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CAUSEBOX Spring 2021 Box – Available Now + Spoilers

ByMSAFeb 23, 2021 | 63 comments

Alltrue (CAUSEBOX)
2.9 overall rating
313 Ratings | 151 Reviews

The Sprint 2021 Box from  CAUSEBOX is available now for $49.95 ($210 value!)

Into the spring of things. It’s heeeere. Introducing the Spring Box: a curation that has a little something for every budding warm-weather adventure. Up to a $325 value for just $49.95.

CAUSEBOX is a quarterly subscription box that features brands and items dedicated to doing good all over the world. Many featured brands donate a portion of proceeds to charities and/or may employ local artisans, use ethically-sourced goods, etc.

Subscribers will get to choose one of the following for their Spring 2021 box:

NIMBLE CHAMP Lite Portable Charger

Power on the go. This portable charger will give you two full phone charges, fast. Nimble is making tech more sustainable with their eco-friendly materials and one-for-one tech recovery project. A $49.95 value.


PALM + PERKINS Set of 4 Upcycled Napkins

Complementary patterns in cool tones. Made from cotton scraps and upcycled plastic water bottles, these Palm + Perkins napkins are perfect for your next picnic or family dinner night. A $38 value.


DIFF EYEWEAR Finn Sea Tortoise Blue Light Glasses

This year in particular, we’ve spent a lot of time on our digital devices. These glasses block out blue light, helping prevent blurry vision, reduce risk of headaches, and improve sleep. An $85 value.

Are you going to get this box?

Check out all of our CAUSEBOX reviews for more information about this subscription box!

Alltrue (formerly CAUSEBOX) is a seasonal lifestyle membership that unites a community of individuals who stand for good, seek truth, and take action. Every season, Alltrue members receive a curation of carefully vetted socially-conscious lifestyle products (from fashion and homewares to skincare an... read more.
At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.

At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.
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The charger for my kindle fire, and the tech organizer for my phone and accessories. I hope the other contents are more exciting though. I seem to remember that the early spoilers are usually pretty “meh”, and the latter are usually better. IIRC the pretty Pepper and Vetiver bowls were the last or second to the last spoilers given in the Summer 2020 box, and IMO they really made that box.


I received an email this week saying that they would be billing me for my annual renewal early (on 2/25), so I was really hoping they would have released more spoilers by this point. I wanted to see more of the box before deciding whether or not to renew, but I guess I will have to cancel tonight. 🙁

If I end up liking the box, do you think I will be able to sign back up or is there typically a waiting list for Causebox?


5200MaH is too low for me.

These napkins intrigue me and actually are great for my grey/blue decor


Second choice is up on site. Also appears to not be the hero item.


What is the second choice?


Found second choice.


Chose the tech organizer as I’ve been wanting one.


I picked the tech organizer too, this one looks like it has enough pockets and compartments. I am worried the phone slot looks a little thin, though. I guess I can put my phone in a pocket it it is.

I just got a cup, same brand, from the FFF add ons, and I own some stretch bands, so don’t need either.

Michele Mathes

Still waiting on my winter box. I remember why I had cancelled, and now regret spending the 200 dollars to resub again for an annual.

Darlene Lee Rich

I also was one of the last ones to get my Winter box. Not sure if it was due to getting the plus sized sweater or not. I have seen many complaints about boxes being torn, damamged looking, items missing from some of the earlier ones. Mine came in perfect condition. Although I was not thrilled at waiting so long for it especially since I had put my order in the first day, I found the items very nice. Hope you are more pleased with the new year. Mine also just got renewed. FabFitFun was another box that took forever for the Winter box to show. The Spring box arrived today and I loved my choices. Stay safe and well.


Once u get it you may be happy and change your mind. I got mine last week and it was worth the wait but I would’ve loved to have been able to wear the cardigan when it was cold (it’s really warm and now not cold where I live).

melissa c salem

Hey are the 4 napkins different style or do they send you 4 matching napkins?


Different styles


This is just one spoiler people! So many people are saying they are skipping, wish they didn’t subscribe, etc, but it’s only one spoiler of many. I mean, I never love every single item but I adore Causebox for their quality, customer service, value, uniqueness, and their cause. Causebox and BARKBOX have the best customer service I’ve seen in a sub and I’ve tried almost every single one.


They’re still a company profiting off of us, they’re not out here doing charity or saving the world. A lot of their products are bought from cheap Chinese suppliers, not exactly sustainable in the big picture despite their marketing.

Amy G

That’s a fair point that it’s just 1 item out of many, but when people are still waiting on the last box, it’s understandable they may be frustrated by anything less than amazing spoilers.


I’m glad others are excited about these choices, but these are all a miss for me. In my experience, the textiles choices haven’t held up at all. The throw and towels all became raggedy. The glasses are useless if you are a prescription user and I already own multiple chargers. I’d subscribe to be an annual for the choices, but I seriously received my Winter 2020 box LAST WEEK.

I really want to keep subscribing and be understanding of COVID issues, but the Causebox team isn’t making it easy. The spoilers are coming after the subscribe date. Boxes are consistently late. Add-on market orders are even later. The choice items all vary wildly in price and quality. I think I might have to cancel completely.


Add me to the column of those still awaiting the Winter Box. Like much of the country, we had a winter storm last week when FedEx drove or flew my box past my house to sit in Memphis for 10 days (and counting). I realize the last week is not Causebox fault. But I paid for the box on Dec 1. – 72 days before it shipped. I don’t know of another business model with a 10-week processing time. I’d hoped for the cloud wrap, but we are in Spring now with temperatures not expected to drop below 60 until next Fall.


I’m still waiting on my Winter box : /


Any idea when they charge for spring box? I signed up for winter intro box 2 and want more spoilers before deciding to stay or not.


They actually changed this and are charging on 25Feb2021 this time around. You will need to cancel today if you want to avoid getting charged for spring.


You will be charged for spring box on March 1 according to their customer service.


You are welcome! Unfortunately they usually don’t post all their spoilers before billing.


Oooh, that’s soon. I think I’ll cancel it now before I forget.

Amy in KC

I am super excited for the charger. I always need chargers, and these colors are cute. I hope I get yellow, but I’d be happy with any of them.

I also like the napkins. I’m surprised at several comments not liking the color. Blues in general are pretty popular and neutral, IMO!

As for the glasses, I’m SO glad I’m annual and can choose to NOT get these. I already wear contacts so I don’t have to wear glasses all day! Getting them would be a huge disappointment. I’m sure there’s legit science behind the whole “blue light protecting” thing, but I’m tired of seeing these (haha) in boxes. They seem like something that not everyone wants or needs, so it’s kind of risky to include them as a non-customizable option.


I asked my ophthalmologist what he thinks about these type of glasses and he told me there is actually no evidence that they provide a benefit. I do use the “nighttime” setting on all my screens/devices and my doctor said it should be enough, but sometimes I still find screens to be too bright, regardless. I have a pair of anti blue light glasses from a PSMH box and I find that they quench the brightness and kinda help. On the other side, those glasses are quite small for my face and not very comfortable.

I agree with you though, some items are really not suitable for everybody and people should be allowed to, at least, opt out.


This is a tough call for me but mostly because I don’t actually want or need any of these things.


I actually like them all. This will be a hard choice.


Tough customers on this site, based on the comments. I, for one, am delighted to see blue light glasses from a brand I trust in a style I like. So often blue light glasses are not to my taste. I love tortoise and will happily choose these cute, oversized-in-a-good-way glasses to wear on days when I’m in contacts.

Annie S.

I hope that I don’t get the glasses as I wear prescription lenses. I’d have to swap out the lenses in order to wear them.

I was puzzled as to why there was a soap dish in the box- then realized it was a charger.


FYI-there are usually cloth napkins in the add-on sale. I got some recycled denim ones that are pretty neutral in my opinion and have held up very well.


How do you skip boxes? Best news I’ve had all morning.


There’s not a option on the website but if you reach out to customer service and ask they will allow you to skip.


Nothing exciting. Makes me regret subscribing. I skipped last box. Hope future spoilers are better.


The charger is cute, but as a (prescription glasses1
-wearing) seasonal subscriber, I’d prob get those blue light glasses. And I don’t like causebox enough to spring for annual.


I feel the same way. I have two pair of the blue light glasses from previous subscription boxes that I have never worn. I wish Causebox would allow even one choice items for seasonal subscribers.


Mhm… if I had to choose wether to skip or not based on these spoilers, I’d skip. However, I’ll wait to see everything else. Nice box design though.


I am really happy with these three choices. The glasses are my pick, as they are something I could really use and they look cute too! But the charger is a really great alternative. The napkins are a great idea, but the color is really going to be hit or miss for people. I wish they had chosen some more neutral or even “generally spring-y” so that it would work for more people.


I so agree, a more neutral tone would have worked better.


I thought it was interesting that the colors so far are outside of the usual Causebox color scheme (aka muted greens, cream, grey…)


That was my thought too!


I totally agree about the napkins! I love cloth napkins, but these are way outside my normal color schemes… but since they’re mismatched, I could probably mix them with what I have & make them work?


I’m actually pretty excited about the napkins. Our household uses cloth napkins instead of paper towels/napkins, and it’s a really nice experience to sit down and eat using cloth napkins. It feels fancy, sustainable, and makes meals more pleasurable to put care into the whole presentation.


If I didn’t already own over fifty cloth napkins I’d consider them more, too. I’m curious how well they soak up water given their recycled plastic content.


Hmm, this might be hard to pick. Chargers are always useful (and my husband could maybe use another, so there’s that,) the napkins are OK, and the blue-blocking glasses might be useful on days I wear contacts, as I look at my phone and computer screen a lot. I’ve never loved the tortoiseshell pattern, but it would be an around the house thing, so wouldn’t matter.


I need the charger. That’s my choice.


Is the charger compatible with both iPhone and Android phones?


It has a standard usb-a port on the device. Should work with anything. Most portable chargers like that are made to work with a variety of devices you might need to charge in the go


Ok thanks

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Our reviewers research, test, and recommend the best subscriptions and products independently; click to learn more about our editorial guidelines. We may receive commissions on purchases made through links on our site.