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Ipsy Glam Bag Plus February 2021 Choice Time!

It’s time to pick three of the items for your February 2021 Ipsy Glam Bag Plus! FYI – If you sign up for Glam Bag X – that will replace your Ipsy Glam Bag Plus for February. Check out the February Ipsy Glam Bag X choices here.

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus recently announced Ultra Personalization – subscribers will be able to choose 3 of their 5 full-size products every month! Choice will be open on the 2nd. You also have the option to skip Choice and let Ipsy choose all 5 items for you. You will also have access to Add-Ons on the 2nd.

FYI – Your product selection will be based on your profile and availability

At the bottom of the choice page, click “Confirm & Shop Add-Ons”. You also have the option to skip Choice and go straight to the Add-Ons. In that case, Ipsy will choose all your Glam Bag Plus products for you.

We do not have Ipsy Glam Bag Plus choice this month because we’re getting Ipsy Glam Bag X but we do have all the products Ipsy is sending in Glam Bag Plus this month:

Which product are you choosing for your February 2021 Ipsy Glam Bag Plus?

And if you are new to Ipsy Glam Bag Plus, it’s $25 a month. Check out our Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reviews to see what you can expect each month.

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus

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Comments (76)

  1. The tracking on my bag has been showing “En Route To DHL Ecommerce Distribution Center” for over a week now. I am wondering if it is lost or just slow. Has anyone else had this issue?

    • Same here. I usually get my bag around the 2nd week of the month, but this month has been different. My tracking hasn’t updated since Feb 4 – no idea where my bag is or if it is lost somewhere. Wanted to reach out to Ipsy but the app says to wait 15 business days before i contact them. I don’t mind the delay w covid and the weather, just wish i would get an update on where my bag is.

  2. I am so irritated. I just got my bag and the ABH foundation is missing. Emailed can and the only offered $5 refund. This is the only reason I got the bag this month. I sent another email stating this is not an acceptable solution and I am waiting for either a full refund with shipping it back or some better option. Ughhh.

  3. I really dislike press on nails as an option and I hope I never get a set in my GBP. Something they could include in the beauty quiz is whether or not you do your own nails or maybe how long or short you keep them. Assuming the algorithm works well at all it may keep people like me from having a spot in their bag wasted on the type of product I haven’t used since the 80s. I keep my nails very short and I pain them every weekend so I have zero need for something like this.

  4. It seems like alot of people are let down by not being offered the Maelle blush palette. Is there something about this company that I’m not aware of?
    I’ve never heard of them and couldn’t even find the palette to purchase online.

  5. Not my favorite bag but I’ll find some use out of some of the products:

    * BEAUTYSTAT Universal C Skin Refiner (ipsy choice)
    * THE CREME SHOP Ethereal Glow Ampoule Serum (ipsy choice)
    * TYNT BEAUTY Dew Balm (i wanted nothing in this category)
    * DR BRANDT SKINCARE Recovery Sleeping Mask (very excited for this)
    * WE ARE FLUID Brow Gel (I wanted nothing in this category and I don’t use brow gel but I at least have an alternate use for it…I use brow gel to tame my flyaways when I’m wearing a ponytail)

  6. Most disappointing bag ever. Almost all skincare and from brands I have NEVER heard of. I love serums but I must have 10 that are not even opened yet and you can only layer so many serums.

    Their choice: Beautystat Universal C Refiner, Callyssee Whipped Moisturizer. Never heard of either of those.

    My picks: Makeup Forever foundation (I have a feeling it will be too light but my other choices sucked) Tynt Beauty Dew Balm and Farah Brush set

    My options included fake nails, a weird lavender liquid eyeshadow and a 10 day supply of serum ampoules. How is that even a full size product?

    • Callyssee isn’t that bad of a brand. I got their cleanser scrub this month and even though it has coffee in the name it’s not coffee scented and it has a nice texture and light scent. I wouldn’t mind trying their moisturizer as long as it’s not pore clogging or oily.

  7. GB+ never caught my interest up until this month; I got really tempted by the spoilers and here’s my first bag:
    • F.A.R.A.H. Rendezvous Brush Trio (I was hoping to see that IT cosmetics hugging brush in there or in the choice options but nope);
    • Maёlle Beauty Sunkissed Blush Palette (I’m a blush addict, always receive lots of them in my GB and rate them highly, so not surprised and v excited to try this).

    My picks:
    • Mischo Beauty Nail Duo (love the lasting power of this nail polish brand);
    • Anastasia Beverly Hills foundation in 120W (I love luminous natural-looking foundations but I should have googled the shade before picking it, the 120w has warm undertones and probably wont fit my complexion. But I’ll play with it anyways);
    • About-face Matte fluid eye paint in Dionysus (I see many ppl are on the fence about it, however I’m totally sold on the adventurous shade, texture and packaging!).

    • Payot Hydra 24+ creme glacée (sounds like a decent rich moisturizer with nice ingredients, so I added it on both bags);
    • Raw Sugar Living Mini hand sanitizer in Watermelon (I like the brand and those little bamboo lids).

    Verdict: I’m going to cancel GB+ and stick to my regular bag because it’s enough for me. But that was a nice experiment and I got almost everything I was hoping for.

  8. I so wanted that pretty sun kissed palette but got another one instead. I had a really hard time picking from the choices which is heartbreaking. I went back and forth with the brush options and that was the only items i was ok about. I am more excited about my add-on which is why I asked if I could cancel my order. Maybe I’m just in beauty overload and I’m not excited at all. I use to be shocked at my glam bag plus months ago. 🙁

  9. If I reactivate Plus on Choice day (as in, today, haha) is there any chance I’d still get to personalize? This looks shockingly great.

    • You should be able to choose.

    • I did this in January (except earlier in the day on choice) and did NOT get to choose. They picked a great box though 🙂

  10. My bag this month is BOMB! Last month was pretty bad, so I’m happy:

    Ipsy’s picks:

    —MAELLE BEAUTY Sunkissed Blush Paletter (YESSSS! This was the one item I REALLY, REALLY wanted! It’s so gorgeous)

    —FARAH Rendevous Brush Trio (this is fine, I like brushes)

    My picks:
    —IT COSMETICS Skin Hugging Heavenly Foundation Brush(Yes! Also an item I was hoping for. Their flat foundation brush is my favorite, so I’m super happy to add this to the rotation)

    —BIMAIO Matte Ampoules (I didn’t want press on nails or the Anastasia foundation–not impressed by anything from this brand–so this was the best option. Intrigued to try them)

    —TOUCH IN SOL Velvet Lipstick in Seoul Rose (YAY! I missed this the last couple rounds, so happy to finally get it! This is one of those times when repeats are a good thing!)

    I’m so glad I didn’t get one of those about face liquid eyeshadows–they look hideous.

  11. Do they let u pick any 3things or is like fab fit fun? Lol. I would pick the makeup forever foundation, abh foundation and the It Cosmetics brush. I LOVE their brushes!!!!!!!

    • Not everyone gets the same picks. You get 3 to 5 in each category of each of your 3 picks. Does that make sense?

      • I didn’t know that not everyone gets the same pick choices! That changes things for me a bit I think. What’s annoying to me is that the choices I was offered are things that I have selected as “rarely” on my profile so it was a bunch of stuff I would never pick plus one thing I already had.

    • It’s actually worse than FFF, lol. With FFF, theoretically, all the choices for all the categories are available until they sell out.

      Ipsy only guarantees you the choice of 4 items per category, but they control which items you can pick from. So some of those really good spoiler items they put out, you never have a chance of getting.

      • Yes so true. I thought I got punked. Booooooo

    • Those 3 items is exactly what I picked!!! And I really really wanted the nabla mascara

      • Nice Glenda, u have good taste!!!! 😉😝😁.

  12. Ipsy Picks:
    Goldfaden moisturizer 🙂
    Beautystat serum 😍

    My Picks:
    We are Fluide brow gel 😍
    Benton foam cleanser 🙂
    Ahava hand cream 😍

    This was a solid bag for me! I love getting skincare in Ipsy. My husband and I love trying new products together and I haven’t used any of these yet! I also bought an additional 7 add-ons 😅

    Add-ons: hair oil (basically a postpartum hair pick me up for me)

    Sophia + Mabelle lip oil (lip product addict)

    YC powder in #117 (gimme all the powder)

    Illuminati Consmetics quad in Secret Society (love the cool tones!)

    Banila Co. cleansing balm (loved the one I got in pop up. The best at getting all my eye makeup off in seconds)

    Benefit cosmetics mascara (yay mini mascara!!)

    FAB oil-control moisturizer (really hope this works as I have combo skin with an awful t-zone)

  13. Plus continues to be outstanding! Love my bag. I wasn’t exactly thrilled that Ipsy threw in a bag variation after spoiling just the red flap close bag.

    • Bag variation for regular glambag.

  14. I am thrilled with this month’s selection. I’m super happy with all of the items I’m getting.

    Ipsy’s choice for me: Goldfaden MD moisturizer & Maelle Beauty blush palette (yay!!).

    My three choices: Dr. Brandt sleeping mask, ABH foundation in 120W and Touch in Sol lipstick in Seoul Rose.

    • Great bag!

  15. I am happy – with the pick:
    Ipsy picks- BEAUTYSTAT Universal C Skin Refiner- I feel like I should be adding Vit C to my routine so this is a nice pick. CALLYSSEE Whipped Moisturizing Cream-I wouldn’t have picked but not bad.

    My picks-FIRST AID BEAUTY Pure Skin Gentle Foaming Face Cleanser with Amino Acids-I was hoping for a cleanser pick & like First Aid Beauty.
    ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS Luminous Foundation in 140N- Wanted to try this so great pick for me.
    TOUCH IN SOL Pretty Filter Soul Velvet Lipstick in Seoul Rose-the only thing I really wanted when I saw the spoilers- so this makes me happy.

    Add ons -ALTERNA HAIRCARE Sea Salt Spray & Invisible Roller Spray Bundle-I love Alterna and the Roller Spray is something I use and have wanted to try the Sea Spray-super great price.
    KATE SOMERVILLE Goat Milk Cleanser-I am almost out of Cleansers and have been wanting to try another one of her products.

    I also love this month’s Bag, I love the drawstring bags.


  16. Hello,

    This is my first month to choose and buy add ons
    But the app crashed as soon as I was going through the add ons page

    Does anyone know if we are able to access it again or are we not able to?


    • Yes! Go back into the app and click the choice banner! It should lead you back though. If it keeps crashing, make sure your app is updated.

      • Thank you 🙂

        Sadly various items were sold out oh well.

        This was my first month…it was alright not too bad. I don’t know anymore. Wish we could pick three items from all the items they have rather than being told which ones we can pick from

        Ipsy chose these two items for me:

        BEAUTYSTAT Universal C Skin Refiner (has anyone tried it?)
        CALLYSSEE Whipped Moisturizing Cream for Normal to Dry Skin

        Then I chose these three items:

        AHAVA Mineral Hand Cream in Cactus Pink Pepper (love AHAVA lotions they are the best)
        ABOUT-FACE MATTE FLUID EYE PAINT in CLONED (really love Halsey’s music so excited to try this from her brand)
        ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS Luminous Foundation in 360N (I truly hope this color works, I couldn’t find swatches of this specific color)

  17. Last month, I hated my box, but this month it’s my favorite yet!

    I was able to choose two different foundations in two different categories, which I’m excited about because I’m looking for a favorite liquid foundation.
    I also choose a couple of makeup brushes in my third category which is timely because I’m replacing all my brushes right now.
    Ipsy chose two skincare items for me that I was hoping for (a vitamin C serum and a moisturizer). Couldn’t be happier!

  18. I went with X. Got $410 worth of things I will actually use and are all names I usually buy. I’m cancelling my little glam bag, though. It’s been terrible since I resubbed to it. I get nothing I’ll use in that. I dont like plus, at all. I want to keep just the x if that was possible but I’m not sure I can do that.

    • You can’t and you may not have noticed but half the choices for X were also in Plus. You basically got a palette and mascara upgrade. They are pretty darn similar, just more items in X.

      • My observation as well. I got several items in my Plus that were also offered in X. So glad I opted out of X.

      • There was also the Patrick Ta Blush and Brow wax and at least 2 items in each choice category that were not offered in plus. In my opinion it was worth it and offered a much better variety than I’ve ever seen in plus.

  19. I am so disappointed in my Plus–it’s horrible this month and virtually a clone of all the same product types as my [also horrible] classic glam bag: facial moisturizer, brushes, serum, black mascara, more brown eyeshadow.

    My choice categories has next to no makeup and no color but brown. I keep telling Ipsy to stop it, but they don’t listen. Tried the survey in the confirmation email a month or so ago, but that didn’t seem to have any impact either.

    I got: Farah brush set, Goldfaden MD face moisturizer (their products are o.k., but I don’t see better performance than many other brands), Vitabrid C12 face serum (never heard of this, but I’ll try it; don’t really need more serums right now), black mascara and I actually had to resort to that darn Halsey cream eyeshadow because the other choices in that group were even worse.

    Not impressed with next month’s spoilers or with the bag designs so I’m gonna sit next month out.

    • Yes – next month looks really bad

  20. I’m actually happy this month, lol. I had resolved not to get the Anastasia foundation when the shade spoilers came out & I checked swatches & saw that none would work for me, but then that category’s choices were abysmal (for me). Maybe I can trade it? I haven’t swapped in forever, though.

    Ipsy chose for me:
    – Goldfaden Vital Boost moisturizer 🥰
    – Crème Shop glow oil 🙂

    Category 1:
    – MUFE foundation (too warm for me)
    – Mischo polish duo (my choice! 😘)
    – it Cosmetics brush
    – Dr Brandt sleeping mask (repeat)
    – Ahava hand cream
    – Hynt liner

    Category 2:
    – ABH foundation (too warm for me, still chose it!)
    – Tynt Dew balm
    – Bimaio ampoules
    – Benton cleanser

    Category 3:
    – About Face eye paint in Dionysus (Choice! 😘)
    – FARAH brush

    • Oops accidentally hit post!
      Category 3:
      – About Face eye paint in Dionysus (choice)
      – FARAH brush duo
      – Marmalade nails press-ons
      – Violet Voss lip gloss

  21. I am happy with my bag this month, choices was a little disappointing on the third pick.
    Ipsy picked FARAH Brush Trio only thing I didn’t need having 35 brushes already,
    Gold Faden MD moisturizer, very happy they put this in
    My picks, Ahava hand cream, with washing my hands constantly I need this
    Benton cleansing foam
    About face eye paint in the bubble gum pink it was either this or lipstick that I never wear or mascara I have tons of ,or a liquid eyeliner I never wear and some eyeshadow palettes I didn’t care for the colors.
    I would of like the pretty blush palette but it wasn’t even offered to me or in add ons. I believe I can pull off the pink eye paint. Maybe it’s not Vegan or cruelty free and ipsy knows I won’t touch anything that is not!
    I got some great add ons also 😊

  22. I’m a total skincare addict especially in the face of the pandemic.

    My bag Ipsy chose :
    Ahava night replenisher
    Vasanti Miracle Mask

    I chose:
    Touch in Sol Lipstick
    Dr Brandt Sleep mask
    Bimaio Ampoules

    I really love night creams in the winter and the vasanti is likely similar to the origins and glam glow clay masks I like to use on breakouts. I’ll admit though that the brushes were tempting picks, but I know I have enough good ones already. I wasn’t into any foundation right now since I’m half covered by a mask anyway. Overall though I’m quite happy.

  23. I’m really glad that I skipped because I’m on product overload and need to use what I own, but even better I was able to add the makeup forever foundation in add-ons and I just finished my samples that I’ve had over the years from ipsy. it’s definitely one of my favorite foundations and I was just thinking how there’s no way I wanted to pay full price.

  24. I’m pretty happy this month even though they chose 2 products I was initially bummed about.
    They chose:

    AHAVA Night Replenisher (Great brand and I haven’t tried this particular product in the line.)
    BDB Best Brow Tool Kit. (I knew they would get around to giving this to me eventually so now it’s out of the way.)

    I chose

    Anastasia BH foundation in 320N (Happy to try and it looks like a good color for me to make work.)
    F.A.R.A.H brush duo. (Best option in the category and I love good foundation brushes.)
    MAKE UP FOREVER HD Foundation. (I’ve never tried this brand but it was the best choice in the group.)

    ADD ONS:
    F.A.R.A,H flat foundation brush
    Raw Sugar Watermelon hand sanitizer
    Naked Cosmetics Vanilla Creme lip scrub
    Banila Co cleansing balm (Excited to try the brand after seeing such great reviews for years now.)
    Design Me Hair serum

    For those who wonder about this sort of thing my bag total supposedly came to $284.

  25. For all of you not liking customization? Once you get your confirmation email, scroll to the bottom, and click on that survey and fill it out. Mine had high value this month but nothing but skincare.

    • I just did this—thanks for the tip! I would’ve never paid attention to that survey link, but I will do it EVERY month now. How can IPSY get better if we don’t tell them what we like and don’t like?

    • I didn’t get an email but my selections are confirmed.

    • Thanks for the information. I never noticed this at the end of the confirmation email. I left a pretty scathing review. Hopefully it helps because it can’t get any worse.

    • I have never gotten a monthly confirmation at all. The only confirmations I get are when I order extras. Hrm….

  26. I’m pretty happy this month!

    IPSY’s choice:
    * GOLDFADEN MD – Vital Boost Moisturizer (Very excited about this as I’ve been happy with all Goldfaden products I have received)
    * THE CREME SHOP – Ethereal Glow Ampoule Serum (Looks nice, but I probably won’t use it on my face due to the oil.)

    My Choice:
    * AHAVA – Mineral Hand Cream in Cactus Pink Pepper (I love their hand creams, and my hands have been sad lately.)
    * ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS – Foundation in 120W. (Not sure this will be a great shade for me, but I want to try it)
    * TOUCH IN SOL – Seoul Rose lipstick. (I wanted to buy this with points, but am in a vicious cycle where the points expire at the same amount they are being added so I’m continuously 120 away from 1200. HATE their “rewards” program)


    Other items in choice 1:
    Make Up forever Foundation Y218 (I’ve used this before and it is fine, but not amazing for my skin)
    Glow on 5th – Buy Bye Puffy Eyes
    Vitabrid C12 – Vitamin C drops
    Complex Culture – Angled foundation brush
    Tynt Beauty – Phantom Liner in Black

    Other items in choice 2:
    Bimaio – Matte rescue ampoule set
    Tynt Beauty – Dew Balm
    Benton- Deep Green Tea Cleanser

    Other items in choice 3:
    Violet Voss – Lip gloss is Love in Paris
    We Are Fluide – Clear brow gel
    FARAH – Rendezvous brush set

  27. My selections were very limited and I ended up with 2 foundations as my choice because there was nothing else even remotely appealing. My third choice was fake nails if that gives you any indication of what I had to choose from. I signed up to because I was interested in a couple of the spoilers and got none of them or even a choice to get them or add them on.

    • Same same same. I feel your pain and you feel mine for sure. I was excited but my choices were a huge let down.

  28. I stayed with Josh to get the Beauty Stat and Dr. Brandt mask and got one picked for me and the other as choice. I also got the Farah brushes. The other 2 products I don’t know if I will use but this was a good box.

  29. December and January bags were extremely disappointing for me but I stayed for Feb since I really wanted the IT cosmetics brush which I would def. pay $25 for. I got it! If all other products were awful I’d still be okay but guess what? the other products are great too!

    Ipsy chose for me:
    MAËLLE BEAUTy Sunkissed Blush Palette
    AHAVA Night Replenisher for Normal to Dry Skin

    I chose:
    IT COSMETICS Heavenly Skin Skin-Hugging Foundation Brush #707
    ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS Luminous Foundation in 320N (this is def. my shade)
    F.A.R.A.H Rendezvous Brush Set (not a lot to choose from in this last category, 2 sets of brushes, a lip gloss, press on nails)

    I added on a FAB moisturizer and some satin scrunchies. What a great box this month.

  30. I’m happy with my bag this month. Ipsy chose goldfadden moisturizer (love) and Shaina b blush palette (fine). I chose the brandt biotic mask (super excited, great reviews), Anastasia foundation 140 (not great reviews, but the best pick from my options), and about face eye paint in cloned (looks like not a great color for me, but I’ll try it). I added on the karmela lipstick in bitten because I love anything lip.
    I feel like gbp is consistently on of for me– great one month, horrible the next. This month continues the cycle. At least it’s an on month.

  31. Well, I didn’t get to pick from a lot of these items…cheating is what its called….I’m cancelling after this…and I have 3 they will loose a lot of money from me…

    • No one cheated you.

  32. I really like my bag.

    Goldfaden MD moisturizer
    Dr. Brandt Recovery Mask (love this stuff)
    Touch in Sol
    Naked Cosmetics loose pigments (not my favorite thing but not a great category for me)

  33. I have a stellar month and I’m super-thrilled. They picked the Ahava night replenisher and the Creme Shop serum (they claim it’s a serum, I suspect it’s a face oil, unfortunately). I picked:

    Ahava hand cream (I had asked the ipsy gods for a hand cream)
    ABH foundation (a spoiler item I was hoping for, and the shade looks great for a fit)
    Touch in Sol lipstick in Seoul Rose (another spoiler item I was really hoping for)

    Added a 111Skin serum that I love and am always thrilled to get for $18.

    Such a happy start to my day!!!! Hoping everything turns out well for all of you ladies. Makeup makes us happy.

  34. I’m very happy with my bag.
    Ipsy chose:
    -F.A.R.A.H Rendezvous brush trio
    -Maelle Beauty Sunkissed blush palette (yay! I really wanted this blush)
    I chose:
    -Dr. Brandt Hydro Biotic Sleeping mask
    -ABH foundation in 140N shade
    -About Face Eye Paint in “Cloned”

    • That’s a great bag 🙂

    • I would have loved your bag. You got everything I wanted.

  35. After seeing the choices I’m a little disappointed in my choice items. It was all moisturizer and brushes. I usually would love those options but I’d love some different products like the Maelle Blush I was really hoping for. I literally had to choose 3 moisturizers and two sets of brushes.. Best part is when I finished my choices the app glitched and now I can’t do addons lol.

    • That happened to me with the add ons but then I received an email from Ipsy telling me to finish my bag. Once I clicked on it, it took me to add ons.

    • I’m in the exact same boat. I was really excited about the blush and had also been eyeing the BeautyStat serum, but literally am walking away with a bag of moisturizers. I’m especially disappointed because this was my first Ipsy choice and may well be my last.

    • Me too!!! Moisturizers , face wash and brushes!!! Go figure… But after this I decided on skipping for a few months – only due to complete product overload! Bums me out a bit as I always look forward to receiving Ipsy and consider it a little “treat” via mail 🥰

    • Same here! I have skipped plus for months now trying to save money and I saw that Maelle Blush palette and wanted it so bad, but it was nowhere to be seen. I am almost so sad about it but the ABH foundation kinda makes up for it, paired with the IT foundation brush. I can’t be too mad but still….i also got the Beautystat and the Callysee moisturizer with coconut oil which is terribly comedogenic and isn’t great for my oily skin. I’m a little scared to even try it after all the work I’ve done getting rid of my blackheads. Finished with the liquid eyeshadow in cloned. Man, I wanted that blush 😭

  36. I changed my box to a “skincare box” because I really wanted the Dr. Brandt mask. I DEFINITELY got a skincare box and I don’t mind at all! I got:

    Goldfaden MD moisturizer (Ipsy pick)
    Vasanti detox mask (Ipsy pick)
    Dr. Brandt hydrobiotic mask
    Benton green tea cleanser
    Marmalade nails – iffy on this one but no better choices in this category

    Overall I am super happy! Would have loved the beautiful touch in sol lipstick but that wasn’t an option. I hope everyone loved their bag.

    • That’s a good bag.
      I bought the Benton Green Tea cleanser with their lotion in one of their daily sales and I love it. I think you will too. I actually like them so much I bought a couple more items from the Benton line via Amazon. I like that it’s affordable but great skincare.
      I received the Dr. Brandt recovery mask previously and it’s also a really nice product in their line.
      I’m sorry you didn’t get the Touch N Sol option. It was available for me but I chose foundation instead.

      • Page, thanks for the info! I’m looking forward to the cleanser even more now.

    • How do you change to a skincare box ? Or are you saying from your profile ? I was hoping to get the dr. Brandt mask but I didn’t . I’m thinking it’s because I had no mask on my profile but I didnt view this product as a mask but more of a deep moisturizer :/

      • Yep, I just decreased the frequency for makeup and upped the skincare. I have all sorts of masks set to often.

  37. The customization has been terrible for me the last few months. The items I would like to get as add ons aren’t even offered to me. I really wanted the blush palette but it wasn’t offered. I have blush marked to get often on my profile.

    • Same for me. I have blush marked always and it wasn’t a option so I was disappointed in that most definitely.

    • The same thing was happening to me – I took a chance and upgraded to Glam Bag X and turned out to be incredible this month and totally worth the extra $$. They picked 5 items for me (all great items) and I got t0 choose 2. Most of the items were not offered in plus and were higher end. They were offering a great mix of makeup, skin care, hair care and nail care. Its def the way to go every 3rd month.

      • I meant I got to choose 3 items.

  38. Is anyone else super happy with the bag this month?? I have been so disappointed for a few months and just underwhelmed with the products but this month I am pretty happy with the choices?

    I got some nice items and I redeemed during last month so I’ll get an extra item too. Pretty happy.

    This month I picked these items :
    1. Make up forever foundation in y218 (I normally use r230, and it’s my favorite so I thought I could try this one see if it’s lighter . I already know I love the foundation so I wonder if the shade would be a good one for me !)
    2. The Farah brush duo (wish I had the option to get the trio which had the large powder brush but this one is good too)
    3. Benton Green tea face cleanser (always on the hunt for face cleansers)
    IPsy choose for me:
    Ahava night replenisher
    Maelle blush palette
    And I redeemed for the naked cosmetics lip scrub last month.

    Overall I am pretty happy. What did you guys pick?

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