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FabFitFun Summer 2021 Box: Customization Open For Seasonal Members

FabFitFun Summer 2021 Box

Attention Seasonal FabFitFun members!

Customizations are now open for the FabFitFun Summer 2021 box — that means you get to choose some of the items that go into your box.

Here’s how it works:

Choose Your Box Items: Pick what you want from each category.

You Can Choose More Than One: Love more than one item? No problem, just add an additional pick at a discounted price.

Enjoy Your Box: Your customized box will be delivered straight to your doorstep.

The customization window closes on Monday, May 24th.

If you sign up for FabFitFun today, you’ll receive the Summer 2021 box as your first delivery.

Not yet a member? Receive $10 off your first FabFitFun Box using code FAB10! If you sign up for FabFitFun today, you’ll receive the Summer 2021 box as your first delivery.

FabFitFun May Schedule

Want to know what to expect from the FabFitFun Summer 2021 Box? Check out our FabFitFun reviews to see what you can expect with this quarterly subscription box for women.

Read on for full spoilers of the FabFitFun Summer 2021 Box.

Important to know

Unlimited Swap for Credit is now available for all members. If a member would like to skip a season’s box, they’ll have the option to exchange their box for credit to use in add-ons sales and shop drops. This is to provide members with  more flexible shopping experience that meets their needs.

Boxes are now fully customizable. Annual members can now fully customize their box, and seasonal members now have four customizations in each box! For members who love surprises, they’ll still have the option to allow FabFitFun to pick their items for them.


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Comments (62)

  1. I did the BOGO offer and just looked in the app. I got the epare cutting boards and the foot file, cookies and cream eye shadow stick and silicone q-tips for customization 5 & 6 for both boxes. Ugh, I hate those cutting boards. Literally anything else in Cat 5 would have been better. What did everyone else get? BTW, if I look at my FFF account online (in a web browser) it doesn’t show me the FFF picks for those categories. I can only see them in the app.

  2. This morning on 5/23 I was told that the Supergoop and Obe bands were unavailable. I wanted to resub, but I really wanted those two items. I was really surprised about the workout bands, since they didn’t seem to be that popular, did they switch those out to everyone who chose the cooler?

    • Yes

    • Yes, they swapped out the hip bands for the cooler for me too. Which was the last thing I would have wanted. lol (and i already have one from another box too). So I’m sure you’ll be able to find someone either giving them away on here or on ebay for really cheap!

      • Exactly! I wanted the cooler, and get there was a quality issue beyond their control.. But the very last thing I would have selected were the bands. I feel like I got stuck with the leftover junk. We should have been allowed to make the selection ourselves.

  3. I have a feeling Fabfitfun can’t win on the cooler issue. They pulled it for quality issues and everyone is crying. If they had sent it anyway people would have cried about the low quality. Smh

    • I agree. I’m so bummed the cooler got pulled. I really wanted one. But, also I respect that they care about quality control.

    • I don’t totally agree with this! I think a lot of the problem was that people saw that their choices had been changed before FFF communicated about the issue at all, and that everyone was assigned a random replacement item with no say. (And one of those items was the nightgown, a sized item!) From what I read on the forum, I think there would have been way less drama if:
      1. FFF emailed people about the issue BEFORE changing their “Our Box” pages
      2. If users had add-on items for that category, FFF made those add-ons their main choices for their category and reversed the $15 charge/gave credit.
      3. FFF gave users a choice about what their replacement item was, even if it delayed shipping and even if it was a short or “while supplies last” list. Honestly, I think even if they said “we have assigned all users one of the following items as a replacement—if you’d like to switch, message customer service by X date, all items are while supplies last” people would have been okay. I think a lot of FFF issues get blown up more than they need to be because different FFF CS reps will give vastly different answers to the same questions—having official answers and policies across the board would be so helpful!

    • Sue, what was the issue with the cooler? I have one from the earlier box so wondering what was wrong with this. Thanks.

      • I have no idea. Sorry.

    • Sue, do you know what the quality issue was that they pulled it for? They shipped mine in my box, but if there is a quality issue bad enough to pull the coolers from shipping now, then I don’t want to try to use it filled with ice. I’m going to shoot them an email too & see if I can find out.

  4. So is anyone else having a hard time signing up for the box itself? I was told by customer support that it’s because I was already on their mailing list, but considering the purpose of a mailing list is to get people who don’t buy your stuff to start buying it… I was going to sign up for an annual subscription, but if they’re skimping on their IT (shakes head)

    • Use a new email address.

    • Exactly, always use a new email address when you’re resubbing. That way you get any perks, like the use of discount codes. It’s so incredibly annoying to reactivate your sub and find you don’t get any of the advantages of a new subscriber, when in fact you should be doubly rewarded for returning to the fold IMHO.

      • Haha, I have a whole variety of email addresses that I have had to create for getting in on a deal but told I can’t have the said deal b/c I have deactivated my account for FFF and Ipsy. At least there is a way to get around the issue and still able to use a coupon code! Last winter I had a $15 off a new account coupon. I created ANOTHER email address, so that made the 2nd box $35. This was able to cover the 2.5 customization items I wanted to add-on, plus the additional items from the second box.

  5. I logged on as it opened and got the sun screen and everything i wanted

  6. Stella, I think it is because people put items in their cart,and go back later and take them out because they changed their mind,so the items may be available at any time during the sale. Availability depends on when someone drops an item.

    • Yes, Nancy you are right. I too initially didn’t understand how the add ons really worked until I learned from someone on here. What I often do is add the items that I like in to my cart. Then I scroll through the out of stock section and look for any other items I want. I then add the unavailable item/s into my favorites by marking the HEART. This allows me to track via my favorites section when an out of stock item is back in stock, so I can grab it. I tend to go back on multiple times throughout the add on period and check under my “favorite/starred” items to see if they have become available.

      The best time to go back on is a hour or two before the add-on period ends and grab something that someone else has recently removed from their cart. Most of the time I am able to find the item that was previously out of stock but then available. You have to have a little patience to sit there and hit reload over and over on your browser. You may quickly catch the item you wanted and within 5 seconds it is gone again, so decide quickly. It has almost become a game for me, lol.

      You can also add what you like into your cart while it is available and then login on again BEFORE the Add On time period ends and delete what you don’t really want or need. I have done this a couple of times and screwed myself by forgetting to log back in and ended up with $300-$575 worth of add ons coming to my door. I should have learned last spring or summer with the $575 add ons I couldn’t even remember what I had in my cart, but I did it again with the winter box, ooops!

      The games we play for subscription boxes!

  7. I logged on right when it opened at noon EST. Keep checking…people will edit their box and you might get lucky and be able to add it.

    • @Esytalyn thank you for the tip!!

      • *edit: sorry!! @Estalyn

  8. FYI apparently the cooler had quality control issues and NO ONE is getting it except for those who have already received their boxes. It was a total cluster yesterday for FFF pulled the cooler made their own choices for us as a replacement and sent an email out hours later regarding the issue.

    • Yeah, that happened to me with the cooler. The choice they made for me was the hip bands, which is the worst choice for me 😂 They also gave a $25 credit, so I guess I’ll hope for a better box next time around and use it on more choice items.

      • Same exact thing for me the hip bands. The last thing I would have chosen. I was also not going to pay the $15 add on charge. We had to make the cooler our choice and anything else the add on. I chose the Ouai item. I am still getting that but I said I want either my $15 back and get only that or I want to choose what I want to spend my $15 on. I was able to choose the Milly Jewelry box which I was looking at anyway. Can’t say for sure if I am still getting the bands for the site does not show it anymore. But what a fiasco

  9. I want to get the pink blanket that is on ad ons yet its sold out.

    Any one know of another fluffy blanket brand that would be a good equivalent?

    • I’m not sure about an equivalent, but I’ve heard of several people being disappointed with the color. Apparently it looks like a pale wine color and not a baby pink.

      • Yeah, I got that blanket and the color does not look like the pictures. Mine is more of a dull grey lavender. I was disappointed.

      • Yes! I wanted the rose blanket, but then saw a picture of it during an unboxing and it was an AWFUL color and looks nothing like a rose shade…

      • Oh no, I splurged on the blanket as a birthday gift for my daughter who loves my “snuggle blanket,” (my bluish Unhide) but I was hoping for the rosy pink shade.

    • I have received a cream and a grey lil marshmallow blanket in the past winter boxes. I do LOVE these , but my other favorite snuggle blankets I collect (I honestly don’t believe anyone can have too many comfy/soft blankets, at least family can’t, haha) I buy from Costco either in store or online. I have not found one I’ve been unhappy with yet and the are usually $10-$15! You find the best selection in the fall/winter and I think they make awesome gifts for anyone 🙂

      I’m sorry if you were only asking about blankets found on FabFitFun vs other stores, but thought I’d share anyway =)

  10. I m a seasonal subscriber and hot the sugergoop. Must have sold out quick

  11. While I understand there’s no guarantee of products for annual subscribers if there aren’t enough products to even last an hour for customization I consider that an error on fabfitfun’s end not on the end of the customer. It may not legally fit the definition of “bait and switch” but it’s definitely not good business practice.

  12. SuperGoop was gone at 12:45. Honestly really disappointed as I only subscribed for that product, also very disappointed by the add ons. I will be cancelling after this month and will not be rejoining.

    • I have canceled in the past for the exact same issues. It sucks looking forward to something after seeing the spoilers (sucks even more of you sign up specifically for an item), then login quickly just to find it’s gone. Not everyone has the ability to login and choose in the middle of the day. Everything should be guaranteed to be available for the first X number of hours (6-8 hours?) and then a first come first served after that. I’m not sure inventory can really be guaranteed, but for sure the top favorite/most popular items should start with a large inventory!

  13. Got the blanket and SuperGoop, so I’m happy 🙂

    • Same! And the Ouai shampoo and scalp brush. Pumped.

      • I was thinking about the scalp brush and Ouai Shampoo, but then I found a scalp brush that looks identical at Dollar Tree for $1 and enjoy that. Of course you won’t find shampoo at Dollar Tree that compares, but I now love scalp brushes lol. I wanted the cooler and logged in at noon on the dot and the beach towel and coolers were gone (I have since read that the cooler was pulled due to an issue) and the Super Goop already said low stock :-/ I got the picnic blanket, the blue sleep dress (I laughed when I first saw it, but liked what it looked like on the model) and I’ll probably gift to my mom or Grandma, and then the Super Goop. Customization day is like a pack of tigers logging on and racing to choose the first come first server items, it is kind of crazy when you really think about it!

    • Me too!

  14. The cooler was pulled yesterday due to quality issues. The towel was sold out during annual customization. Everything else was available at seasonal customization opening.

  15. Many of these items are not available to seasonal members. Would have liked to get the towel cooler or lemon tray. Unfortunately they are not available. Ended up getting the sunscreen, tote bag and nightgown. Happy with my selection

    • The lemon tray is for customization 6 which you may still receive as all seasonal members get one of the 3 piece bundles.

      • Sorry I meant customization 5.

    • I’m annual and chose the cooler, they removed it from no box selection because there were quality issues.

  16. i used to like fff. but now they are just baiting. no more towel and cooler bag. feels like cheated on! highly disappointed!

    • The cooler was pulled due to quality issues. Nobody cheated you out of anything

  17. You should edit this post, not all of these are available for seasonal subscribers. The towel was OOS when customization opened, and the cooler bag is nowhere to be found. They pulled a bait and switch on seasonal subscribers again.

    • There’s no bait and switch. Seasonal subscribers are told there’s no guarantee of the product availability due to annuals being able to customize first.

      • I am a seasonal member and for this reason I think I will switch to annual in the Fall, so I can gain the benefits of full customization and early add ons. Of course there needs to be an incentive for people to go with an annual membership, so I understand that. I just didn’t have the funds upfront when I signed up awhile ago so went with seasonal.

        I do think it would be nice if FFF could post the available customization items after the annual members have finished their customization periods. Maybe this would create less people complaining. Everyone can’t be happy!

    • This frequently happens with repeat items– the stock is limited. And the cooler bag was actually pulled (I’m not sure why). Many seasonal members had it switched out, even if they chose it. I don’t think anyone is messing with you, I just think they don’t have a ton of these old items!

      I would say this: the supergoop is reading as “limited supply” so if you want it, I’d log on and get it right now.

      • With the Spring box the Milk MakeUp watermelon mask showed “limited supply” for days and days and even was available with the second addition spring box. I almost paused on the Super Goop for that reason but I’m glad I scooped it up when I did.

    • Heck, there were items unavailable for annuals…like the cooler.

  18. The cooler is gone 🙁

    • The one thing I was looking forward to and its nowhere to be found. 🙁

      • It was recalled for quality issues so nobody is getting it

  19. Neither the cooler or the supergoop sunscreen were actually offered to seasonal members. Not sure if they sold out when the annual subscribers got their customization window, but those were the reasons I subscribed. Super annoyed with FFF.

    • I was able to choose the Supergoop as a seasonal member. They must have sold out quickly! Sorry you were not able to grab one, I would have been disappointed too!

    • FFF told me that they reserve stock of all items so seasonal members also have a chance to get items (applies to new items, bot throw backs). I have two seasonal boxes and I was able to get Supergoop in both of my boxes. Everything was available except the towel when I logged on to customize.

      • Would you mind telling me approximately when you logged on for customization because I think it’s possible that it was offered to some people and not others before it sold out. When I was on here less than a hour after the customizations opened people were commenting that they had gotten the sunscreen when it was always unavailable to me.

      • Just my .02
        I logged on when customization opened and the Supergoop was available. So was the shampoo which I had heard from someone here was sold out before customization opened (it wasn’t).

      • I literally watched the countdown on my screen until customization opened at 10am MST, which was when it opened for me. I was logged on within seconds and it wasn’t an option.

        So maybe they offered it to some members and not others. I don’t know if country was factored in, I’m in Canada?

      • FFF stated several times and in all of their posts that Supergoop is bot available to ship to Canada.

    • the supergoop was available to seasonal members, I passed it up because I prefer cleaner ingredients. The cooler was pulled by FFF because they claim it didn’t meet their quality standards.

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