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Fortune Cookie Soap Subscription Box Review – November 2020

The Fortune Cookie Soap Box is a monthly subscription that offers bath and body products centered on a new theme each month. FCS will create new products to fit that theme, and then will offer up the extended collection for sale later in the month.

My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

About Fortune Cookie Soap Of The Month

The Subscription Box: Fortune Cookie Soap

The Cost: $16.95 a month with free U.S. shipping

The Products: FCS-exclusive products that include one full-size product and three deluxe-sized products most months. Once a quarter you will receive the seasonal box, which features the original fortune cookie soap and 4-5 deluxe-size samples. You have the option to sign up quarterly or monthly depending on your subscription needs.

Ships to: The U.S. for free, worldwide for $8

Fortune Cookie Soap “Through The Wardrobe” November 2020 Review

Here is the info sheet for this month’s box.

Father Christmas Room Spray

I will be the first to admit that the last thing I want to do when I get home after work and it’s pitch black outside is clean, so I like having room sprays like these handy to freshen up my space without having to exert more effort than pressing my index finger down. This has notes of winter air, blue juniper bush, frosty snow, and hints of iced vanilla cupcakes, and I like that the fragrance wasn’t too heavy – it added a hint of freshness without feeling like I was masking anything. 


Lions Breathe Body Frosting 

The body frosting formula from FCS is super thick, but that’s exactly what my dry skin wants in the winter. This has scent notes of glistening winter frost, fir needles, and ripe pomegranates. Anything that can make me smell like a winter forest gets an A in my book, so this little jar is already almost empty. 

Deep Magic Shower Steamer 

I loveeee shower steamers – they are happy little bursts of aromatherapy that make my showers more enjoyable. This one has a scent blend of rosemary, garden herbs, and mint. The scent could have been stronger (I like a heavy aromatherapy experience), but it was really pleasant and I would happily use these again if I had more. 

Small Favors OCD Hand Sanitizer 

This hand sanitizer has notes of warm honey, tobacco, and spiced citrus slices, however, combined with the alcohol in the hand sanitizer this actually smells like a smoky pumpkin pie on my skin. I’m not mad about it, though it is a bit of a unique scent for a hand sanitizer.

Even The Trees Perfume Oil 

This perfume oil has notes of toasted vanilla bean, sweet cream, birch wood, and sandalwood, and my nose picks up the scent of smoky woods that is really enjoyable. I prefer to apply my perfumes with a spritz rather than a roll-on, so I may use the lid of one of my scent diffusers from this box to repurpose it as a room scent. Either way, this is a win for me. 


White Witch Fortune Cookie Soap

I love the sparkly white color of this soap – it really evokes the White Witch perfectly! The notes of silver apples, icy pine needles, and the Tree of Youth left my skin pleasantly scented, and this soap didn’t dry out my skin. 


The Verdict: I’m a big fan of winter scents that involve woodsy notes, so this box was extra on-point for me. Plus, I am a huge Chronicles of Narnia fan (when I was 18 I named our family dog Caspian), so this box was a real joy. Even if you’re not connected to the stories of C.S. Lewis, I think the products and their scents are lovely enough to enjoy this box without the sentimental touch. 

To Wrap Up:

Can you get this box if you still sign up today? No, and this subscription is currently waitlisted. You can join the waitlist here. From Fortune Cookie Soap:

The next month’s category will be revealed on the 10th of each month. If you don’t fancy it, simply log into your FCS account and skip it. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Value Breakdown: This box costs $16.95 + free shipping, which means you are paying about $2.83 per item.

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Written by Jessica Hapak

Jessica Hapak

I am a staunch believer that pineapple doesn’t belong on pizza and when I’m not working as a family law attorney I enjoy hiking the Louisiana trails (alligator sightings are a favorite!) or relaxing with Duchess, my cat. I’m a sucker for anything labeled a mystery box and I’ve never met a bath bomb I didn’t like.

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Comments (29)

  1. I could ONLY find this on the “Scent Library” page on their site, which I accidentally happened upon: “POLYJUICE POTION / PJP: Fragranced with an abundance of fresh oranges, grapefruit, strawberries, ripe melon, peaches and kiwi…..sprinkled with a touch of sugar. (Wizard Collection Harry Potter 2013)”.

  2. I enjoyed this month’s box very much. I understand where others are coming from with the complaints about the sizes of the products but I personally am happy with what was sent. I think a larger rollerball of the fragrance would have made less complaints happen from what I am reading, maybe. I do think that the overall value is there, though, for this box.

  3. This was my first box and I LOVED it! Yes the items are a bit small (specifically the body frosting), but it also a pretty cheap sub box. I personally love roll-on perfumes and this scent might be one of my favorites! Everything is getting used or has been used.

  4. At least three of these products, including the hand sanitizer, hand glitter/mica in them, which is a huge pet peeve of mine. I do not want glitter in my skincare products. I only liked the scent of one item, so I cancelled. Also, the body frosting is WAY greasy!

  5. This is my favorite subscription box. My favorite item they make is the sent diffuser, it works great as a car air freshener. It has a really good price point . I love that I get points for buying the box, not just for thing that are purchased in the store.

  6. Lion’s Breath is life.
    That is all.

  7. Maybe my memory is fading with time (this year alone has been approximately 6 months of April and 2 months of November), but I think the samples used to be bigger. Now it barely lasts a couple uses, and it’s difficult getting some of the product out of the bottles. Most frustrating to me with these tiny samples is just the amount of plastic waste it generates, which is something that’s been slowly pulling me away from sample subscription boxes in general. 🙁

    • Well put! Definitely agree with everything you said.

  8. Do you get store credit or points each month to use for larger products on their site or monthly launch if you’re a monthly subscriber?

    • You get a $10 coupon. I usually buy something most months. With the discount and getting to smell most of the scents before purchase, the monthly box is worth it to me. I gift the products and scents that aren’t for me and am able to know which items I want to purchase (all the deep conditioner!)

      • Thank you!

    • You get an emailed credit for $10 off a $25 purchase good for a month. If you join their loyalty program, you get points for the purchase of the box and anything else you purchase from their site. For me, I absolutely love some of their products (aloe-me, shower smoothie and hand sanitizers) and scents – so I look at the subscription box as a sampler to try their new scents and different products. Another bonus is that I am allergic a lot of perfumes and scented things and I have never had a bad reaction to any of their scents.

      • Thank you! I thought there was a coupon but didn’t see one in the box- it makes sense if they email it though.

  9. PJP is polyjuice potion from Harry Potter. I have yet to try it but it sounds super popular! I love FCS products. I’m sorry to hear they were mostly a miss for you.

    • Joy-not-the-other-one – this was a response to you ☺ it should have appeared below your comment!

      • JenJen, Thank you so much, I thought I was never going to know! I guess I have now revealed to the world that I have not yet read the books! 😂 Also, my very favorite aunt’s name is JenJen! 😍

        As far as the products, I was super happy with the items I purchased from their store, I just think maybe I’m not a good fit for the monthly subscription. I will absolutely continue to purchase full size bath products from them. ❤️

  10. This was my second box. I learned about this box here. I loved all the reviews on it. My first box I was rather surprised to see how tiny they were. On this site everything looked bigger in size. However, then I really thought about the price. For 16.95 what you get is not bad. You also get points and credits to buy stuff that you want. That is on the cheap end of sub boxes. I am really excited to see what my future boxes will be. I hope to get some bath stuff soon! I also love that the products do not seemed manufactured or from China. If they look homemade that is ok with me!

  11. Everything just seems so tiny and homemade. Also I’m so sick of the tiny rollerball perfume oil in every subscription box.

    • I appreciate the “homemade” and small biz feel. I don’t want everything in my life to be made in China, tbh. But I do agree with the rollerball point–I’d rather have their diffusers in each box instead.

    • The rollerball is a highlight of the box for me.

  12. I subbed to this November box as a new subscriber and to be completely honest, I was dissapointed in not only the box itself but the customer service.

    The products were TINY as in not deluxe sample but think ity bitty tiny sample size. But in addition to the size, my body frosting arrived defective – it was pure liquid with glitter everywhere and had leaked into the box. I contacted customer service, sent a photo and felt like I had to get an Act of Congress to obtain a refund. I offered to ship the box back at my cost with a small credit towards something I could purchase on their site and I kept getting questions like “where did we go wrong”, etc. It was a very bizzare interaction for a simple return.

    I will go ahead and use my coupon towards something from their site but the box and customer service is not for me. Hope others have better luck!

    • An Act of Congress! How hilarious. I was kind of upset at them as well since I purchased a subscription in October, was billed then for November (second charge,) and had to wait until almost Thanksgiving to receive my very first box. Then the items were pretty puny, but I bought this for someone, she was happy, so I was content. For 16.95, there’s not too many subs that cheap.

    • I think you received that response because you offered to ship the box back at your cost. That gives the impression that you didn’t want the box at all instead of the defective body frosting. .I believe all business owners what to know what they did wrong to make it better for not only you but for future customers.

      • Gaby,

        I was extraordinarily clear about what happened, even sending a photo.

        I found the interaction to be bizzare. Even the reviewer on MSA a few months back stated how she almost did not get a replacement for a perfume that had leaked everywhere.


      • This is a reply to Mak but it’s not letting me reply to Mak only myself.

        That is very weird in this case. I don’t blame you for not wanting to take part in their service anymore. I would think they would want to reimburse you for the broken body frosting or at least give you some type of credit not just have you fight for it.

  13. If there were a Turkish Delight item it would smell like BETRAYAL.

  14. This was my first FCS box and everything smelled & performed amazing but I have to say I was disappointed by how tiny everything is. The whole box could fit in the palm of my hand; it wasn’t what I was expecting. I’ll try 1 more box but I don’t think this subscription is for me.

    • Indigo thank you so much for saying this! This was my second box and I felt the same exact way about my first one last month. When I first saw the box I thought it was a mistake. Everything was so tiny and doll sized.

      I was also super disappointed in the October box’s contents. I kept waiting for it to be reviewed on here to see if the review would help me gain some excitement about the box but I guess since they reviewed the special edition Halloween box for October they are not going to review the regular October box.

      I’ve been reading the reviews of this box forever and I absolutely understand that it is a mixture of products but last month had a tiny package of laundry detergent, a facial toner, a lotion stick, and an itty bitty bottle of hair oil. I just wasn’t interested in any of the products. Last months theme was also based on my favorite movie EVER (Moulin Rouge), so I was really hoping for some bath products which I understand is a personal preference. I did love the little sticker that came with it since it had a movie quote on it!

      Like you, I decided to give it another month but after this month I just don’t think this subscription is for me either. The body frosting took FOREVER to absorb into my skin. I had to finally put on socks and put a towel on my sofa in order to sit down and not get what seemed like straight coconut oil on my carpet and furniture. The scent of the hand sanitizer was SO STRONG and it was an odd choice in my opinion. I haven’t used any of the other products yet because the scents are just really really strong although I did think the fortune cookie soap was super cute and I loved the sparkles.

      I forgot to cancel in time so I’ll be getting the December box but I did cancel after I was charged for it so hopefully since there is a waitlist someone else who’s been wanting to try this box will be able to take my spot.

      I did use this months $10 credit towards a purchase in their store of things I actually wanted. I bought 4 different bath bombs, a bubble scoop, and 2 hand sanitizers in scents that both got rave reviews-In The Loop (Fruit Loops) and PJP. I searched the site but couldn’t figure out what PJP stands for (if anyone knows please tell me! LOL 😂) but it seems to be one of the most popular scents as there is an entire permanent line dedicated to it. I can see why, it smells amazing.

      • Do you get a coupon or credit to buy larger items on their site at their monthly release if you are a monthly subscriber?

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