bag Plus. None of my addons or refreshments. I’m so over Ipsy at this point.

  17. Heads up, when you sign up it shows a possible full box reveal. The two items listed, something that looks like perfume marked “bread”, a tarte paint pot, dr. Brandt DNA eye cream, a lavender and aqua colored palette (possibly for halsey’s line? I never saw it before) and what looks like a bronzer in similar colored packaging. Going to go snoop now and see if those are her products!

  18. Yes…for those asking I use Christian louboutin mascara…and a good primer is la mer or surratt..thank you…

    • If you’re spending $70 on mascara and $90 on primer, there is nothing in an ipsy bag that will interest you.

      • Lol, amen Jillann! Actually there might be nothing on any sub box site that would interest her.

        I mean, just because I can afford an $80,000 car doesn’t mean I’m driving one, when my $40,000 one does just fine and certainly isn’t a “clunker”. SMH at Tatcha primer being referred to as “cheap”.

  19. The only reason I didn’t cancel my June GB+ was because of the Halsey announcement and didn’t want to the lose the X just in case the spoilers were good ones. After the last X, where I didn’t get the CT, Herbivore, or the either of the Ole Henrikson (all products I really wanted to try), I swore I would not do this again, but I used that About Face eye pigment from her line and I love it so much that I really want to try other things in her line.

    In the WWD article it states this X will include 8 products from “brands like Fenty Beauty, Tatcha, Herbivore Botanicals, Glow Recipe and Beautyblender worth up to $500. The bag will also include two About-Face products.”

    I’m going to lower my expectations this time around and go and change my profile settings to “PRIMER PRIMER PRIMER!” hoping this time I’ll get the Tatcha and keep changing my profile with each spoiler in hopes that after years of sub boxes I’ll finally get a Glow Recipe to try.

  20. I posted a couple of times and they don’t show up. Why? Is there a secret hand shake that I don’t know about?

    • Some comments are held for review based on certain keywords, etc. If you scroll to the end of the comment section, you can click on the link to the site’s “full comment policy” that is entitled “Where is My Comment?” That link may help.

      • Thank you. Geewhiz, so unfun.

      • Now, the comments are all over — I sound a parrot. Yikes.

      • Dorie, agree, not fun, but it’s always been like that, and as annoying as it is to have your comments held, I also don’t want to see endless spamming or nasty comments, so I do understand why they need to have some level of oversight.

  21. I love Halsey! Might take the risk on that alone 🙂 I don’t feel that way about most celebrities lol

  22. There’s a few more spoilers out, from a promo photo:

    – ATHR beauty eye palette (cool tones)
    – Sonage Collagen Boosting Serum
    – Dr Brandt eye cream
    – Briogeo Farewell Frizz cream
    – Bread Macadamia oil
    – Tarte clay pot shadow liner
    – About Face powder highlighter

    Not super impressed so far. Seems like a lot of the same old, same old brands. I’m also confused that the “guaranteed” item is a black mascara, when every X bag just received a black mascara in the first X. (And some people also received a black mascara in the second X!)

    • I read from msn:

      The Ipsy Glam Bag x Halsey collaboration offers a selection of makeup and skin care curated by Halsey from brands like Fenty Beauty, Tatcha, Herbivore Botanicals, Glow Recipe and Beautyblender worth up to $500. The bag will also include two About-Face products.

  23. I never want mascara, but I do want that primer. I won’t be happy unless I get the eyeshadow palette and Tatcha primer. Wondering if I should cancel. Hmm…

    • My bet is that they’ll either select the palette or tacha for everyone.

    • Where did you see a palette?

      • I don’t see a palette either but I’m assuming we’ll get one.

      • There is an eye pallette shown on the Ipsy spoilers Instagram it’s got lots of purples in it I don’t recognize the maker of it it’s also in a photo of GBX products on the Ipsy app

  24. I’m so out of the loop that I have no idea who she is but she is a natural beauty. I love her style in these photos.
    Give me Tatcha anything. It’s one brand that I pay full price for but don’t buy a lot because then I feel guilty when I do since I have so much skincare from sub boxes.

  25. Will everyone receive the primer?

    • Wondering the same thing? I don’t currently subscribe, so not sure how it works.

    • No. Everyone is getting the fenty mascara only. There is usually 1 guaranteed item per box. They announced it’s the mascara

  26. I agree. My May gbx was worth $484!! Crazy good value!! I was thrilled with my first gbx so I cant wait for August!!

  27. The spoilers have been released on Instagram beyond these two and I’m not too impressed – say what you will about Khloe her products were incredible. I thought Halsey would be better cause she’s an artist. I’d love a fenty product just not a mascara. The Tasha primer doesn’t work for me. Other products are Halseys regular setting powder, a Tarte potted eyeliner, some kind of body oil from a company called Bread, the Briogeo hair no frizz creme, a pallette by someone I’ve never heard of and a serum I’ve never heard of. Very underwhelmed but YMMV. Check out Sashas Ipsy spoiler Instagram page

  28. I was actually hoping with Halsey being in charge we would be getting more of her line. (I actually woulda been happy with all her makeup being in it.) But I think she’ll do an amazing job of curation bc she is an artist. First two spoilers aren’t my thing, but they’re good products. I’m excited

    • Ipsy said there are 2 of her products in each bag. It was worded weird. So I’m not sure if they’ll pick 2 items for us or if it’ll be a choice.

      • The two Halsey about face products are a powder and a liquid highlighter they each come in three different colors I assume they are chosen for you based on color preferences as one of the powders is pretty tan looking

  29. I’m thinking there should be more than 8 products! You get Five full size in the Glambag Plus including a bag for $25. Why not at least ten in the X box? And the bag should definitely be included! Why hasn’t anyone thought of this? The Glambag X is more than twice as much at $55. Just a suggestion…

    • Because the retail value is higher in the X box. Higher retail value is more welcome to me then more junk products..

      • In *theory* the value is higher, but for my February X bag they substituted four of the products with lesser ones and stuff from the Plus bag. (I think there might have been one higher RV switch, but less exclusive brand.) So instead of the Huda Rose Gold palette, for example, they gave me the Belle en Argent Plum Premonition and called that an equivalent substitute. They also lied about a couple products being sold out and refunded a small bit for those – even though one was still being sold and another popped up a few days later as an April add-on.

    • Theoretically (and according to Ipsy), the products in the GBX are more luxe products than are in GBP, so while the number of products may be fewer, the value/desirability is supposedly higher. As for the bag – Ispy stated that they got a LOT of feedback from people (I think with Ultimate) that people would rather have another product than a bag. So to come up with some kind of happy medium (this is per Ipsy), they offer the bag as a choice in a category with other products – that way people who want another product instead of a bag can have that, and people who want a bag can have a bag. I presume that Ipsy feels they would have to price the box higher to include the bag for everyone plus 8 products. So it does seem that Ipsy has thought about these things.

  30. I love both Fenty and Tatcha. I’m exited for this.

  31. I don’t even know who that is.

    • I have heard of her, got one of her lipsticks on my Feb X, but I’m not a fan of her music. I was hoping for a more well known person to curate these.

      • I think Halsey is pretty well known and I like some of her music (but not all.) I think she is a definite improvement over last quarter’s Khloe Kardashian because she seems more real and authentic. Part of expressing yourself is also accepting yourself and not trying to hide, fix, or enhance every aspect of oneself.

    • I love Halsey, her background is interesting too

  32. Disappointed that the product everyone gets is mascara. Unless that means the choice products are good. I am hoping for the tatcha.

  33. There’s probably going to be items from her line in it as well. Why would she curate a bag and it not include some of her products.

    • We’ll receive 2 of her products but I’m not sure if the will be choice or if Ipsy picks them.

  34. I fell in love with the Thrive mascara last year so not too thrilled for the “everyone” gets the mascara.. but I’ve heard great things about the Tatcha. I’d like to try something else from Fenty.. just not mascara. I’m anxious to see the other spoilers! I loved the past two Glam X, so I’m sure this one will be super nice as well. ***Sure wish they’d just give us the bags and not make it a choice. You know it doesn’t cost them that much to make a plastic bag. OR… offer it to the Glam X members for a decent price.. and not meaning $18. Maybe under $10. (Don’t mind me.. just thinking out loud.) 🙂

    • I’m happy the item everyone receives is a $24 one, unlike the 111Skin from last quarter. I also love the Thrive mascara but am happy to try this one if I end up choosing to receive X this quarter. I’ve backed out with zero FOMO for the first two bags.

      • Hope you can get this one this time. I’m sure it will be great. 🙂 I loved last month’s X.. I got the Charlotte cream & the Herbivore and that cute little mirror! I loved everything I got. These bags are a great value if you use most of the items. Anything not used will be re-gifted on my end. So excited!!! On the Thrive, I fell in love with the tubing formula and how gently it is to remove with just warm water. I need that at my age, lol! I don’t want to lose any lashes or tug on my eyes. I love it.

  35. Looks like cheap products so far…

    • Fenty is a wonderful beauty brand by Rihanna. I’ve used it since it first launch. Tatcha is great and pretty costly. I love the moisturizer I added on to one of my bags.

    • Jeez — a $52 primer is cheap? and a $24 mascara? How much are you spending on mascara and primer?

      • LOL @Vic! While I really appreciate negative comments, your reaction to this one was both correct and priceless.

    • Tatcha is a well-known high-end product, and it rarely does in-store discounts, so this will be a highly-sought item. My problem is the “your mag MIGHT INCLUDE” part. If you’re going to release these spoilers, at least make them a choice item for everyone.

      • This! I don’t like “might include” either.

    • Could you please tell us what you usually use? Genuinely curious. I have YSL, Dior etc makeup in my collection and still don’t find these “cheap.”

    • Lol what? I highly doubt they’re going to give you La Mer, Christian Louboutin, Tom Ford, or Chanel products.

      Do you even go here?

    • Cheap products are brands no ones ever heard of or available at target and Walmart- and even then they can be good products. I assure you that the very expensive products you use are pulling the wool over your eyes in at least 50% of the items. You are paying for a name and a nice package. I like nice packaging myself quite a bit but a formula can only include so many fine ingredients before it hits a ceiling if you understand what I mean. There isn’t an endless range where the more money that you pay the better it works. That’s a beauty industry lie.
      Basically if you are looking for brands you can only get at Saks or Bloomingdales etc you are not in the right place.

  36. not loving yet…

  37. I’m down for the first 2 spoilers for sure! Can’t wait to see what else will be included!

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