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CURATEUR Deal: Free Amber Sceats Reese Earrings + $25 Off!

CURATEUR has a new deal available now!

Now through 12/19, use this link and coupon code WINTER25 get free Amber Sceats Reese Earrings (retail value of $229!) + $25 off your first box!

If you sign up now, Winter will be your first box. The Winter box includes:


  • CUSHNIE Grey Horizon Ombre Scarf $150
  • Elaluz 24k Lip Therapy $28
  • TALIANNA Lilypad Catchall Tray $75
  • Amber Sceats Emery Cuff $169
  • Understated Leather Crescent Clutch in Ivory or Onyx $110

What do you think of the CURATEUR spoilers?

Check out all of our reviews to learn more about this quarterly subscription box.

Details: Offer valid for new subscribers ordering from December 2, 2020, 12:01am ET through December 19, 2020, 11:59pm ET or while supplies last. Offer cannot be applied to previous purchases and cannot be redeemed for cash or used in combination with any other offer. To redeem online, enter code WINTER25 in the promo code box at checkout.


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Comments (19)

  1. Well I just received my Winter box and they just threw everything in one box NO tissue, NO wrapping, NO zilch. They did include the Marine collagen gel that they didn’t send me for Fall but the bag the scarf was in was all torn open from all the items rubbing against each other and the scarf was snagged as a result! Talk about cutting back and cheap! Rachel Zoe wants more money so you become an “Icon” so you get your box WHEN you are supposed to! If you don’t upgrade then they don’t care and you get it when you get it. As far as access to her exclusive shop if you are an Icon, lol well all the clothes are overpriced especially the sweaters she is pushing which are not well made under the name “Parrish” as well as her friends items from their companies such as “Kopari”. I am shocked that MSA is giving her such a good rating as her service, loyalty to her customers as well as her getting better has gone out the window as they say.The customer service at “Box Of Style” aka “Curateur” leaves lots to be desired. Snotty reps that keep giving the same old customer service rhetoric and of course blaming Covid even though things were a mess before Covid.But the most sickening is after they tell you the BS they tell you to have a life well Curated!!! LOL!! So girls unless you are an “ICON” good luck. I have decided after being a loyal customer to Rachel Zoe with this subscription as well as purchasing from her store to no longer be a customer. I do not feel valued nor am I treated very good. So BYE Rachel Zoe. She needs to remember those of us that helped her be successful and she needs to get better with time , not more cheap and lacking the class that we all thought she had in the beginning. What a mess…

    • I wanted to add that I have reached out to Curateur to ask about the future shipping and wrapping of items within the box. Rachel Zoe has done away with the “inner box” however she has also done away with wrapping the harder edged items in some kind of paper, or tissue paper so now all the items just bang around in the box! So I want to know if this was an isolated incident with the way it was shipped out or the future of the boxes! (?) No response yet from Curateur.
      What is so frustrating is this new supposed “upgrade” to “Icon” which from what I can gather just means you might get better service, does what for us exactly? So now you must pay more and be an “Icon” in order to get better service, or worse yet your items packed properly? Jeez even Walmart uses bubble wrap! So my complaint here is don’t rebrand and claim things are going to be better and then get cheap and do away with the very things that made the box special to begin with! One of which was the beautiful way it was packaged! Did I feel special when I heard UPS dump my box on my porch and I could hear all the items rattling around inside….NO. Did I feel special when I saw the plastic bag my scarf was in all torn and the scarf snagged for 5 inches…NO! I will post what they tell me on here. Thanks.

    • Hi Kathy! Thanks for letting us know – I’ve just sent you an email with some information to help fix this.

  2. I actually LOVE the curation of this box – the cuff and earrings, especially but I am afraid that they would not ship it in time for Christmas and there seems to always be an issue with them.

    I cannot believe that Rachel Zoe (who still has her name behind this sub box) would allow her reputation and credibility to be handled in this manner – does she even know about the problems with her box?

    Such a shame… if MSA can speak to their shipping timeframes for x-mas I would greatly appreciate it!

    • Hi Mel! We’ve spoken to the Curateur team and have raised some of the issues mentioned on MSA. As for shipping, your package should arrive by Christmas if ordered 12/15 or 12/16 (based on service type) – here are some more details that we found on Curateur’s site:

      UPS 2 day – Order by December 15th for an estimated delivery by 12/24
      UPS Next day – Order by December 16th for an estimate delivery by 12/24
      *Please note, Christmas delivery is not guaranteed.

  3. Still waiting on the fall box which supposedly shipped on Nov 17th. Tracking number not working. 🙁

    • Hi Val! So sorry to hear this – I’ve just sent you an email with some info to help resolve this ASAP.

  4. Same here. After almost a month, I had gotten no replies to two emails asking for a tracking number. I had gotten emails asking me to pick out my winter box selections, and i said no way, i haven’t even gotten the fall box yet. By the time they finally responded, i decided to just cancel.

    Also, when i got my box there was absolutely NO packaging buffers inside. I had gotten a candle as a freebie and it was inside knocking around all the other items. I was lucky nothing got smashed, obviously not everyone was so lucky.

  5. The tassel necklace was a big deciding factor for me. I HATE the earrings.

  6. I just had THE most unbelievable experience with Curateur and I’m not quite sure what to do. I emailed CS the same day (within an hour of its delivery!) I received my box. There was a huge hole on the bottom side of the box…so big I could put my whole hand inside. It was like a U-shaped tear like something the corner of a really have box fell on it. Tissue paper on bag was torn as well.I opened the box and all that was inside was the bag and a candle. So of course I email them right away and sent them photos of the box (I took photos before I even opened the box because the tear in the box was so large). The whole was certainly large enough for the jewelry and beauty products to slip out of. This is the reply I received:

    “I’m so sorry to hear this. We take quality very seriously and document all missing items. So that we can properly document and escalate this issue, could you please sign the attached document? This helps us speed up the process of sending out a replacement.

    Also at this moment, we don’t have a Tassel Necklace as a FREE GIFT so we sent you instead a Candle, so sorry about that!
    So we would send you the following items as soon as you send us signed form-Supra Link Earrings – Gold, Supra Link Necklace, Form Control Marine Collagen Gel and Liquid Glow.

    Thank you again for reaching out. Looking forward to your reply!”

    The form they asked me fill out? It says this:

    “Dear (customer):

    The following items need further clarification:

    ______ Nonreceipt of merchandise.

    ______ Multiple changes of address have been received for this address.

    ______ Other

    In an effort to protect our customers’ interests, we routinely review our records to detect fraudulent activity. It is a violation of Mail Fraud and Postal False Representations Statues (Title 18, U. S. Code, Section 1341; Title 39, U.S. Code, Section 3005) to use the U.S. Mail to order merchandise with the intent not to pay for it.

    It is also a violation of Federal Law to steal mail. We refer suspicious notifications of nonreceipt to the U.S. Postal Inspection Service. We need your assistance to initiate an investigation of your non-receipt claim for Order Number(s): ______________________
    by signing below to state you have not received delivery of ordered merchandise.

    Rachel Zoe Inc

    I, _____________________________, certify that I have not received merchandise for

    Order Number(s): ______________________.

    Signature: ____________________________________________________________”

    I. AM. SPEECHLESS. Are they threatening me?!? WTF. Has anyone else had this problem? I haven’t had a BOS box for a long, long time. I am so angry and frustrated. I am particularly incensed by the line where it states it is fraud “to use the U.S. Mail to order merchandise with the intent not to pay for it.” Obviously I paid for it. I did not ask for a refund. It took them MONTHS to send me my box. I noticed the BBB gives them an F rating and states the company does not respond to some of the letters they have sent Rachel Zoe, Inc.

    What would you do?!? Help, ladies!

    • mail theft has been rampant where i love… i had three ipsy bags opened/pilfered or stolen, and i filed formal complaints with USPS. i have never in my lofe had someone accuse me of trying to fraudulently steal merch! that is ridiculous! is rachel zoe going to make people prove their package was stolen now? do we all need to start to get ring doorbells? i’ve heard horrible RZ customer service stories, but this is a whole new low to make it sound like they’re accusing you of fraud! so glad i cancelled.

    • I believe they are filing a theft report with USPS. This is a document to prove what happened in your situation so they will be credited for that shipment.

      • Yea I think Lisa might be right on this. If this happened while it was in USPS hands they are probably liable and Curateur is trying to recoup its loss, having to replace those items to you.

      • I just looked at my ring doorbell video and it wasn’t even delivered by USPS. It was delivered by UPS and the video clearly shows the hole in the box as he puts it down on my porch. BTW, I found out you can report fraud at

        1. By law, a seller should ship your order within the time stated in its ads or over the phone. If the seller doesn’t promise a time, you can expect it to ship your order within 30 days.
        The shipment “clock” begins when the seller receives a “properly completed order.” That includes your name, address and payment (check, money order or authorization to charge an existing credit account — whether the account is charged at that time or not).

        2. If the seller is unable to ship within the promised time, it must notify you, give a revised shipping date and give you the chance to cancel for a full refund or accept the new shipping date. The seller also must give you some way to exercise the cancellation option for free — for example, by supplying a prepaid reply card or staffing a toll-free telephone number.

        3. If you don’t respond — and the delay is 30 days or less — it’s assumed that you accept the delay and are willing to wait for the merchandise.

        4. If you don’t respond — and the delay is more than 30 days — the order must be canceled by the 30th day of the delay period and a full refund issued promptly.

        5. If the seller can’t meet the revised shipping date, it must notify you again by mail, email or telephone and give you a new shipping date or cancel your order and give you a refund.

        6. The order should be canceled and a refund issued promptly unless you indicate by the revised shipping date that you are willing to wait.

        7. If you don’t respond to the second notice, the seller should assume that you are not willing to wait issue a full refund promptly.

    • Oh Bella,
      This story is just terrible. I’m not an expert, but I do work at the post office as a carrier. They ACTUALLY have their own secret police force. So it’s very possible that you are apart of something bigger. I do not believe that they are accusing you of anything. Honestly, they’re probably investigating whoever delivered the box. AND THEY MOOOVE SLOW!! Please document everything. If you have a ring doorbell or your neighbors do, please get the footage. Then report absolutely everything your local postmaster with phots, video, etc. They take theft very seriously. You will have to fill out a form I believe, just google stolen or destroyed package report to post master.
      Like I said it will be slow, but they will handle it. Hopefully they will refund you your money. I would report the “value” the Rachel Zoe says, because they can’t just pay you the discounted price.

      Best of Luck!!!

      • Thanks, Al! You know what is so funny about this? I did check my Ring video and it was a UPS delivery – not USPS! And, for the record, it does show the big tear in the box as the driver set it down on my porch. So now I’m confused. I don’t know why they want me to sign that form. They are still insisting I do which I refused to do (as it was not a USPS delivery). I emailed them back and they insist I need to sign it so UPS can start an investigation. I called UPS and they were clear that recipients do not have to sign anything for a shipper to file a claim. I have NO idea if Curateur just has no idea what they are doing or if they are just taking a hard line with all claims of missing items with their “new” company. They are so frustrating. I am filing a complaint with the FTC. Anyway, thank you for you insight and advice. 🙂 xo

  7. MSA — There are some comments on an older post for the Fall MSA CURATEUR Special that are concerning. Please take a look.

    Curateur seems to have run out of the bonus item for that MSA promo box and is substituting the tassel necklace with tassel earrings. This switch was done without any notice and many of us waited several weeks to receive the box. It’s hard to believe these promotions are genuine when they make ad-hoc changes after we’ve paid for things. I’ve contacted support about the issue and haven’t received any reply. Can MSA follow-up and let us know how to avoid these type of substitutions in the future?

    • Hi Erika! Thank you for letting us know – we are so sorry to hear this! We are working with Curateur to find a solution and get to the bottom of this ASAP.

      • Yes same thing happened to me. This box has been the most frustrating and stressful subscription experience. First the Kay Burki gel isn’t getting sent to anyone, then it takes 6 weeks for me to receive my Fall box (and only after following up via email multiple times and posting on their social media), and to top it off I didn’t even get the necklace from the MSA promo. The earrings have half the retail value and I can’t wear them because of a metal allergy (I can only wear real good posts).

        MSA please look at all the customer complaints on the other posts before continuing to give this box your stamp of approval/promotion. Your posts are giving credibility to a very unreliable and scammy company.

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