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CURATEUR Summer 2021 Box Full Spoilers

Rachel Zoe

We have full spoilers for the Summer 2021 CURATEUR box. Every quarter, the team at CURATEUR hand-selects five luxe products from cult-favorite and up-and-coming brands that deliver directly to your  doorstep every season. The best part? All five items together retail at a minimum of $400 (and up)!

From beauty  to wearable fashion and everything in between, each piece is Rachel Zoe approved and curated just for you.

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Here’s what you can expect from the Summer 2021 CURATEUR box:

This curation delivers 5 seasonal essentials—from wearables to skincare and beauty, each piece is perfect for elevating warm weather wardrobes and summer self-care routines. You’ll get over $425 worth of style essentials for $99.99.

Rachel Zoe Collection Canvas Tote

This effortlessly chic canvas tote will accompany you on all your adventures this summer. Whether it be to the beach, pool, a picnic at the park, the farmers market—the options are endless.

Melinda Maria Star Lariat Necklace


The stars have aligned on this staple accessory of the season. Designed in partnership with Rachel Zoe, this gold necklace will pair nicely with others or make a statement on its own.

Walter Baker Tulum Caftan OR Walter Baker Cozumel Towel (Choice item)

Curateur - Summer 2021 Box

A lightweight, every-weekend piece that can be worn over your bathing suit or t-shirt and jean shorts combo. Make a splash with your poolside style in this tropical print.

Stylish yet simple, this luxuriously soft summer must-have can be used as a beach towel, picnic blanket, or draped on your outdoor furniture for the next backyard BBQ.

Onekind Golden State Nourishing Facial Oil

A clean beauty favorite, this facial oil will repair and nourish sun-kissed skin after a long day out. Use it in the morning before applying your go-to SPF and at night after cleansing.

Marc Jacobs Beauty re(cover) Hydrating Coconut Lip Oil

Summer lips need extra attention and this coconut lip oil penetrates deep into the skin for maximum hydration. Wear it alone for a subtle, glossed look or layered on top of your favorite lipstick for a shiny finish.

COUPON: Use code MSA25 to save $25 off your first box!

Check out all of our reviews to learn more about this quarterly subscription box.

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Comments (71)

  1. PSA: if you are thinking about ordering this box and can wait, please wait until the discounts come out – most often $50 off but there is a chance one of the choice items could sell out – in that case, wait for $35 off coupon which usually appears a few weeks before the $50 and most often has both choices

  2. LOVE this box! The bag looks seasonless (I can wear year round), the towel looks huge and the necklace is so fun – will totally layer with my everyday pieces. The skincare + MJ is the cherry on top. LOVE everything!

  3. I really wish they would learn how to give proper measurements over at Curateur… I decided to go with the towel (even though I’d rather have the Kaftan), because the measurement said “30in waist measured flat, un-cinched.” Does that mean 30in across (times 2 to account for the back, meaning that someone over a size 10 can actually wear it)? 30in total (meaning only petite/thin women will be able to wear it as intended)? Seriously. I already have so much I can’t wear from this and other boxes, because they won’t offer different size options on clothing and jewelry…it’s infuriating and extremely sad that in 2021 they think that all women should be able to fit in the same, small mold. Those rings from the Spring Curation are laughable they’re so tiny! SMH!!

    • I’d say they mean the measurement is straight across and not doubled. It’s a good size and can accommodate a lot of sizes.

      • The problem with this box and every other subscription box. People love the very first year of boxes because you get the same list of items as everyone else did in the history of subscription boxes. A fall poncho piece and a summery ruana. A water bottle, a coffee mug, a travel mug, a sleep mask, a pillow spray, a pillow case, a tea brewer, a few jewelry peices, a beach towel, Sunglasses, a tote bag, a hat, beauty items, a tray, a bowl … and so on. But after years of this you see that you already have multiples of this stuff and all new boxes are onlya newer form of regurgitating the same items. And now that we’ve all tried them… these pieces of shapeless fabric items look terrible on almost everyone that isn’t thin and tall with no chest. They look bulky and don’t stay closed. It’s DRAPERY at its best. If they wouldn’ve put that print on a cute romper, jumper or pants or even a flattering maxi dress that were actually sized XS – 3xxl that would’ve been great! Give it up on these kaftans! PLEASE GOD!! And I agree the jewelry should be extended size as well.

    • Flat measurements are always to be doubled. So it’s 60″ total.

      • See what I mean? Two different answers lol. If Curateur would just be clear, it would save confusion. Also, if I knew for a fact that it was doubled, I would totally choose the Kaftan. Also, 30 inches UN-CINCHED will not accommodate a lot of people if the Kaftan is to be worn properly… it would only look “right” on a size 6 or smaller.

    • Is it not 3 of the same answer? 30″ across flat would be doubled to 60″. 60″ waist is usually a size 5X to 6X if I’m not mistaken. If this is correct, then 30″ flat ACROSS would definitely accommodate a large range of sizes since it can also be cinched. Will it have the same look across all sizes? No. That’s the problem with OS items. OS doesn’t fit everyone the same, or in some cases fit at all.

  4. This box looks decent. I don’t think it’s for me -for the price though…That necklace is awesome! Never heard of the brand and went to the site and seen a lot of lovely pieces (frm the little bit I browsed). Glad I came across it though…

  5. I subscribed to this box for a year. I liked my first box but was underwhelmed on the next three. I cancelled my membership (easy to do, just a quick click). I may buy individual boxes when they are almost guaranteed to be offered at a deep discount near the end of the ‘season’. I don’t think it is worth the 350$ annual fee.

  6. The only thing I like in this box is the MJ lip oil.

    I’ve never subbed this box and I probably never will. All these totes, towels, kaftans and jewelry scream Kmart to me. Low quality material made in China with a designer name attached. These are not luxury pieces.

    • The MJ lip oil is on sale at Sephora for $20.

  7. I completely disagree that a person can’t wear multiple trends at once. I feel like the items in this box actually complement each other very well. If I am wearing a busy print I definitely want a neutral bag to go with it and that necklace doesn’t seem as bright gold as some previous pieces and it takes any outfit up a notch. I can totally see myself using everything on our upcoming tropical vacation. That coverup will look amazing over my black swimsuit with my new black LV wedges. Look for the stylish mom relaxing in the oceanside cabana lol.

    • I totally agree with you. I can picture myself wearing the caftan, bag and necklace at the same time having a drink by the beach in Biarritz (France).

  8. I like the necklace (it would look better in silver).

    • I know she likes gold, but would it kill her to include a silver option? There have been a few nicer pieces I’ve liked, but they were gold, so didn’t bother buying those boxes.

  9. Not impressed with any of it for the price. The bag is boring and I don’t like the fact that Rachel Zoe is printed on it. It makes it look cheap.

    • That how I feel. The branding ruins the bag.

    • 100% agree.

  10. The only thing I really like is the necklace and I’m not sure how much I like that. I just signed up (again) last week to get the spring box deal. For once, I was actually planning on staying subscribed but I’m not sure I can after seeing the full spoilers…

  11. Yet another boring season. I have had subscription for a year and this is the second one I am skipping. 🙁 Ugh, a boring tote, a kaftan that I won’t even consider wearing (short and stout does not go well with kaftans), a face oil (my face gets oily anyway in the summer), and some weird looking necklace. I think the lip oil and the towel are not bad, but I don’t feel like wasting a season on it. Still hoping for a jackpot!

  12. Once again it’s just.. underwhelming. And the price is not! They had hinted some silver tone jewelry was coming but I guess not. At least a necklace will fit and is adjustable.. unlike previous pieces sized for teeny tiny people! I actually love the necklace even though it’s gold. But the bag.. meh. Love the lip oil. But the hero product just isn’t a win. 🙁 Probably too late to skip. I wish she would do some customer research.. somewhere the concept of the box got off track. It used to be cutting edge products ahead of trend.. now.. not so much.

    • You should still be able to skip, the charge date isn’t until the 14th.

  13. I wrote them to cancel – there was an “error” when I tried to from the web page. While there are a couple things that look moderatey interesting (Kaftan, face oil) there isn’t anything I need in it.

    The wierdest part of the box for me is the clash of styles. Despite her photo op pic, I highly doubt these are things the same woman would be interested in, let alone use all at once. It’s like there’s the minimalist black/gray/white/stripey trend, the Palm print trend, the celestial trend, and the chunky jewelry/statement trend all in one box. Not only are all those trends several years+ old by now and nothing new, they aren’t usually ones put together. Someone into a wild (but pretty) Palm print is unlikely to be a severe minimalist. Someone who likes celestial jewery usually doesn’t reach for chunky gangster chains. It’s not that there can’t be someone out there with that eclectic mix of styles, but that it is not typical for them all to be rolled together, and the variety of clashing aesthetics would make these difficult pieces to work into a wardrobe rotation. It just doesn’t seem fitting for a box of style, whether one is going more trendy or classic.

    My other big nitpick with the box is the bag itself – it’s a *canvas* tote, and it’s white. Even my colorfu stripey tote from Causebox was picking up stains from day one, and needs a good wash after I took it on vacation to California/Arizona. Canvas is not an easy material to keep clean. That white one is going to be looking dingy within a day or two!

    • Great assessment!

    • I vote for Jennifer to curate this box from now on.

    • I agree! I had a beautiful cream colored canvas tote. It was completely ruined in a couple months. I’m careful with my bags and can usually keep one for several years before it needs deep cleaned, but that thing got stained by everything it came in contact with. I tried to remove the stains but most would not come out. I’ll never get another light colored canvas bag ever again.

  14. Kaftan and necklace are cute but not feeling anything else. The bag is similar to last summers bag except that it was a tote with brown trim. Not very original.

    • Pretty sure last summer it was a duffle bag, which was actually pretty nice. This is an easy pass for me, mind of regretting not getting the spring at a discount though.

      • Oops sorry – I did mean to say duffle. It was the same color and material but a duffle bag.

      • Agreed. And wishing I had gone for the spring deal.

  15. The caftan looks like it’s the exact same print from that sheer coverup/robe Rachel Zoe sent out years ago in this box when it was called Box of Style. It’s nicer than this one and I still have 2 of them for some reason.

    • That cover up from a couple of years ago is gorgeous! The muted print is similar and I like it, they’re both sheer, this one looks much longer. The Helena Quinn from a few years back has bright pink, blue, green, yellow, green on black. I love mine, wore in March to a Riviera Maya resort, got compliments from strangers. The Helena Quinn one is shorter and a perfect fit (size 12). I’ve worn it as a cover up and with jeans and shorts and tanks. It has pockets!

      • Yes thank you, it was the Helena Quinn, I couldn’t remember who designed it! It’s really nice and I fell in love with it when I first got it, I just can’t remember how I ended up with two! I didn’t realize that Rachel is wearing the caftan, it looks a lot different than the picture of it alone. I seriously think that picture looks exactly like the print of our robe. Hope you had a fun vacation-that’s a perfect piece for a trip, it feels casual but makes you look really nice and put together.

    • I thought so too! Looks identical. I’d rather have another of the robes that doubled as kimono’s… one of my fave box pieces ever!

  16. Bah – I would pay someone $99 NOT to give me another tote! And the necklace seems very cheap to me. I wish I could make one decent box by combining some of the elements of this one with some from the spring.

  17. Ufff, I was really hoping I would like this season’s box, but it’s very underwhelming. I loved my first box (last winter’s) but hated spring and now this.

  18. Please Rachel Zoe Please just try Silver and not Yellow Gold for at least one season out of the year. I despise yellow gold, I know I’m not alone, and if the jewelry and in my ideal world any purse hardware is silver, I would throw you all my money. Sigh. Why is it always yellow gold. This necklace in some of the pictures was fairly pale and I was so hoping it was silver. I love the design of the pendant.

    • You are so not alone! I have never worn yellow gold, it looks terrible with my skin tone. I’ve been wishing this box would offer a choice of metals or try silver once forever. But, it seems like all the boxes are all the same….bag, something for your face, something I hate in super bright fake yellow gold, yadda yadda yadda. Well, I guess it saves me money for crap I don’t need anyway.

    • I hate yellow gold too. It looks terrible on me. I love a bag, but white canvas? That thing will get filthy fast.

    • Agreed. And they’re all starting to look the same and they look cheap.

    • I prefer gold/rose gold/copper to silver myself, but I have yellow undertones. But the chain on this necklace is so chunky, which really doesn’t go well with the Celestial trend. It’s not an attractive pick, though usually I love stars/moon jewelry.

    • I actually like the styles of a lot of the jewelry in this subscription, but yellow gold looks terrible on me. I would be tempted if silver were an option, despite not needing more bags or skin care products.

    • Yes please!
      You my friend are definitely not alone!
      Gold tone jewelry and handbag hardware just don’t work for me either, but everything seems to only come in gold tones. I would have been all over those link necklaces if only they had a silver option. Sigh. Maybe next time, but we’ve been promised before.

  19. I like the necklace, it’s cute for what it is. Not really into any of the other items.

  20. I think it looks great but wish you didn’t have to choose between the towel and kaftan. I’d rather do without the purse or necklace.

  21. I think it’s an okay box. I like the bag, it’s simple and clean looking. It just looks like a white bag. I don’t see any shadow? The prints for the cover ups/caftans are often like this one. I don’t think it’s unusual. The towel is understated and minimal looking and matches the bag. Name brand lip oil. A statement piece of jewelry. This is fine!

    • As Snow pointed out they removed the photo of the bag with the shadow.

      • LOL, I thought I was going crazy yesterday when folks kept talking about a shadow I didn’t see. I thought it was a case of the blue/white dress.

  22. And poof!! The palm print has vanished….

    • The kaftan does have a palm print.

    • I liked the bag with the palm shadow on it. It would have been cute.

  23. The bag is awesome…with the shadow…

  24. At a distance and a glance that coverup looks very much like a FFF one I got maybe 3 summers ago, which I wear practically every from May through September. I agree that the bag is much nicer with the shadow and that chunky lariat neck thing – yikes, no thanks. No, this doesn’t do a thing for me.

  25. Oof. I like the coverup and towel but that’s it; everything else is not for me. I won’t be getting this one. Shame, really, because I thought last season’s curation (esp. the hat) was pretty good.

    • Totally agree. I don’t know why summer is always boring.and another face oil.?? I was hoping the repeat item would be another pair of Diff sunglasses. Oh well I guess I’ll skip.

  26. Her boxes are all starting to look the same. Who’s wearing these caftans? I’m surprised there are no sunglasses this summer. The skincare items are usually what I appreciate in the boxes.

  27. Me either.

  28. Is that a shadow on the bag? Looks better with the shadow. I would get this if it came with both the coverup and towel. Maybe I will at a discount though.

    • Good spot! I just assumed the palm print was actually on the bag… looks cuter with it as you say.

    • Ooh I thought that was the design for a second. Agree it looks a lot better that way!

    • Hahaha, came here to say the same thing! The palm print would be gorgeous, but the bag is boring and will get dirty easily.

      I was hoping to get excited for summer with some pretty items, but this is the same old stuff. A skincare product, a coverup of some kind, chunky gold jewelry and a boring bag.

    • That bag definitely needs the palm shadow 😆

      • Exactly! It’s summer, give us some color or at least a summer print; and that’s coming from someone who usually only wears neutrals.

      • Agree. As much as I love solid colors, in this case between the material and the design, the bag seems kinda “naked” to me.

    • Oh my. I truly thought the bag had a palm print on it and was going to order. That’s very deceptive. Good thing you said some thing. That was the only thing I really liked.

      • Me, too.

  29. Emmm, not for me.

  30. Why, why it is so boring?

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