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Alltrue Summer 2021 Box – Spoilers #2 & #3

ByMSAJun 7, 2021 | 71 comments

Alltrue (CAUSEBOX)
2.9 overall rating
327 Ratings | 165 Reviews

We have the second and third spoilers for the Summer 2021 Alltrue — formerly CAUSEBOX — box.

For their second Summer 2021 item, annual subscribers may choose between a set of Bamboozle 5-Piece Nesting Bowls, a MANNA Hydration Nautical Cooler Tote or an Enchante Home Oversized Roundie Towel.

For their third item, annual subscribers may choose between COSMEDIX Skin Thirst Moisturizing Hyaluronic Acid Cream and COSMEDIX Bakuchiol Complete Plant-Based Retinol Alternative Serum.

We previously revealed the Summer 2021 box’s first spoiler: a choice between a Solo Stone Bracelet by Ettika or a Traveling Cutlery Set by Small Hours.

We also know that the designer of the Summer 2021 Alltrue box is illustrator Jordan Amy Lee.

This quarterly subscription box, which features brands and items dedicated to doing good all over the world, recently changed its name “because we needed a name that better represented our mission: to build a community that brings truth, kindness, and goodness to everything we do,” the company said in a statement on their website.

Alltrue co-founder and CEO Matt Richardson added, “The evolution to Alltrue is a natural step that will allow us to deliver on our ultimate vision — to create a 360° socially-conscious lifestyle membership that sits at the intersection of commerce, content, and community. With the rebrand and expansion of our membership, we aim to make conscious consumption and intentional living even more accessible and affordable. We are investing heavily in content and community features, strengthening our positioning as a source of truth and solidarity as we collectively adapt to more socially and environmentally responsible lifestyles.”

Editor’s Note, 5/24/21: The below offer has ended.

There’s also a new offer to accompany the switch: New subscribers can receive an intro box for $25.

And for limited time, subscribers who sign up for an annual membership can get their first CAUSEBOX-Alltruebox for free ($149.85 will be billed upon sign up for 2nd, 3rd, 4th box).

Annual membership details

  • Price for first box: FREE
  • Pick EVERY product in the Intro Box ($150+ value)
  • Customize products in all future boxes
  • Save $39.95 over first year of membership
  • Receive up to $250+ of value in every box the Intro Box contains $150+ of value
  • Get 6-8 full-size, beautiful ethically-made products each season the Intro Box contains 4 full-size products
  • Exclusive access up to 70% off on hundreds of products in the Members-Only Market
  • Renews at $199.80/year

Check out all our CAUSEBOX reviews, including the Spring 2021 Box.

What do you think of these spoilers?

Alltrue (formerly CAUSEBOX) is a seasonal lifestyle membership that unites a community of individuals who stand for good, seek truth, and take action. Every season, Alltrue members receive a curation of carefully vetted socially-conscious lifestyle products (from fashion and homewares to skincare an... read more.
At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.

At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.
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Robin Gregory

This is only my 2nd box. When my year is over it will end instead of me having to remember to cancel? Or will I be charged another year I did choose the bowls for sure tho. But since I’m new and it was causebox last month I’m wondering if just the name changed seemed like a lot more beauty products and I thought it would tell me the other 2 items to do we get 5 now? Sorry idk who to ask I’m lost sent j signed up for spring box late then the name changed


Not excited about the bracelet or the cosmetic stuff. Hope I get the hammock! I don’t like the new name either. Causebox was so descriptive and informative. We should all have the option to choose what’s in our boxes, with the understanding that there are limited quantities. Does anyone have recommendations for another brand of box with more choice? Just not athletic stuff for me!


I, too, would like a different choice. No cosmetics. I get those from Ipsy. Really don’t like that much either.


I like the old website much better. The new one is pretty confusing and hard to find the info I need. Also not sure what’s the summer intro box. Couldn’t find any info anywhere.


That ettika bracelet is really irritating. Like they are offering the very cheapest thing even possible besides plastic it’s insulting. Chain like that costs a couple dollars for a yard and yes you can buy them with the lobster clasp already installed. So what’s the appeal besides a tiny piece of CZ? It’s hardly a nice treat.


That bracelet is terrible!


I am tempted to get this box.. I got the intro box but canceled right after.. I may reactivate it.. I skipped my FabFitFun box so will miss getting a summer box.


Where is the code to get your first box for free, as stated above? I tried to sign up but it’s only offering 20% off.

JJ Casuals

Hi! I had the same question and contacted CB. So, this was a deal they had that was until supplies lasted, and they sold out of the intro box and subsequently the deal on 5/19, but the sub sites still have this deal up. I told CB up and they were going to try to contact MSA. But: MSA, this is not a current deal


I think that’s the offer for the annual. If you pay a year in advance, the first box is free. I’m not sure if you need a coupon for that or if it’s rolled into the price. Annuals get to customize, too, so if you plan on getting a few boxes it’s worth going that route.

For seasonal, usually the offer is only 20% off. And you don’t get to customize it.


No, I am trying to buy the annual subscription and it doesn’t say anything about getting a free box. It’s going to charge me $200 plus tax. Is this false advertising here? Can someone from MSA please look into this?


I have customized but I do not see how to get to add ons. Are they not doing any?


They haven’t started them yet. I think I saw Friday with early access (text signup) on Wednesday. There are more spoilers coming so be sure to update your selections when those come out too.


This is my first box and after reading these comments… not excited that I got an annual. 🙁

Denise Reedy

Don’t listen to the negative! I have come back to them now that I could afford the annual and I love their products. Fab Fit Fun was just repeats, but Causebox is great! You might get a box you might not like and I just skip it!


I agree with the other commenters here – don’t pay too much attention to the negative comments. I’ve gotten 3 of 4 boxes in my annual sub and have been very happy with the selection and quality of the items. Even though I feel like it sometimes misses that Wow factor, the majority of the items have actually been useful and that matters a lot more to me! Enjoy your sub!


I’ve never had delivery or customer service problems, but others have. If you want a Fabfitfun experience with a variety of practical items, this is great. I liked the spring box and like summer. Given FFF gives 4 customizations to seasonals, though, I will return to FFF when my annual Causebox ends in the fall.
I think people are disappointed because they felt this box was committed to introducing people to small, female run organizations employing people at living wages in the developing world. There were significant quality and delay issues with these products so the owners are moving in “another direction” As a Gen X’er MBA, I think there new messaging is kind of a joke, and patronizing. But.. I think you will get a collection of fun sustainable products to enjoy, at a reasonable price.

Btw, MSA is the place to bring up quality and customer service issues 😊

Chris H.

Hi, have subbed to Causebox with annuals off and on for years. I have never had an issue with shipping, billing or anything. I had 2 subs with them until just this past season due to financial issues I had to cancel them but I still have one box remaining on the one and love the options they have on the spoilers. To me, top notch customer service. If you don’t like the products they offer (this is to people in general, not the poster directly) then don’t subscribe to a subscription box and stay off MSA, that simple! IMO the quality of Causebox products is great and if I can’t use it I know somebody that will. Yes, I know they changed the name and I said CB but I will sub back to AT also hopefully in the fall or winter 🙂 LMO


Honestly, I would just take the comments with a grain of salt. I’ve been a reader of MSA for a really long time and the comments have always been notoriously negative. It sucks because it’s hard to tell when there is a real issue with a box vs a person who may be disgruntled or just plain have sub box burnout (it’s a real thing for sure). I’ve enjoyed my Causebox and have gotten lots of useful things. What I can’t use I pass on to friends/family or donate. For the most part, I have stopped reading the comment sections here, because like you, I was letting it influence my opinion before even receiving the box. Then I would get my box, and more often than not, enjoy them. Causebox is not perfect, but then again, no box is. There have been a few shipping delays but at the end of the day- all of my boxes were received. I have been able to skip boxes easily by emailing them. The quality of the items are decent and so is the variety. For what it’s worth, I say enjoy your annual until you start to get a little box fatigue. That’s when you know it’s time to move on.


I agree! People are so upset with shipping or the sneak peaks aren’t revealed faster, but seems they forget this is a QUARTERLY box…. only 4 boxes a year! it’s filled with so much bang for your buck, how can anyone be really mad at it?


I totally agree. I took a bit of a break from comment reading hoping things would get better and it seems like there’s even more negativity now…about everything. So I suspect I’m not the only one that has “left” (and will again) who might counter with a bit of positivity. I’ve subbed to Causebox since 2016 and have really enjoyed it…in fact, it’s one of the few that survived my purge when I did get sub burnout. At one point I was probably at 30. In my opinion they have some unique items, provide a variety and it’s always the stuff I actually USE…or can easily gift.


This is my final box of an annual subscription. I was thinking of skipping because 2 of the 3 categories are totally not for me. But I honestly really just want to end this relationship with Alltrue (are they starting a cult!?) and be done with it.

BTW, Is there really a waiting list for their flag (per an email received today)?!? WTF

Barbara Sedlock

I find everything about your site confusing. Why not make it easier by just listing choices and we can customize. At least that would be easier for me. I’m thinking about canceling because it’s no fun anymore.


What is in the intro box?


After I saw the offer for an intro box in another MSA post about the name change, I looked into it and it’s listed nowhere on the Altrue website, so I reached out to their customer service who advised the only options are seasonal or annual.


This is my last box of annual. Whew. I’m going with the cutlery, the tote, and the serum. I figured I could use the tote to bring home cold grocery stuff.

Lauren L

Has anyone figured out how to skip a box? I see an option to “deactivate account”, but that doesn’t sound like what I’m trying to do (since I’ve already paid for an annual membership)


Just email them to let them know you’d like to skip.


Is any of these the hero item? Just wondering to set my expectations.


An article about their rebranding mentioned that a hammock would be included in the box, so I don’t think we’ve seen the hero category yet. It could be a choice of hammock colors or hammock vs. something else.


Ooh!! I’ve been wanting a hammock!! Now I’m excited for this box even more. Was actually wishing it was like fff because I’d like both the nesting bowls and the cooler tote.


Thank you! The hammock would be something new, at least for a lifestyle box. Now my hopes are high!


When is the last day to be able to skip the summer box?


It’s is usually the last day of the month (May 31st). You have to email them, it can’t be done through the website.


The picture of the Cosmedix Skin Thirst hyaluronic moisturizer doesn’t match Alltrue’s description, where they call it the Mattifying Moisturizer. Which product are we going to receive, the one in the picture or the one in the description?

Also (not to pick nits) they call the other product a retinol serum twice when the whole point is that it’s NOT retinol, it’s a retinol alternative (bakuchiol). So far I am not super impressed with the Alltrue approach. The new website is confusing and difficult to navigate, too. My annual subscription is hanging on by a thread, people.


Yep I saw that too on the “retinol”. I had originally chosen it and then switched to the hyaluronic moisturizer. Plant based retinol has not been shown as effective as the real stuff. Whomever is writing the descriptions on this stuff should be better than that if it’s not intentional.


I was confused for the same reason. The description on the Altrue website references the glow you get when using the moisturizer. That doesn’t sound like mattifying. I have two boxes left, and then wont renew.


Yes! I noticed that too. I also don’t like that we can’t see the ingredients or any details at all. When I searched the Cosmedix site, I don’t see these two products at all.


I just found the same issue. In fact, I can’t find either when I search to see if they are sold elsewhere. I’m sure they are not expired, but it is a bummer when you get one, love it, and then cannot get another because we all know that when something this works, you want to keep up with it. Super frustrating!


Hi Natalie

I had the same issue trying to find the products on the Cosmedix website. It makes me think these are older, discontinued Cosmedix products. Probably still perfectly good, but it would be nice to see ingredients lists at least.


Oohhh, I might need to rethink my choice, then. I thought it was a retinol – that is confusing!


So now it’s just a fabfitfun knockoff with a bit less of a “fitness” option and more of an “eco-friendly” thing. And a super dumb name

No causes and still no customization for seasonals. Not the change I was hoping for at all.


Yes – the name change is so dumb. It just looks like Allure now.


can anyone tell me what part of the mobile site I go to to customize? it shows that I have an annual sub, but I can’t see any links to customize.


I found it. you go to their homepage rather than look under your subscription details.


Personally I’m a fan of melamine but I tend to buy used or vintage pieces. They look great, last forever and I’ve never had one chip, crack or break on me. They clean up great. The ‘no microwave’ thing is meaningless to me. I have plenty of nice pieces that would be considered micro-safe but which I simply won’t use in the microwave for my own reasons so who cares. Why does everything you own have to be microwave safe? I don’t get it. I have certain micro-safe pieces just for that use. I wonder if the bamboo-melamine is to make them dishwasher safe? My bamboo bowls (similar to melamine but dull finish) are not supposed to go in the dishwasher but hubs has helpfully done the dishes enough times and put them in there that I know it doesn’t ruin them, at least in the short term. Maybe the melamine makes them tougher than bamboo alone.


Because people are lazy and don’t want to have to do the extra step of transferring food from one container to a microwave safe plate or heaven forbid use the stove.


My annoyance with melamine is that every piece I’ve got in melamine has either broken or paritally broken/degraded within a year. Even higher price-point pieces. On the plus side, at least they break clean and don’t shatter.


I know this may not apply to you, but people should be careful buying vintage glassware and dinnerware. I was really into collecting vintage glasses when one day I decided to do a lead test on these cute little juice glasses I found. Lo and behold the test stick turned bright pink and I almost lost it. All the decorative paint on these glasses was LEAD. Images of the crazy mad hatter started coming to mind lol. Just putting that out there to warm others.


Thank you for the heads up Snow! I don’t own vintage dishware, but I have bought dishes & kitchenware from thrift stores & goodwill. & I’ve never even thought of that! So thanks!!


Ugh WARN others.


I have never been one to hop on the negative train but in the past two years I’ve been into subscription boxes, this one has gotten worse every quarter. This thing looks awful.

Mary Meyers

What other boxes are there that are good?


That’s funny because at one point I literally subbed to about 30 boxes. This is one of the few I’ve kept because since 2016 I never felt like it’s let me down. There are practical items I actually use instead of a large quantity of cheap stuff that just sits around collecting dust. I do sub as an annual so I can choose and only once was there a category where I wasn’t interested in anything. I guess this is why there are different subs…cause people have different wants/likes.


I signed up for an annual with the Spring welcome box, which just finally shipped. This relaunch is not looking encouraging. I want to skip this box, but I’m nervous this company might not make it to the end of the year and just go belly up with subscribers’ money the way some other boxes have. So I’ll guess I’ll pick the bowls and the stupid cutlery set.


Regarding the bowls, which are melamine and recycled bamboo —
Dishwasher safe. Not safe for use in the microwave. This eco-friendly material is not unbreakable and may scratch with the use of sharp utensils or damage if dropped.

Last time I checked, the world didn’t need any extra melamine in it, and pretty much all bamboo is recycle-able by just by putting it outside and allowed to compost, right? I mean, it takes a long time, but still. Plus I think I read somewhere that while bamboo is a renewable, fast growing resource, it’s not that environmentally friendly since chunks of rainforests have been razed to plant bamboo now that it’s in demand.

Add to that the fact that you can scratch the bowls and you can’t put them in the dishwasher. Totally lame.


Whoops. I meant the microwave.


As I thought, none of this is for good causes anymore. It’s now a FFF wannabe box but can hardly compete as FFF offers full customization and better quality products. Sorry for the peeps who have annuals.

Alison M

Is there still no option for those who don’t sign up for annual to pick any items?


So strange! I’m not able to customize my box the website seem more difficult now.


Looks like a bland FFF. How unique.


I agree, not their usual boho aesthetic…not a fan of this box so far.

Our reviewers research, test, and recommend the best subscriptions and products independently; click to learn more about our editorial guidelines. We may receive commissions on purchases made through links on our site.