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My Subscription Addiction
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The MSA Team’s Subscription Box Favorites for December 2020!

Christen Russo
ByChristen RussoJan 25, 2021 | 18 comments

Overall Favorites

Welcome to our monthly post highlighting our favorite discoveries from a variety of outdoors, beauty, food subscriptions – and more. Here are our favorite subscription box items from December 2020:

Lindsey’s Favorite:


The Item: Atlas Coffee Club’s Columbia La Plata

The Cost: $14 per shipment + $4.95 shipping

From: Atlas Coffee Club 

COUPON: Use code MSA50 to 50% off your first subscription purchase.

Why I love it: I’ve tried a fair number of coffee subscriptions in my day, and this one blew my socks off. First of all, Atlas is laser-focused in their approach: they only feature one coffee every month. They source their beans from high-quality micro-lots, and they’re committed to sustainability. Farmers are always paid a fair wage that’s above market value, which helps stabilize supply chains to ensure great beans will continue to be grown for years to come. I really appreciate this ethical approach, but for me, a coffee subscription is only ever as good as the coffee. And Atlas’ coffee is exceptional. The Columbia La Plata I received in my December shipment is some of the best I’ve had in months. The beans were perfectly roasted, and the flavor was awesome— smooth, subtly complex, a little bright, and just plain delicious. I finished the bag in record time, and I miss it already.

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Ragan’s Favorite:


The Item:  Blum Toasty Almonds, Cinnamon Spice

The Cost: Buy a 5-flavor variety pack for $31.96

From: Vegancuts Snack Box

COUPON: $40 off. No coupon needed - just use this link.

Why I love it: Although this was a little bit of work to prepare, it was kind of fun to shake the almonds in the container provided for microwaving.  These ended up being pretty tasty, too, and they were good the next day, which was nice – sometimes microwaved snacks are really *not* good the next day (like stale popcorn…) but this worked.  These would be good to put out at a family gathering once COVID-19 is under control, or maybe also for a movie night (though you probably don’t want to eat the whole container yourself – it’s like 6 servings).

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Megan’s Favorite:

The Item: Blüh Alchemy Active Relief Body Oil

The Cost: $68.00

From: Boxwalla Beauty

Why I love it: Where do I even start? The scent, the hydration, the way it makes my legs feel! This stuff is a dream. My legs break out when I use lotions, but oils have been a godsend. This one has a warm and earthy scent with notes of wood and holy basil. I love to use it right out of the shower and before bed and the fragrance is so relaxing.

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Carlos’s Favorite:


The Item: A Die Hard Christmas Book and Ornament

The Cost: $12.69 for the book (The Ornament is an exclusive)

From: Geek Fuel

Why I Love It: To settle it once and for all if Die Hard is a Christmas movie. Here is a holiday retelling of the movie’s plot to the tune of “’Twas the Night Before Christmas.” The book is pretty faithful to the movie. So beware, it’s not exactly a children’s book. Geek Fuel subscribers were also treated to an exclusive Christmas tree ornament of John McClain in an air vent.

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Becca’s Favorite: 

The Item: Entire Universal Yums Box, all contents

The Cost: $25

From: Universal Yums

Why I love it: We are Universal Yums obsessed in my house, and I love the variety of snacks from different countries that they send out in December. The pamphlet is filled with interesting facts and trivia, and it is an entire experience diving in and tasting the varying treats. We always look forward to receiving this box!

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Abby’s Favorite:

The Item: greenUP Box, all contents

The Cost: $39.95/month + $3 shipping

From: greenUP Box

COUPON: Use code MSA10 to 10% off of your first quarterly box.

Why I love it: I absolutely loved this month’s curation! Each item replaced something of mine that I use every day showing me that yes, it is possible (and easy!) to reduce the use of plastic in even the simplest of items. Plus, these items look and feel a lot cooler than your everyday grocery finds. Often you’ll receive something in a subscription box that is good for a few uses and then you toss it, but everything sent from greenUP is reusable and of excellent quality. It was a great box to ring in 2021 and inspired a resolution to consciously cut down on plastic consumption.

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Brandi’s Favorite:

The Item: In a Holidaze by Christina Lauren 

The Cost: $28.00

From: Book of the Month

COUPON: Use code FALL5 to get your first book for $9.99

Why I love it: I have been in cheesy Hallmark movie mode and I wanted a nice easy read that would keep that vibe going and this book really delivered! I loved the fun concept and that it revolved around the holidays, plus I’m a sucker for a good romance, especially one between long-time friends (why is that always so exciting?). I really enjoyed getting lost in this book for a few days!

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Jessica’s Favorite:

The Item: Christophe Robin Regenerating Hair Mask with Prickly Pear Seed Oil

The Cost: $71 for 8.33 ounces

From: The Birchbox Treat Your Hair Kit (no longer available – see other Birchbox Discovery Kits here)

Why I love it: It is rare that a hair mask impresses me- especially when the instructions say things like “apply a small amount” and only leave in for a few minutes. My curls are temperamental, dry beasts, I tell you! And yet, this mask soothed and nourished my curls straight into submission, leaving me with hydrated and shiny locks that honestly left me feeling a bit dumbfounded. I go through so much deep conditioner and hair masks that the price of this is hard to justify, but man is the full-size version of this on my wishlist.

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Naomi’s Favorite:

Affirm YoSelf Script Bracelet Demo for Brown Sugar Box December 2020

The Item: Izzy & Liv “Affirm YoSelf ” Script Bracelet

The Cost: Listed Value $15.00

From: Brown Sugar Box

COUPON: Use code FIRSTTIME20 to save 20% off your first box!

Why I love it: I was never that person who was into “positive thinking” or “morning affirmations” — well, 2020 changed my mind. I have seen how important positivity and self-image are. I love this bracelet not only because of its beautiful silver-plated shine and delicate chain but also because of the positive, elevating affirmation “Brown Skin Beauty” in elegant script lettering. If I have learned one thing in life it is that even if no one else is around to say it, YOU need to remind yourself of your power. You are beautiful, you are intelligent, you are strong. Yes, that’s right, girl, I’m talking to you.

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Julie’s Favorite:

Image via Calm.

The Item: Calm digital subscription

The Cost: $59.99 per year

From: Calm

Why I love it: During a recent bout of insomnia (thanks, 2020!) I downloaded and subscribed to the Calm app at 2:30 one morning (insert laughing/crying emoji here). While it may have started as a last-ditch effort to get some much-needed rest, this app has proven useful in so many ways. I love the soundscapes and sleep stories for winding down at bedtime and often use the music function while I’m editing or writing as engaging background noise (I love that there are so many options without distracting vocals). As someone who used to meditate regularly but fell out of the habit, I’m excited to use Calm’s guided meditations as well.

Julie subscribes to Calm on her own—would you like to see us review it? Read more by Julie here.


What do you think of our favorites for December? And what were your favorite discoveries?

Christen Russo
Christen Russo
Christen is a smile collector, outdoors enthusiast, and appreciator of soggy French fries. Her favorite subscriptions involve eco-friendly products and clothes, nature supplies, stationery, and coffee. She can be easily won over with a good sheet of stickers.

Christen Russo
Christen Russo
Christen is a smile collector, outdoors enthusiast, and appreciator of soggy French fries. Her favorite subscriptions involve eco-friendly products and clothes, nature supplies, stationery, and coffee. She can be easily won over with a good sheet of stickers.
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Hey Jessica they have that hair mask in the FFF add on sale right now for $24!


Yes, “Die Hard” is a Christmas movie. The book sounds funny.


If I could just preach from my soap box for a minute, the whole reduce one’s plastic consumption is something I can completely get behind, but I think it’s unconscionable for all these (profitable) companies that produce goods using tons of plastic to shove it down on us with us having very little choice in the matter. For example, almost everything in a grocery store is wrapped or contained in plastic. We don’t have a choice in this matter, we have to buy those items in order to eat. With all our advances in technology you’d think someone would come up with a better way to manage all this one time use plastic. Funny we can get a vaccine for covid (distribution is another topic however,) but we can’t figure out how to contain a pint of strawberries without using plastic. Just saying.

Abby Holsinger

I 100% agree with you. Our local grocery stores are the same way, and like it or not, we have to patronize to eat. This pandemic has caused takeout to be our only option, too, so if we want a night off in the kitchen, the amount of disposable plastic is also triggering. Very frusterating!

Christen Russo

I think about this all the time, Snow! I do a lot of grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s and love it for a number of reasons but really dislike how most of their produce comes in plastic bags. I have some research to do (I’m not sure what the deal is with availability/cost effectiveness/etc) but I would love to see an increase in bioplastics in products we buy for everyday use.


I have seen that Calm App on instagram and it really does look interesting.


I love that Bluh Alchemy Body Oil! I completely understand it being a favorite!!!


Random question — under the headline of this article, where the 8 pictures are shown, does anyone know where the knife came from in the upper left hand corner of the set of pictures? My dad is a knife collector and that one looks really interesting. Was it included in a sub?


Vic, that knife is in the Terra box from Bespoke Post. It is one of many awesome knives they carry. I got my husband, brother-in-law, and father-in-law each a different Damascus Steel blade from there for Christmas.

Bespoke Post is a subscription box that is $45 (plus tax and shipping) monthly but if you are only interested in buying one box you can purchase it as a nonmember for $55. Or you can sign up for the subscription and cancel after one month to get the $45 price. Bespoke post works like a lot of other subscription boxes where you are charged $45 at the first of the month. They show you the box you will receive for the month but if you don’t want that specific box you can swap for one you do want or skip the month completely with no penalties. You have until the 5th to swap or skip. If you do neither you will be charged and the box they chose for you will ship.

If you have a knife lover in your life as you mentioned I would highly recommend checking them out. When you go to Bespoke Post I believe you have to make an account ( as in just your name and email address, no other information is required and at that time) in order to search all of the boxes. If you don’t see this exact knife featured all you have to do is go to the Search feature and type in Terra and it will pop up. I suggest typing in the word knife as well to see the other items available too. Hope this helps!


JoJoB — thank you SO much for this info. Very helpful. I was able to find the box with the exact knife shown above. And this is a great subscription for my dads upcoming birthday. Thank you for taking the time to respond!!!


It’s from the “Terra” box on Bespoke Post.


It’s from the Terra box on Bespoke Post. Bespoke is the best!


Kerry and Tpop — thank you so much!


I bought the Dia Hard poem book for my husband for Christmas, and it’s hilarious. Though I had a hard time convincing my three year old I couldn’t read it to her when daddy accidentally left it downstairs. It was really well done, with a lot of memorable quotes from the movie worked in.


I really want to try those almonds, but I just can’t justify the cost


If you do an online search for “DIY spiced roasted microwave almonds” tons of sites pop up with ideas 🙂


Ooh, good idea! Thanks!


Yeah, and they are not really any cheaper on Amazon. It does not appear that any physical stores carry them right now? Best bet is to watch the Vegancuts store for special edition food boxes that may include them.

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Our reviewers research, test, and recommend the best subscriptions and products independently; click to learn more about our editorial guidelines. We may receive commissions on purchases made through links on our site.