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CURATEUR $24.99 Welcome Box Available Now!

The Winter 2020 CURATEUR has sold out and the Welcome Box is available now for $24.99!

A mini curation with big value!  Our Limited Edition Welcome Box includes three of our member-favorite products plus a special gift from us, with a total retail value of $685!

The best part? When you sign up for the Welcome Box, you can immediately start enjoying all the perks of membership such as our partners’ services through The Collective as well as our specially priced marketplace, The Shoppe.

Here are the full spoilers for the Welcome Box:


• Kat Burki Form Control Marine Collagen Gel (retails at $160)
• Carly Cushnie Grey Horizon Ombre Scarf (retails at $150)
Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Glow (retails at $25)
• Eddie Borgo Supra Link Necklace Gift With Purchase (retails at $350)

This membership will renew seasonally as a Star Member ($99.99).

What do you think of the CURATEUR Welcome Box?

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Comments (68)

  1. I just received mine today & shipping was super fast! I also received the perfume sampler & Chanel samples which was a fun surprise! Did anyone else’s box come with everything just thrown inside? Mine came in a really big box with 3 pieces of black tissue paper folded flat in the bottom & the contents just thrown in on top. The items weren’t individually wrapped & are pretty small compared to the size of the box so it looked very odd when I opened it. They were just in a random pile. I’ve subscribed before but if I hadn’t, this wasn’t a very welcoming “welcome” box & Curateur didn’t treat their items like luxury products, especially the necklace. For $25 it was an amazing deal & I’d buy another one at that price in a heartbeat so I’m not complaining… but I do think it’s an odd marketing strategy by Curateur to gain new customers for their $99 luxury subscription box with this presentation. I’d be interested to hear if everyone’s came this way or if mine was a fluke!

    • Mine were wrapped in the black tissue except for the samples and scarf. The box is large because it is the same box the regular winter box came in which had more/larger items. They don’t have these $25 boxes each season (this is the first one I’ve seen), so they don’t have smaller boxes for these one-off boxes.

      • Cynthia, mine came with the same way and I agree the theory behind the packaging as they probably didn’t want to spend extra to make smaller boxes just for this welcome box.

    • Mine was packaged the same and i was surprised they didn’t add air bags or brown craft paper to cushion the items… very glad nothing leaked.

  2. My box is out for delivery!

    • I don’t see the link to the Welcome Box in the Shoppe etc; do I first have to sign up for a subscription to see the link? I’m worried they we only selling for a very brief time and it’s past…? With living in Canada, I don’t want to by the quarterly, as it’s more for us here with duty charges and shipping, but $25 for the box I can do 🙂

  3. Got my welcome box today. Received the set of perfume samples and the Chanel serum sample. Everything is very nice!

  4. You guys! I ordered this 6 days ago and it’s already in my hot little hands!! The shipping was not only fast- but they updated me continually about it! The products are amazing. I am extremely happy with this purchase!! The necklace looks so edgy and sexy! The scarf like everyone is saying- is SO soft! The high end skincare blows me away! And I think my favorite, unexpected treat is that they also gave me this amazing Rachel Zoe perfume sampler with generous size samples of her new fragrance line– The Empower scent is to die for!!! Now I just want to go on a date with my husband so I can wear the necklace and scarf 🙂 If you are on the fence– get this!!!

    • awesome! can’t wait to get mine!

  5. Received my welcome box today and it was the correct one. Yay! Great deal and everything is very nice. The serum has a light cucumber smell and is definitely not spoiled. Also received the RZ perfume and Chanel serum samples that came in the regular box.

  6. perhaps too soon for anyone to have received but are we getting the welcome box or winter box? comments have me confused!

    thx girls!!

    • The welcome box.

      • I know that the reviews have been mixed on the box, but for $25, I think it is quite worth it. I placed my order late last night (and cancelled the membership right away), and I just received a notification (less than 24 hours later) that my box has shipped. Pretty fast, if you ask me.

      • thank you, bought + shipped already – canceled membership but never received email, should have taken screenshot!

  7. I was supposed to receive the Kat Burki Form Control Marine Collagen Gel in the FALL box. I just received it. It’s smells putrid and rancid.

    • Received my welcome box today and it was the correct one. Yay! Great deal and everything is very nice. The serum has a light cucumber smell and is definitely not spoiled. Also received the RZ perfume and Chanel serum samples that came in the regular box.

  8. Recep my shipping confirmation.

  9. Bought mine on Friday and it shipped yesterday! Looking forward to it. At $25 it’s a pretty good deal.

  10. Im still waiting for the marine collagen that bebe came with the fall box. I’ve emailed and they say they’ll send it… when? Smh.

  11. I ordered yesterday and got my shipping notification today. Yay!

  12. Looks like it’s sold out. I had one in my cart and was able to check out though.

    • I was able to buy one just now! I kept getting an error message in safari when I tried to add to cart but then when I opened the link in chrome it worked. Now I just hope it ships soon and I don’t have to babysit it lol. I really wanted the necklace when I saw it was in the Fall box, but I caved because this is just such a good deal!

  13. My first Rachel box! Have always admired her boxes from afar. I’m a retired country girl and “need nothing fancy or nice” so will be gifting to my DIL. Couldn’t pass this up!!

    • I just ordered a box to gift to my sister!

  14. I almost ordered this. I am tempted by the price, but worried because of all the negative comments. Also, I was on the website looking at the Shop. I saw she was selling a used Louis Vuitton purse. I just found that very odd.

  15. If I’m a new member to this can I safely cancel after ordering? Does anyone know the date they charge for their Spring box?

    • My account shows February 12 as the spring bill date.

    • Kristina, make sure that when you cancel, it’s really cancelled. I cancelled through their customer service, only to find out that they didn’t actually cancel my sub. I had to do it twice to get it to take effect.

  16. I saw this on Thurs and they had mistakenly linked it with the winter box, where you get both for 25. Even for 25 I’m not interested. The only thing I like is the tray. The scarf is cute but why have the white fabric in the middle around your neck where it can get dirty easy.

    • I just noticed on my invoice it looks like I got the Welcome box AND the Winter box for $25. Does anyone know it they will honor it? Or will they cancel?

      • When I asked, even though the confirmation said the welcome box and the winter box, they informed me that it was a glitch that caused the order, and that the order would actually be the 5 items of the winter box and not the Welcome box. When I asked them to cancel, as I was not interested in the winter box, they agreed and refunded the money.

      • If the order says so they should send it. My packet has already been shipped, no idea what’s in.

  17. I just used the link and it was removed – maybe they oversold?

    • I had the same problem with the link. googled Curateur and they are still selling it.

    • Edit… I went directly to the website and placed the order directly.

  18. I didn´t like this box at ll, but for this price I´m sold. Such a bargain. I´ll cancel as soon as I get it and I´ll wait for another bargain for the Spring Box. I live abroad and I have to pay to another company to get it shipped to me. Shipping will cost more. 🙂

    • By the way, my order says the full Winter Box AND the Welcome Box for $25.

      • This happened to me too. I contacted them because I really only want the necklace. They said there was a glitch, and it’s actually the winter box, no welcome box, for $25 (during the glitch, which is now fixed). They refunded me the $25 and I waited a while and purchased the welcome box, glitch free.

    • Me too, and with that price I even save the import tax, it’s a good deal.

  19. I DEFINITELY don’t need any of these items, but $25 is such a good deal! I’m so torn right now!

  20. I was able to redeem some kind of past purchase points (that I didn’t recall having) and got this free when ordering from the shop via my account! Woo, how about that! There was a little box I almost missed that asked me if I wanted to redeem credits and I had $25 there. Shipped for free! Yay!

  21. I still not receive the Kat Burki Form Control Marine Collagen Gel from the fall box, I send them an email one week before, but no response… anyone else meeting the same situation?

    • Same here I have emailed them so many times they kept telling me it would ship in December

      • I just got mine last week. They aren’t being shipped through Curateur.

  22. Ugh, I also had to pick this up! I wanted specifically the necklace and collagen gel from a previous box (summer.. fall? 2020 was a blur). This is quite a good deal!

  23. Augh! They got me hook line & sinker. I just couldn’t resist for $25! I really did want the necklace & scarf. The collagen gel will be a bonus (as well as the highlight cream). I’m so weak! But stoked for the deal!

    • You’re going to love all of it!

  24. I’m VERY surprised the Winter Box has already sold out.

  25. I still haven’t received the collagen after multiple emails.

    • That’s because they are all going to this box 😆

  26. I ordered this morning and got shipping info this afternoon. Supposedly coming the 22nd.

  27. I see this as $350 value at the most. I dropped PopSugar due to the inflated value of items. I like the concept of the box but didn’t feel the items sent were really exceptional. This looks like the same box with a new name.

  28. I received all of these items between my fall and winter boxes. It’s a great price to get the necklace, too. If I had the extra $ to spend, I would buy just for gifting. The highlighter is a new fave, and I’m not a big highlighter person! Scarf is soft and lightweight, more of a fashion piece, or cool weather layer. Gel is nice. The necklace is gorgeous and heavy. Edgy. I love mine.

  29. ahhhh they got me!! Im always tempted… this one got me! The collagen gel is what sold me. dang! When I purchased the box- the necklace was in the cart- so for those asking you DO get the necklace as well- which I think is definitely over priced- but think it’ll look adorable with a plain white T and jeans 🙂 And with my chain bracelet from FFF I love the tie dye trend and think the scarf will help me incorporate the look 🙂

    • You’re going to love the necklace!!

  30. How does the Welcome Box work? Can you cancel after this box or do you have to wait for your next $99.99 box?

    • You buy this through the shop so this doesn’t start a subscription.

      • I believe this welcome box does in fact start a subscription.

      • Yes Anita you are correct. I bought it through my current sub so it was through the shop. If you do not have a current sub it will make you sign up. However you can cancel and not get anymore boxes.

  31. What does it mean by GWP for the necklace? Especially since it’s not in the picture and that’s the item I am most interested in.

    • GWP means gift with purchase. You can see the picture of the necklace along with description on the Curateur’s website.

    • Gift with purchase.

      • I understand that… I’m asking if it’s just included in the box or are we required to jump through additional hoops.

    • It’s included in the box.

  32. A gold plated necklace for $350??? I like the scarf, but could do without the necklace and liquid glow.

  33. Can those who have the scarf comment on the quality of it?

    • It’s soft, and lightweight. I’m not a scarf wearer and am gifting. It’s beautiful, though.

    • The scarf is soft and gorgeous but could easily snag if your not careful with certain jewelry. I bought the welcome box just to have an extra scarf and another collagen gel. Well worth $25 , and I’ll probably gift the highlighter and necklace.

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