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Beachly Lifestyle Box Review – Spring 2021

Beachly is a quarterly seasonal box for women or men, stocked with apparel, accessories, and lifestyle items that have a beach-forward vibe and keep you feeling close to the ocean even if you’re landlocked. Each box costs $99.00 but will have a value of over $250.00 featuring 6-8 items from well-known brands like Aloha, Havaianas, Roxy, Billabong, Nixon, DIFF Eyewear, and more.

This is a review of their women’s box.

This box was sent to us at no cost for review. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

About this Beach-Inspired Lifestyle Box

The Subscription Box: Beachly

The Cost: $99.00/season + shipping. Save with an annual subscription.

The Products: 6-8 pieces of premium, beach-inspired apparel, accessories & lifestyle products. Total retail value of $250+.

Ships to: The U.S. for $4.95 (including Alaska and Hawaii), Canada for $11.95

Good to Know:

Boxes are catered to your style preferences, as well as your climate. For example, if you live in a tropical climate, such as Hawaii, you won’t receive cold weather clothes such as heavy-duty outerwear or a beanie in your winter box.

Beachly Spring 2021 Review

When you first sign up for Beachly, you’ll fill out a few preferences to tailor your box to you. They also take your location into account, so you don’t have to worry about getting a tank top in the middle of winter in the midwest.

Costal Co Preferences

Your sizes and preferences will be saved to your account for future inquiry needs.


Saltwater LUXE Good as Gold Tank

While I don’t generally wear tanks out and about (I burn on my shoulders too easily) I do love them for sleeping and loungewear, and, let’s be honest, that is about all I have been wearing for the last year. So this little tank was a welcome addition. It is a cream color, made of super soft and slightly stretchy fabric, and features a simple gold design. I thought it fit a little oversized but I think that was the style of the top in general, and I also noticed the armholes are oversized. All in all, though, a totally cozy new top for me to enjoy this spring.


O’Neill Women’s Palm Print Lounge Pants – Retail Value $49.50

I initially went back and forth on the size I needed for these but because I have been hitting the gym hard I went with the XL and just hoped I would actually be able to model them in this review. Because they are made of a woven fabric, there is no stretch here except for the gathered waistband. Luckily, these fit me just fine! While I generally don’t dress overly “beachy” (it feels weird to do so in a land-locked state, haha) the palm pattern on these pants is really subtle and very pretty. I also feel like because of the subtle print and color choices they work well dressed up or down. They have wider legs but nothing too crazy and the smocked waistband is super comfy!


Solid and Striped Boho Beach Crossbody Bag 

I think straw bags are so cute for spring! I already own another I like a little better than this one, but it is super rigid whereas this one is flexible and soft, and comes with a long crossbody strap. The inside is lined with a lime green colored print and the bag snaps closed with a magnetic closure.

Here I am in the tank, the pants, and with the purse below. It is still pretty chilly here (and I never wear tanks solo anyways) so I topped it off with a chambray buttondown.


Lano Lanolips Coconutter 101 Ointment Multi-Balm Dry Lips & Skin Treatment, 0.35 oz – Retail Value $13.50

Lanolin is one of those ingredients that really makes a huge difference on my chapped lips but there is also something about the scent and taste that I just don’t love. This balm fixes that by combining it with coconut oil which lessens those lanolin vibes and replaced them with a coconut scent and feel without sacrificing the hydration and healing. I loved this on my lips but it can also be used literally anywhere you need a little care or hydration, like knees, elbows, and cuticles.


Lotus & Luna Cowry Shell Keychain – Retail Value $12.99

These cute little keychains are made by artisans in Thailand. Mine features cowrie shells, a grey-blue tassel, and a very pretty moonstone bead. Because it has a clip I can easily add this to any bag I carry or even a belt loop to add a little something extra.


Coconut Shell Bowl

Our final item is a medium-sized coconut bowl with a rainbow on the side. I absolutely love fancy smoothie and breakfast bowls and this little shell is begging to be filled with some fruity deliciousness. It even came with a 4 ingredient recipe for a chocolate chip treat!

Verdict: This Beachly box was full of beachy yet subtle vibes, which is exactly what I prefer! There was just enough in here to make me feel sunkissed but without any of that artificial suntan lotion sort of fluff. I liked the pants a lot more than I thought I would because I can lounge or dress them up and they are beyond comfortable. I wasn’t as crazy about the tank but that is mostly because I prefer some sort of sleeve. Style-wise though, way cute. The purse was also a great choice for spring and the little items like the balm, keychain, and coconut bowl all felt on brand and super cute for this spring box. Price-wise, I can see this feeling a little high for anyone who isn’t beach obsessed, but you basically get an entire outfit and accessories to match inside this box and that’s pretty cool!

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today?  Yes, but these sell out quickly!

Value Breakdown: At $103.95 ($99.00 + $4.95 shipping) for this box, each of the 6 items has an average cost of $17.33.

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What do you think of the Spring box from Beachly this year?


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Written by Megan


I love natural/vegan beauty products, Korean skincare, unique jewelry, and weird candies from far away places. When I am not waiting for my next exciting box you can find me painting or taking photographs of interesting people. I never leave home without pug hair somewhere on my shirt and a bold lipstick on my smile.

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Comments (39)

  1. I just received my box today. No bag but a pair of sandals

  2. I received my box today and was very excited, but I got another bag, not the crossbody one , but a macrame one which I don’t like at all, it is not even a crossbody… I reached the customer service, they said that they received only 50% of the bags , and so they fill the box with other bags ( mine is ugly). I don’t like they they didn’t inform the subscribers, it is not right. Curateur had the same issue once and they delivered the product with the following box ( or in a separate package) I would rather liked that.

    • Me too!! They sent me a super ugly heavy black bag in my box. It isn’t beachy or springy. Super disappointed. If it was something cute but not my style I would give it to one of my friends but I showed it to a few people and nobody wants it – I don’t blame them. If I would have known that I wasn’t getting the bag I would have skipped this order since the bag was the main thing I wanted.

      • Same here. Kind of a random tote bag thing for me 🙁

      • I also received a heavy black (huge) bag, would not think of it as a beach bag. I just joined and in my bonus box was a scarf with a hole, they’ve yet to respond to that issue from 2 weeks ago.

        I signed up because I liked the concept and read that their customer service is really good but so far I’m not seeing it and very confused by the lack of responsiveness…

      • Did you only get the scarf in the bonus box? I chose the $30 off but was wondering if I should have gotten the bonus box instead.

      • Finally got my box. Unfortunately, I was sent the same heavy black tote. So not spring!☃️

      • I also received a black,non beachy bag, very disappointed. This was the main reason for ordering. Also, did not receive the bonus box at all. No response yet from customer service but its it’s only been 4 days.

      • Honestly very disappointed with Beachly 🙁 Not only had I received the ugly black bag as a substitution for the crossbody bag, but I also just received separately, a sunscreen bought from Beachly shop with expiration date of May 2021! Emailed customer service and so far no replies. This is no way to do business.

      • @lana – I’m really disappointed – there’s still no response on how or if they’ll fix the scarf-with-the-hole – and I’ve written them a few times. Given the online reviews that initially got me interested, by talking about how fun the items were and how great the customer service was, I’m beyond surprised. My last two emails were on April 13th and April 22nd with no response from them in between. It’s like they went to lunch and didn’t bother coming back to work…

        I’m donating the horrible black bag – what a waste of money!

    • I also received a black,non beachy bag, very disappointed. This was the main reason for ordering. Also, did not receive the bonus box at all. No response yet from customer service but its it’s only been 4 days.

    • Same thing here
      I received a massive Pink paisley tote as the replacement. Kinda hate it. It won’t ever get used

  3. I think Beachly might have anticipated that some might not be happy with the change and that’s why they sent us the $20 coupon. I ordered the Beachly Sani Pak with a Palm print pouch, Palm print cloth mask, wipes and hand sanitizer. Very tropical and useful… $19.99 = Free

    • I had also an ugly bag but didn’t any coupon. I will reach again the customer service.
      I’m very disappointed !!!!

      • The $20 coupon is a nice gesture by Beachly.I would think it would be given to all those effected. It came in the email saying an item will be replaced. Maybe you over looked the email or it went to spam? Regardless, they should give it to you if you contact them. My box has had label created since Tuesday. Hopefully it will ship soon and I will find out what kind of mystery bag I was sent.

  4. Received my box today, and instead of the bag shown, I got an absolutely hideous canvas tote with roses on it. Looks like the bag was the item they were having trouble with.

    • Yikes …a canvas tote instead of a cute, fabric lined, woven, shoulder strap purse is not a equal substitute. Plus, since when do roses have anything to do with a beach lifestyle? My box still hasn’t even shipped.

    • That doesn’t make me happy at all..
      What do roses have to do with the beach.. at least if it has to be a tote is should be a beach themed tote!
      My box is shipping today.
      Can you post a pic of the bag for us?

    • Who is the tote by? Just curious.

  5. Got a email from Beachly today saying that they only received half of their order for one of the box items😩 Supplier cannot locate missing portion of shipment. Beachly decided to order replacement item and that will be to their warehouse by Friday. They then will resume shipping Spring boxes. No info on which item is being replaced. Bummer cause I liked everything in this box.

    • I received the same email..
      I was hoping they would tell us which item is missing and what they will replace it with.
      Please post if anyone finds out.

      • I emailed Beachly back yesterday asking which item was being replaced, saying I hoped it wasn’t the pants…my favorite thing in this box. Have not heard back, but have a suspension it is indeed the pants. Two reasons: 1. Someone commented on the MSA spoiler post back in February that she was annual and was given a choice of the pants or sunglasses 2. On the O’Neil site, this print is unavailable for these pants at this time. There are other colors in same style available, several I do not care for, and a couple that I like…FYI, reviews say they run extremely small, we shall see🤷‍♀️

      • Meant “suspicion”…my “suspension” 🚑 has been broken down for while🤣

    • I still haven’t heard what needed to be replaced in our Spring Box.. Does anyone have any updates?

      • No, I received my box last week and it was complete. The pants fit, but are slightly tight, so, if you are between sizes, I would recommend sizing up. I wore the purse with the charm today and it is super cute and the perfect size. Very happy with this box except I wish the arm holes for the tank were more fitted. Good luck to others. I hope you get complete boxes or a satisfactory substitute for whatever is missing. I loved this box!

      • They did not respond to my email asking which item. The Beachly site and FB page still display all original items and make no mention of anything needing to be replaced, plus posts here and on FB of happy members recieving their boxes as advertised…🤔

  6. I love those pants!!

  7. I love everything in this box! I used to subscribe, but had to cancel because of the price. I hope they have these items in their shop, because I NEED those pants and the keychain!

  8. Everything in this box is awesome!

  9. Cute outfit picture! And I have to say I am seriously loving that coconut bowl 🥥💕

  10. I loved everything in my box except the purse. It seems low quality and I was surprised by the almost $100 RV. The woven bag that came in the Popsugar was much nicer IMO. The pants are way long for me so I may need to have them hemmed (I’m 5 ft).

  11. Megan, Do you find the pants see-through at all? Thanks!

    • Replying to you about the scarf here because there was no ‘reply’ link to. your scarf comment – there were a few items in the bonus box. Really nothing exciting. I did buy some things directly off the site and they were very cute but so far am disappointed in the bonus box and this Spring one (the tank is huge for a small, and as we already covered…that horrible bag) – but the biggest upset is the lack of customer service. I don’t understand what’s going on – but really want to like this company since I bought the year sub.

  12. This is the first time in a month that I’ve been interested in a review. This looks like a good box!

  13. Megan, you look absolutely beautiful! Great review, thank you. I like the pants a lot. How tall are you? I’m afraid they’ll be too short for me….

  14. That outfit is cute!

  15. Does this box allow for plus sizes? I couldn’t find the answer on their FAQS.

    • Yes, they go up to a 2XL.

  16. Girl that hard work at the gym is paying off!

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