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CAUSEBOX Spring Welcome Box Available Now + Full Spoilers

The Spring 2021 Box from CAUSEBOX has sold out and the Spring Welcome Box is available now! If you start a subscription, this will be your first box.

COUPON: Limited Time Only! Use code SPR20 to save 20% off your first box!

Into the spring of things. It’s heeeere. Introducing the Spring Welcome Box: a curation that has a little something for everyone, from the outdoor adventurer to the stay-at-home self-care maven. A $300+ value for just $49.95.

FYI – This post previously included the spoilers for the Spring Box. The CAUSEBOX site is still showing the contents of the Spring box but the Spring Welcome Box information is from their Facebook page. Sorry for any confusion!

The box will include:

Every Box includes 6 of the below products. If you’re an Annual Member, welcome to customization station — you get to pick which products you’d like in your box. If you’re a Quarterly Member, we’ll make the customization picks for you (there are no bad options, we promise).

Choice 1:

  • BlendJet One Portable Blender – valued at $79.95
  •  Low Waste Super Bundle – valued at $58
Choice 2:
  •  FEED Projects Canvas Market Tote in Sea Blue or Coastal Stripe – valued at $108
Choice 3:
  •  Zeal Living Marble Geo Coasters – valued at $42
  • Bathen Waffle Towel Set – valued at $90
Choice 4:
  •  LAUDE the Label Rose Gold Criss Cross Cuff – valued at $42
  •  Soon Skincare Peony Foot Masks – valued at $45
Choice 5:
  • ettitude Travel Beauty Pillowcase – valued at $25
  • Core Bamboo Bamboo Serve Set – valued at $35
Choice 6:
  •  SKIN&CO Roma Truffle Therapy Face Toner – valued at $30

Choice 7:

  •  This Works Stress Check Sleep Spray – valued at $25

CAUSEBOX is a quarterly subscription box that features brands and items dedicated to doing good all over the world. Many featured brands donate a portion of proceeds to charities and/or may employ local artisans, use ethically-sourced goods, etc.

COUPON: Limited Time Only! Use code SPR20 to save 20% off your first box!

Check out all of our CAUSEBOX reviews for more information about this subscription box!


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Comments (84)

  1. I’m an annual member and still haven’t received my complete market order or my spring box. WTH is the problem with this company? Their CS is NO help, all they have to offer is canned responses!

    • Same here Guylaine! However, I did receive part of my add-ons last week… The rest is still MIA!

    • I am still waiting on mine as well both the box and marketplace and all i have gotten is a generic response.

  2. Spring box still not shipped……..

  3. I leave this comment Everytime. I will NEVER sub to causebox until they allow seasonal members some choice.

    FFF just announced full customization for annuals and 4 choices for seasonals! They have clean beauty only and the choice reduced waste by giving people what they want!

    • I so agree, MK, seasonal members should be able to choose. Plus, I saw on the website that this box isn’t even shipping until the end of May.

    • Me three!!! Basically causebox uses seasonal members to unload all the choices that the annuals didn’t want onto. It’s a great little scam for them. But they have been found out. It’s not a good deal, and creates serious waste, to be a seasonal customer!!!! I reached out to them and they ignored me and other peoples inquiries about this. If fabfitfun can do it so could they if they wanted to. Just greed and bad leadership thats all!

      • TY Molly for confirming my suspension & Im really I decided to read reviews before subscribing. Phew…, lol.

    • Saw the FFF update and seriously considering switching…i do wish CB had at least a couple choices for quarterly members or another tier of maybe 2 box commitment for a couple choices? Seeing that the welcome boxes always include products at higher value than the regular boxes also makes me not want to be an annual. Also hope they move shipping earlier so that boxes can actually be gifted for holidays like Christmas and mother’s day.

    • You know, I got on here with the intention of talking myself into signing back up with an annual membership (for the market tote) and I am [email protected] glad I read the comments again. This was the number one reason I cancelled in the first place. Seasonal gets shafted AND they pay more in the long run. It’s crazy they don’t get a couple of choices while also dealing with atrocious shipping delays. It also bugs me they continue to crank out boxes to add to the delays instead of catching up and keeping current customers happy.

      • Hit it right on the head!

      • You can grab the $25 intro box now to get the market tote!

    • I agree 100%. It’s why I’m hesitant to try for fear I’ll get the products no one wants.

  4. Ugh, I am also still waiting.. for my market order that was billed on February 25, and my spring box. I pretty much think this box is worth the cost, but the delays in shipping are not what I expect from a sub that has your money a year ahead of time. If there is a delay due to a product, I personally wish they’d let us know and give us the option of waiting, choosing a different option, or canceling an item from a market order if that is the reason for the delay. I’m getting very particular about the integrity of the companies I order from and this one has made it to the drop end of my list, sadly.

    • The shipping delays from this company are unacceptable!

    • That is completely unacceptable shipping time. Online companies have 30 days to ship products or they must have explicit consent from the customer to delay past that. I can see some loopholes for the actual boxes themselves but not for market orders. Idk maybe it’s in the fine print but some of these companies keep pushing the rules and getting away with it and it’s crap. Yes, causebox is notorious for bad shipping but I don’t know how they can keep falling this far behind. I guarantee FFF has at least double, triple or more the amount of boxes (with addons included no less) each season and they beat causebox by a long shot. I’ve made 4 orders from them since the spring CB went live and number 4 arrives tomorrow. It’s just crazy imo. Maybe they should stop pushing intro and welcome boxes and get caught up trying to retain the customers they do have. Sorry for the long rant but I got on here to sign back up for an annual subscription and am I glad I read the comments to remind me why I cancelled!

      • I think they’re a, triangle in the desert, scheme. Gotta get more to keep this whole thing going

  5. Is anyone else still waiting for their spring box? I am an annual member since the winter box and ordered add ons. Crickets.

    • AnninVa, I’m still waiting for my annual member spring box & add ons also. The funny thing is I added an extra seasonal spring box for a gift & that one arrived weeks ago.

      • Correction * market order not add ons

    • still waiting for my annual spring. got my market order earlier this week, but the actual sub box hasn’t even shipped yet.

  6. Has anyone received market orders yet? Or even had them ship? I ordered on 2/26, still “pending”
    Frustrating. One item is Mothers day gift I thought I was ordering in plenty of time.

    • Mine is on the way. I usually expect them to take 2 months.

      • I got my market order about 2 weeks ago. Still waiting on the Spring box.

    • I also received my market order about 2 weeks ago and am still waiting for my spring box.

    • I’m still waiting for both my market order and my spring box. Sigh…

      • I’m also waiting for my spring box and 2 market orders to ship!

    • Hi Debbie,
      I’m in Southwestern Ontario (Canada) and finally received half of my add-ons last Monday… Still waiting on the additional Winter Box (just did an annual subscription with the $25 Winter Promo Box) to finally ship. The only reason I ordered it was because the copper kettle was “guaranteed,” but guess what ladies, I got an email stating that the cardigan was replacing the kettle, and shipment would be soon… It’s already too warm for another sweater lol. Oh well! My Spring Box has yet to ship, so I have absolutely no idea when the rest of my items will arrive. Sad thing is, my FFF sub has been excruciatingly slow for the last three boxes as well… I’m still waiting on an order that was billed March 09, 2021, and that was four sales ago! Generally I’m not much for complaining, but these companies really seem to be using the pandemic as an excuse to be lazy (first two FFF boxes after Covid-19 took off, plus add-ons and edit sales were only a week behind, so there’s honestly no excuse for tardiness at this point!).

  7. Causebox shipping has always been slow and will probably always be slow. I think you either care about this or you don’t. If you are going to be anxiously awaiting your box this is not the sub for you. Even the “add-on market” orders take 6-8 weeks. I order every box they put out. I have an annual for the core boxes and add on the welcome boxes and most of the intro boxes. Causebox is great in that they let you use promo codes for all these extra subscriptions so the price is excellent. The intro boxes for $25 are an absolute steal. There have been some boxes I haven’t loved as much but they are never not worth gthe money I spent.

  8. I love how on their website they’ve increased their shipping times… because originally it told me I should expect my box mid March, now it’s late April /Early May.

    I signed up with summer box last year… I skipped fall and winter because the boxes were a let down for me… and now the shipping is insane.

    They are definitely using the covid pandemic excuse to their advantage when trying to explain away the shipping times. This is how you lose customers: old customers don’t renew (for a box that is offered 4 times a year – even with an influx of new customers- the shipping shouldn’t be this bad) and new customers read reviews like this and don’t bother signing up.

    It’s just super frustrating.

  9. I just wish I could get my regular spring box and market items. Sigh. 😣

    • Oh me too!!!

      • Me too!!!

  10. Just in case anyone’s wondering, I went ahead and clicked through to create a new account, and it said on the last page that this is expecting to ship in late May. So definitely don’t order if you need anything in the box soon. For me, $10 an item for the first 5 items I chose feels like a good value, even if I have to wait a bit. (I don’t like spraying anything on my pillow and I don’t know if the truffle toner will work for my skin, so not including those in how I factor the value). I’m going to treat this as a home goods box, and my FFF annual as primarily a skin/haircare box. Not terribly interested in jewelry or fashion from either.

  11. I am soooo tempted to get the annual because for every category, there’s one choice that I really want. But welcome and intro boxes are consistently better than the regular boxes. I don’t know if I wanna be stuck with them. Gahhh what to do…

    • Myk, don’t know if this will help or not but I’m not sure intro boxes are better than the quarterly boxes. Every one of those items have been in a previous box except for the blender. I have 9 of the items pictured. Whatever you do don’t get the waffle towels. So difficult to take care of. If washed normally they shrink to about half their original size, and if you manage to keep them from shrinking they have to be IRONED to not look like a wrinkled mess. Not exaggerating.

      • I got the waffle bath robe.
        Good cause, disastrous product. Avoid.

      • Tat, I got the robe too. I washed it upon arrival because it had a strong formaldehyde-like smell. Followed the instructions exactly, gentle cycle on cold, air dry. It shrunk so badly I couldn’t even get it closed around me. I emailed Causebox and complained. To their credit, they sent me a replacement robe with completely different washing instructions (hand wash cold). Lots and lots of complaints about both the robe and the towels for the same reasons. Causebox missed the mark on that one.

  12. I’m an annual subscriber and was thinking of adding a 2nd sub to get a market tote for my mom. However, since I haven’t yet received my Spring Causebox I am loath to purchase another. Would the 2nd box even arrive by Mother’s Day? All signs point to a BIG NO. Why can’t Causebox ever get their shipping figured out??

    • I’m in the same boat. I guess my mom wouldn’t mind a belated gift, but I agree Causebox had slow shipping even pre-pandemic.

      • I have an annual membership and emailed them to see if I could get the box and pick my items. They said sure and to email them back with my choices.

      • @Michelle – heck yeah! That’s what I need! Everything that I wanted but that wasn’t available in the Spring Add on market, is in this welcome box. I’m an annual subscriber but just want this one of box and to choose my items.

    • Got my box today. Only thing I’ll use is the konjac sponge. I mean this.
      Beware the market tote. It is well made, but weighs a ton. You cannot use it as a market tote because the handles are that fake leather crap. You get a smashed tomato, you either throw it away or get it dry cleaned.
      Worse box ever.

    • My box arrived today. Literally, the only thing I will use is the kojak sponge. Don’t go with the market tote. It is well made, but heavy as hell. If you get a tomato squashed in it, you are doomed. The handles are fake leather, which you cannot wash. So it is off to the dry cleaner, and I don’t know if they can deal with fake leather.

      • Such a good point regarding the bag not being washable! Market bags definitely get dirty and need to be washed. I was afraid those pleather straps would be a deal breaker.

    • It’s a big no, Meg, on the shipping! I’ve got an annual and my spring box hasn’t shipped. I’ve enjoyed Causebox, but it’s just more STUFF.

    • They have already posted that orders placed now will ship in late May, so definitely not in time. However you could give her yours and then take hers when it arrives.

  13. Is the pillowcase for a travel size pillow?

    • It’s for a regular pillow. They just market it as travel because it has a case, I think.

      • Thank you!

  14. Yall helped me dodge a bullet. Thank you. I had no idea of the late shipping issues this company has had. I had gotten their first few boxes a couple years back, and they weren’t very well known yet but they shipped on time. I’m sad to see that it’s not that way now. I mean good on them for success, but I detest super late shipping. Sub boxes should be a source of happiness not stress. So thanks for that!

    • I’ve subbed since 2018 and their shipping wasn’t perfect back then but was a lot faster than it is now. Ever since they started offering the marketplace, their shipping has gotten worse each season. After my annual is up in the fall I’m taking a break until they fix the shipping issues.

  15. I was all good and ready to get another subscription because I thought that blender seemed awesome and everything else would be a bonus with the 20% off. Unfortunately, I have heard nothing but horrible things about the blender. Shucks! Oh well I don’t need more “stuff” anyway.

    • I already have a Blendjet and I like it a lot. It works great and it’s easy to clean. Where did you hear bad things?

      • I’m glad to hear people are liking this. I don’t do smoothies but i was sold at whipped coffee. I bit the bullet and didn’t year because i liked something in each section. Looks like i will get a free tech bundle and they let me use the coupon. I just couldn’t decide which feed bag i loved most.

    • “Oh well I don’t need more “stuff” anyway.”

      —I hear ya! My sub box addiction (it has gotten to this level, haha) does NOT mesh with my 600-square-foot “tiny house” situation and in particular I’ve found that I need to be especially cognizant of acquiring *any* kitchen appliances, no matter how small. So as much as I’d like that blender (if it’s not troublesome as you mention the reviews say), one tiny blender multiplies into three “tiny” appliances and from there it just exponentially grows like bunnies.

      One day, my pretties…one day, I will have a kitchen the size of a normal room, and it will be filled floor-to-ceiling with every blender, spiralizer, dehydrator, and thingamagig imaginable. (But for now I’ll just hang out in this little corner with the overpriced “avocado tool” we bought from our niece’s grade school fundraiser.)

      PS, I LOVE that avocado tool and use it a few times a week.

      • I own the blend jet and love mine, however, mine is a newer version. It’s really convenient when all you want is only a cup and not more than that. But I also can’t vouch for this model.

    • @Anna if you look on Facebook and read the comments people are leaving about the blender, they’re all really bad. Almost every single comment I read was that the blender is junk. It really broke my heart too because I was set on getting a second subscription for the blender, but I have to say those comments turned me against it.

      @Mountaineer95 I have a 3 bedroom apartment that I’ve been trying to minimize for the past year or so,but these subscription boxes make it SO hard for me Haha! With my first spring box I just wanted the tote bag and with the coupon I only paid about $40 something,and I again looked at everything else as a bonus. All these bonuses are adding up to too much!

    • I have the BlendJet 2 and absolutely love it!! So much so, that I bought 2 more for my boys.. They use it all the time! If the Blendjet 2 came in this box, I would definitely buy it.. However, the Blendjet 1 is not nearly as good, so that is the deal breaker on me getting this box… I think they are trying to sell the old one out so we may see this blender in the FabFitFun box as well..

      If you want a Blendjet 2, go to their site and pick one up.. They have a 10% discount right now and 3 free smoothie packets.. They also have free 2 day shipping! Yay!

  16. Easy pass. The spring box is so much better. $80 for a plastic “blender” that looks like it belongs in a child’s play kitchen?!

    • I actually own a blendjet and it’s pretty awesome. It’s great for making single serve smoothies and whipped coffee. Easy to clean too since it’s less bulky than a regular blender.

      • That’s good to know. Thank you!

      • Anna, do you own the blendjet or the blendjet 2? Many of the reviews of the original suggest it leaves chunks, is that different from your experience?

  17. I’m so glad I didn’t go for the Spring Box and was able to get this Welcome box instead! Since I’m a quarterly member, there were too many choices in the Spring box that I just did not want, but for this welcome box, I’m pretty much happy with all of them, if not for me, then for gifts.

  18. I own 2 Blend Jets, they’re pretty awesome. If I didn’t already own them I would get this but I might get it anyway to gift.

  19. Tempted, I would actually use everything I would choose: reusable low waste set, market tote, foot masks, bamboo serve set, and towels. I really believe in their mission. But who knows when it would actually ship. The last time I ordered a Summer box from CB I didn’t get it until mid-Fall.

    • Good point- my winter box came in spring so I didn’t renew my annual. This was tempting me but your comment reminded me exactly why I chose not to renew.

  20. I already have 2 annual CB subs but that cuff is beautiful and very high quality. One of my favorite items ever from CB.

    • I just signed up for an annual with the Spring box and can’t believe I am contemplating another annual to get this box! I wanted several of these items but they weren’t available in the Spring Add-on On market.

      Am I totally going to regret a second annual? Do you give away or swap most of your items?

  21. I can’t seem to get the cause of website to let me subscribe…just keeps stalling

    • * causebox website 😂😅 gotta love auto correct

  22. I found the correct information with a quick search.

    • Where did you find the correct info? I’m not having any luck with my Google searching; and oddly, even the Causebox website is showing the Intro box as having the exact same options as the regular Spring box

      • Causebox has a full run down on the welcome box contents on their FB page.

      • Spring Welcome Box…

        1. Blendjet One Portable Blender
        Low Waste Super Bundle (Cooking Hub Silicone Stretch Lids, Activated Eco Reusable Silicone Baking Sheets, The Green Co. Reusable Facial Rounds, and Boon Supply Reusable Zip Pouches)

        2. FEED Projects Canvas Market Tote in Sea Blue OR Coastal Stripe

        3. Zeal Living Marble Hex Coasters
        Bathen Waffle Towel Set of 4 in Charcoal

        4. LAUDE The Label Rose Gold Criss Cross Cuff
        Soon Skincare Peony Foot Masks

        5. ettitude Travel Beauty Pillowcase
        Core Bamboo Bamboo Serve Set

        These are the options available if you sign up for an annual subscription. I’m assuming there is at least one more thing since the box is supposed to have 6-8 items.

      • Hello subscription dot com has more accurate info

      • Thank you KC! that was so much more helpful

  23. Isn’t this just the spring box?

  24. Hopefully they’ll update this post with the correct info soon.

    • I normally get suckered into every welcome box, I’m so happy this is a bit of meh to give my wallet a break…

      • Alexia, with your permission, I’d like to incorporate “a bit of meh” into my everyday vocabulary. I already know so many situations for which it is the most accurate descriptor. Just let me know where to send the royalty checks.

  25. I believe these are the spoilers for the actual Spring box, the spoilers for the Spring Welcome box are different…..

    • I think that’s correct. On FB I saw spoilers for a personal blender.

    • Thanks for pointing that out. I was doing a “spot the differences” game but couldn’t find any!

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