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Beauty Heroes April 2021 Box Full Spoilers

ByMSAApr 1, 2021 | 15 comments

Beauty Heroes
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We have the full spoilers for the new Beauty Heroes box.

Each April 2021 box will include:

  • Mukti Deep Cleanse Antioxidant Masque
  • Mukti Age Defiance Eye Serum

Springtime feels like soft green on cool skin. Everywhere, the smallest buds are blooming. It’s the season for softness.

We celebrate the start of spring with the perfect paring to deliver your softest, smoothest skin. Introducing Mukti’s Deep Cleanse Antioxidant Masque, April’s Hero product that gracefully supports skin’s seasonal transition. The wintergreen colored whip delicately detoxifies while imparting essential nutrients that purify, plump and quell a parched complexion.

This treatment masque is accompanied by Mukti’s Age Defiance Eye Serum, a brightness-boosting eye treatment that features four clinically tested peptides to diminish dark circles and reduces the appearance of puffiness.



If you're not familiar with Beauty Heroes: this is a natural beauty subscription box that focuses on quality over quantity. Each month they send you one new full size “hero” product in the face, body, hair or sun care category, plus a smaller "sidekick" item.

What do you think about the Beauty Heroes spoilers? This box is $58.95 a month. Check out our Beauty Heroes subscription box reviews to learn more.

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Beauty Heroes offers a curation of beauty, lifestyle, and wellness that's good for people and planet. Beauty Heroes holds the most rigorous ingredient standard in the industry and stocks over 100+ of the healthiest beauty, lifestyle, and wellness brands from all over the world. Their monthly beau... read more.

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Are you guys no longer reviewing beauty heroes? No review for this box, and the may spoilers came out today and I don’t see them posted! The is is my fave box so I would love if you continued to review.

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I just got the tracking number for my May Beauty Heroes box. I didn’t see the April review on MSA. Did I miss it?

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The May spoiler are two Blissoma products. They look good!

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I’ve been using my April products for a few days. The eye serum seems nice. My skin drinks it in nicely and it does not pill thankfully. I don’t think I’ll buy it again but I’ll use it and be glad to have it.

The mask has instructions printed on the jar to use a spatula to apply and a “flannel” to remove and I have neither. I’m not appreciating that you supposedly “need” these things to use it and it doesn’t come with either. I’ve used it twice with my fingers after cleaning my hands (good enough) and splashed most of it away with water before wiping/ patting my face with a cotton washcloth.

The mask absolutely has a strong scent. I looked at the jar to see which ingredient might have this scent and the jar doesn’t list the ingredients. I’m guessing these were printed on the box, which I promptly threw away. Oops. It feels tingly, kind of how I’d imagine rubbing toothpaste on my face would feel but without the mint scent. I’d prefer a mint scent actually. I didn’t realize I was as picky about scents until this subscription. It seems like natural products have quite strong scents, which makes sense but I’d prefer unscented products so close to my nose.

The green mask has little white “balls” in it which supposedly you are to melt as you rub it. Mine don’t. I’m guessing whatever is in them isn’t life changing so I don’t care. The white ball’s aren’t abrasive.

The mask dries in 10-15 minutes but doesn’t harden where it would feel crack-y nor does it feel tightening. I can still easily smile after it hardens.

My face does feel fresh afterwards and I would recommend using the mask at the start of the day and not the end as it really wakes you up. I don’t really have a ton of time at the start of my day and I’d prefer my face didn’t feel like it’s slightly on fire. (Seriously, it’s distracting from anything else going on in my semi-boring life. I don’t want my skincare to smell or feel overwhelming.)

I won’t buy the mask again. I noticed you are suppose to use the jar in 3 months time. There is 0% chance that’s happening in my case. The jar recommends using it 1-2 times a week and, at twice a week over three months, I’d use the mask 24 times before… it goes bad? (The jar doesn’t saying what happens after 3 months.)

In theory, I appreciate what Beauty Heroes is trying to do. In reality, it’s sent a bunch of strongly scented items over the last 5 months.

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Hi Melissa,
I really appreciate your review. I’m very much on the fence about getting this one. Clay masks aren’t my favorite but this one seems like it won’t dry me out. The color and the mousse/pudding like texture makes me want to put globs of it on my face lol.

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I’m sure it’s a great clay mask but it just felt pretty generic honestly. I have so many masks in my house 😂 I’d rather have 1 Hanacure mask than the container of this.


Haven’t used the mask yet (want to get a spatula or scoop for it first) but the eye serum is really lovely.

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I subbed for a year this past December and I’m curious to try this. One thing I realized through this subscription is that I’m more picky about scents than I would have ever though. IMO, so many natural products have a heavy scent which is “spicy” or “earthy”. I won’t resubscribe once my subscription ends due to this. Here is a mini review of my boxes thus far:

December 2020, Ayuna Terra Bella $455 cream: The box was so pretty and I kept that. Haha. The green jar is made of a heavy terracotta which sounds lovely in theory. In reality it is hard to close and makes me cringe if I scrape it the wrong way. I’m also terrified to drop it on my porcelain floor tile. The cream scent is thankfully subtle and smells slightly of clay. It is a very rich cream that pills on my oily skin no matter what. I put a pea size on at night and I wake up with pillys around my hair. I cannot layer this. I’m now using it on my feet. Yes, on my feet. This was the only product in this month’s package although Beauty Heroes claims there will be one “beauty hero” and one extra. I get it, as the retail is $455 but it isn’t my favorite.

January 2021, set of 3 FitGlow products: The Fitglow night essence spray is nice. It comes in an odd clunky package which is refillable but I’m not purchasing it again for $65 so the extra packaging just feels odd. I gave this to my husband as he can use a skincare product that takes almost no work. He says it feels like water and he sees no difference. I will say that it seems he skin doesn’t peel from being dry anymore so perhaps it is doing something? We won’t buy it again. The second product was the Vita rich cream. I used this up and it was okay. The scent was strong but I didn’t mind it. I won’t buy it again as it doesn’t stand out in my top 10 skincare products. The third item was a night lip serum. The size and scent were nice. My lips get very dry and this seems to burn on the areas of my lips that need more moisture. I can get away with it if my lips aren’t cracked but I’m not even 1/4 of the way through the product and it has been months. I won’t buy it again.

February 2021, Yina body treatment and gua sha stone: The body treatment scent is STRONG. Yikes, yikes, yikes. The spiciness of the scent was something I could not get over to even try this. I reached out to the company to see if the scent dissipated at all once it was on the body and they said that it did not. So I sent it to my sister. She also did not like the scent and passed it along. I didn’t think I would use the stone but I have been using it. I’m happily surprised at myself for sticking with it. I have also used it on my husband, as his lower back gets achy. I use it on my face and body and love it. The stone has been the stand out item for this subscription (for me).

March 2021, Ranavat products: This month had three products which I appreciate as it means I get to try (and hopefully like) more. The first was a facial polish. I found it okay and am using it. My face does feel smooth after I use it but my face feels smooth after I use a washcloth honestly. The participles aren’t overly abrasive and it is…okay. I wouldn’t buy it again. The second product was a hair serum but I have been using it on my face and hair. I heard that the company marketed this as a face and hair serum just a few months ago and I love it on my face. Will I buy it again? Probably not as it is $70 but I do really, really like it on my face. The jasmine scent is lovely and isn’t overpowering. As I’m typing I wish I had a second bottle of this. Haha. The third product was a rose scented hand cream. I’m not a rose person despite my middle name being Rose. I’m using it but only in small quantities away from my nose. Basically I use this on my feet under socks. My feet are getting really pampered from this box. The formula/texture is lovely but the rose scent isn’t my favorite.

April 2021, Mukti products: I haven’t received these yet (obviously). I’m 41 and spoil my skin at this point. I might pass this along to my husband to see if he will use it. The mask/masque will be mine and I’m excited to try it as the reviews are great.

(If you are wondering, my all time favorite skin care product are the Hanacure face masks which are pricey but work with my skin.)

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I so appreciate you laying out every product and your thoughts like this. It makes me realize that as much as I covet this sub whenever spoilers come out, most of these products would not have worked for me and my oily, sensitive skin.

Honestly, after four years of beauty subs I pretty much know what my skin can and can’t tolerate, and have no desire to mess with my carefully-planned skincare routine. I love receiving makeup in subs, but unless a skincare product is one that I both like and need at that particular moment, then it’s not worth it for me, personally.

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I agree Charlotte. I am finding it harder and harder to find value with subscription boxes. It isn’t a bad thing as I’m more in tune with my skin (and my life). I think I like the idea of a subscription box more than the actual subscription box. 😂


Ayuna Terra Bella I love but have mature skin definitely less now oily but still oily … I only need half pea size for face/neck. It rubs on white but by time I get coffee, It’s absorbed. I’ve read several comments that make me think “younger” skin doesn’t need as much. I spray a mist if I apply too much and it seems to absorb better and not pill grit texture.. Loved the Yina cream but the scent doesn’t bother me and I’m still using this weekly on neck. My excuse for breaking BH 2021pause was it’s not face product.. lol … I did not address my lack of discipline..

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I adore this sub so so much. They are always on time and the printed material is incredibly thoughtful. I appreciate all the work that goes into their monthly shipment (ritual, printed materials, rituals, social media..) plus their customer service is just amazing. Looking forward to try the items and to Meghan’s review which always provide a fresh perspective on the products.

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I posted about this in another post but nobody from MSA responded. Can you address the change of the pictures accompanying posts?

They used to show logos but now they show the contents. I like being surprised with the boxes to which I subscribe. Luckily, I had already received my beauty heroes box this morning before I came on MSA, but if I did not I would have been bummed.

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Simran @MSA

Thanks for the feedback, BG. We are testing something new based on readers’ feedback. Helpful to know it’s not your preference. Do you mind emailing [email protected]? Would love to learn a little more. Thanks!

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I’m excited about this one! Can’t wait to get it.

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