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Ipsy Reveals Are Up for the November 2020 Glam Bag!

Ipsy February 2020 makeup subscription review

The November 2020 Ipsy reveals are up! 

Here is what I will be getting in one of my Ipsy subscriptions:

What are you getting from Ipsy this month?

Here are all the items Ipsy is sending to subscribers this month. (You’ll receive 5 of them in your glam bag):

If you are new to Ipsy, it is a $12 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes.

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How do subscribers rate Ipsy?

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Comments (79)

  1. I’m actually really pleased with my bag, I think I’m the few who didn’t get the fab moisturizer or the eyeko mascara! I did get the dreaded trestique mascara in my glam bag plus though haha!

    In my regular bag I got:

    ABH Moon Jelly Lip Gloss – my pick! Super excited I loveeee lip glosses

    Lottie London – Golden Eyeliner – I am so excited for this product. I’ve been looking for a golden/champagney eyeliner that I can just easily put in my inner corners without using a brush and my highlighter, so I already know this product will be used on the daily. I also love lottie london in my bags since we can’t order them from the US

    Ofra highlighter in Blissfull – very happy to get my first ofra highlighter! I am a bit worried about the color as it might show up ashy on my skin tone (poc things) but I hope it looks good!

    Vasanti cosmetics concealer brush – I definitely don’t need a concelear brush, I never use brushes for liquid products but who knows! I might like it.

    Lab for you tomato and pumpkin sheet mask – This item is by far probably the worst item I’ve ever gotten in an Ipsy bag. First of all, I’ve been getting sheet masks for literally forever and I’m sick of them, and second of all, tomato and pumpkin. Thos are probably the grossest scents I would put on my face.

    Overall I think the bag is so great that the sheet masks can’t bring it down! I also got three addons im SO excited for, the bella en argent lip gloss, glow recipe banana souffle cream, and the tatcha cleanser.

  2. Why isn’t MSA talking about how IPSY bungled the GBP november and insulted the subscribers with a $3 add on for the december bag?

    • And only if you buy a $3 add on are you qualified for the free ad on!

      • yes…not even for this month but you can only use that for december. So if you planned to skip or cancel it’s worthless. This round was superbad .The only good thing i got was the Murad . Other than that I couldn’t find anything usable 🙁

  3. Yes😅totally agree! This is the perfect bag, wish I had gotten it!
    I received in my glam bag:
    Tatcha Cleanser
    MOTD face brush
    IT cosmetics concealer
    Glow Recipe Banana cream (my pick)
    Jules Smith lipgloss
    I am Excited for the Tatcha and Glow Recipe

  4. Yes😅totally agree! This is the perfect bag, wish I had gotten it!
    I received in my glam bag:
    Tatcha Cleanser
    MOTD face brush
    IT cosmetics concealer
    Glow Recipe Banana cream (my pick)
    Jules Smith lipgloss
    I am Excited for the Tatcha and Glow Recipe

  5. I’m pretty happy about my bag:

    COMMODITY Gold Fragrance

    EYEKO Rock Out and Lash Out Mascara in Carbon Black

    GLOW RECIPE Banana Soufflé Moisture Cream (my choice)

    MISCHO BEAUTY Nail Polish in Ijama

    MOTD COSMETICS A Perfect 10 Tapered Face Brush

    • TWINS! I am so happy with it this month!

  6. I’m really happy with my variation ☺️

    🌟Bobbi Brown Face Base (choice)
    🌟FAB Moisturizer
    🌟Firma Contour Brush
    🌟Australian Sand & Sky Mask
    🌟Kokie Cosmetics Highlighter

    I added on
    🌟Tatcha Deep Cleanse (my FAVE!)
    🌟Beauty Crop Shadow Primer
    🌟Glow Recipe Banana
    🌟Honey Jarrett Cleanser (got it before 👍)
    🌟Pixi liplift in Sheer Rose

    This has a couple of my HG products, and a FS shadow primer for $3?! Yes Ma’am!

    I’m so excited! Ipsy has really been slaying the base bags lately!

  7. I did a double take because I have the EXACT box you have.

    • Me too! Wish I got a different color nail polish I have a ton of blues! Hope you liked your bag!

  8. This month’s bag is better than my plus bag.

    I got:
    111Skin Day Cream
    Anastasia Lip Gloss in Moon Jelly
    IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Pressed Powder
    MOTD Cosmetics Tapered Face Brush
    Tatcha The Deep Cleanse (my pick)

    Add ons:
    Barefoot Venus The Vanilla Effect Instant Hand Repair
    Dr. Botanicals Cocoa & Coconut Superfood Reviving Hydrating Mask

    • Bag twins!

  9. I feel like my ipsy match has been a total bro for me recently, looking out for what I need, even if it’s not necessarily what I want. My bag this month is kinda boring, but out of everything on the list, it’s totally the best combo!

    Eyeko mascara – a repeat from when I was subscribed before (I’m sure they don’t track that) but my absolute fav)
    First aid beauty moisturizer – another repeat and a meh product, but exactly what my skin is gonna need for this dry, cold winter)
    MOTD tapered face brush – I so don’t need this but my greedy brain just loves getting brushes because I know I’ll use ’em and would never pay full price
    Shape tape concealer – I chose this because it’s been haunting my never-checked-out Tarte cart and I’d love to double check my shade and whether this is really all it’s chalked up to be before actually buying
    The beauty crop eyeshadow primer – okay yeah I totally need a primer thanks ipsy for calling me out. And it’s full-size woo!!!

    I did find it kinda funny that the MOTD write-up brags about how all of their brushes are labeled super accurately and that’s super useful…and then this one is just labeled “A Perfect 10” which, let’s be real, tells ya nothing

    • I literally don’t have an eyelid primer (well, there’s this exact one in my Glossybox advent calendar but that’s over a month away…unless I just get it now and replace it when the Ipsy comes in) nevermind, go problem solving! Thank you for helping me sort this out, YOU’RE the bro and my bag twin!

  10. I’m more pleased with the regular bag this month than the past few plus bags I’ve received. It’s my first month switching bags and I think I’ll hold on to the regular glam bag as I’ve been digging the spoilers more and having the choice of 1 product makes it worthwhile for me.

    This month I’m getting:

    -tatcha cleanser (my pick)
    -111 skin y therom (love skincare, so this is a plus)
    -it cosmetics pressed powder (have plenty of powders, but don’t mind trying this one, good travel size)
    -anastasia gloss in moon jelly (will probably swap; would love to trade this for sjp perfume)
    -motd cosmetics brush (I’m a brush hoarder and appreciate having another brush)
    -beauty crop eyeshadow primer (add on; I’ve got plenty of face primers, but only one mini eye primer remaining and this is a great deal for a full size eye primer though I do hope adding this doesn’t influence ipsy to fill my bag with more face primers)

    If my bag had the sjp perfume instead of the gloss, it’s be a slam dunk. Overall I’m happy and looking forward to trying everything out!

    • Box twins although my choice was the 111skin. I’m very happy with it and also added 3 items I’m excited to try. Good month for me!

  11. Wow so glad I cancelled this month. You would think Nov bags would have some special things in it since most bags get delivered so late in the month. At least mine does. Nothing I can use for stocking stuffers for anyone. I’m down to allure for the year and birchbox till January. Then I’m leaving birchbox also. Just so much if the same things all around. This virus has really made me take stock of what’s important and little samples just aren’t right now. At least I can gift the full size things from allure that I don’t want so that’s where I’m sticking for now. Stay safe everyone and have the best holidays you can right now. I wish I could buy health for everyone this year for Xmas. Since my daughter is immune compromised w have been trying to be as careful as possible and I admit it’s getting quite depressing around here. Love and health to you all that I have grown accustomed to seeing on this ipsy page. Maybe I will see you on the allure page 🥰

    • Denise — you sound as sweet as sugar. Best wishes to you and your family, stay well.

    • We know what you mean! The little things can seem like nothing when you have real problems in your life. Try to look on them as little bonuses though a little perk to make a day brighter. let me tell you it’s a huge challenge to look on the bright side each day My husband has severe health issues and I cope with depression anyways so making sure my attitude is bright is hard work!! I hope you and your family have a safe winter!

  12. I am disappointed in my bag this month. I am getting:

    Eyeko Rock Out Mascara – I have Mascara marked as sometimes, but this is the 3rd month in a row I’m getting one.

    Commodity Gold Fragrance – I love perfume, and I never heard of this brand so I am excited to try this.

    Glow Recipe Banana Moisture Cream – My choice pick.

    Complex Culture Eyeshadow in Cocktail Party – Once again, the same colors of Eyeshadow. Send me a purple or a green color for once. How many gold eyeshadows does 1 person need? Not happy to be getting this.

    Mischo Nail Polish in Mischo – Another product which will be gifted since I never wear nail polish. Not happy with this either.

    Tatcha Cleanser – Add-On

    111 Skin Moisturizer – Add-On

    I would rate my bag as 2 out of 5 this month. I hope December is much better.

    • Make a little bundle and sell it somewhere like Mercari. they sell well and for example the things you don’t want are things I’m interested in this month 🙂

    • Commodity is a little bit fancy! I’d say it’s on par with things like Nest + TokyoMilk. They sell it at Sephora. I like their “white” collection/line, which has fragrances like Mimosa, Nectar, Tea, etc.

  13. FIRST AID BEAUTY Ultra Repair Face Moisturizer – I’ll try it, but don’t love FAB

    IT COSMETICS Bye Bye Pores Pressed Powder – A rarely category for me, but not upset about it

    MOTD COSMETICS A Perfect 10 Tapered Face Brush – Would have rather gotten the orange Moda, but ok

    THE BEAUTY CROP Stuck On You Eyeshadow Primer – Picked this; excited to try

    DR.BOTANICALS Watermelon Superfood 2-in1 Cleanser & Makeup Remover – Nice, looking forward to trying

  14. Loving my bag this month, although I need to know what I have to do to get a dang perfume!

    -FAB moisturizer
    -MOTD tapered face brush
    -Mischo nail polish in Mischo (SO PRETTY)
    -Tarte concealer
    -Vanilla Bean lip balm

    • Same! I love my bag this month (IT pressed powder, Derma E night cream, MOTD face brush, Murad acid peel, Beauty Crop eyeshadow primer.) but I have NEVER received a perfume since I resubbed over a year ago. I have have every scent type checked!

  15. Holy Smokes! I cannot believe that my bag is so great this month! It seriously might be the best bag I’ve ever received. The only thing stopping that from being true is that I received a mascara (which honestly I usually LOVE getting mascara but I also received a mascara in my Plus bag this month and that is super lame to get one in both bags). When I look at the products above that we could have gotten this month it makes me feel like I am in extra love with my bag…I feel like I dodged some real bullets!

    Glow Recipe Banana Moisturizer (My choice)

    Commodity Perfume in GOLD

    Mischo Nail Polish-I can’t remember which color and now it won’t let me look at it again unless I share it to Facebook (which I do not have Facebook so that is a SERIOUS LOAD OF BS) I like both colors though so either one is welcome

    Eyeko Mascara (Eh)

    MOTD tapered Brush

    And I love the bag design! So this is a real winner of a month for me which is kind of extra fun since it is my birthday month.

    I also did a few add-ons:

    The Tatcha cleanser for $3

    The Full size! Beauty Crop eyeshadow base for $3

    The Full SIZE! Thrive Lip Liner for $3
    I don’t ever line my lips but I’ve been reading Meghan’s reviews for long enough that I FINALLY remembered that you can use liner to color in your lips completely like lipstick and I thought this color looked really pretty. I still go into an office from 8:30-4:30 M-F so lipstick is still a thing for me! 🙂

    November for the WIN!

  16. Finally got to see my bag. I think they didn’t want me to see I am getting repeat products that I reviewed and won’t be getting any points on. I have two things I don’t have 111skin care my choice and a pretty nail polish

  17. I do not get offered many of the things I would actually purchase as an add on. No Item brow products, no nail polish and very few skincare items… saves me $$$, I guess.

  18. My bag:
    Eyeko mascara
    A blush? brush👎
    Shape Tape (my pick)
    SJP fragrance
    and the FAB, like most everyone

    I spent way too much in add ons since the $85 retail of the Sunday Riley retinol lured me. And because the base bag was nothing special. I will pass the FAB to my sister and the brush to the pile of 40 unused make up brushes.

  19. This is my horrible bag
    Abh lip ( my choice and the only good)
    Black nail lacker
    Commodity gold fragrance
    Lip balm vanilla
    Lid eyeshadow in desert

    • If it’s the Context nail lacquer, it’s actually dark blue!

  20. I have a different bag than everyone thus far. I’m getting:

    Bobbi Brown face base (my choice)
    Context Skin Matte Lipstick in Sweet Emotion
    Item Beauty Brow Chow in Medium Brown
    Obliphica Professional Seaberry Hair Mask
    Sand & Sky Australian Pink Clay Porefining Face Mask

    Bag is decent, although I really haven’t worn lipstick in a while due to masks, so I really don’t need more. None of the add-ons impressed me. I just splurged on some Sydney Grace so I am good for a while (probably until black friday :P)

  21. Am I the only one that didn’t get the FAB? I wouldn’t have minded it, but I am super happy with my bag this month either way. I am getting:

    Derma E deluxe hydrating night cream
    It Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores pressed powder my choice)
    MOTD Cosmetics A Perfect Ten tapered face brush
    Murad replenishing multi acid peel
    and The Beauty Crop Stuck on You eyeshadow primer

    This is the best bag I have had in a long time!

    • We’re bag twins!!

      • 🙂 Hope you are as excited as I am to get it!

  22. I got:
    -ABH lipgloss mini in Moon Jelly (my choice)
    -Mischo Beauty Nail Polish in Ijama
    -Commodity Gold Fragrance
    -Eyeko Mascara (I have so much mascara. I’m getting mascara on my Ipsy Plus bag as well)
    -Lasting Smiles lip Balm in Vanilla Bean

    Not a bad month for me. I love getting nail polish and fragrances. The rest of my bag is not exciting but It’ll be used nevertheless.

    • I’m jealous of your nail polish & fragrance, lol.

  23. I have to have a FB account to see my items? No thanks, I will wait.

    • I know that sucks that is new from last month, same here I’ll wait . Glad they let us glimpse at it before add ons smh

    • Obviously do what you’re comfortable with, but it’s possible to link your Facebook while turning all permissions off for ipsy! Back when they forced us to share, I had them share to “only me” and that worked perfectly 🙂

    • This is the first month Ipsy has demanded I share to Facebook. Lame! I’m getting tired of Ipsy’s shenanigans.

    • Give it a try now. I think it was a glitch.

  24. This is my best bag in a long time!!! Ipsy really hit it out of the park this month!
    I’m getting

    -Avette Cream Coconut foaming cleanser (love all cleansers and coconut things)
    -Glow Recipe banana souffle (almost my choice but went a different way so glad I still got it)
    -Tarte shape tape concealer (always a win)
    -Mischo beauty nail polish in Mischo
    -Motd beauty tapered brush (my pick)

    My only regret is not getting a perfume because those are my favorite samples and too bad there weren’t any in add ons either. But I have plenty to last a while and there’s still the second chance add ons and the pop up sales.

    Happy I didn’t drop an extra dime this month…. well so far.

    • Robyn, we are bag twins and my choice was the Glow Recipe Banana cream. I’m quite happy with my bag. The nail polish looks very pretty. The Tarte Shape Tape might be too much for my 65 yo under eyes but I can always gift it to one of my daughters or a granddaughter. I really was hoping for a perfume but wasn’t even offered one in my group of add-ons. But I still maxed out in add-ons! lol My subscription comes to an end with the Nov bag and I’m going to be taking a break for awhile, using up stuff from my large stash and waiting to see how this Ipsy/Boxycharm merger is going to play out.

  25. Literally got the same bag except the nail polish

  26. Not getting either the FAB or the Eyeko

    My bag:
    Avette Fresh Clean Coconut Mild Foam Cleanser
    Glow Recipe Banana Soufflé Moisture Cream (choice)
    Mischo Beauty Nail polish in Mischo
    Tarte Shape Tape Concealer
    Vasanti Concealer Brush

    Add on:
    Pureheals Propolis (this is really good for acne-prone skin)
    Purlisse CC cream
    SR UFO oil

    • Looks good, Amber!

  27. I am getting the same bag! It’s ok. I’d rather have something else instead of the mascara and the tiny moisturizer.

  28. Ugg I hate when I can’t see my bag. It shows my choice item nothing else. Not doing add ons for this bag. Already received a repeat product in my plus.

    • I just renewed my annual membership. Kind of wishing I had switched to something else. I love my Ipsy but I’m getting a little bored after 2 1/2 yrs. I think I will stop picking on Choice Day to see if we can get my bags back on track. I didn’t want another brush and certainly not a concealer brush. I didn’t want another highlighter. But, I do like Kokie and the color looks pretty. I am excited for my Choice which was the eyeshadow primer and also for the Banana Souffle cream. Pretty neutral on the coconut cleanser. And, I wasn’t even thrilled with add ons. Picked up the 111 Skin Day Cream and the IT Primer. I am excited about both of these. And the Belle En Argent lipgloss I picked up for an Xmas present fory bestie. I already have it and it’s lovely.

      • Bag Twins! I agree with you about picking a product. I think the bag is closer to your profile when you don’t pick anything. I just had to try the eyeshadow primer though!

  29. do we know where all these complex culture products are made? no thanks if china

  30. Hah, I guess I’m one of the rare ones NOT getting the FAB moisturizer! But I am getting that Eyeko mascara, sight…

    My bag:
    Avette coconut cleanser (I actually really liked the Avette coconut moisturizer I got a few months ago, so I’m excited about this)
    Eyeko mascara, sigh
    Glow Recipe banana souffle moisturizer (my choice)
    Milani matte charcoal setting spray (not super into setting sprays, but will give it a try)
    MOTD tapered face brush (I actually LOVE getting brushes, even though I already have a ton :))

    No add ons for me this month, the hand cream looks intriguing, but I’m actually pretty well stocked up right now. Nothing else tickling my fancy that is a good enough deal to buy.

    • Mine is super similar to yours. I’m also getting the setting spray, which I will never use since I don’t wear makeup, the mascara, and the banana soufflé moisturizer, but my other two picks are the Tatcha cleanser (my choice) and the Mischo polish in Mischo.

      • That’s a good bag too! That nail polish is really pretty.

        And I know some setting sprays can also be used as a primer/skin treatment, so hopefully you can find an alternative use for yours. 🙂

    • @Jen… We are bag twins. I also picked the glow recipe moisturizer. I like comparing to see if similar choice picks produce similar bags.

  31. Crappiest month ever..I took a chance even though the bags are so freaking ugly! Wish I had cancelled, but this sealed that deal.

    • The bags really are hideous. Definitely the worst I’ve gotten since I’ve been a subscriber.

  32. I really wanted a fragrance, too. My bag was 111Skin Y Theorum, Bobbi Brown face base (choice), Avette cleanser, eyeko mascara (ugh), and Context Skin matte lipstick. It could be worse, but I hate mascara being included! Add-ons: Byroe serum, Thrive lip liner, and GR banana souffle.

  33. It wouldn’t let me choose at 646…I could see it but no pictures. I was scared to try to much because I did t want it to bypass it and choose for me!! By the time I got to do it 830., all the good 3 dollar add on were sold out!!! Oh well!!

  34. I’m receiving

    The fab moisturizer that everyone is getting.😒
    It cosmetics pressed powder-my choice🙂
    A sea berry hair mask, never heard of this brand and I hope it’s a good size.🧐
    MOTD face brush, IPSY I have a lot of face brushes!😞
    The dreaded eyeko mascara 😖

    Add ons
    Barefoot Venus hand cream
    Thrive lip liner

  35. Wow, everyone is getting that FAB, huh?

    This is my worst Ipsy bag yet. I can’t get back in to see my items (it wants me to share to Facebook, which, lol, no), but I’m getting:

    ANASTASIA BEVERLEY HILLS Mini Matte Lipstick in Dead Roses – My choice.

    KOKIE COSMETICS highlighter in Heavenly – Ugh, please Ipsy, no more highlighters.

    FIRST AID BEAUTY Ultra Repair Moisturizer – Love this product, but .33oz is *tiny*. And *cheap*, considering a 2oz size retails for $14.

    AVETTE Coconut Foaming Cleanser – Never heard of this brand, and again, super cheap. The 5oz retails for $12.

    MOTD COSMETICS Perfect 10 Facial Brush – Happy to be getting this.

    What really grinds my gears is that the regular glam bag is supposed to have a promised value of at least $50, and there’s no way my bag contents add up to that. The brush retails for $22. Highlighter retails for $6. Mini lipstick is worth ~$6, in my estimation, considering ABH sold a 10 piece set for $59 last year. FAB is worth $2.30. Not sure about the cleanser because I don’t know what size it is, but even if it was full size, everything would add up to only $48.30.

    What gives, Ipsy?

    • Tragic bag twins

      I would’ve been happy had I gotten a nail polish, any of them. Hopefully they show up in $5 duos or as $3 items in flash sales or second round, I want both mischo and the context!

      • I would have LOVED to get the nail polishes as an add on. My bag is similar and also full of disappointment. November was my last chance with the Glam Bag and I am cancelling it. I always get great results for the Glam Bag Plus so I don’t understand why this is so awful. I’d honestly take 2 or 3 good products over the 5 products I got.

  36. Wow! My GB is never terrible, but this month it’s SO much better than my Plus. I still would’ve preferred other items, like nail polish and fragrance, but you can’t win them all. I got:

    — HONEY JARRETT Cream Whip Cleanser (My pick, I LOVE this stuff!)

    –BOBBI BROWN Vitamin Enriched Face Base (meh, is this a primer? Anyone try it?)

    –CONTEXT SKIN Matte Lipstick in Sweet Emotion (this looks okay)

    –COMPLEX CULTURE Blush in Pink Slip (I’m open about this brand, because if the makeup is as great as the brushes, I’ll be happy. This was also the best pick for me as I don’t use highlighter or bronzer. That Milani blush is adorable, though!)

    –SAND AND SKY Pink Clay mask (meh, this is okay. I have a few already and I don’t see using this with colder weather)

    Adding on shape tape. Meh, hope next month is better. Ipsy is my only sub if you don’t count me forgetting to cancel Macy’s this month, haha.

  37. Is anyone else unable to do add ons?? It’s keeps saying add stuff to your cart whenever I try to check out.

    • It said that to me at first too but I assumed that’s because my payment method had expired. I had payed for a year of bags up front. Check and make sure there is nothing funky on your account page and then try again. It may just be a temporary glitch. Hope it works for you.

    • I could do add ons but can’t see what is in my bag.

    • I never got to do choice either. My account said I skipped November which I was fine with although didn’t remember doing it. But of course they charged me on the 1st and I am getting a bag with no clue what is inside.

  38. I’m really disappointed to have missed out on all the fragrances & nail polishes this month!

    I got:
    – Illuminati quad (ugh, private-label junk)
    – MotD face brush
    – Tarte shape tape in Fair Neutral
    – Kokie highlighter in Heavenly
    – FAB Ultra Repair

    I’m really sick of getting these cheap private-label shadow quads instead of samples of actual eye shadow products I might buy. I’ve gotten almost every single one of the slightly-different-shades-of-brown Oryza palettes despite rating them low every time.

    I’ve been considering reactivating my old account (from when you used to need 2 to get both base & Plus bags) because my glam bags over the last few months have not been matching me well.

    • Ugh, what do we have to do to get fragrances?!

      • Charlotte, have patience. I marked fragrance as “often” on my beauty profile, and I have been a subscriber for almost 5 years. It took almost 3 years for me to get a perfume in my glam bag, and I have received 4 in the last year. You’ll get them eventually.

      • I used to get them pretty often. Idk what happened! I’ve fallen out of favor! 😂

        Also, this month I decided not to choose an item & let Ipsy choose… it is definitely not more customized to my preferences, lol.

  39. My regular bag reveal isn’t showing. 🙁 There are some items I would grab as add-ons if they aren’t in my bag so I’m in limbo. Never had this happen before; it’s the same in a browser and on the app. Logging out and back in didn’t help. I had no issues with GBP reveal/selection. Kinda frustrating. #firstworldproblems

  40. I also got the Tatcha face wash (My choice) and the Motd brush. My other items were the 111skin day cream, Anastasia lip gloss in moon jelly and It Cosmetics presses powder. Not a bad bag but not my favorite. Not a whole lot of add ons that I liked but I did get the eyeshadow primer and the Cottage Greenhouse serum which is amazing.

  41. I am soooo pleased with my classic Ipsy bag, this month. I’m receiving: First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Face Moisturizer, It Cosmetics Bye Bye Pore Pressed Powder, Milani Cosmetics Rose Powder Blush, MOTD Cosmetics Face Brush (my choice item) and The Beauty Crop Eyeshadow Primer. Three full size items! Excellent job this month, Ipsy. Let’s keep the ball rolling. 🙂

    • Correction… I believe the Milani blush is a deluxe sample size. So that would mean two full size items (the face brush and the eye primer). I’m still totally cool with that. 🙂

  42. Bag twin! Got some add ons

    These add ons were awesome

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