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Allure Beauty Box April 2021 Spoiler #5

ByMSAMar 29, 2021 | 63 comments

Allure Beauty Box
3.6 overall rating
726 Ratings | 160 Reviews

We have a new spoiler for the April 2021 Allure Beauty Box!

FYI – If you sign up now, March will be your first box. Check out the March spoilers here.

If you aren’t familiar with Allure Beauty Box, it is a $23-a-month beauty subscription that was named one of the Best Women’s Subscription Boxes and one of the Best Beauty Subscription Boxes by MSA readers in the 2021 Subscription Box Awards. Sample sizes are usually good (typically at least three or more full-size items per box), and Allure does a great job of including new brands + products.

The April Allure Beauty Box will include:

Maapilim Face Moisturizer


Chella La Vie Eyeshadow Quad


Aveda Botanical Repair Intensive Strengthening Masque: Light


Dorado Beach

Pfeiffer Beach

Black Sea

Cargo Cosmetics Swimmables Eye Liner Pencil in Black Sea, Pfeiffer Beach, OR Dorado Beach


Akar Restore Eye Serum (Full Size) – $85 Value

What do you think of the spoiler?

If you sign up now, you’ll receive a new member gift:

  • Clarins Total Eye Lift

Or, get a FREE Mega Bundle with a 1 Year Allure Beauty Box Subscription!


Click here to get a 12-month Allure Beauty Box  subscription and a Mega Bundle for $250!

Allure Beauty Box is $23 a month. Check out our Allure Beauty Box Reviews to see what you can expect from this beauty subscription box!

Allure Beauty Box is a monthly beauty subscription box from Allure magazine that takes you behind the scenes at Allure magazine. Each month includes deluxe and full sized beauty and makeup items from mostly high-end brands chosen by the editors, likely leveraging Allure's insider connections. Becomi... read more.
At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.

At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.
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I was exited about the box until I received it and found out that 3 products ( eye serum, Eye shadow, and eye liner) are made in China. I would’ve skip the box if I knew. I try to avoid products made in China as there are less regulations in factories, low quality ingredients can be used, products can contain very toxic chemicals …I just don’t want to risk bad chemicals on my face, especially near my eyes. Three products going to garbage so this box is a total waste for me.


Maaplim Moisturizer seems to be in trial size. The full size one is not in tube…


The New Member Gift has been changed to the Anastasia Beverly Hills Moonchild Glow palette yet again. I think Allure has been offering these for at least three years. Moonchild must be a Moonteen by now, or at least a Moonpreteen.


Thanks for the giggle! 😄


I don’t think this box is bad at all, i really like the brands featured so I’m excited. Well except for the face moisturizer, I’ve never heard that brand before but I’m sure my husband could use it if it is for men. The sixth product better not be a face mask though …


Not a face mask! Hero Cosmetics Mighty Patch Duo (stickers for treating pimples) and M-61 PowerGlow Peel, the latter of which I am looking forward too, but still feel let down by the box as a whole .


This months box has everything I could want in a box
a simple palate that I can use every day
a face cream that doesn’t have every active known to man
an AKAR product!
A hair mask
The liner is just fine but doesn’t diminish the quality of the box at all I am very excited for this box


I’m also excited! And the face cream is a hyleronic acid moisturizer which is the best!! The only thing i’m disappointed about is the eye quad because it looks cheap- but if i like it in person i will be happy.


Chella has been around a long time before the branched out into eyeshadow and the quality is definitely better that some we have gotten. But yes it does seem out of place for the uptick in things most of us have expected. Like last year I wouldn’t have been surprised. Has to be better than the eye lights and some of the lip products. But with the hype that surrounded the box with the increase this box falls kinda flat. If allure would have kept it simple and said have we need to raise the price, but there will be some pretty good stuff coming, and left it at that instead of saying oh this box will be amazing now kinda thing these boxes wouldn’t be having so much blowback from the customers. Since I locked in at the old price this oops doesn’t matter to me. But will I resubscribe at the higher price? It’s not likely. And now it’s the 31st with no final set of spoilers. I think they are banking on waiting until people forget to skip? Maybe even they aren’t sure if they will be in business to fill the skipped boxes? And that’s when the call for refunds will start and let’s face it, refunds would cost them alot more than boxes would.

Kate Ruddle

I agree with others saying it is really not a bad box. But certain items seem off, like the eyeshadow quad – Ipsy has the same brand, same size eyeshadow quad (different colorway) in their glam bags ($12) for April. So having it as a ‘full size’ item in a $23 box seems off. Already, I think Allure has a hard time competing with Ipsy/Boxy boxes that are $25 for five full sized items, since they are almost the same price and still have sample sizes.


I haven’t ordered an Allure box in a long time. I feel like they used to be so much better idk.


Well, since they say you have until the 3rd to skip I’m gonna wait to see if that last item isn’t incredibly good before skipping.

I wonder if the delayed spoilers isn’t their attempt to reduce the number of people skipping every month.

I set a reminder for the 1st of every month to check the spoilers and skip if I want to. I hope they don’t change the skip deadline.


Last month, they shipped mine on the first of the months.


Poking around the web a bit, it seems that Maapilim made their play for the US in 2018 and have mostly gone for hotels, barber shops, spas, etc., as a luxury experience.

An interview I read with the founder makes it sound like he is all about quality ingredients.

I only read one article where the reviewer was a woman and she was pleased with the line, especially the hair cream. She said based on the ingredients list that she expected it to be gooey and heavy, but apparently it was like the Mudmasky cream that showed up earlier this year.

Barbara McDonald

I truly do not understand all of complaints about this box. For goodness sakes ladies…

To those of you who are upset because you don’t like the entire box, but like the Akar Restore Eye Serum, just get it for the bloody serum. The discount is huge and if you don’t like the rest of the box, DONATE it to a good woman’s cause. There are thrift stores and shelters where women need such items to help build themselves back up.

Please, think beyond yourselves and get the items you do like while helping others with the rest.


No one is accepting donations right now in my area. While I’d love to get a discounted akar, not receiving a bunch of wasteful junk along with it is a real consideration for some people (I asked my friends, they don’t want it either)


Exactly, 💯!!!
Barbara- some people just like to complain.


I guess I’m in the minority, but I’m looking forward to this box (and I’ve skipped so many lately). I have dry skin and fine lines under my eyes so the Akar at an incredible discount already makes the box worth it. The Aveda product is actually Curly Girl Method compliant, which never happens in subscription boxes, and this latest moisturizer sample sounds rich and creamy, and since I live in the desert of Arizona that’s exactly what my skin likes, even if I end up using it as hand lotion. If I get the eyeliner in a neat shade that will be gravy. Bottom line is that it’s already a super value if you want to try the Akar and the rest can just be fun to try out with an open mind. I’m often shocked by how much I love something I get in a subscription box that I thought would be boring.


I agree – I’m looking forward to this box. I live in a desert climate too, and the Akar and moisturizer alone make this box worth it to me. Plus, I wear eye makeup everyday, and this eyeliner pencil and eyeshadow look like something I’ll use.


I like the idea of the moisturizer! I just looked up the company and it seems to be a cool brand to try out. And the akar serum i will definitely use. I have a friend I gift the makeup to. So for me this is a good box!


Am I really just going to get this box for the Akar? It’s the only item I really am excited at all about. I have all my dream eyeliners right now and I definitely won’t get use out of that shadow palette. Maybe I should just skip again….


Off topic, but I’m too curious to not ask: what are your dream eyeliners?


Makes me glad I hung on to that black Urban Decay eyeliner, which I believe I received in the Allure “Mega Bundle” that came with my annual sub! Haven’t tried it yet, but that’s bc I have all kinds of black eyeliner, too. I’m always excited to get colors other than black.


I actually wouldn’t have minded any of these Cargo ones, but I recently bought pretty much the exact colors somewhere else and don’t need more. In general, Urban Decay makes my favorite eyeliner and I’d love to see more unusual colors in sub boxes, they tend to default to black a lot


Same sentiments. I want the Akar but feel let down by the box as a whole. I skipped March and Allure messed up so it was a huge hassle that makes me not want to bother skipping April anyway. Plus there’s the lingering feeling that maybe this box will die before my subscription ends seeing as it’s gone so downhill in recent months…. so I might as well just take everything I can get.


I’m having the same struggle. On one hand, that’s still a big discount on the akar. On the other, it’s supposed to be a full box experience and is a huge bummer


I’m struggling with this one.
The akar serum sounded good. The face moisturizer is ok, but it looks like a winter item. And I really don’t need or want any more eyeshadow, especially drugstore in basic colors


Initially I thought the name was Finnish, too.

Based on the reviews on the website, it seems to be for guys. My husband doesn’t use face products, but I suppose I can use it as a body cream. I guess we’ll see.

We have been saying that we wanted Allure to introduce us to new products, so this is probably their latest attempt.

Based on the spices and herbs named as the scent notes, I’ m guessing it’s going to be warm and herbal-smelling.


I’ve been skipping boxes since September. I got the annual and now I just want to get it over with. I don’t see any change since the price increase it’s actually gotten worse in my opinion. I just want it to be over and not be subscribed anymore ! So I won’t be skipping I guess😐


How do you skip? I tried looking on their website but couldn’t find it. Thank you!


Email them at [email protected]


Easy! Just call 1-800-274-1603


I would prefer a moisturizer without scent, however I’m interested to trying it out. And, as this community taught me, if it won’t work for my face, it is going to benefit some other parts of my body. Perhaps not exciting, but I prefer more pragmatic offerings over items that I cannot repurpose (and cannot donate if they are not sealed).


I am about to cancel my monthly subscription, this is the second box I skip this year 😪😪


Initially I was a little disappointed as only the Akar stood out, looking them over again I think I would actually use them all, which is kind of the real test these days given my overflowing closet. Except the black eyeliner, so I really hope I get the chartreusey mustard or eggplant shade.


Even though this box isn’t going to be my favorite, Allure has had some very good boxes in the past, and I’m going to stick it out with them for a while longer. I still haven’t figured out how to change my subscription to yearly from monthly. Maybe, I should just call them, huh?


Man…allure is really just playing games these days huh?
Having one really good box every 6 months just to disappoint the other 5.
And I’m on annual so I’m on this train for the long haul.

H-Haha..looking like a skip for me 🙁


Seriously! I am glad we know the spoilers in advance so we can opt to skip a box. This one is not calling out to me.


Totally agree with what you said. Like I just posted about beautyfix, I need anything moisturizer like I need a hole in my head lol.


I meant to say ANOTHER ughhhhhhhh


AC- Many companies design their website or even pay google so that the top search results are places to buy and glowing reviews.


The face moisturizer has great reviews online. I’m excited to try it.
I wish I could skip the eye shadow palette as I have 2 awesome palettes on my life and barely touch though. How much eye shadow can I person go through? (I’m genuinely curious.)


You have only 2 eyeshadow pallets? You’re kidding right?!!! 😲 i have like a ton and of course i don’t use them all… WOW just a little shocked that’s it …

Tiffany Nicole

I have over a 100 eyeshadow palettes at this point and almost wish I didn’t. I don’t use 75% of them regularly and I spent a lot of money on them. I do wear eyeshadow everyday though and love playing around with new palettes. Im still constantly buying more because I do love them so much. It just gets overwhelming having so many. Only having 2 or maybe 10 (if im being realistic for myself) would be nice. I do prefer picking them out myself opposed to getting them in my sub boxes though


Wow, the only thing I’m excited about is the akar. I looked up the face moisturizer and the website says the scent is Coriander Seeds, Marjoram, and Bay Laurel, which doesn’t sound appealing to me at all, especially since one of the reviews said the scent was quite strong. Plus, I will not be pleased if the eyeliner and palette are both considered full-sized items. I’m really tempted pass on this box


The eyeliner will be because it basically is.

The Maapilim is the travel size.


Maapilim is counted as full size along with the akar and cargo eyeliner. Allure’s site has the full April list and says so.

Tiffany Nicole

Is that a well known brand (Maapilim) ? I’ve never heard of it before


It’s a men’s skincare line, I have gotten samples in Men’s Birchbox a few times. Looks like Bb, Ipsy and Amazon are the only 3rd party sellers. The particular product we are getting was irritating to my son’s skin. Everyone has different sensitivities so always check the ingredients. I will be saving this item for a Father’s Day basket, my Dad splashed Old Spice on his face for 50 years so I think he will tolerate and enjoy this well. I hope you all find something in one of your boxes this month that you love!


My dad used Old Spice, too.


It’s also at Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus


Maybe it’s
My Palm to My Face? Thats how i read the name. 😀


It’s a Hebrew word related to immigration. They named the company after the street their office is on. That’s all.


Copying and pasting the product into Google would have answered your question and taken less time than typing out your comment.


And just not saying anything at all would’ve taken less time than typing out a rude comment.


Asking for a personal experience from people who share the same passions is absolutely not equivalent to pasting a question into google, whereto can be bombarded by ads and paid placements, thank you very much. What do you think this page is for exactly?


AC, if you don’t want to see this type of post, leave the community. We don’t need trolls.


Whether a brand is well-known or not necessarily depends on a group of people’s familiarity with it (for example, a group of people who follow this site), and not whether it is located in a google search.

Beth Ellen

Is this not supposed to be a community where people share their personal experiences? Your negativity is really off-putting.

Tiffany Nicole

Was that really a necessary reply AC? I’m not sure why you chose to be rude for absolutely no reason but that says a lot about you. This post is about that product being spoiled for the April box so it is perfectly reasonable that I ask that question here. You on the other hand took the time to comment something unnecessarily rude to a perfect stranger which doesn’t seem very reasonable. I hope your day gets better because it must be going pretty bad already for you to have that attitude about something so insignificant that didn’t concern or hurt you at all.


This is an Israeli brand. I don’t know anything negative about it. Not Scandinavian (IKEA)-related.

Gina M.

It seems like they are mostly on the men’s grooming side, but I guess they are trying to reach out to women?

Beth Ellen

Sounds like it’s from IKEA. They better not call this komplet size unless it comes with an allen key.

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Our reviewers research, test, and recommend the best subscriptions and products independently; click to learn more about our editorial guidelines. We may receive commissions on purchases made through links on our site.