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Looking for the latest spoiler for this box? Find it here:

Macy’s Beauty Box May 2021 Full Spoilers

Macy’s Beauty Box January 2021 FULL SPOILERS!

We have FULL SPOILERS for the January Macy’s Beauty Box!

January’s theme is Hair Care Heroes:

Totally devoted to your tresses, this month’s box is loaded with every essential you need for your best hair yet, from shampoo & conditioner to styling products & more. An $87 value.

The box will include:

  • Rahua Classic Shampoo
  • Rahua Classic Conditioner
  • Drybar Southern Belle Volume-Boosting Root Lifter
  • Klorane Dry Shampoo With Oat Milk
  • Verb Ghost Oil
  • Sutra Straightener
  • Scrunchie
  • Perfume Sample (Anyone recognize this? The label looks like Michael Kors ‘Gorgeous’)

What do you think of the spoilers for the January 2021 Macy’s Beauty Box?

Macy’s Beauty Box is $15 a month. Each month you will receive five deluxe beauty samples, one bonus item, a collectible cosmetics bag and a $5 beauty coupon exclusively for Beauty Box subscribers, available for use online and in-store.

Check out our Macy’s Beauty Box reviews to learn more about this beauty subscription box!

Macy's Beauty Box

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Comments (108)

  1. What’s the deal with no box review for January yet and spoilers for February?? I switched from allure in November and have not been very impressed so far…

    • The box info comes out tomorrow

    • Hi Weez! Macy’s Beauty Box has been facing some shipping delays, which is why our review for the January box isn’t live yet. However, our reviewer is now working on it, and we hope to have it up on the site soon!

  2. Please forward this concern to Macy’s Beauty Box department. You coupon codes are NOT working online. January’s code and February code do NOT work on any beauty purchase online. Please fix these errors for future bursary box shipments. Thanks.

    • I had the same experience with my December and January coupons. (I don’t think the February coupon has been sent yet). I didn’t get the Jo Malone box in October, and the other boxes since then have been disappointing to say the least. And the last 2 coupons don’t work. Clearly, the Macy’s beauty box program is ‘not ready for prime time’ since it resumed. I cancelled with no regrets.

  3. I just received my box today. No substitution and the mini hair iron came in the box. I ordered the hair kit and it didn’t come in the box, but was inside of the makeup box along with other items.

  4. I received my box yesterday, and am quite pleased. My hair has suffered during the pandemic and it is wonderful to try new products! All the brands look excellent, and the hair iron is quite a bonus. I am enjoying Macy’s boxes: they are well worth the money!

    • Me again! The Rahua shampoo and conditioner work so well that I am ordering full size! I finally used the dry shampoo and root lifter and am similarly impressed. And yes, the perfume sample is “gorgeous” . For me, this was a great box.

  5. I got email too, but my Box was delivered yesterday.

  6. With all the talk going on, I decided to login to my Macy’s account to see if it said anything other than “Waitlist” – which it did! I don’t know why but it read “Cancelled” on 1/3/2021. What’s up with that? I clicked a button & rejoined the Waitlist. They must be having all manner of backend trouble…

    • Did you check that all of your credit card info was correct?

      • I checked the “wallet” to see if my current info was there and it was, but so was an old expired card, so I deleted it. I hope that works! Thanks 🙂

  7. I just received this email from Macys: “Due to unforeseen circumstances there will be a delay in shipping your January Beauty Box. We are working hard to process your order and will notify you when your order ships with your tracking information.

    If you have questions about your current Beauty Box subscription, please visit your Macy’s Beauty Box Subscription to manage your account.

    We highly value you as a customer and thank you for shopping at Macy’s!”

    I don’t remember if I’ve received this from them before or not and whether or not it really was late after they sent it. I’ll update when I get it.

    • I got the same email today but the odd thing is my box has already shipped and should be delivered today.

    • I just got that e-mail too….funny thing is, I got an e-mail yesterday saying that my order shipped. I tracked the package and it’s scheduled to be delivered 1/13…..

    • I received this email about 10 minutes after my Jan big was delivered. Go figure lol.

    • Received the same. My box supposed to be here Monday. Must be the same system that canceled and then un canceled jo malone box

    • Hi I got the same message….. Same thing happened a couple of months ago, and my box arrived later in the month…..

  8. If this month is from hair care set, maybe next month they will mix “Friday night out & in set” for us?

    • Interesting … there are a couple of other created for Macy’s sets, an eye and lip and night out. I wouldn’t want the night out but would be okay with the eye or lip as a $15 beauty box. Night in would be okay too.

      • Did anyone else receive an email from Macy’s today saying there is a delay in shipping? My box is supposed to be delivered today. So I find this odd.

  9. is anyone else surprised they are shipping already? i feel like they are shipping earlier than normal.

    • Not early. That’s when they usually ship beginning of the month. Last month was the exception.

  10. i’m excited for this box. Macy’s has never disappointed me.

  11. MSA, please review this box. I don’t think it is reviewed since they came back in October. October/Jo Malone box was my first Macy’s beauty box. I am more than happy to receive tools/life style items instead of makeup bags which I have plenty of. I ordered the hair care kit when it went on sale, so there will be a lot of duplicate for me. But thanks to sub boxes, now I enjoy different hair items and take care of my hair a lot more than before. So, the difference between the hair care kit and Jan. box is: different Drybar item, no Sunday Riley, no Fatboy, but perfume sample. I am curious to know the value of the mini hair iron as this hair care kit says “$115 total value” for $35.

    • Hi Kay! We have a review for Macy’s Beauty Box coming out this week. 😃

      • Mallory, I saw December review. Thanks 🙂

  12. I dont like this box. If anyone wants to buy the whole box from me please let me know.
    Thank you.

  13. I just got an email that they cancelled my January box because my card was declined. I got a new card due to fraud and forgot to update it in time. I called customer service and after getting transferred 3 times I was told that they aren’t able to re-process the charge but I will receive the February box. Ugh I really wanted this box! If any one doesn’t want theirs I’m your gal!

    • Getting this box is iffy. I didnt Get my December box because it said I fid Not have a valid address, yet all my Black Friday purchases to the same address went through no problem.

      I did Not change a thing yet my January box is on its way. Every month I get It is a surprise.

  14. Oh my goodness. I’m beginning to think I have a sub box problem. I received about 7 straighteners in my boxes over the last year. I have gifted to all the woman I know. This one I will donate 🙂

    • It did seem as though companies were giving flat irons with everything! You may want to reconsider donating this one because it is a very nice flat iron that is the “perfect” size for both storing and traveling as it has the power and temperature of a full size one! I am a retired hairstylist (award winning for over 30 years) that would recommend keeping it!

      • Am going through old reviews and am happy to see this. I was going to gift the straightener to a friend, but seeing as the only one I’ve had broke down (plus your stellar review of it) I’ve decided to keep it.

        She is still getting the fragrance sample & hair texture spray, as it fits her more than me.

  15. Happy with this box. Good items to start the year with!

    I used to dislike shampoo/conditioner/dry shampoo/hair oil…until I realized they’re some of the few items I always use up lol. Hope the straightener’s decent & nothing’s switched out.

  16. Has anyone used the Advent gift card? I can’t get mine to work and tried everything

    • Same problem. I couldn’t get it to work online so I tried to use it in the store. The cashier said it was reading “wrong department.” I might try calling customer service

    • Here is my $10 code from November, if anyone can use it:


      It says it expires today and I can’t find anything to buy lol.

      • Thank you Nan, I used coupon . Happy 2021!

      • You’re welcome!

  17. I just joined Macys beauty box….they said my first box will be February…but they charged me for this this how they work…just asking…thanks

    • That happened to me when I first subscribed. I wasn’t billed again for the same month. It worked out fine, so I think you will be good.

      • Thanks Nan…information does help…happy new year to you.

    • Hi Ranee… They told me I would receive the Feb box also, but just received the email that January shipped & I was successfully billed. Maybe you will end up with the January box also?

      • Thanks pat…I just received my email from Macys today…sending me January…yea.

  18. I’m still on the wait list, according to my account… I had a subscription briefly 2 years ago but canceled and I wonder if that has anything to do with my current status.

    • I was on the wait list too and within a few weeks I was back in, I got the next months box no issues

  19. I’d love to buy the whole box from you!

    • I’d love to sell mine to you whenever I receive it. I got most of these products in a Macy’s hair kit I bought recently. Email me travelingtash at aol dot com.

      • Just sent you an email. Thanks!

  20. Although I have way too many dry shampoos than I can use for the next 2 years and I can’t see myself using the hair straightener, I still think this is a great box. It’s only $15 and a great curation of hair products. This is much improved over the last couple boxes and I hope it means Macy is getting their act back together with these beauty boxes.

    I used to subscribe to Allure and think this one is way better these days. Looking forward to receiving this January Macy’s box.

  21. I am excited about this box! Looks well planned and thought out.

    What I’m upset about is MSA!

    I use to love this site. Liz was the best. She stayed on top of things. Now, we’re not getting spoilers early. These have been out awhile too.
    Before Christmas Macy’s put their advent calendar on sale and I read about it here on MSA but when I tried to purchase it- sold out. Later, I found out that it had been on sale for days! This wouldn’t have happened when Liz was in charge.
    I know sometimes it takes time but at this point the only reason I’m sticking around is because of the people I have met here.

    • Hi Margie! Thanks for your feedback. Although Liz stepped aside earlier this year, I can assure you that everyone on our team LOVES subscription boxes just as much as our readers do. We post spoilers and sales as soon as we see them, but sometimes limited edition items (like the Macy’s Advent Calendar) sell out quickly. We’re doing our best to provide updated info on our site, and we welcome any feedback that you may have: [email protected]

  22. I am super excited for this box. Love not getting a make up bag. I just threw away about 10. I have fine hair. Love getting a root lift to try. Those of us with thin, flat hair….a great box. And the mini straighter… can flatten the frizz. Great for vacation…if we ever get to go again…😖

    • Hi, Linda. The next time you have makeup bags, samples, etc that you don’t want or need, you may want to consider donating to your local women’s shelter. A lot of women have to leave with just the clothes on their back. Shelters always appreciate donations.


  23. Exactly what I was thinking..I’ll use it for straightening ribbon.

    • You can also use it as a quick get rid of a few wrinkles/flatten collar instead of pulling out the iron. Usually heats up faster too. I already have completely straight hair, so I’m actually excited for the scrunchie; with that fabric and size i can put it up wet at night and have some wave in the morning for volume!

  24. I canceled this sub, but not in time to avoid this box. I have straight, fine hair- no use for the straightener or even the scrunchie. But hopefully I’ll get the other products, and not more Oops substitutions. Zero regret about canceling.

    • Check out my comment above. I have board straight thin fine hair too and have found other uses for those items!

  25. Unfortunately I can’t use any of these products. :-/Likely will be willing to sell/swap to avoid the products going to waste.

    • I’d love to buy the whole box from you!

  26. I LOVE the Drybar root lifter! I have that same size I’m using now and it’s so good for a little volume without stickiness or stiffness. I spray it in my hands , instead of my roots, and then I lightly apply it to the top of my head, while my hair is still damp of course, and then I blow dry! It’s good stuff! I have cut my usual long hair, much shorter and I don’t mind the mini straightener! I have a full size sutra flat iron and to me, it works great! This is not so bad for $15!

    • I read that super excited with all the explanation points

    • Just wanted to say hi since my name is Jerilyn. 🙂 It’s not often I see it spelled the same way.

  27. This is a very cool box for $15! I love that they send surprise items. The underwear got such hate but it was still a “surprise”! And the hair straightener is a cool thing- maybe gift it to a friend if you can’t use it? I really appreciate the diverse curation of this box. It makes it more fun for me!

  28. But what about the bag? They’re usually my favorite item.

  29. Was a December box ever sent out? I recall it was going to be late but I totally forgot that I never got one until I saw this post.

    • Yes. I received mine December 16.

    • I received mine

    • I never received it either. I had tried to cancel since my Jo Malone box came broken and November’s box was missing items, but I thought I had canceled too late. I need to see if I was charged for this.

    • Agree, waiting patiently, hope they don’t run out! I’m looking forward to this box!

  30. While I love trying new hair products, sample sizes usually aren’t enough for my long thick hair. Especially for conditioner. That little straightener is good for bangs/front pieces though if you just need to restyle those.

  31. If we sign up today would it be for January or February?

    • February. When the spoilers are released, it’s too late to get the box

  32. It’s always a toss up doing a one-theme box. All or nothing. Yup, I know we can gift it and try new things. For me, I’m not a hair styling person, so an entire box of hair products is not exciting.

    Two years ago, when I first signed up for the Macy’s sub, the monthly items were pretty much a mix of straight up makeup and skin care oriented items (always brand name, which I liked for the price). You also received perfume samples each month and a cute bag. There were occasional substitutions but it was not the norm. That is the Macy’s box I fell for and the one I wish I had today.

  33. I hope that’s just a shadow and how the photo was taken, but that shampoo and conditioner look awfully empty lol

    • Yes I noticed that too, but sadly that might be the actual sample size.

  34. With thin, fine, chin-length, curly hair this box is essentially useless for me but I can see how it would be great for others. Thanks to Helen for the great tip of using the straightener to iron ribbons. I’ll pass the rest along to my daughter.

  35. If anyone is concerned about being stuck with an extra hair straightener – I have a small backup one I use just for ironing ribbons. You just pull the length through and they look new again.

    • Oh my gosh! Great tip thank you!!!

    • Great minds think alike! When I first saw the hair straightener, I thought it would be perfect for ironing the tassels on my jewelry and various accessories.

    • Ooh! I’ll have to try that. Thanks for the tip. My hair is down to my knees now (was planning to be Rapunzel for a convention), but it’s so much longer than I was planning. Anyway, I don’t have any use for a mini straightener unfortunately. This might actually be a way I use it!

  36. I’m normally all into receiving hair stuff and I’m seriously tempted by this but, this Blk Friday I went all out and bought all hair care stuff (overloaded on skincare). It looks like a great mix for 15 though.

    Oh and on another site this straightener got horrible reviews.

  37. This is really old news. I saw the full spoilers over a week ago.

    • Same. On both another subscription site and on reddit. At least a week ago.

    • That doesn’t mean that MSA doesn’t have to announce them.

      • Of course not, but this site used to be first for spoilers, and it’s just gotten old that they’re now the last.

    • Macy’s always releases their spoilers on last Friday of the month, so you probably saw it 3 days ago.

      • It was spoiled on another site 11 days ago

      • Yes, it was spoiled 11 days ago on Reddit. Unfortunately, MSA is now the last.

    • Also MSA used to review boxes in a timely manner, now it feels like the reviews take a month or 2 later than other reviewers.

  38. I’d prefer a make-up bag considering I have thick curly hair that laughs at that dinky straightener lol. I signed up for this box because I love the size of the make-up bags but getting them lately is far and few between. I also hope they continue with the men’s cologne sample.. it keeps my bf from complaining about the $15 a month lol.

    • Oh Heather! I know exactly how you feel. I’m a make-up bag (pouch) lover and they only one included in October. I’ve using the November bag. However, I prefer the pouches. I don’t plan to subscribe to Macys for 2021 but I love looking at the spoilers and the comments.

  39. During pandemic times, it seems my hair can use all the help it can get, and I am always trying out new products. I like the Macy’s grab bag!!!!

  40. I hope there are no substitutions for January box. I need that flat iron and ghost oil.

  41. I’ve learned to have no expectations with Macy’s just because what they can send is all over the map and with no spoilers, you really don’t have any choices anyway. But it’s usually a decent value for the price and I’m at least $15 happy.

    She’s like the kooky aunt who gets you something you never thought you needed for your birthday, but it’s usually a nice gift.

    This is one of those times. I probably would have never elected to get a 100% hair care box, but I’m into it. Looking forward to this box!

    • Lauren,you said it well. It might not have been what I would have wanted but I am almost
      always happy with what I receive. And it is always worth more than what I have paid.

    • You go Lauren! I’m with you, my attitude exactly and I am looking forward to this box also!

  42. Disappointed in this. I purchased a hair kit from Macy’s and it had that same straightener, shampoo & conditioner, dry shampoo and oil. This must be a leftover from that. Wonder if we get any substitutions as in prior months

    • I was thinking exactly that, thanks for confirming. I bought that hair kit too, thought this all looked super familiar.

  43. VERB ghost oil is AMAZING!!!!

  44. Wow anyone notice there’s a straightner in this box? That surprising not something I need but ad a back up yes nice box! Im excited.

    • It’s a cheap straightener that was recently in a hair kit they sold and believe still selling.

      • Wow, you’re right, Nat. It’s a set they repurposed for the January box, minus a Sunday Riley scalp treatment and a fatboy finishing product. The set is currently selling for $35 with mixed reviews. But I have to give them credit, this is a creative way to sidestep the fact that haven’t been quite ready for prime time in their post-pandemic relaunch. I’ll take it for $15, I need a travel straightener and can use all of this for my planned (post-vaccination) vacation in June.

      • Sutra hair straighteners aren’t cheap…..

      • How much you want to bet the Sunday Riley scalp serum and the fat boy finishing cream will be included in other Macy’s beauty boxes? 🙄
        I actually like this box, quite a bit and am happy when it’s something different. But there’s no curation in the normal sense. It’s just whatever is left over or whatever they need to get rid of. It’s such a lazy subscription.

  45. It does seem like it says Michael Kors Gorgeous.

  46. wow this actually looks amazing! the straightener, all the shampoo …

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