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Gentleman’s Box Premium Review + Coupon – Spring 2021

Carlos Lamborn
ByCarlos LambornApr 19, 2021 | 11 comments

Gentleman's Box Premium
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Premium Gentleman’s Box is a quarterly subscription box for men from the same company that brings you the monthly Gentleman’s Box. Like their monthly delivery, they still follow the “Look Good. Feel Good. Be Good” motto. This quarterly box costs $119.00 and promises 4-6 premium items for each delivery.

This is a review of the Premium Subscription for $119.00 per quarter.

This box was sent to us at no cost for review. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

About Gentleman’s Box Premium

The Subscription Box: Gentleman’s Box Premium

The Cost: $119.00 per quarter

COUPON: Use code MSA20 to get 20% off your first box!

The Products: 4-6 premium men’s style items valued at over $200.00

Ships to: The U.S. for free and international for an additional charge

Premium Gentleman’s Box “The Weekender Edition” Spring 2021 Review


This quarter’s box came with a card seemingly explaining that this subscription will be evolving. Starting in June, subscribers will get to choose their box (apparently). They didn’t elaborate much and there is no information on their website. Perhaps they are going the Bespoke Post route, where subscribers will have a choice from an array of boxes. It also isn’t clear whether this is just the premium subscription or if the monthly one is affected as well. Time will tell.


The theme for this quarter is “The Weekender Edition,” and the box comes with a dark, brooding booklet. The photos are very dark, and there is no information about what is actually in the box. It’s more of a vibe. There is a QR code on the back to scan, which takes you to a website where you can find the information. It is only slightly more helpful.


Gentleman’s Trade Duffle Bag and Passport Holder

I was very happy to receive this because a different box had a similar bag that I missed out on. In addition, last time I traveled with a suit, I had to bring a separate bag, which was expensive and annoying. So to finally have an all-in-one bag designed to hold dress clothes – and then some – is a big win in my book.

At first glance, it seems like a simple duffle bag, which it can be, but it is much more. For starters, the bag unzips to lay outstretched so that dress shirts or maybe even a suit can stored in large, flat pocket at the bottom of the bag. The compartment then zips up to form the walls of the bag. There are a plethora of pockets inside as well. I’m certain I haven’t discovered all the nook and crannies of this item yet. You can then use the entire inside of the bag for clothes or – and this is a game-changer for me – store your shoes in their own compartment by way of one end of the bag. The shoes are inside the bag of course, but separate from everything else to keep it clean. Genius. This obviously cuts down on the space inside, but this is the “weekender bag” after all. At the other end of the bag, opposite the shoe compartment, is small storage. Great for finding things you need quickly, like keys, wallet, or pens. There are two pockets on the front of the bag as well. The bag can be carried by way of its padded handles or a detachable shoulder strap.

The black, genuine leather isn’t exactly my personal style, but I really like this bag. It’s mature, handsome, and sleek. I will definitely be using it just because of it’s functionality. It will be perfect for traveling to a wedding or maybe a job interview in the city. I couldn’t help thinking about the “Weekend Getaway” duffle bag from Summer of 2019. This quarter’s bag is much more versatile, but if there are any subscribers that received both installments, it might feel a little repetitive. It has been two years – or eight installments – since then. So one could argue it has been long enough.

Note: I couldn’t find this bag or passport holder (below) for sale anywhere and even Gentleman’s Box’s website doesn’t mention it’s cost. Gentleman’s Trade has many beautiful bags, but I see no mention of this one. Strange.


The bag also comes with a passport holder. I supposed it could be its own separate item, but the website put them together. Like everything else, it is black. It has several card slots, a pocket behind them, and of course, a passport holder. I guess it can hold anything passport-size. As for the pocket, if you want to keep money there, you’d have to fold the bills. It’s not long enough to hold them flat. This item would fit nicely in a chest pocket. There was also a piece of paper with a code for 30% off at Gentleman’s Trade. This has reminded me I need to renew my passport.

Similar to the weekender bag, Gentleman’s Trade has several wallets and holders for sale, but not this one. Strange once again.


Nixon Skincare Silicone Dopp Kit – Estimated Value $40.00

I’m a sucker for dopp kits or any small bag for keeping things in. However, this kit is not small- it is actually rather large. I reckon it’s the size of a regulation-size football. The fact that it’s one large, silicone compartment, I find it a bit unwieldily. However, if you take a lot of toiletries with you, this may be just right for you. I really like the robust zipper and big, bright red zipper pull. There are loops on both ends for carrying. It’s leak-resistant, anti-microbial, and easy to clean. I’m going to say this dopp kit is a little to large for me, but that’s just a preference. I have one that I really like and it will take a special kit to dethrone it. This one may be the one for you.

Note: Strangely, Nixon’s website – linked to from Gentleman’s Box – doesn’t seem to exist. And searching the net for them brings up another skincare’s website that seems unfinished at the moment. I couldn’t find any evidence that Nixon Skincare actually exists. So, I found essentially the same kit on the same site that sells the scrubbers below.


Tooletries Face Scrubber and Body Scrubber Retail Value $12.00 and $15.00, respectively, or buy the set for $26.00

For some reason, I thought these were going to be soaps. So I was surprised to open these well-designed boxes to find flexible, soft-bristled scrubbers. There is a small, 2-inch scrubber for your face and a larger, 5-inch scrubber for your body. The items are anti-bacterial silicone and very malleable. Despite being incredibly soft, they exfoliate well. Just apply soap and go to town. I never in my life thought something like this existed, but perhaps I was naive. Tooletries also offers the scrubbers in a firm variant, as well as hangers for your shower. I think the latter is important. If you are like me, you don’t have a lot of shower space to have these scrubbers lying around. Overall, I enjoyed these items. They were fun to use, but I don’t think I’d be taking them with me for the weekend.

Verdict:  This is my first review of Premium Gentleman’s Box, and I was both pleasantly surprised and left wanting something slightly different. It all comes down to style. I was blown away with the design and usefulness of the duffle bag. I don’t think I would have bought this one for myself, but I realize that this subscription has to choose items that appeal to as many people as possible. Overall, I think they made a good choice and I will definitely be using this one. Even if it’s not for me personally, it’s still beautiful, mature, and, above all, functional. The passport holder is fine, but didn’t find it not overly special. I can take or leave it. The dopp kit again is just a bit cavernous. Otherwise, I like everything about it. And finally the scrubbers are neat. I like using them, but I’m not sure they will remain in my shower routine. Ask me in a few months. I will say that I went back through all the previous reviews of the premium subscription and I think I received one of the better ones. I’m not traveling much these days, but someone I know just got engaged, so I’m already eager to use the duffle bag for that weekend. Heck, I wear my dress clothes so infrequently, I could probably pack for the wedding tonight and wait for them to set the date.

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? Yes. From Gentleman’s Box:

A new Premium Box edition is released every quarter within the following months:

  • December – Winter Edition
  • March – Spring Edition (Oops)
  • June – Summer Edition
  • September – Fall Edition

COUPON: Use code MSA20 to get 20% off your first box!

Value Breakdown: This box costs $119.00 + free shipping. If we say we have five items, that means the average cost of each one is $23.80. We don’t know the true cost of the bag and passport holder, but this subscription promises a value of more than $200.00. The dopp kit and scrubbers total $67.00, which means the bag and holder would be at least $133.00. I could see that being true. I think the bag is incredibly useful, but overall enjoyment of it will be based on whether or not it’s your style. Overall, I think the value is here this quarter.

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This quarterly Premium offering from popular brand Gentleman's Box is designed to give you a seasonal wardrobe and lifestyle update. Featuring 4-6 items in each box, this upgraded version of their popular men's subscription includes higher quality items and often comes packaged in a reusable box– ma... read more.
Carlos Lamborn
Carlos Lamborn
Carlos is a husband and father of two. He likes coffee, beer, camping, disc golf, a good box cutter, and the accomplishment of even the most menial home-owning task. Carlos is new to the world of subscription boxes and loves the wonderment of receiving them in the new mailbox he just spent all day installing.

Carlos Lamborn
Carlos Lamborn
Carlos is a husband and father of two. He likes coffee, beer, camping, disc golf, a good box cutter, and the accomplishment of even the most menial home-owning task. Carlos is new to the world of subscription boxes and loves the wonderment of receiving them in the new mailbox he just spent all day installing.
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Carlos, thanks for the review! I’m very tempted to grab this. Could you tell me approximate dimensions for the bag?

Carlos Lamborn

Of course. I should have thought of that in the first place. It’s approximately 20 inches long, 11 inches wide, and 12 inches tall. It doesn’t sound large on paper, but I do think it would be excellent for a weekend. Thanks for asking.

Beth in Oklahoma

Carlos, I agree with just about everything you said.

That booklet with the dark pictures has got to be one of the worst I’ve ever seen. Horrible, dark, blurred pics with no captions or anything! What were they thinking?

My husband agreed that the Dopp kit, while nice, is too large to travel with. And the passport holder is just . . . blah.

The duffel bag is fantastic, but we found it the only useful item with this box.

Don’t laugh, but my husband said no to the scrubbers, so I used the bigger one for my dog’s bath! 😆

Carlos Lamborn

I think the scrubbers would also be great for washing babies’ heads. We used one for our kids and they’re basically the same thing. I keep forgetting to try it out though. Maybe tonight. Thanks for commenting.


Wow, that bag is nice. Kudos to them for using genuine leather! My husband already has a garment bag luggage thing and is a little too picky for me to buy bags for him, but I’m half tempted to get it for myself. I could pack a nice dress and shoes in it when traveling. It’s too bad 5th Ave style stopped their sub, as I was hoping to pick up one of the leather Doctor bags when they came around again.

Carlos Lamborn

The bag itself is amazing and I’ll definitely use it. I’m just not a leather guy – especially black leather. Maybe if it was brown I’d feel differently about it. Still great though. Thanks for commenting, Jenn.


The women’s lifestyle boxes should take note….it is possible to get a genuine leather bag in your box.
I find men’s boxes always feature real leather where women’s boxes are always polyester/pleather….aka vegan leather.


You’re just wrong. Leather has way worse of an impact, it has its own industry and it requires literally treating the hides with heavily toxic chemicals that pollute the communities of these poor countries that produce leather for cheap, even for the big luxury brands (great DW Documentary on YouTube about this). Plastic isn’t great but vegan leather comes in many varieties and is making strides to improve. There are so many other options besides those two anyway. And so many that don’t contribute to the death and torture of millions of animals.

Carlos Lamborn

Interestingly, “genuine leather” is actually the worst quality fabric that is still technically leather. It’s basically the left over material from the good or “top grain” leather, which is then made to look like real leather. It’s a misleading industry term. Here’s a link describing it better. And the bag that I referenced in the review from two years ago was a vegan bag. I didn’t review that one, so I have no opinion on the matter. Thanks for commenting.


God forbid we not use animal skin. After all who cares if animals suffer and toxic chemicals are used to pollute the workers and environment as long as you can get a stylish bag. “Better quality” doesn’t justify the means.


Actually pleather has a bigger environmental impact then real leather. It uses more energy, water and chemicals and sadly takes eons to biodegrade. It’s uses more toxic chemicals and pollutes the workers more then animal hide. I’ll take my leather bag that will last me a lifetime then go through a 100 junk plastic bags that will sit in a landfill.

Our reviewers research, test, and recommend the best subscriptions and products independently; click to learn more about our editorial guidelines. We may receive commissions on purchases made through links on our site.