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We have a new spoiler for the April 2021 Allure Beauty Box!

FYI – If you sign up now, March will be your first box. Check out the March spoilers here.

If you aren’t familiar with Allure Beauty Box, it is a $23-a-month beauty subscription that was named one of the Best Women’s Subscription Boxes and one of the Best Beauty Subscription Boxes by MSA readers in the 2021 Subscription Box Awards. Sample sizes are usually good (typically at least three or more full-size items per box), and Allure does a great job of including new brands + products.

The April Allure Beauty Box will include:

Dorado Beach

Pfeiffer Beach

Black Sea

Cargo Cosmetics Swimmables Eye Liner Pencil in Black Sea, Pfeiffer Beach, OR Dorado Beach


Akar Restore Eye Serum (Full Size) – $85 Value

What do you think of the spoiler?

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  • Clarins Total Eye Lift

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Allure Beauty Box is $23 a month. Check out our Allure Beauty Box Reviews to see what you can expect from this beauty subscription box!

Allure Beauty Box

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Comments (73)

  1. I got the mustard liner. It’s even more awful in person. They had such a good box last month. This one is by far worste EVER.

  2. In need of more spoilers.

  3. So, people currently passing on the April box, what third spoiler item would change your mind for you to keep this box?

    For me, only something exciting like a Melt blushlight or a dependable staple like Kate Somerville could possibly sway me!

  4. I keep coming back to see if there are more spoilers. I’m wondering why they aren’t posting more?

    I am excited about the Akar eye serum though. I love that it is full size. I love eye serums because I layer them with eye creams. And I am new to Akar & want to try their brand – should be decent for $85. Has anyone ever used it??

  5. The Cargo blushes were my holy grail for some time, so am fine with the eyeliner! But hope to god it’s not a black one… I’ll take the mustard and brown ones with relish lol.

    Hoping for a decent primer or blush. Anything but hairspray would satisfy me tbh.

  6. I can’t wait for the full spoilers to see if I need to call and skip again. Why do they keep it to themselves till the end of the month… i am so upset with the past boxes and I still have 8 to go through till my annual runs out. Ugh…

    • Not even the end of month, they won’t release the full spoiler until the 1st of next month. That was the case for the past few months. Allure is in a serious mess right now.
      I was unhappy about the recent boxes and skipped too often, I got 10 to go until I use up annual🤦🏻‍♀️

  7. Or the Dorado beach I would take that one too

  8. Am I the only one who has had this experience? My allure box was delivered to a completely incorrect address in a different city. It shows on the tracking info. I contacted Allure about the delivery error and they said I have to contact USPS directly?!? It seems like they should handle this and send me another box. What do you all think?

    • After double-checking your address that you entered with them and assuming it is correct? It is 100% their problem and NOT yours!

      • Yeah, I started getting boxes (correctly delivered to my address) in October.

    • USPS recycles tracking numbers so check the date on that, if it’s from a couple of months ago it just hasn’t been scanned in the system. It’s also possible there was a system error and you got sent the wrong tracking number, or that somewhere in the postal system the package was incorrectly scanned as delivered instead of arriving at a particular sorting center. Basically there are a lot of ways to get that status even if it is still on the way to you.

  9. So I did get the lock in rate but am I the only one who’s still happy with allure lol. I was not happy with the increase either but I always get very happy when my beauty box arrives each month I can’t see myself not getting it. But I do wish we got to customize our boxes a little bit. It would help keep customers happy

    • Me! I’m excited for the eye serum

  10. The eyeliners looks bad and have too many serums I can’t even give them all away. So far, this box looks like a pass.

    • I’m always running out of serums, I use about three everyday and three every night as I layer them. Then I also use them down my neck and upper chest. It seems I’m always searching and acquiring as many as I can. Also this is an eye serum and not a face one so maybe you could use it?

  11. Wow so excited I could fart zzz

  12. On the Cargo website, the Dorado Beach eyeliner looks like a dark gold, maybe even slightly copper. I’d prefer to get that or Pfeiffer Beach instead of the boring black one. Have to see what comes in the Amazon version. It also doesn’t twist up, but has to be sharpened. Why does any company even make an eye or lip product anymore that has to be sharpened? Ugh.

    • I prefer the eyeliners that require sharpening. I always wind up breaking the tips off numerous times on twist ups.

      • Same here; I prefer ones that need sharpening.

  13. Based on the comments, I see that AKAR serum may be getting overlooked. Allure sent the toner in a previous box and is even better than my beloved SK Essence. I literaly see the difference the days I skip it and now this eye serum…I may be in trouble…🤦🏽‍♀️

    • Thank you for mentioning SK Essence. Have a 1 oz bottle here and thinking eh because I know nothing about. Now I will use it for sure since you like it so much.

      • Omgosh, wash your face, let it air dry a bit taking all the water into your skin, add your fave toner, though some toners work better than others with it so you will def want to experiment the outcomes with different toners or none at all. Then add the essence (to your face, neck, back of the neck, behind and in front of your ears and décolleté) in a patting upwards motion…and watch your skin glow! It’s so relaxing I sometimes add a second round of it once it air dries, but once is enough. Working from home you can spray spf or leave it as is. In the evenings I’d follow it with your fave serum, moisturizer/oil mix and wake up like a princess! I still remember my first time using it, such a Holy Grail, so happy for ya….🤗😝🤗 OK, I’ll shut up now. ☺ Good luck! 😘

  14. As a mature woman I love the fact that Allure provides so many skin care products !

    • I completely agree. I love all the skin care, it saves me a ton of $$ not having to purchase products on my own and I’m introduced to new brands and products that I wouldn’t have known about otherwise.

    • Even though I am in my 20s I love how it’s skincare focused because how much make up does one person really did. I like how allure has more “useful” products in it. Then other subscriptions I’ve seen

  15. A liner what a lame spoiler they need to stop with the eye liner nobody gets excited over those allure what r u doing with yourself u raise the price but the products get worse and u keep up the price trend but no choice no rewards why should we stay subscribed to allure?? Can anyone give any reasons why u guys love allure?

    • Maybe not love, but hope it will get better.

      • I’m losing hope with allure will it ever get better I used to love allure

    • I get excited about eyeliners — as long as they aren’t black. It sounds like lots of other people do too.

      • I use a black liner every time I do my makeup but we got one for this month so maybe skip a month or 2

    • I got allure for the lock-in rate so I feel like I can’t complain. Since the price is now 23 they are competing with Ipsy plus and boxycharm. I guess I’m just a sucker for subscription boxes since I love surprises and gets me excited for the next month. At first when I heard about the jump in price I did lock in my rate and didn’t think I was going to get Allure once my year is up. But I feel like there finally starting to step up there game so I have a feeling I’ll be repurchasing another year. 😊 this month we got a $155 serum and the other month we got a $144 exfoliate.

      • I’ll be waiting for a lock in your old rate special. The up front yearly would be just to much all at once, then I can just pick the ones I really want. I’m happy with the old price but I might be to critical if I paid alot

      • Allyre has an option to pick stuff? I thought it was only same stuff for everyone.

  16. Variations we cannot choose again…Maybe I’m a minority here but I don’t want any colour other than black. That’s more than 66% of chance I get what I don’t want. Eye serum isn’t particularly appealing to me cause I have too many samples sitting on my drawer, and I already have a favourite high end eye cream. I might have to skip again.
    Now I regret I skipped March, March box wasn’t good but there are at least 1 or two samples I can use. If I have to skip this often, I’d never finish a year subscription until I die. At this point, I just want to get whatever I paid for and get over with Allure. I will never renew again. I’m done with Allure. Ever since October last year, the box got much worse except for Feb.

    • I think a lot of people are in the 66% boat.

      I would love the purple. I agree that this random variation thing is not the best way. I remember that there was one time where we could choose our variant. I don’t know why that was never done again, unless it was because subscribers chose one color more than the others and they had to adjust their purchase.

  17. I love the brand Cargo… they stopped making Pebble Beach shade in Swimmables and I purchased about 7 pencils and use for brow… why they never got “swimmables” in the brow game is beyond me. I know they offer a brow kit with wax but the pencil is EVERYTHING! I’m gonna have the sads when I have to find a replacement product because even though I try new stuff … nothing beats them.

    • My first experience with Cargo was poor (a cream highlighter that didn’t work well,) and my second was an eyeshadow shade I would never wear (dark steel) so I regifted it to someone who liked smokey eyes. So I always sort of wrote Cargo off in my head as a meh brand. I’m glad to hear you like them and the pencils work, so I won’t pre-judge the eye liners. 🙂

  18. I’m okay with this and I don’t think I’ve ever tried any makeup by Cargo before. Hopefully they really are good quality but I am pretty loyal to the UD 24/7 eyeliners. I’ll be very disappointed if I get the black though because I just got a new black from UD lol. I heard the last eyeliner Allure put in their boxes wasn’t so great though so we shall see.

    • I like Cargo eyeliner! It’s one of my favorites! IMO it stays on better than UD.

      • Agree. The UD 24/7 was a joke in my opinion and didn’t stay put at all.

  19. Here’s to hoping I too get the purple eye pencil. The green is an odd choice to give anyone and I really don’t need another black to sit on in a drawer with the four other unused eye pencils I’ve received in subscription boxes over the past year.

    • I have green eyes and always used black pencil or liner until I got a few diff colors in a Julep box. Nice change! Plum, silvery grey, dk brown were all good ones esp the plum.

      This is why this is my fav place to learn about makeup and skincare. No sisters or friends or Mom who were into makeup when I was growing up. Between the box reviews and so many helpful comments I really appreciate my box chickies!

  20. Those Cargo eyeliners are good I’d use them except the puke 🤮 green one. I still love Allure’s boxes feb was fantastic with that amazing hair cream by Christoph Robin. I skipped March and ordered a second den box instead.

    • I meant a second February box instead because March box sucked in my opinion.

    • It’s not “puke green,” it’s a metallic gold, described as a “bronze” on their wesite. Your monitor might be off.

  21. I’m pretty excited about the eyeliner. I received a purple liner from Allure last year and loved it. I don’t buy liner for myself, as I don’t wear it often. But I’ll gladly take one from Allure.

    • Man I couldn’t get any color pay off from that purple eyeliner! Glad it worked for you.

      • I use it as a touch up eyeliner to my UD empire shade. I can’t get that last Allure to stay on by itself.

      • Mine was so hard I couldn’t use it!

      • I actually like that it is a lighter purple shade. I have so many pigmented purples but it is hard to find one that is darker purple but not super intense. I like to smudge it out under my eyes and make a smudged out wing. Looks great with my green eyes.

  22. Oh, good, we’re doing variations again.

    The inly one I want is Pfeiffer Beach. The item is $18, so if I get one of the other shades buying the color I want isn’t impossible, just annoying.

  23. I am sure they are going to count this as one of the full size items. Eye roll.

    • Well, yeah. They seem to announce the full sizes first, then we find out what the random fill-in is on the first of the month.

      I don’t know why they’re being so coy, unless one of the higher-ups think the drama is good for sales.

      • I think it reduces the number of people skipping boxes when they release the last spoiler on the first of the month

  24. Different colors! Fun. I am happy with the first spoiler. I hope there is something unique coming up. I ordered my nail stickers from January box last week and they are coming this week. Excited to try them.

  25. I wonder which variation Amazon will get. I’m guessing the black one, but I would really like the Pfeiffer Beach.

    • If Amazon’s has Pheiffer Beach, I will get this box. 🙂

  26. I think I’m about to cancel. I actually did not like the last 2 boxes and it’s just getting worse.

  27. yay! Something other than black eyeliner! Until I get the black eyeliner instead of the other colors <3

    • LOL!

  28. Does the Arak go on before or after your eye cream? It’s a serum, but it’s an oil, I’m confused

  29. That’s nice and boring 🙁 I’m already covered on all of these shades

  30. I know that I like the formula of these, because Birchbox was sending them out years ago (like I haven’t even had a Birchbox subscription since they ended the points for all your reviews thing). However, I also haven’t worn makeup in almost a year and I’m not sure these colors are good for me.

  31. I already have two eyeliners that I barely use lol.

  32. I don’t know how I feel about this spoiler. I’m mostly “meh” since I’ve no use for new brown/ black eye pencils, and the fact that there are variations also doesn’t help. I’m pretty sure many people are bored with black and brown, and many won’t use the gold/mustard colored eye pencil. I think allure should find a way to let people customize.

    • Pfeiffer Beach is actually an eggplant shade. I already own it, but it’s the only shade that I want🤪

      • Thank you for pointing that out! I was thinking to save it for my mom, for when I’ll see her but, if I decide to not skip April and receive this shade, but it’ll go to one of my friends instead.

  33. Nobody’s going to get excited over an eyeliner. Hard to believe that’s not a well known fact by now.

    • Ahh, please don’t let me get the mustard liner. I can’t imagine anything uglier on my eyelid. I wonder if I can beg allure cs to give me brown or black.

    • i am !! I’m going to color in some of the little paint scrapes on my furniture . if i get black i can do the ones upstairs, and if i get brown, the thinking wayyy outside the box here. i really need to get out of this house for a bit 🤦‍♀️🙌

      • haha

    • I will if it’s the Pfeifer Beach one.

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