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Ouai’s Chill Kit Has All the 4/20 Vibes

Ouai Chill Kit

Ouai Chill Kit

Whether you “celebrate” or not, brands everywhere would like to remind you that today is 4/20.

Blotting papers in the Ouai Chill Kit

Blotting papers in the Ouai Chill Kit

Take celebrity hair stylist Jen Atkins’ buzzy brand, Ouai. Their products are just as much a status symbol in your bathroom as they are a useful addition to your hair and skincare routine. The brand exudes a relaxed, cool girl vibe, and would now like to chill you out even further.

Enter the Ouai Chill Kit.

This “self-care starter pack” ($32) includes “100% natural hemp ‘blotting papers,’ a subtle glass jar to stash your valuables, and a gold-rimmed tray to hold your miscellany.”

These products all maintain Ouai’s signature minimalist aesthetic, and will look just as good on your counter holding a pair of gold hoops and tube of Glossier mascara as they will holding your paraphernalia (if you’re into that sort of thing). Pair the kit with their Chill Pill bath bombs ($30) for the ultimate day of relaxation.

Whether today is a holiday for you or just a regular Tuesday, at the very least this is one of the chicest ashtrays we’ve seen on the market — and quite the conversation starter.

Ouai Chill Kit

Ouai Chill Kit

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Comments (27)

  1. Yae! Just bought this!! 🤩🤩🤩

  2. I love it. It’s my Birthday 4/20 National Marijuana Day. I was very amused and got a good chuckle from this offer. It’s the first time I’ve seen them advertise the day in a some what of a beauty box forum. I’d be all in if the body cream was included, that would of sealed the deal. It’s also Hitler’s birthday and I’d be more offended to see his face in the middle of that ashtray.

    • Ok that’s funny

    • Yup. Probably more appropriate to have a roll of toilet paper with his face on it.

  3. They are trying to be so “discreet” about obvious items that I’m just confused. I can only assume those are actual rolling papers and you can smoke them, it’s not just a gimmick? Can you really blot your face with them though? Both?
    This has nothing to do with hair and even if I wanted this ashtray, I wouldn’t want it to say OUAI in the middle of it.

    Blotting papers you can also roll is a great idea, whether this is what they are or not, but from a different company

  4. I LOVE this! It’s so fabulously politically-incorrect. I am buying it just to show my support for their sense of humor.

  5. This is awesome!!! Cool set for us pot smokers.

  6. The commodification of stoner culture by white women when there are so many black people in prison for petty marijuana charges is so gross

    • It is gross and hopefully today, with this verdict, more prison Reform will move forward and get those people out and restore their lives and their families and communities. It’s the uptight and ignorant views, like some expressed here, that have precipitated the whole problem. Weed isn’t evil. “Those people” aren’t evil but have been vilified. Don’t believe the hype! ☮️

    • Wow! Very good point!

  7. Ridiculous

  8. by the looks of some of these comments, seems a lot of you could use a toke or two….

    • I think we all have our own reasons for feeling the ways we do. Although marijuana is usually not habit forming, I have seen enough people’s lives ruined by addiction that I just try to avoid anything that could lead one down such a path. Just a personal preference. And smoking is unhealthy for your lungs. So I think if people really want to alter their state of consciousness, they should find another way to ingest it.

    • Seriously! 🤣😂🤣

    • Victoria, I’m with you, some just need to light(en) up! I happen to think this is a fun trio for those who partake or perhaps need a gift for a smoker.

      But I do understand those of you who are not into it. You have a right to your own opinions and beliefs.

    • Victoria I agree with you! If it’s not for you then don’t buy it and stop hating! I actually love this and will purchase. Thank you Ouai!

  9. Um really saying an ashtray is a tray for trinkets? Why not just call it an ashtray? It definitely fits the smoking theme.

  10. I’m a medical patient myself but that doesn’t mean I want everything in my house to be covered in pot leaves. You can enjoy smoking and not make it your whole identity.

    • Agreed. I had to draw the line on a marijuana comforter for our bed 😆

      • 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  11. I love Ouai products but this feels off-brand.

  12. lol, this is cringe. Love their leave-in though.

  13. And I would pay money for this why?

  14. I don’t know how others feel, but I don’t like this. I love Ouai products and they smell great. I also think that is fine for people to use marijuana if they want, even though I don’t. However, this seems over the top… blotting papers with weed on them and something that says to smoke every day? For those who enjoy smoking marijuana, I suppose this is fun, but it is a turnoff for me.

    • i also agree, this is tacky. i think the glass jar is the one that took the branding down a notch, like someone copied the ouai logo and played around on a cricut to make their own jar to sell on etsy.

      • Yup….so so tacky.

    • “Smoke weed everyday” is an old reference to a rap song, which is what ouai was going for, I’m sure.

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