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Ipsy Glam Bag Plus March 2021 Choice Time

ByMSAMar 2, 2021 | 64 comments

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus
4.2 overall rating
247 Ratings | 33 Reviews

It’s time to pick three of the items for your March 2021 Ipsy Glam Bag Plus!

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus recently announced Ultra Personalization – subscribers will be able to choose 3 of their 5 full-size products every month! Choice will be open on the 2nd. You also have the option to skip Choice and let Ipsy choose all 5 items for you. You will also have access to Add-Ons on the 2nd.

FYI – Your product selection will be based on your profile and availability

Here’s what my March bag like for one of our accounts:

Product Choice #1:

Product Choice #2:

Product Choice #3:

Which product are you choosing for your March 2021 Ipsy Glam Bag Plus?

And here are all the products Ipsy is sending in Glam Bag Plus this month:


And if you are new to Ipsy Glam Bag Plus, it’s $25 a month. Check out our Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reviews to see what you can expect each month.

IPSY is a personalized beauty subscription. Members take a short quiz to personalize their beauty preferences, then choose between two memberships. Glam Bag subscribers receive 5 deluxe samples for $13 per month, while Glam Bag Plus subscribers receive 5 full-size products for $28 per month. IPSY fe... read more.
At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.

At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.
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I rarely get upset about the contents of sub boxes. Generally the value is there and I gift/ebay/donate what I cannot use.
This bag was OMG bad.

I selected:
MOTD blending brush set
Purlisse Blue Lotus
Air Repair Moisturizer

IPSY selected:
MOTD Eye Got it brush set
Half-Caked Mascara

So out of five items, two were pretty cheap looking brush sets.

I was honestly shocked when I pulled out two different but similar brush sets. I was even more shocked at the response from Customer Service which went along the lines of too bad, the brush sets are different. How is this good customization?

Oh well, I needed to whittle down the number of beauty subs so guess which one will go first.


You see what they picked, before you select your items. What else could they have done? You chose the other brush set, knowing you were getting a brush set. If you didn’t know, you need to review the top of that page better. It’s there.


Yes, they should have pointed that out to you! I agree. The items they picked are always along the top of the page, where we pick from. There may be an arrow, to scroll it. It’s always been there, on my screen, on choice day. I hope you see it next time. It does make it easier to decide on which things to pick yourself.


Actually I didn’t see that so will check that out in future. I’ll bet my last dollar though that it wasn’t there but I selected on my phone so may have missed it. But thank you. I will get off my soap box now and put it away and go eat crow 🙂

However, it would have been nice for CS to have pointed this out rather than send a too bad so sad.


I’m livid with IPSY, their customer service protocols clearly reflect that they do not care if their subscribers are getting their end of the bargain.

I was so excited for my “ultra personalization” and I noticed that my card wasn’t charged. They waited until the night of 3/2 (it wasn’t an issue on my end, and in fact, I signed up for GBP along with Glam Bag and Glam Bag X in January). I wrote them repeatedly to check and see if I’d have the option to at least choose a few things, and I received a dismissive, canned, condescending email about how I shouldn’t worry, because of the quiz I filled out on my beauty profile.

One, that still does not uphold the crumb of choice I was told that I would have when I signed up for the product, and two, they clearly did not listen to me or pay an ounce of attention to my answers because they loaded my bag with cheap products I wouldn’t use if I crashed and hit rock bottom (pharmaceutical grade skincare? No thanks, I live indoors). They have be that Gd-awful Purlisse BB cream in the lightest shade that should have been titled, “Becky went outdoors one time” because even if I wanted to lower my standards and try it out, which I probably would because that’s why I signed up for a subscription box in the first place… it’s way too light for my olive skin. If it were one item of three IPSY chose, allowing me to pick only two out of X amount of choices, I’d suck it up and cross my fingers for next month. Part of a subscription box is being surprised for better or for worse, and also, breaking stigmas and old beliefs that we have that might be holding us back. But my messages were blown off, I was not given a straight answer— they did offer me 600 points, to which I said I don’t need extra things, I just want their end of the bargain to be upheld. They told me, in polite terms, that it’s too bad and that they were unwilling to transfer me to someone who can help after I communicated that I totally understand they are probably trying their very best with the limitations we have in such positions. I’ve been on that end of things in a different field, and it’s not like I took it personally. The fact that I know it’s not personal but a systemic failure on their part, is why I cancelled my three subscription options, and my mother left in solidarity, because as silly as this is to me… I was really looking forward to trying some new things, preferably in shades I asked for, shades that match people with my skin tone, and the common respect of sending me LITERALLY ANYTHING ELSE than face wash, since I explicitly don’t want to receive it as I get most of my skincare (save serums, eye creams, masks, and some moisturizers, which I’m happy to try on subscriptions).

I’m going to miss having something so small and superficial to know as a hobby, but I’d rather throw both new and canonical products into a hat and draw five brands to pay full price, than to support such a company.


No one gets to choose the first month. Unfortunately, you obviously overlooked this fact.


Their FAQs are very clear that you don’t get to choose in your first month.


Entitled much? 🙄


Interesting month for me…not complaining. I wanted 4 items in my 3rd category and none in my second, but I made the best of it and still enjoy the process.

I may resub to Boxy since I’ve cut everything but Ipsy and miss getting boxes (I had 12 at one point!).

Anyway, I got:

Ipsy picks:
—ESTATE COSMETICS Bailey Sarian palette (was happy I never got this ages ago as I’m tired of warm eyeshadows, but I love palettes and will give this a genuine shot)
—OFRA Blush in Bellini (looks pretty and love both Ofra and blushes)

My picks:
—COMPLEX CULTURE Eyeshadow Palette Edit1 (live their brushes, but haven’t tried their makeup yet, so excited for this)
—JULES SMITH Eyeshadow Palette (I think I got this before and wasn’t impressed, but there was nothing else I would actually use in this tier. Hopefully, I’m mistaken…)
—MARMALADE NAILS Press on Nail Kit (wouldn’t use these normally, but I love white nails and why not give them a try? The only other thing I wanted was the Might Patch acne patches, but I feel like I can get those anywhere. I also hoped they’d be in add-ons, but oh well…)

Add ons:
—ELEMAN BEAUTY Eyeshadow duo (I couldn’t resist the darker shades–they look so pretty!)

YES, I got 4 eyeshadow palettes but honestly, those are my favorite thing, so I’m happy.


Lori, I got that Estate pallet back then and really enjoy it! At the time I didn’t even know who Bailey Sarian was, but now she is one of my favs! She does Murder, Mystery and Makeup Monday videos on YouTube


Ipsy picked for me the Ofra belini blush and Belle Argent eyeshadow in plum and I chose the purlesse blue lotus moisturizer and the air repair moisturizer and the motd pink brush set. A total of $185.00 value. Not bad for $25.00. I canceled boxy premium as the base is usually better and I feel like boxy premium has really been a let down lately. I love the daily deals from ipsy and am always checking them out


Did anyone get the it brush?


I actually got it in my February welcome box. I like it! I’ve been using it to apply my powder, since I feel like it’s too soft for foundation.


I did! Super excited about it, always love a good foundation brush 😊


I just signed up today – will I be receiving the March bag? It won’t let me choose anything.


I re joined yesterday and was able to choose and do add ons today.


Yes, you will. If you haven’t been an Ipsy member before, you may receive the welcome bag.


Generally you need to sign up before the first of the month to receive this months box and be able to choose your products 🙁

Jessie Morales

I got the same Ipsy picks as the post. Normally would be happy about getting the Goldfaden serum, but I received two serums last month and as I was putting them away I found about 5 others in my backup drawer (this is after giving away a bunch for Christmas). I think I must be doing something wrong because I go through every other skin care product in 2-3 months, but serum take me almost a whole year. I got the Pixi moisturizer, it’ll definitely get used up before the yr is over.

My choices were the ABH gel (shade was a bit off, but should still work). The Kosas tinted moisturizer in shade 4 (this has been on my wishlist since it came out but couldn’t justify the price for something I go through really fast, and this shade should be a pretty good match). The last product was an eye brush set in pink (super excited to get this, even though I technically don’t have any more space for them).

I added the vintage cloths, I own several from the makeup remover brand and other off brands and work amazing for removing makeup especially the eyes.


Hi… has anyone else had trouble with picking there products? I have tried all day and still can’t build my bag. Any suggestions?


Hello there!

Yes, unfortunately. I was so bummed out, because I signed up for GBP in January, and they didn’t send out my bag that month, then February I got my Glam Bag X, so this was going to be “my month” and I was hoping to choose the Kosas foundation, the eye brushes, and perhaps an eyeshadow, but instead I was insulted by the cheapest bag they’ve ever put together, from my anecdotal understanding. It even had a cleanser, which is one of few items I explicitly don’t enjoy.

I canceled, because I’ve been trying to reach them but they keep blowing me off, and while I’m very upset I’ve made it clear that I’m not angry with anybody, nor do I want free upgrades, I just want to be able to choose like I believed I’d be able to when I signed up.

Wishing you luck if you decide to stay! Hopefully, they rectify the situation so that you can at least get one thing that you really enjoy/wanted, and that they uphold their promise of offering three choices.


I guess it’s not possible, logistically speaking, but I wish they would just give us all options and let us pick three instead of having three separate choice sections. I had one section where nothing really interested me (settled for Item setting mist) and another where I had trouble picking.


Agreed — my third category is usually lackluster. Like last month for category 3, I picked the Fluid eyebrow gel. I’ve never heard of the brand AND I don’t use eyebrow gel so that’s saying something lol
This month for category 3, I picked the Haus Brow and Lash Sparkle topper. It was the most interesting out of the lackluster choices for that category.


Oooh, I almost picked that, but that was in my “want everything” category, so it lost. Hope it works well! I was a little concerned at the picture, which didn’t look very sparkly, but Ipsy’s photos never seem to do the products justice.


Happens to me every month…one with good choices, another with okay choices and the last one is always crap!! Kinda like life lol

Kim Johnston

I dont understand how this works i guess. I thought everyone had the same “choice” items to choose from. Choice number 3 were different for me…? I thought i understood how this worked. usual..when i think i know it…NOPE. it also was to come up at 9 a.m. NOPE for me. It didnt let me pick until almost 10 or so. Okay…rant over lol.


No, Ipsy offers you a selection (supposedly tailored to your profile). You are only guaranteed 4 items for each selection, for a total of 12 unique items. But they do consider different shades of the same product to be unique items.


This was a really disappointing month for me. Almost all of the items in my selections were repeated. I had to just pick things I think I can give away. I didn’t get a single add-on this month because they were also repeats. I went to skip this month and found out that if you skip a month you become ineligible for Glam bag X. That really puts me off. The GBX is quarterly, so there is still another month before the next one. I was only wanting to skip March because it was a total waste of money for me.

I don’t like being trapped into purchasing something I don’t want or need in order to pay more money for the GBX which I know nothing about yet. Grrr!


There’s your solution. Sign up for the regular glam bag, then you can pause either the Plus or reg glam bag and still keep X. That way at least you’re only paying $12 on the months you don’t like Plus and you still have access to add on’s. That’s what I plan on doing. Though I do agree with you, I think it’s a poor business decision and I hate to rewarding it.


I skipped March and I’m still getting glambag X in May. To skip current glambag plus you have to do before they bill. I didn’t care for the bag or spoilers that were out last week so I skipped the GBP, I did get my regular glambag though not sure if that makes a difference.


Yeah since you still got the regular bag, you’re still eligible for the big box in May. If you had skipped both you would’ve lost your spot.

Julie b

As an eyeshadow palette addict, I was surprised to be able to choose another palette (Jules Smith) along with the one they chose (Belle en Argent), and the latter is in the Plum variation which is nice. I’m mostly happy with my bag, though the concealer is probably too light. Wish we could choose our shades in foundation and concealer. I upgraded from the regular bag to Plus and I think it’s well worth the price difference!

Also Beth

Honestly my favorite thing about Plus is getting to choose an absurd number of the same type of product. This month I’m gonna treasure my two palettes, a few months ago I relished my three different bronzers…I really appreciate that we can create bag combos for ourselves that an algorithm would never think we’d want!
If we could just choose shades (and maybe if they’d add an undertones question to the quiz…) I’d be happy as a clam.


Getting 3 palettes here–4 if you count the duo I got for $3 in add-ons! I’m not super excited for all of them, but given the choice…


I wanted Kosas as a choice but I settled for Dose. Kind of disappointed.


Ipsy picked
-GOLDFADEN MD Radical Difference Serum 🙂
-PIXI BEAUTY pHenomenal Gel moisturizer 😐

My picks
-ANASTASIA brow Gel in Medium Brown 😐
-HAUS LAB. Lash Sparkle Topper Drama 😐
-DOSE OF COLORS Concealer Light Medium😐

Ipsy needs to get better about matching shades to profiles!!! my profile says my skin is TAN but the Kosas foundation shade they had in my 1st choice category was shade 4… Shade 4 is the LIGHT RANGE on the kosas website.. they could have at least put me in the medium range if they didn’t have anything in the tan range but light seriously theres no way someone who’s in the Tan range can make the light range work 😒 . I would probably need shade 6.. Shade 5 would probably be too light but workable. I was also disappointed because they put kosas shades 1,2,3,&4in my add on choces too (all light range according to Kosas) & a bunch of other things I purchased last month.. i was hoping that they had deeper shades in the add ons because I really want to try it.. this month is not a bag I’m excited for


I had the same issue. The Kosas they chose for me is 04 and I have olive tan skin. Indicated on my profile. That’s the only thing I miss about Boxy is getting to choose between several colors with foundations, concealers etc. I did choose the Anastasia brow gel as well in medium brown but after looking at Youtube reviews of it I think I would need a darker brown brow gel.


My choice options were very close to Megan’s – a difference in one product in each category. Frustratingly, neither the foundation nor the concealer were in appropriate shades or undertones for me, but I get that it’s hard for them to cover across the board, but I would have loved one of those.


While I like my choices for the most part I was most excited for the Haus Labs red lipstick and to try the Roen Mascara. Not only were neither in my choices but not even in the ADD Ons to purchase.

KOA Life cleanser (Always open to try a good cleanser.)
Anastasia glow in Oyster. (As I mentioned in the other article, I purchased this at TJ MAXX 2 yrs ago for $3 and I did not like it. Was the one item I did not want in my box. For the record I do wear highlighters but this formula just was not for me.

MOTD Cosmetics eye brush set. (I enjoy trying out new eye brushes so happy with this. The best of my options in that category.)
Anastasia BH eyebrow gel (It was this or the setting spray and I have so much still in boxes I need to go through those first.)
KOSAS foundation in 04. Looks a bit lighter than my normal color but I can make it work. Happy to try the brand out.

FERSALI primer serum (Very happy to try this.)
Vintage Cosmetics makeup towels. (I’ve been wanting to try the makeup towels to use less cotton rounds. Much better for the environment to try the towels with a good makeup remover. Great price at $3.

I’m much more hyped about the ADD ONS I purchased. This month was less exciting for me but I think I’ll get use out of everything but the Anastasia glow which I’ll give to a friend.

I’m still very pleased I let BOXYCHARM and BOXY PREMIUM go a few months ago and kept IPSY PLUS as my one beauty box splurge with SCENTBIRD for perfume.


After such a fantastic month last month and recieving the amazing GBX – this month was a stinker. I was not offered the Goldfadden, Kosas or Dose of colors.
My Ipsy picks were a boring Shaina B Miami eyeshadow palette (which I’ve received before) and more eye brushes. At least the brushes are practical.
My choices were the Haus lipstick, setting spray and Cela cream. Not wowed by any of it.
One of my choice items was The Laura Makeup Labs, Moods palette, which keeps resurfacing in choice. This palette is so bad I don’t think they can even give it away. The first time I received this palette from Ipsy was almost 3 years ago. I wonder how long it’s been sitting in their warehouse ? I was excited to get it but it was very under performing. I don’t recommend it.
I also don’t understand why we continue to see the same eyeshadow palettes being offered month after month and some of these were released 2-3 years ago.
I totally would have skipped this month but it would have caused my GBX to get canceled. 😕


Overall, this month wasn’t too bad i guess- Thank the heavens i didnt recieve the Shaina B pallet again- i had to start rating all Shaina B products 1 star if i liked it or not so they would stop sending me only Shaina B. It seems to have worked lol.
Ipsy picks- Belle En Argent Pallet
Ofra blush
My choices- Motd brush set
Complex culture pallet
Eyeko mascara


That palette (Shaina) is the ugliest and worst I’ve ever received.


Worst GB plus I’ve ever received. Total waste of money & huge disappointment. I keep getting offered the same old stuff every month until I’m forced to finally choose it bc there’s nothing else! & the picks Ipsy chose for me were the absolute worst in my entire bag. Idk how many times I have to tell them I don’t want anymore brushes or creme eyeshadows!


Not a great month for me. Ipsy picked Ofra bellini and Anastasia highlighter in oyster. I picked Dose of Colors concealer, florence mills lip oil, and cela creme. I would have liked the Goldfaden instead of either of my ipsy picks. Overall, not a lot of fantastic choices this month.


Can they please retire the Shaina B Miami Palette? I dreaded getting this thing and I finally got it. Worst choice ever. I didn’t want it then and still don’t want it now.


That’s how I feel about most of these palettes. They’ve been cycled through so many times.


What a disappointing month! I was hoping for the IT Cosmetics brush and the Ofra blush but neither was an option for me. The only thing I’m happy about is the Goldfaden serum and Dose of Colors concealer.


I’m happy with mine.

Goldfaden radical difference
Pixi clarity lotion

My picks:

Kosas in tone 3
Anastasia brow gel
Laura eyeshadow palette

Add ons:

Creme shop fusion masks
Elemen eyeshadow duo
Sleeke hair repair.


Ipsy chose:
-Goldfaden MD Radical Difference serum
-Pixi pHenomenal Gel

I chose:
-Korres cleanser
-Cela moisturizer
-ABH Dipbrow gel in toupe.

All the items I was interested on were grouped in the first category. The next 2 categories were mostly leftovers from past months so I chose what I thought I can use. The eyebrow gel’s shade is too light for me but it was the best item out of that group.
Not the most exciting bag for me this month but I guess not all can be winners.


The brow shade I was offered and picked is soft brown and it’s to dark I need taupe. Would you be interested in trading? If so let me know;)


Would have loved the Kosas or Dose options. Neither were in my bag 😩. Overall my bag is a disappointment


My Glambag, great, my Plus, they chose for me a repeat in exactly the same color…what?? Sorta bummed with all the choices. Rest of my bag, not bad!

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