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Margot Elena Discovery Box Summer 2021 – Full Spoilers

Margot Elena Discovery Box Summer 2021 – Spoiler #3

We have the third spoiler for the Summer 2021 Margot Elena box. This box, which is scheduled to ship on June 1, is already sold out — but you can sign up now for the Margot Elena Fall 2021 box, set to ship on September 1.

Each Summer 2021 box will include:

Spoiler #3: TOKYOMILK Neptune & The Mermaid Limited Edition Cocktail Napkins


Spoiler #2: The Cottage Greenhouse or Library of Flowers Lemon & Aloe Hand Sanitizer

Margot Elena Spoiler #2

Spoiler #1: TokyoMilk Honey & The Moon Eau de Parfum

What do you think of the spoiler? 

More on this box:

The Subscription Box: Margot Elena Discovery Box

The Cost: $59.99 a quarter, shipping varies based on location

The Products: Discover the world of all things beautiful with the Margot Elena Subscription Box filled with $200 worth of luxuries.

Ships to: US

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Margot Elena Discovery Box

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Comments (41)

  1. I was just charged for the Fall box and I have yet to get the Summer Box! What is up with that?

  2. Hand sanitizer? Really? No thank you..

    • I am a little disappointed in this box, but only because there seem to be some repeat items. Would really like some of the newer items like a wish luminary or something in the forget me not fragrance

    • Thanks Dorie!🌸🌸🌸

  3. I love the napkins but I also love the emojoi napkins from Popsugar years ago that most people hated so I tend to like stuff that nobody else does lol

  4. I would love for next month to have some of those old school swizzle sticks to go in my gin and tonic that will be sitting on one of these napkins 😜

  5. Eeshk, I hope another spoiler comes soon, and I hope it knocks my socks off! I don’t want to cancel, but am officially on the fence as to whether or not this box will be worth it for me.

    I was soooo excited when the first spoiler came out – I find the honey & the moon scent absolutely intoxicating, so I’m jazzed to be able to smell it on myself all day long.

    I was not excited by the hand sanitizer, but initially appreciated the practicality of it. Since reading other comments though, I concur that it would have been a lot more useful 8-10 months ago.

    The napkins are pretty, but the cocktail size is not very useful to me personally.

  6. I was looking for a reason to not cancel this subscription and napkins definitely did not convince me. Just emailed them to cancel. I am not really feeling like I am getting value and I already subscribe to other boxes that I am more excited about each month.

  7. I love it. I can’t wait. We are going to be renovating our house and I’ve already legit planned on some colors and decor that are directly inspired by the ME Neptune and the Mermaild patterns/colors (Song of the Siren pattern is one of my faves of theirs). So these napkins will not be used as napkins lol. They will be displayed somehow. And I’ve kept every gorgeous package I’ve gotten from ME (the Wish and Relax body cream and dry oil boxes are vanity-worthy). I am quite the ME fangirl and would have never heard of them if not for MSA (no Anthropologie in West Virginia!)

  8. I don’t understand including something in a box that’s not available for sale on their site. There is no way to validate the true value of the item. These napkins feel like a cheap filler for me and do not feel like a luxury item at all. I certainly don’t feel like the value of the box is going to be represented by including cheap fabric cocktail napkins.

    If you need to stretch your imagination to “use” un item that comes out of the box makes it meaningless in my opinion. Most of the home items have been so wasteful and just promote clutter.

    • Her fabric collections (Neptune and the Mermaid, Stories and Songbirds) were sold at many other fabric and quilting stores as they are high quality quilting cotton. Neither collection of fabric is easily available anymore, though she did used to sell them on her website – I wish I’d gotten some then. It’s rare to find her fabric anymore except from scalpers on Etsy charging far more than the original price.

      The limited edition items she puts in her box are often exclusives to the box – it is part of the draw of the subscription. And one can look at other items to get a generally idea of the normal brand price point – so far, none of her exclusives have seemed wildly inflated in RV.

    • I understand being disappointed in an item, but I’ve never been able to relate to stressing about the retail value of the items. We always get way more overall than the sixty/seventy bucks they charge for the box, so why worry about it?

  9. Love these!!! Always happy to have a fun and unique home item in these boxes 🙂

  10. I just wrote them and cancelled, just not able to justify this expense for what I have seen so far,so disappointed!!!

    • Me too! Just send the email.

  11. Not Excited at all about this box, nope, not very happy

  12. I like the napkins! Also, where is the Spring ‘21 review?

    • I was looking for a spring review as well. This is my favorite sub lol

  13. I want to love them, but standard cocktail napkins are 5″x5″ (¼ fold). It would be more practical if they matched and at least luncheon napkin size, 6.5″x6.5″ (¼ fold) … these feel a bit like remnant, IMO.

    • I agree. These are not practical, they look like they are one layer of cloth. Also I would rather just use a coaster. These should have been all the same fabric and bigger.

  14. I like octopi and I like roses. The juxtaposition, however, gives me the creeps.

    Kind of like coconut shrimp.

    • LOL I love coconut shrimp. Not so much the rose octopi.

  15. Cute napkins!
    Like everyone else the idea of displaying them is a great idea. Maybe decoupage them on a square wooden stool? Attach them together and mat them in a frame? So many ways to display, just not sure what way I like better in my head 😂

    • You could also decopage them onto tiles from Home Depot to make coasters – just add cork or felt bottoms and sealant once the layers of modge podge dry! 🙂 Or, use them as embellishments in a craft floral wreath to hang on the door. Or make a fabric covered corkboard by gluing them to some corkboard, maybe frame it, and get some cute pins for it. (I’ve seen people make round cork board ‘minis’ with scraps of fabric, too.) Or magnets!

      I geek out over fabric way too much…

      • Great idea! I love everything so far. The napkins are my fav

  16. Cute!! I might have to pull out my fabric stash and make more to match, or even get a yard of one of the ME fabric designs to make some more. It’s a fun idea as I collect tea cups and my 5yr old loves to host ‘parties’ as well, so a stash of smaller re-usable napkins would be fun.

    • Awe. Love this idea.

  17. I skipped this box based on the hand sanitizer spoiler, and am a bit more glad about that after seeing this spoiler. I like the perfume, but definitely have no use for cute cocktail napkins. They look like a craft project someone might come up with for a club to be quick, easy, but possibly never used. Like handmade ash trays from ceramic class,

  18. I was so hoping for a spoiler that would convince me to keep this box, but this was not it. These are just squares of fabric, poorly serged on the edge. Combined with hand sanitizer and I’m just not feeling this box. Come on Margot Elena, give us something to convince us not to cancel!

    • Totally agree! I can’t understand excitement about hand sanitizer and napkins! This sanitizer needs at least a smaller bottle to be able decant it and to be able to carry in a purse!
      Napkins are such a step down from kimono and even kitchen towels, none of which I got of course!!! As a new subscriber, I am disappointed!

  19. OMG! Those napkins! Are there others of you out there who love cute napkins as much as I do? So psyched. I love this box!!! 🥰

    • They’re definitely cute! I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do with them. I’d like to find a way to display them somehow!

      • I agree! They look a little too small to use as regular napkins, and I don’t need cocktail napkins….but I love the prints so I want to display somehow!

    • Totally into them! Awesome to see something new and different in this sub 💕

  20. Reusable napkins I hope?

    • They look like they’re cloth from the pic. Super cute.

    • They are cloth, from her fabric line “Neptune and the Mermaid.”

  21. The price below the article is wrong. It’s now $69 a quarter.

    • The price is $59.99 plus $6.95 shipping

      • Oops, you are so right. With s&h its $66.94. My bad.

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