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Ipsy Glam Bag Plus June 2021 Choice Time

It’s time to pick three of the items for your June 2021 Ipsy Glam Bag Plus!

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus recently announced Ultra Personalization – subscribers will be able to choose 3 of their 5 full-size products every month! Choice will be open on the 2nd. You also have the option to skip Choice and let Ipsy choose all 5 items for you. You will also have access to Add-Ons on the 2nd.

FYI – Your product selection will be based on your profile and availability

At the bottom of the choice page, click “Confirm & Shop Add-Ons”. You also have the option to skip Choice and go straight to the Add-Ons. In that case, Ipsy will choose all your Glam Bag Plus products for you.

Here are all the items Ipsy is sending to subscribers this month. (You’ll receive 5 of them in your glam bag):


Which product are you choosing for your June 2021 Ipsy Glam Bag Plus?

And if you are new to Ipsy Glam Bag Plus, it’s $25 a month. Check out our Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reviews to see what you can expect each month.

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus

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Comments (85)

  1. Super disappointed this month – Ipsy never let me choose and then I got 5 garbage worthy pics. Not at all what my profile would require. Waiting to see next X curator and likely will drop all together.

  2. Is MSA not going to post anything about the regular Ipsy bag??

    • Apparently not. They are going downhill fast.

    • Exactly! I keep checking it for that! And they post uninteresting things, but why??? It used to be my favourite website I checked daily but now, such a disappointment.

  3. I am super upset. This is my first month upgrading to the glam bag plus and when I went to pick my three “ultra personalization” products they so much advertise they say they are out of everything. How is that possible when you are suppose to get 5 full sized products and they have already only had 2 of my 5 items? What a rip off. I contacted ipsy support.

    • Did you upgrade before the last day of May? If your subscription isn’t charged on billing day, you usually don’t get to customize on the 2nd.

      Also, sometimes you get the default “welcome” bag for your first month.

      • What is the default welcome bag?

    • Agreed! The same thing happened to me and I’ve been a member for years and haven’t had this happen before. I keep getting emails telling me to choose my 3 items but they’ve apparently been sold out since last night.

  4. Not an exciting month for me’

    Ipsy picks:
    Tarte Hydrocealer (it looks very orange!!)
    FoxyBae Magic Leave in Hair Mask

    My picks:
    Christope Robin Daily Hair Cream
    OFRA Cool as a Cucumber primer
    Cela Creme de la Creme lotion

    Add ons:
    Viseart Petite Pro Deux Palette
    Violet Voss Wildflower palette

    • Oops, i also added the ABH Liquid lipstick in Ashton

  5. Ipsy chose 111 and kosas. I chose Christophe, Haus and some acid face wipe things. Overall I am pretty dang happy. I have received the Christophe a few times and am glad to have the option for a refill. Great on wavy thick hair. The Haus mascara looks fun! I am a sucker for any of those face wipe pad things. They usually dry me out but it’s so humid here that I live de oiling lol . I like the bag design too. Good month for me

  6. I’m happier with this bag than I was with X.

    Ipsy chose:
    -tarte (hydra concealer, not gonna lie this product sucks, but I’ll probably combine it with a color corrector on no makeup day).
    -kvossnyc blush trio (although it looks pretty, I just purchased a couple of Pat McGrath blushes + a bunch of cream blushes during the Sephora VIB sale back in April, so I’ll be passing this along)

    I chose:
    -viseart petit eyeshadow (love their eyeshadows)
    -thrive cosmetics eye primer (about to run out of the one I’m using right now, so perfect timing and I’ve been satisfied with all their products I’ve received so far, so think this will be good).
    -Girlactik eyeliner duo in brown (again perfect timing since I just threw out mine because they were old).

    Add one:
    -SLmissglam brushes (honestly wish this was what Ipsy had chosen, since I always rate brushes highly, instead of something I had to buy).

    Overall, pretty happy, even with the so so products.
    BTW the ones who are disappointed with not getting the Kosas lip balm it’s honestly just so so, and the packaging makes it annoying and difficult to apply.

  7. I logged on at 9am didn’t like my items so I wait till 9:45 and tried again but none of the Ipsy picks or choice items changed like they do for others..


    *Tarte SEA hydrocealer™ concealer in 35H Medium Honey- might work for me as a spot concealer but definitely too dark for under my eyes.

    *KVOSSNYC Blushing Beauty Luminous Blush Palette- I’ve already received this from Ipsy and rated it one star… really not happy about receiving this again..


    Anyone else only get 3 items in their 1st & 3rd choice category???

    1st category (CR hair cream, MAAPILIM eye cream, & item beauty mist)

    *MAAPILIM Eye Cream- never heard of this brand but hope it’s good I love getting skincare and this is the only item I’m receiving that’s not an add-on that I’ll actually use.

    2nd category (Ofra primer, Ciate mist, realher foundation in a way too deep shade for me, Farah powder brush)

    *OFRA COSMETICS Cool as a Cucumber Primer- not even something I use profile says no primers and I already have way too many brushes from Ipsy.

    3rd category (BFF cleanser, trestique mascara, modt brush set)

    *BEST FACE FORWARD Purifying Cleanser- why do they keep giving me skin care for oily acne prone skin when my profile says DRY skin.. I only picked this to give it away because the other options I had were horrible..

    Add on items
    My add on choices really sucked compared to what I see others post pics of.. I really wanted the Kosas lip balm but didn’t get that as an option..

    * $12 Reusable Cotton Rounds + Mesh Bag + HUDA BEAUTY Wishful Yo Glow Enzyme Scrub 3ct, full size-
    I got this for the wishful scrub thinking it was a full size product because it said 3ct, full size. I didn’t read the description tab because I was rushing to purchase my items due to the serumkind serum selling out while I was still looking and didn’t want to risk losing my chance to purchase any of the other items I picked as add-ons. I read In the description tab after I purchased everything & the size says 20ml if I knew it was only 20ml I wouldn’t have purchased it.. I was under the impression it was a full size 100ml or at least the mini 40ml size that’s on the Huda site..

    *$12 BENTON Aloe Propolis Soothing Gel

    * $18 PRIVATE DOCTOR Define Minus Serum

    * $3 BENTON Aloe Soothing Mask

    * $3 YC COLLECTION Liquid Blush in Fresa

    • I was surprise to see she had so many options for the first choice. I only get about 4 choices per category, didn’t get skincare or hair are choices this month, which was odd since my bags are always skincare heavy, and I rated the x bag low because it was only makeup products. Overall, I’m actually happy about the bag overall. The Tarte concealer sucks (love their other ones, but this one was basically nothing on the skin) but I purchased a correcting concealer so might try to combine both.

    • I believe we are supposed to be guaranteed at least 4 items to choose from for each category, so if you can, I recommend taking screenshots & contacting customer service if you get less than.

  8. I have been very happy with Ipsy Plus lately. Cant say the same for X tho. This month I was able to get the 3 things I most wanted.

    Ipsy picked:
    Aceology lifting mask (sounds interesting, cant wait to try it. Did anyone get the big ball orb glass thingys?)
    Foxy bae hair mask (I was annoyed that this protect did not show up until about mid morning. But im always down for a sulfate free mask. My keratin treated hair Dominican hair appreciates it.)

    My picks:
    Thrive Causemetics eye primer
    Christophe Robin daily hair cream
    Babe lash eye-liner (The serum from the first X box has done wonders for my lashes. Figured this may keep helping somehow)

    My three picks were thankfully all in diff categories so I was able to snag all three.

    My add ons:
    Tony moly blemish patches (Is it weird that I am so excited for these?)
    Ciaté coconut setting mist. (I am hoping this turns out to be good…I noticed after I added that alcohol is its second ingredient..:-|, I always wanna hate on this brand and it ends up surprising me, so we shall see.)

  9. IPSY picks:
    —SLMISSGLAM Rainbow Luxe Brush Set (this is fine)
    —KVOSS Blush Palette (Yay, I love blush palettes)

    My picks:
    —VISEART Petit Pro Deux Palette (it was this or the CR hair cream, but I have so much hair stuff)
    —FARAH Powder and Go Brush (this category sucked and I’d get the most use out of this)
    —BFF Purifying Cleanser (this category also kinda sucked, but mostly because I didn’t like the lippie or nail products this month, it would have been awesome product category-wise)

    Add ons:
    —GOLDFADEN MD Set (I LOVE this brand and haven’t tried most of these, which are all full size, so worth it to me)
    —FOXYBAE Round Brush Set (I got another Foxybae brush last year and it surprisingly became my favorite brush)
    —GOLDFADEN MD Hands to Heart Hand Cream (see above)

  10. I’ve been waiting 5 hours for my choices to change. Does it typically take this long or am I stuck with what’s there?

    • Yes, it takes long. Most would probably look the same (or worse) tomorrow morning. 🙁 That was last month for me. Everyone has an off-month every once in a while. I know it’s no comfort! Sorry.

      • Thanks, it’s not that bad. I’ve just never tried waiting before. Appreciate the info!

  11. I was really hoping for 2 things, the Viseart palette and the Thrive primer, and I got both so I’m very pleased!
    Ipsy chose:
    111Skin serum- meh, hate the brand but I like the other 4 items so it’s all good.
    Feel Beauty lip balm- sounds nice, will get used.
    My choices were the Viseart, Thrive, and Hanalei lip scrub.
    Really happy overall!!

  12. Skipped this month and I’m not regretting it.

    • Same. My instinct was correct.

  13. Ipsy Picks:
    *TARTE SEA hydrocealer in light beige- excited to try
    *MUDMASKY Serum-Infused Eye Mask- good

    My Picks:
    *OFRA COSMETICS Cool as a Cucumber Primer- ehhh, there wasn’t really anything I liked in the first category which is unusual! It usually has everything that I want. This looks ok to me. Never tried their primers but I’m a fan of their highlighters. Might be fun to try..
    *HAUS LABORATORIES Brow & Lash Sparkle Topper- I’m pretty excited for this, although the reviews were mixed.
    *SERUMKIND Purple Cabbage Serum- I am most excited for this. I was hoping this would be a choice for me. The last category actually had most of the items that I wanted. Did they change their system? It used to just have leftover stuff I didn’t like.

    The viseart was not a choice item for me, which kinda sucks because it looks so pretty! My perfect bag would have included the kosas lip balm, the apto moisturizer, and the thrive eye primer but these were not available to me as choices or add ons. But maybe next month! 🤞❤️

  14. The one thing that I really wanted from the spoilers was the Kosasport tinted lip balm, and Ipsy chose it for me! (They also chose the 111Skin rose gold serum, which I’m much less excited about.) And I got the Viseart palette as one of my choices. Pretty good month for me!

  15. This month seriously made me want to cancel again. The choices just keep getting worse compared to other boxes. And the customer service has gone down hill. I’ve been emailing since March when I didn’t get my bag or my add ons and still have not gotten a response. I have been a loyal customer for several years but I think it’s time to change.

    • I didn’t get my ExfoliKate add on from last month and I sent messages via fb for the last month inquiring. I finally messaged today telling them I was going to dispute my credit card and whaddaya know, I got an email saying it had shipped today. So suspish… and sooo annoying I had to stay on them.

  16. I am pretty pleased overall..

    Ipsy selected:
    – Aceology mask
    – KosaSport tinted lip balm

    I picked:
    – CR hair cream
    – BFF cleanser
    – Benton soothing gel (for my beach/pool bag)

    Ipsy has done a great job of matching me with products and types of items that I want. I did not choose any add-ons this month.

  17. I’m pretty pleased with my bag.

    Ipsy choice:
    Rainbow Brush Set
    Real Her Palette
    My choices:
    ViseArt Palette
    Half Caked Mascara
    Apto Pomegranate Moisturizer

    Add ons:
    Serumkind Purple Cabbage (backup)
    Goldfaden Handcream

    Would have purchased the Thrive Primer and SR CEO if it was offered!

  18. I was super happy to get the Viseart palette as well but I can predict a LOT of super angry people once they receive their bag. That palette is tiny…like TINY TINY. Hopefully IPSY really spelled out the size of it in the description. I didn’t even look, just rushed through my picks.

    • Yep, it’s about the size of a credit card. I picked it because I liked the colors even though I haven’t had the best experience with Viseart. The other choices just weren’t appealing. After I confirmed I thought “dang that looks familiar” looked at my palettes. I already have it! Ugh, they changed the color of the packaging and fooled me.

  19. IPSY Picked for me:

    SLMISSGLAM Rainbow Brush Set
    KVOSSNYC Blush Palette

    I Picked:
    Christophe Robin Hair Cream
    Murad Exfoliator
    Hanalei Lip Scrub

    I was not offered the Viseart palette as a choice but it was available as an add-on for $12 so I purchased it along with both cream blush samples and the ABH brow gel samples in 2 different colors.

  20. Did any one get the Sunday Riley face oil…or get to buy it….?????….I know ipsy’s secret now on how they pick out there products and why more than half the customers don’t receive what they want.ipsy…..bad,bad bad..

    • Not this month but last month it was a choice item for me so I jumped on it

    • I didn’t get the Sunday Riley either or have the chance to buy it either!!! Please tell me their secret! Everything I wanted was in the first section and my the picks ipsy did are Waaayyyy off.

    • I did! Happy with all my choices this month (last month too)

      I got:
      Sunday Riley CEO glow
      Kosas lip stick
      Serumkind cabbage drop
      Sonage acid wipes
      Bimaio ampoule set

    • Do tell!!! Thanks

    • I got the Sunday Riley CEO oil–though I didn’t really want it as I’ve received it in past sub boxes and it’s a SR product that’s just “meh” for me.
      Ipsy also chose the Mudmasky Eye Mask – I don’t need any more eye care products.
      I chose:
      Viseart palette
      We Are Fluide palette
      Benton Soothing Gel
      I ended up with two eyeshadow palettes again because the other options in the groups were so bad. None of the products I really wanted were offered to me.
      My classic glam bag is dreadful as well.

    • I got it! Ipsy picked the SR face oil and Feel vit E balm for me.

    • Ipsy chose the CEO oil for me! They also chose the feel balm. I chose the thrive eye primer,Christophe Robin hair cream and the apto pomegranate cream. Very happy this month!

  21. I think I’m getting a better than typical bag this month…

    Ipsy picked the 111Skin Rose Gold Radiance Booster and the Ahava Active Moisture Gel Cream. I picked the Viseart Petit PRO Deux, Realher Power Wear Probiotic Foundation, and the Purlisse Beauty Pineapple Bright Brightening Gel Cream.

  22. Oops. Sounds like I made a bad choice not choosing the viseart. Looks like it’s a popular choice.
    I got the yensa lipstick in free spirit instead.
    Aloe gel
    Tanais lip oil set
    Ipsy chose ahava gel moisturizer and Tarte concealer.
    I’m not that excited about anything except the tarte.

    • I picked it but Ugh…I need another eye shadow like a hole in the head. I got too excited about the Colour Pop sale so you know how that went.

      • Exactly. That’s why I didn’t pick it. I have so many eyeshadows that don’t get used.

  23. Although I wasn’t super excited this morning when I opened the app, I think my bag is better than (my usual) average. Ipsy picked the tarte concealer and mudmasky eye mask for me. I skipped that allure box with the mudmasky, and the reviews aren’t bad, so I’m pleased with those picks.
    I chose the yensa lipstick (nothing else called to me), realher foundation (new product? Google is suspiciously silent), and the bimaio night repair ampoule set. The ampoules look pretty good to me based on the website’s description and ingredients. I’m a sucker for all those oils.
    I added on an Anastasia lipstick and context lip balm because the drawer full of lipsticks I already have isn’t enough. Haha.

  24. Not a super exciting month, but I will be receiving some useful items.
    I still haven’t received my Glambag X from last month – anybody else in the same boat ? I’m also waiting on add ons from April Boxycharm. Kinda frustrating.

    • My X bag is still stuck in Indiana. I used to get my bags SUPER FAST, then suddenly, I’ve been getting them at the very end of the month, if not after.

      • If it makes you feel any better Mary, my may glam bag still hasn’t shipped yet.

    • I haven’t received my regular May bag yet. It’s just today left the DHL processing center. I skipped this month, and I’m not sad about it.

      Unsurprisingly, MSA still hasn’t made a post about the regular June bag reveal and add-ons. These posts used to be back to back.

    • I just got mine yesterday! I went ahead and reviewed mine last week without it because they always remove the items and you can’t go back and review them. So stupid. I lost a lot of point last X and the last ultimate because of that. I mean if it’s get here on time to review it properly I’d wait but it doesn’t.

      • @Shannon, you can go back and review past box items, for at least a few months. You’ll just go to your account and find your “Past Bags” and you will be able to review any item you didn’t already. I did this for my mom’s account recently, I think I did three months worth of past bags.

      • Unfortunately for some reason you can’t see bag contents for prior GBX bags – at least I’m only able to see that info for my regular GB and for GBP, but not for GBX. In the GBX tab, if I click on “Past Glam Bags” it just takes me to a page to select past regular glam bags and past GBPs. It’s kinda frustrating, as I’d like to have access to the info for those prior products from my GBX. 🙁

      • If you email ipsycare, they will explain the process to review X items. Its ridiculous that X doesn’t show up in past bags, though. I had emailed them for the Feb bag and they gave me the way to do it. This time, I made sure to review the X May items, before the end of the month!

    • Same!

      I don’t know what’s going – but I messaged customer service abs they said it was on schedule , so I am guessing this is a normal thing now. I don’t mind waiting for packages but when there is a drop in service but I’m paying the same money – I am paying more for less- and that I won’t do. I’ve already skipped some shipments but I’m thinking a full cancel is in order. Honestly the timing has really gotten worse since the bought boxycharm- I wonder if they integrated and now everything is slower

    • Debby I finally received my X about 4 days ago but I still have not received my regular Glam Bag for May and of course I had a few of the pricier add-on’s with it (Sunday Riley full size Tidal, ABH full size brow gel, and a trial size Olaplex No3). I finally emailed them about it last week on the day we chose a product for our June bags and mentioned it was a little frustrating to be choosing a product for my June bag when my May bag hadn’t even shipped. The next day my bag finally shipped but it says I won’t receive it until June 9th. I’ve never experienced this kind of delay with IPSY before and it makes me nervous to get any add on’s with my June bag.

    • Just now received my May Glam Bag X today. The post office had the absolute audacity to deliver me a completely empty box 🙃. Between the price of the box itself and the $50 of add-ons, I’m incredibly angry. Waiting for Ipsy to reply and tell me they can’t give me any new items, only refund them 🤬.

  25. I would have the perfect bag if I could pick all 3 of my items from the first category, haha! It has the Viseart palette, the Christophe Robin hair creme and the Bali Balm. Currently waiting for my options to change as I don’t want anything from the 2nd and 3rd categories.

    Also, add ons this month are impressive!

  26. Happiest I’ve been with GBP in a while. Ipsy Chose:

    – Tarte Sea hydrocealer in 20B (hoping shade/undertone work for me, they may be a bit off)
    – Ahava Active Moisture Gel Cream

    I chose:
    – Viseart palette (!!!)
    – Sonage Peel Pads
    – Hanalei sugar lip scrub

    I agree with what another poster said, that it’s awesome that the Viseart palette was a choice item, and not just an Ipsy pick for like 3 people, lol.

  27. Ipsy Picks:
    *ACEOLOGY Lifting Treatment Mask (sounds interesting, never heard of the brand before so looking forward to trying)

    *FEEL BEAUTY Vitamin E Balm

    My Picks:
    *CHRISTOPHE ROBIN Daily Hair Cream (I was eyeing this up in the spoilers)

    *CIATE LONDON Coconut Dewy Setting Mist (love all things coconut)

    *APTO SKINCARE Pomegrante Moisturizer

  28. If I reactivate my plus subscription now, will I be able to participate in choice?? Any help would be appreciated!!!!

    • I don’t think that you would. I think you have to reactive before billing to participate in choice.

    • Asheligh is correct, it is too late for choice for this month. You have to sign up the month before. So if you sign up today, IPSY will make all of your picks for your June bag but you can participate in choice for July.

    • I have done this before and received choice 5-7 days later along with a few add on choices

  29. Ipsy is really on the way out for me , all picks are Ipsy products, I really want to cancel seems like junk for the months between x

    • Agreed

  30. Mine fixed itself with the foxybae hair mask. I just checke mine.

  31. Not an exciting month but all the items will be used, so that’s good.

    Foxybae hair mask
    Pineapple bright gel
    Glycolic acid peel pads
    Pomegranate moisturizer

  32. I’m pretty impressed the Viseart palette was a Choice item, & not just doled out to a few people! I’m very happy with my bag — I will use everything!

    – Tarte Sea Hydrocealer in Fair Neutral
    – Gerard black liquid eyeliner
    + Viseart eye palette
    + Benton Aloe Gel
    + Apto Pomegranate moisturizer

  33. Hello ladies,
    So has anyone ever checked their selections in the morning versus the afternoon?

    I swear last month they changed when I checked later in the day but wasn’t sure if it only happened to me

    • Yes, they change over time by availability. That’s why you should go ahead and select if you see things you like. No reason to put it off.

    • I waited on purpose a couple of months ago to see how my choices changed. They changed from the morning to the evening, and they had changed again the next morning. I feel like they got worse each time they changed though. As Ipsy ran out of certain things, they replaced my choices with items that were less appealing each time. After that, I decided to make my choices first thing in order to get the best and most sought after items

      • Thanks for sharing that. I kept hearing that choice items changed throughout the day. I thought I read online somewhere that the choices got better but I was not sure I wanted to chance it. I did wait til about 9:30 eastern time when I usually go online starting around 8am.

        I wasn’t happy at all with the choices in one category and related my thoughts in the Ipsy survey that came with my confirmation email.

    • It really depends. I don’t usually choose right away. Sometimes the choices are more interesting to me, sometimes they’re not. If I really don’t like Ipsy’s choices for my first two products I won’t choose anything at all. For some reason if you don’t choose, they send you products other than their initial choices. Honestly it’s a c***shoot. I redeemed all my points last month so I can cancel my sub outright. I haven’t been excited for a bag since they started the extra customization.

  34. My ideal bag:

    Murad Skin Smoothing Polish
    Yensa lipstick
    Tarte concealer
    Viseart Pro Palette
    Thrive Eye Primer

    And…what I got:

    SLMISSGLAM brush set
    Viseart Palette (YAY!!!!)
    KVOSSNYC blush palette
    Realher foundation
    Best Face Forward cleanser

  35. Ipsy chose a weird shade of concealer for me but I was able to pick the Viseart so I am thrilled. Also getting the Murad face polish and Purlisse brightening gel. Ipsy picked the eye mud mask which is intriguing. Other than being iffy on the concealer shade (and not really using concealer) pretty happy. I added a cream blush just to try one out, have never used one before. May also grab the glycolic face pads if they are available when the second chance comes

  36. Thrilled with my bag this month: an eye cream, a serum, and three moisturizers. Happy dance.

    • Me too! All skincare, and I am HERE for it!

  37. My Plus bag only came with 4 items this month. In the “ipsy chose for you” section where there should be 2, only had the set of SLMISSGLAM brushes. Did anyone elses do that?

    • Yes mine did this too! I’m so confused on why they did that. Its honestly not fair if I’m being honest.

      • I just reloaded my Ipsy app, and they added in a Foxybae hair mask

      • My friend said this also happened to her but just had to wait for the app to reload. Try going out and back into ur app to view your Glambag.

    • They chose the brushes for me too but they also chose a second item for me as they normally do. So that’s weird.

    • Well that stinks. I know the site was having some issues (temporarily) earlier this morning, so hopefully it’s just a display issue? Definitely reach out to customer service.

    • Wow, must be a mistake! They offered that brush set as an add-on for $12, if I recall correctly, so it should count only as one item. Do please reach out to customer service and good luck!

    • I’m sure it’s a glitch. There was some trouble with the app/website this morning, & it briefly crashed. I was unable to get add-ons with Plus, & I know a few other people had the same issue I did. Even after the site was back up, there are multiple reports of the same issue you’re having.

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