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BoxyCharm June 2021 – Full Spoilers

We have the full spoilers for the June 2021 BoxyCharm base box.

Your June box may include:

NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil – 3 choices, $27 value

ISLE OF PARADISE HYGLO Body Hyaluronic Self-Tan Serum 95 mL, $32 value

FARMACY Honey Grail Ultra-Hydrating Face Oil, $48 value

ABLE SKINCARE Hyaluronic Acid Age Recovery Night Cream – 50 ml, $114 value

FIRST AID BEAUTY Hello FAB Coconut Skin Smoothie Priming Moisturizer — 50 ml, $30 value

KVD BEAUTY Dazzle Stick Eyeshadow — 3 choices$22 value

MAVEN BEAUTY Cosmic Drip Eyeshadow Palette Stargate, $23 value

OPV Spotlight Eyeshadow Palette, $36 value

SKIN INC SUPPLEMENT BAR My Daily Dose of Glow 20 ml, $65 value

FLIRTACIOUS LOOKS COSMETICS Monarch Lash Pack, $38 value

GLAMGLOW Supercleanse Clearing Cream-to-Foam Cleanser, $32 value

CLEAN SKIN CLUB Clean Slate Cleaning Mist, $36 value

CLEAN SKIN CLUB Pineapple Glow Mist, $38 value

SUNDAY RILEY Good Genes Face Serum, $85 value

ARTIST COUTURE Caliente Palette, $30 value

TRESTIQUE Refillable Tinted Face Stick, $32 value

DR LILI FAN Probiotic X Lash Enhancer, $68 value

TOUCH IN SOL Pretty Filter Glowdient Makeup Palette, $32 value

AVANT Pro-Radiance Brightening Final Touch Eye Cream, $98 value

ELAINA BADRO Baby Blues Brush Set 1 Face 2 Eyes with Tan Case, $58 value

What do you think of the spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, the regular BoxyCharm box is $25 a month.

Check out our reviews of Boxycharm to learn more!

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Comments (77)

  1. I absolutely LOVE BoxyCharm. Between the wonderful boxes I get, popup and add ons, I have been able to not only get an amazing amount of beautiful makeup and skin care for myself, but also my daughter. I love getting my box every month, something just for me. I LOVE getting skin care, as you need a good base to apply your makeup.

  2. Yeah, me too.😢

  3. I feel like Bopsy quality in service has gone downhill and they are unable to handle their subscriber capacity. I have been a member of both Ipsy and Boxycharm for a long time, several years in fact. I think this is the worse it has ever been. My bags have been arriving super late and my Boxycharm add-ons have been taking at least a month and a half to get to me, so I decided to do a little experiment last month. I signed up as a new subscriber for the Ipsy GBP and the Boxycharm base box. I received both of those boxes BEFORE my regular boxes. In fact, I have not even received my regular GBP bag for May yet. Maybe it is a coincidence, but I feel like Bopsy is prioritizing new members and forgetting about their loyal customers. I’m actually thinking about cancelling both bags after this month. With the late shipments, missing add-ons, broken add-ons, poor response time to emails, and lack of personalization (at least for me), I think it is finally time to let these bags go.

    • I feel the same way. Been with BC for about 5 years. It’s been horrible. I used to get my boxes on the 10
      Of every month. I’ve been getting my box at the end of the month like the 24. Also my add ons are always missing.

  4. I am cancelling this subscription after my June box because BC has screwed up too many times on my orders and today was the last straw. I placed an add-on item last month and never received it so they took it upon themselves to ship me an old BC box instead of what I ordered or refunding me my money. It was supposed to be delivered yesterday and today it shows delivered to someone in the LA area which I have never lived in or know anyone in that area. BC tried to say it went to that address because that is why I had on file, like seriously you want to blame me the customer?! NO this is their error and I know mistakes happen but BC makes more mistakes than any company I have ever dealt with and believe me that is saying a lot. I will never go back to them until they get their act together and maybe not even then. I am sad because I enjoyed receiving my box every month but they are not reliable enough for me to stay with them. It is just not worth the hassle.

  5. I’m confused…. the Boxycharm website shows about half of these items to be different…..

  6. I didn’t get half these options :/

  7. I just realized I never received a choice confirmation email for when I made my choice. I went back and searched every email. Did this happen to anyone else?

    • Same!

    • I haven’t received a choice confirmation email in several months. I also have not received my March add ons! I have 23 emails back-and-forth with this company and their customer service team discussing the March add-ons and each time they asked me to be patient and wait. I Spent almost $200 on my add-ons and I’m mad over it. I threatened to turn them into the state attorney generals office and they have stopped corresponding with me now it’s been 2 weeks since I’ve heard a reply. I went ahead disputed this with my bank and I am no longer supporting this company. Never again will I trust any company that doesn’t post a phone number for assistance. The phone number they have listed refers you to an email and then disconnects. It was literally no help.

      • they don’t send out add on or pop up stuff right away. I’ve heard they are working on sending add on items with our boxes to save on shipping.

        But it usually takes about 2 months before they ship add ons or pop up. So its not scamming, just slow shipping…and they do not send out choice emails anymore. You have to put it on your calendar asa reminder. They post it on their site each month at the beginning of each month

      • How do you get to pick your boxes? I’m an annual subscriber and I have never gotten an email to pick my items….

    • they do not send out emails for choice anymore. You have to write it down to remind yourself or set your alarm on your phone to remember

      • I get the emails with my choices.

      • I get an email reminder once every 3-4 months for choice. Then when I try to do it, it only brings me to the add ons. I like getting the items but its’ been getting later and later and it’s a lot of the same types of items. I mean, how many palettes can one person need?

  8. I chose the Farmacy Oil, I’m super excited for it! The only other thing I’d like from these is the Trestique foundation stick, that would be nice 🥰. What r ur favorite face oils that u recommend? I like the youth to the people one, I’m almost out so I’m hoping this Farmacy one is good!!!

    • I love Earth Harbor – they have a Helios facial oil and an Aurora facial oil, both are AMAZING! Their other products are wonderful as well, but these two face oils are my go-tos every day. I use Dirty Lamb Day oil and their night oil as well. Those are both good too!

      • I did not get the Farmacy as a choice grrr… Face oils are my favorite products.
        Not that I need any more oils, but I NEED more oils! gottacatchemall
        My very favorites are May Lindstrom Blue Cocoon, Augustinus Bader, Ode Orchard Alchemy and Wonder Valley Wonder Serum and Wonder Valley facial oil. Vintner’s Daughter and Fresh rose Deep Hydration oil infused serum are also high on the list.

  9. Are you receiving lux. Theyll be giving out narrs blush in organism. Prettiest color . Good genes products are awesome. I think you’ll like yu put box

  10. Wow! These reviews are stunning!!!! I love receiving my base box every month. Been a member for a very long time. Yes there are items I don’t want or can’t use. These items are donated to my local women’s shelter. There is also a free store for the homeless in my city. Overall, I am always impressed with the great value of each of my boxes. It’s not necessary to buy add ons, as i have tons of useable items in my arsenal.

  11. I got Good Genes in a pervious box a few months ago. It’s a product I use so was super happy I got it for the cost of a boxy and not the price I pay Sunday Riley directly for it (although the $122 bottle is worth every penny in my opinion). I’m sure i won’t get it again this time since it’s been less than 6 months.

  12. Anyone else being scammed by Boxycharm? Literally placed an add on order on April 19th and still don’t have tracking. I have reached out to CS over 5 times now and every time I get a generic response about delays. Unacceptable business practices to charge someone for a product and not even ship it for almost 2 months. Horrible.

    • I haven’t received any addons from April, either. It is why I canceled. It is just too slow for me.

    • That’s very odd. I got all of my addon orders weeks ago and I’m in Canada. The Charm Room is another story. It’s been well over a month and no shipping notice yet.

    • Yes I feel the same way. I placed 2 separate add on orders and only received one of them. Instead of send me the same item or crediting me, they just sent me an old base box which I still have not received. I have placed a new add on order and it shows it shipped but FedEx is horrible at updating their tracking info so who knows if I will receive this last order. I will not be placing another order if this one does not get delivered.

    • I placed an addon order march 18th. It didnt arrive until may 29th after emailing them 7 times. Each email went back and forth telling me it was pulled getting ready to ship, then back to processing, then waiting for inventory, back to processing..etc. I finally get and open my box, the addon palette I purchased had a huge crack down the mirror. I waited 2 months for this palette. So I send them an email with 3 photos. They messaged me back telling me that they are sorry but there are no more in stock and they have to refund me. I cant even tell you how upset this made me. Good luck to you. Hopefully you don’t have to go through all of this..

    • I also have not received my March add ons! I have 23 emails back-and-forth with this company and their customer service team discussing the March add-ons and each time they asked me to be patient and wait. I Spent almost $200 on my add-ons. They have stopped corresponding with me now it’s been 2 weeks since I’ve heard a reply. I went ahead disputed this with my bank and I am no longer supporting this company. Never again will I trust any company that doesn’t post a phone number for assistance. The phone number they have listed refers you to an email and then disconnects. It was literally no help.

    • they don’t send out add on or pop up stuff right away. I’ve heard they are working on sending add on items with our boxes to save on shipping.

      But it usually takes about 2 months before they ship add ons or pop up. So its not scamming, just slow shipping

      • It sure feels like scamming when it’s been three months and I haven’t received my items, especially when they literally tell you they are having “fulfillment issues”. They have an obligation to provide what the consumer purchased. Even more so with add-ons because you purchased a specific item not a random beauty box. If they’re unable to provide that they need to give a refund, not say all sales are final. I spent almost $200 on my add-ons and I expect what I purchased not excuses months later (It’s been 3 months for me) I’ve been with boxy for almost 7 years and this is probably the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced out of this company.

  13. I had my card locked when boxy billed on the first, so they my acct saying past due. I updated payment (unlocked card after seeing spoilers 😜) and they successfully billed. My question is, when will I be able to choose my item? This is my second month with boxy, so I am not clear if everyone chooses on the first, or if there is a day next week or what.🤔🤔🧐

    • Nairoby,
      It sounds like you missed out on choosing for this month last month. You never get to choose at the beginning of the month for that month. If you didn’t make a choice in May or subbed too late in May, you won’t have a choice product in your June boxy. Choice seems to be around the 15th of the month for the next month. It isn’t always on the date at all, but it should be shown on various social media places when choice is.

  14. I hate that the spoilers didn’t go up til AFTER I was billed!! What’s the point of that?!

    • you’re originally not even supposed to know what you’re getting in the first place? be thankful.

      • Seriously? Be “thankful?” I think you’re a little confused. I am the consumer and Boxycharm is a business. THEY ought to be thankful I’m giving them even a penny of my money. Spoilers have always been posted before accounts are billed. If this is a new practice, I don’t like it. I have the choice to take my business elsewhere. But thankful? Just no. 🙄

      • doxy,
        You realize these are supposed to be “mystery boxes” and the purpose is to try different brands, items etc that you might not buy for yourself or try things.
        If you want to pick and choose, that’s what going to the store and picking your items are

  15. Is it just me or are the eyeshadow palettes either from brands I’ve never heard of or filled with colors I’d never wear??
    I chose the Farmacy Oil so will be happy to get that and fingers crossed I’ll get at least one more good item

    • Same. Glad I’m getting my choice. Cancelling after this.

      • After what I saw as spoilers I’m glad that I didn’t up date my credit card with them

    • go in and take the quizzes to better modify your subscriptions…. I mostly get face scrubs and oils now since I’ve done that instead of getting eyeshadow pallets

    • The Artist Couture palette, was in boxes, a few months ago. I was “blessed” with it, dreadful is an understatement.
      The colors are HORRID, worse in person than in the photography. Normally, when I get a palette with these bright/neon colors, I give them to my mother-in-law because she and her friends are clowns (I am not kidding…..LOL). These are great colors for clowns BUT the formula is like chalk. The palette, is total garbage. I can’t believe this horror is going to be in June’s box, with my luck…..Boxy will be sending me another one.

      • I was ” blessed” with it too….😺😸😹

      • I agree about the artist couture palette. It seriously looks like something a CLOWN would use for makeup.

        I’m cancelling. Everything else is just so so. I was about to cancel two months ago but hesitated because of the add ons but this time even that won’t keep me.

    • We also have received this ugly Caliente palette before. I know, because I just gave it away to someone that would actually wear those hideous colors. The Avant product is also a repeat. Ridiculous!

  16. I loved these spoilers. Enough to resubscribe. Love that Nars lip color and anything from Farmacy and Sunday Riley. Fingers crossed I get one of them!

  17. I picked the lashes in choose and I’m excited to get them. I really like lashes and Lashbox is one of my favorite subscriptions next to Boxycharm and Ipsy.

  18. i remember when boxycharm every month put a eye shadow pallet in the the box and thhey actually had some good things now its all kind of skin care one of them in the box is ok but man the box has gotten not so 2 years ago it was a good box. thinking oof cancling

  19. For the last few months the spoilers have been coming out exceptionally late. I cancelled April and May because the lack of spoilers made me nervous that the box would mainly contain old leftover items. I ended up getting both with a couple after all the spoilers were out since the resub gift and coupon was really great. In the end, the last two boxes actually were some of the best boxes that I have got in my Boxy history.

    And this month, I got the coupon again already, but am absolutely not interested in ANYthing… I am happy to just sign up for the month with the coupon from now on though if the spoilers/sign up gift is good. I am just surprised how they can afford letting someone use a coupon to resub every month…

    • What is the coupon you are referring to?

      • Kenley if you cancel your subscription completely, Boxy will send you an email with a coupon to try and get you to re-subscribe. It varies, but it is usually like $10 to spend in add-on’s or pop-up and a free gift with your box as well that you get to choose. This past month I received a coupon to get my box for 50% off AND a $10 credit for the sale. It just depends which promotion they are running but it is usually a pretty great deal. You can literally cancel every month and every month like clock work they will send you something begging you to come back. The longer you hold off the better the deals get. You don’t get to pick an item if you use this system but as AC mentioned above you usually end up with pretty decent boxes this way, not to mention you can usually use the credit they give you to buy whatever you would have picked in choice anyway. Hope this helps! 🙂

    • Unless I’m enamored with choice the coupon is almost always a better deal. If they ever stop doing that I’ll bounce, I don’t need the subscription but I’m a sucker for deals

      This month only has 4 items that I would not use on first glance so hopefully the skincare gift resub box will be good and only have one of those lmao.

      • Here is the real trick… I feel like I may get into trouble saying it.

        But if you already make your choice and confirm it before you cancel, you will still very likely get the choice.

  20. Omgds!! Over half of these items I have received in past boxy charm boxes… ((sigh))I bet I get 4 repeats…I hate to say it…but, looks like Boxy charm is on the chopping block in this wheel house…

    Sad…it used to be so good…I cancelled all my ipsy bags last month because it was getting to be too much of a Hassel to communicate with them…and now Boxy charm is starting to get unbearable…maybe it’s just me…it dunno… 🙁

    • I am glad I am not the only one getting tired of Boxy; I give away everything but on item every month. I am so tired of receiving glittery, sparkly eyeshadow! I do not ride unicorns or slide down rainbows!!

      • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • IPSY IS THE WORST!!! I’ve paid two different times and haven’t received ANYTHING AT ALL.

  21. No FOMO after canceling. After cashing in almost $90 worth of charms and never receiving any of them, I’m done with Boxycharm.

    • Same. They finally refunded my charms meaning I would have to rejoin to use them. Nope. Done!

  22. I’m still waiting on add ons from April. I contacted customer service today and asked for a refund. They refused and told me all sales were final. I am calling the bank in the morning to dispute the charges. Poor and deceptive business practices in KY opinion.

    • This is happening to me too. I am filing a credit card claim tomorrow. It’s not okay to charge someone and not ship the products, it’s almost been 2 months since I placed my order.

      • I ordered back in april as well and still have not received my add ons. Have not disputed but will because I am moving from the address I ordered them at. Didnt expect there to be a 2+month wait.

    • Check FTC website- there’s an article titled “billed for merchandise I didn’t receive” and it has great Info about what is illegal and details your rights as a consumer and how to go about rectifying the problem. I found using FTC language and name dropping it helps a lot, whether referring to the rules when contacting sub box CS or your bank. Make sure you can point out the section in the boxycharm terms of use that they’ve not fulfilled/broken in the contract. Plus, You will get a resolution quicker by explaining you’ve done what the FTC says to and asked for a refund like you have a right to and they’re not cooperating. The FTC website is a great resource when buying things online and dealing with sub boxes- look around bc there’s helpful articles.

  23. Will be stalking swap site for Isle of Paradise.

    • If I get it I will definitely send it to you.

    • What’s the swap site?

    • What’s a swap site?! I’ve had at least three of these items before in recent boxes! I know we get duplicates, but this just seems fairly recent.

  24. I hate that my sub boxes do not post spoilers before billing for that month. It used to be different and subscribers could decide if they wanted the box or if they wanted to skip BEFORE the box was billed. I understand that this benefits the company, but they should realize that people are going to cancel rather than skip. If I had seen these spoilers I would have skipped the June base box. I’m still getting the Luxe box (I keep two accounts so I can get the base box when Luxe rolls around). Here’s another thing…I am so tired of skincare. A lot of people love it, but I am not in that camp at all. This is so much worse when it is a sample instead of a full size. A sample size skincare product tells you next to nothing about how it will or won’t work for you. I suppose it’s enough to evaluate the fragrance or non-fragrance as well as the consistency. Other than that, there is no way to evaluate the claims of the product. Dermatologists recommend using a product for at least TWO months (unless you have an allergic reaction) to determine efficacy. Whatever happened to makeup beauty boxes? They have virtually disappeared in favor of skincare. 😡

    • If you find a straight up makeup (as in color cosmetics) subscription, please do share b/c I *need* that box!

      • Tribe Beauty box is all makeup, isnt it? I mean, they include a “tool” I think but its a subscription for makeup artists so… is the just of it.

      • I’m agree completely. First few boxes I received from boxy were pretty much just makeup and I was ecstatic. Now I keep getting just tons of unwanted skin care products. I cancelled Ipsy because of that. I wish they would listen to their quiz thing because I said more makeup less skincare and have everything set showing I want makeup not masks and lotions and serums. I don’t use them. Have more than enough to last me a lifetime already.

      • Same here. Please

      • Have you ladies gone into the quizzes and selected beauty? As you do the quiz it will ask you what type of box you prefer and you can select mostly makeup little skin care. That’s what I’ve done.

    • I seen an option to choose how often you want of each sub category in the account setting of your profile. You can chose either never, sometimes and often. Maybe that’ll help.

  25. Oh no 🤦🏻‍♀️I just saw something I picked as a one of my Picks on here ughh lol oh well I’ll give to my daughter

  26. I wonder which three subscribers are going to get the big bottle of Good Genes.

    • 😂😂😂😂😂😂🕵🏻🕵🏻🕵🏻🕵🏻🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

    • No one is going to get the big bottle because it retails for $122 and the writing below the picture above says VALUE of $85. That is the price of the little bottle. So either MSA posted the wrong picture or the wrong value. Or Boxy posted the wrong picture or value. Either way I’m sure you are correct and no one is actually getting either one! LOL 🙂

  27. If I had seen these prior to billing I definitely would have cancelled. Won’t happen to me for July.

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