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CAUSEBOX Winter 2020 Box Available Now + Coupon!

ByMSANov 23, 2020 | 61 comments

Alltrue (CAUSEBOX)
2.9 overall rating
327 Ratings | 165 Reviews

The Winter 2020 CAUSEBOX is available to order now! They haven’t released spoilers yet but we’ll post as soon as they do!

From cozy winter staples to sustainable swaps, the Winter Box has a little of everything: 5 options to customize; 6 sustainable, ethical, full-size products worth up to $275+, one beautifully illustrated collectible box. Yep, all that for just $49.95.

Sounds pretty good, right? We think so, too.

CAUSEBOX is a quarterly subscription box that features brands and items dedicated to doing good all over the world. Many featured brands donate a portion of proceeds to charities and/or may employ local artisans, use ethically-sourced goods, etc. 

The Subscription Box: CAUSEBOX

The Cost: $54.95 on a quarterly basis, or $49.95 per box with an annual subscription

COUPON: Use code WELCOME20 to save 20% off your first box!

The Products: At least $150 worth of products for women from CAUSEBOX’s favorite socially-conscious brands.

Good to Know: Sign up for an annual subscription to qualify for CAUSEBOX Custom, which lets you hand-pick certain items in your boxes!

Ships to: The continental US for free, Hawaii, Alaska, all US territories (including Guam) & Canada for $7.95

Check out all of our CAUSEBOX reviews for more information about this subscription box and sign up for notifications to get spoilers!

Alltrue (formerly CAUSEBOX) is a seasonal lifestyle membership that unites a community of individuals who stand for good, seek truth, and take action. Every season, Alltrue members receive a curation of carefully vetted socially-conscious lifestyle products (from fashion and homewares to skincare an... read more.
At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.

At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.
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Wow, breathe person! Buy the fricken boxes you can totally curate and don’t buy the ones you can’t. Some people like it that way. If you don’t then deal, contact the company directly and don’t spew all your bd on us that don’t agree.


Anyone else feel like molly works for curateur or something lol? I support causebox cause I like the stuff and being surprised every month, but also a lot of it for me is about the mission of the company, sustainable goods, etc.. none of the other subscription companies have appealed to me at that level. If I want a “fancy” bag or scarf from some “designer to the stars” I’ll just go shopping at a store. I appreciate the fact that there’s different options that those who want to pay more (which I don’t cause I like surprises) can choose. I’d rather that than one item or color, which seems to be what some are gearing them to do instead of there being choices. But again this box is more around the purpose and the environmental factors/materials for me than anything else, and the more different items the more different things they can support, and I like being able to get the stuff I like cheap at the marketplace.

Molly Honey

😅😂😰😁😅 ROTFLMAO!!!!


Earrings, coasters, or a body scrub for the first choice.


I hate so much that I canceled FFF for this sub.

Ps: I’m an annual subscriber. Never again.

Molly Honey

Msa- you are making it all worse by censoring my comments. You are drawing more attention to yourselves. I know you are a business. But you’re a business built on the backs of the customer. Don’t lose sight of that. I’m not going away and there will always be more people who feel like I do. I represent the truth to the people. Do you not? Why are my opinions so dangerous? Shoot me an email if you like. We can talk further. You have my info!


Please tell me, what would be the point of paying for an annual subscription if ALL subscribers got to choose all the items? One of the perks of going annual is getting more customization. It’s the same with FFF and other subscription boxes. Although I do think that seasonal subscribers should get to make at least 1 choice for the items, saying that seasonals should get to make ALL the same choices as annuals do, is pretty ridiculous. The only reason to go annual is for a small discount of $20 and customization. What you want is never going to happen. FFF would never do this either, not to mention a number of other boxes. Especially the bigger ones.

Also, if you hate Causebox so much and aren’t even a subscriber, why are you even here? The level of anger just seems pointless. These are a privilege and luxuries that not everyone can get or even afford. There is so much going on in the world and in real life to get so upset about something like this. Especially with this amount of posts. Like others have stated in this and other posts you made, maybe you would be happier spending your money at TJMAXX/Marshalls/Winners, etc., than on this or other sub boxes. That way you can get the items you want for the $50 or so you would otherwise spend on these types of boxes.


Wow! Molly you need to calm down!


Calm down. It is really not that serious.


Calm down.


Your comments have been posting all along. Yes you can customize ONE item in Curateur but you specifically said you could customize all. And no you could not ever customize Popsugar unless you’re talking about deciding which apothke box to order. I’m not a huge Causebox fan myself but I’m taken aback by this vitriolic campaign you’re waging against Causebox. You’ve stated your opinion clearly more than once, and accusing MSA of censoring your comments seems a little over the top since I have been able to see them the whole time. I think we ALL understand your stance at this point.

Molly Honey

Please go to the PopSugar Spring 2019 review on this site. There you will see that they let their customers choose the jewelry item. That’s just one example of a subscription box company, in the lifestyle category, that let EVERYONE customize.
I loved that subscription!! But they caused a lot of bad feelings when they wouldn’t consistently release spoilers. And then would bill before hand, too. People got frustrated and wrote a lot of comments to that effect on this site. Then people stopped caring. We’re over it. And I think it contributed to their downfall. They should have listened to their customers, clearly. Too bad

Molly Honey

Yea I have had to say this over & over. Not sure why you don’t understand that I am talking about being able to customize All of the CUSTOMIZABLE OPTIONS!!!!!!! It’s not that hard to understand. ALL PEOPLE SHOULD BE ABLE TO CHOOSE THE 5 OR SO CUSTOMIZATIONS!!!! NOT ONLY IF YOU ARE ANNUAL!!! PLEASE READ!!
AND They did censor my comments. Some of those were written last night. And once I started complaining they posted them. How do you know what I wrote and when and if it was posted????
The reason that I have a ton of posts on here, saying a lot of the same things over again, is because when they wouldn’t post my comments I would write another one to try to get it to go through. Then they posted all of those comments at once to make me look crazy. I’ve seen them do it to people on here for years!!!!!! That’s nothing new!!!! These are common tricks. And to trick you and others into not talking me seriously and attacking what I say.
Again, the reason I use the word ALL is because of Fabfitfun, in particular. Because they let seasonal choose SOME of their customization choices, not ALL!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow. Trying to tell Causebox that when they do change this to not bother with trying that “okay you can pick a few of the customizable items” crap. Don’t waste our time with that, either. We want to choose all 5.
Causebox is an example of the scammy boxes out there and how they get you; and now how they can’t make sales because of it.
I’m trying to improve OUR experience and value and give Causebox the feedback of the reason that people are not subscribing. THAT’S ALL.

Mallory @ MSA

Hi Molly! It looks like all of your comments are live on the site, we don’t have anything from you that is still pending. Can you shoot us an email if there’s anything missing? [email protected]

Molly Honey

Yea now!
Thank you.


I enjoy the box art reveal, I enjoy that the company showcases artists and gives them a platform to become more recognizable. I also enjoy that, as an annual subscriber, I get to choose some of the items in my box, in addition to a modest discount.

Molly Honey

If I were an annual subscriber I would be happy too. Their boxes are usually really cool. But it’s just not for seasonal spenders. Unless you get a thrill pulling that lever. That’s gambling! And if you know anything about shopping addiction, gambling and consumerism then this can be harmful and is not a good way to spend your money. In my opinion, of course.
I love Curateur and their model. They release full spoilers up front, coupons, free gifts, and they let All customers customize without paying more. They have nothing to hide. If you like the offering, you buy it. If not you pass or skip and wait for the next one.
Fff is on the cusp of greatness. They release full spoilers within about a week but, seasonal can’t customize all options. So they have some work to do if they want to be #1. I have an annual to this one and if I can’t purchase another when it runs out I’ll stop subscribing to that one too. Because all the fun is in choosing what you want, right


Then subscribe to curateur, and skip causebox. 🤷‍♀️ You don’t like the way they structure their box offerings, and I like that I’m rewarded as an annual subscriber. Part of the beauty of subscription boxes is that you can typically find one that appeals to both your style and your budget.

MSA rarely, if ever, posts comments immediately after submission. There’s nearly always some trigger that flags a review before posting. You just have to wait about 15 minutes and your post will show up, unless you’re being particularly rude or hateful.


Not wanting to commit to a box does not equal being a gambling addict. Calm down, yikes.

Andrea h

Yes once again they lie to us first spoiler at o900 am not anything mentioned. Ugh WHY !

Molly Honey

I can accept their business model and just not purchase. But it’s a bad business model if they want to make money. Ask fff and Ipsy. This is important feedback directed at Causebox. Notice their boxes aren’t selling. I don’t think I’m the only one who stopped subscribing for this reason.
If we all could have chosen in the fall box, all of that sizing debacle wouldn’t have happened.
Causebox, when you decide you’re ready I’ll be here for you. I’ll lead the charge to getting your customers back. It’s time. Don’t dig yourself a deeper grave. Successful sub box companies see that the future is choice. Thats why the most successful companies have moved to it. They flex and modify their product to the market expectations. I have higher and better expectations of a fff wanna be lifestyle box like this.

To receive, by that I mean purchase, a robe that is too small…Surprise!
No thanks.

Think in 10 years we look back on this situation and realize a bunch of women spent money on robes that were too small because someone told them it was a great deal!! Who told them? All of the people involved in selling the robes! Causebox, Msa, etc…
So you see the lies we’ve been told? That we go along with such insanity is insanity.


I was going to sign up for an annual account but it said:

“Your first box will be the CAUSEBOX Fall Intro Box: expected to begin shipping in early December!”

I thought this was supposed to start with the winter box??

Molly Honey

Because they have a ton of fall boxes left over that didn’t sell. They’re desperately trying to entice people with the idea of the winter box. Notice they did not put out any deals for black Friday. Their drowning in their own greed. Trying to get that Annual chunk of money has tanked their overall sales.


Black Friday hasn’t even happened yet, and their marketplace opens on Black Friday. Who knows what kinds of deals they’ll have for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Evelyn Carrion

This will be my second box. I was NOT too crazy about their Fall box…I’ll see what the Winter box brings and most likely, I’ll probably opt out of this subscription.

Evelyn Carrion

Causebox needs to take a page out of the FabFitFun handbook.

FFF is already planning the Spring Box and we have not seen any spoilers for the Causebox winter box. Has anyone seen spoilers for winter cause box???


No it was supposed to be up 6 minutes ago so frustrating.


I too, am excited for the customizations as an annual. However I do think they should allow non-annual to pick an item or two depending on how many customizations CB has for that particular box.

Molly Honey

Half my comments aren’t being posted or it takes forever for them to approve them, once everyone’s fallen asleep. Lol

Have you ever asked yourself why Causebox doesn’t let All customers customize their boxes???
They could barely sell this last curation. People are over it. The future of sub boxes is customization! You heard it here first folks. Ha ha


No one would go annual if everyone got to do all the customizations. Why would I or anyone else go annual and pay $200US all at once especially in this time we’re in now with COVID and uncertainty, just to save $5 off a box? I certainly wouldn’t pay for a year in advance if I could make all the customizations I wanted as a seasonal subscriber and then only get the boxes I want and cancel for the boxes I don’t. There would be absolutely no point unless there were other perks for going annual. What you want will never happen. They might eventually let seasonals make 1 choice, but not all.


I think causebox wants people to purchase an annual subscription and customization is the key feature to attract those customers. That being said, I’m a seasonal customer and I get their box if I feel I’m ok with the “worst case scenario” (alas considering the common items and the customizable items that I like the least and assuming they’ll end up in my box), same as FFF, where as seasonal I can’t customize all of it unless I go annual. I understand you wanting control over what you get, but it looks like this is their business model and they they are not changing it. While I can’t tell if they read feedbacks on here, I saw other people voicing your same thoughts on other platforms and they always replied “annual subscribers can customize”.

Molly Honey

Yea. I agree that’s the reason and for now they are doubling down on that.
I think they will change, eventually, if people stop buying. I stopped a long time ago because it usually is not worth it to me to receive all the items I least wanted. I used to love Causebox but then I received 2 boxes, back to back, that were all choices I didn’t want. I was so disappointed. I figured them out. Why would I want to spend money to be disappointed?
Most of us get multiple subs. It’s not realistic for most to purchase annual subscriptions to all of our boxes. It’s too expensive. Also, we’re not fooling anyone… most people cancel and re sub for discounts each season. And it really is “bundle shopping.” We pick and choose by what interests us at the moment. Yea it’s cool to feel like a member and,ie. in the case of boxycharm, get access to serious discounts in their add ons, shops and other side perks. But, I’m done paying to be penalized by this company. I’ll just look for a better box. One that is, at the least, not a disappointment.


Oh great…the first spoiler is artwork. Get it together, Causebox!

Evelyn Carrion

LOL I thought I was the only one feeling like, ugh, really!?! LOL


Their first spoiler is finally up!! Thick gold-plated hoop earrings, marble coasters or a coffee body scrub!! Took long enough, but I’m happy with the first options. Hoping we get another spoiler tomorrow. We’re getting 6 items total, according to their website. They did say the majority of spoilers will be revealed before December 1st. 🤞


I know right. My eyes have been rolling for 2 weeks straight!


They said spoilers were supposed to start Monday, but now the first spoiler is being released 9am PST Tuesday. I too think they should have at least some customization for seasonal subscribers. Like Fabfitfun, 3 for seasonal, 5 for annual.


I really like Causebox, but the rollout of this box so far has been disappointing. After everything that was said by this company following the timing of last year’s winter box, I thought they would change and learn. However, it seems the only thing learned is to add “THERE WILL BE NO HOLIDAY SHIPPING” to the box description. Maybe it’s still COVID but that seems to be impacting shipping less. I think I had elevated Causebox as a company due to the quality of the items sold and the story behind these items, but this company is quite similar to the rest (FFF) with regards to the business model.

All that being said, I’m still looking forward to the box whenever they are able to release spoilers, but I would have really liked to have this before Christmas.


They said on insta spoilers would start today. They need to get it together, way too close to billing to not have spoilers out.


I hope they’ll release all the spoilers this week…

Molly Honey

Causebox when are you going to change your model and let us choose All items with a seasonal membership??? You won’t get my business until you do.
Like Curateur, PopSugar and Bombay & Cedar and many more. It doesn’t matter how cool your box CAN be if you’re the right kind of member…All members should be able to pick out the items they want! Nobody wants to receive items they don’t like, personally. Utter stupidity on the part of this company. I only had a couple disappointing unboxings to decide- no more until they let me pick what I want!!!


Molly, I agree. I for one will not sub to Causebox until they allow seasonals to pick some of their items. Doubly so since their inclusion of an item in the Fall box that was not size inclusive, with no way for seasonals who could not use that item to opt out.

The snobbishness of some annual subscribers on here towards people who subscribe on a seasonal basis is very unattractive.

Molly Honey

I hear what you’re saying. I think the subscription box industry has made the rules to benefit them.
Like trying to get away with this robe issue, unless their customers went out of their way to contact them… doesn’t seem like an ethical option.

And the idea to “gift items that you didn’t want to receive” seems like just the excuse I would tell my husband when he asks why I would buy a box of stuff I didn’t even want. Lol “Oh, I can just gift it. ”
I wonder who said it first?? … Liz Cadman or the Subscription Box Industry, even though they’re one in the same? Which came first the chicken or the egg?? Lol 🤣😂😅🤣 That’s marketing.

Seriously, Causebox, MSA. .. Get a hold of me. We’ll fix this problem. We’ll do a Molly Honey Membership where now customization is open to even seasonal. I bet we could get rid of those fall boxes pretty quick. And yes you’ll get left with the unfavorable choice inventory but just do like Rachel Zoe and use that stuff for gifts and maybe mystery boxes.
Who else would buy the Fall box and start a subscription, right now, if they could customize it and pay quarterly???


I do believe Causebox did say if seasonal didn’t want the robe, they could contact them and say they wanted the towels instead. They could not however pick the colour they got. So there is that. If someone felt strongly about not getting the robe, they could have contacted customer service and made sure they didn’t get it. But there were multiple comments I read from people who were unhappy with ANY choice. They hated the robe and they hated the towels. Nothing would make those people happy. Honestly I didn’t get all the hate. I can understand the sizing, of course, being a plus size gal myself. But if someone hated the robe that much and hated the towels too, well you could always gift it to someone who would really love a nice robe or set of towels. They would have made wonderful gifts to family or friends.

As an annual, I signed up because I’ve loved most – if not all – the items in their previous boxes. Plus you get a little discount and customization. I know not everyone can afford to do that, and others are just happy being seasonal. I get why they do it this way though. Getting to customize the entire box as seasonal will never happen. Not even FFF does this. Otherwise why would anyone sign up for annual? It’s one of the perks of going annual.

BUT should seasonal get to choose at least 1 item? Sure! What they could do is give them an option to pick 1 item from their whole box, and let them decide which choice item that will be. So if it’s the “hero item” or one of the other items, that would be cool of them to let them pick 1 item from any of the categories. I think that would be fair. What I do love about Causebox, aside from everything being cruelty free, sustainable and ethically made (LOVE THIS!! Finally a cruelty free box I don’t need to worry about which items I get!), is the fact that they don’t have crazy options for each category. The number of variations you can get from FFF for example is just insane. I like that with Causebox you have a 50/50 chance of getting the item you want since it’s usually a choice out of 2 products. Every so often there might be a 3rd option.

But yeah, I can get down with letting seasonal get at least 1 choice item. I think that would be plenty fair. I also think Causebox should have all subscribers fill out a questionnaire or something, so you can include sizing information and what items you like or don’t like. Similar to FFF. That way when boxes are selected for each subscriber, they can see whether there might be a size issue, or if someone would rather receive skin care or a set of bowls or something.

Molly Honey

Drank the Kool aid, huh? Causebox is not a mystery box. Who told you that this is the way it should go? The subscription box companies?
There’s no mystery or surprise if you pay $200 up front! By your logic… Maybe they should make it so no one can choose any items then. Surprise!


Its a freaking subscription box! Some of it will have a surprise and mystery factor to it, so why do you think you should customize half or all of the items?


I am happy for the opportunity to have an annual subscription with the option to skip boxes if desired, or customize otherwise. It is the best option, but certainly one that is not feasible for all. I would have said that people need to accept that the seasonal Causeboxes are not customizable and that’s just the business model, until the robes. I did not like the idea of someone being stuck with an item that did not fit his or her body without an option to choose otherwise. This can worsen body image for some, or just leave an individual with a useless item. For this type of item I agree there needs to be choice if it is not appropriately inclusive.


I agree 100%.


Maybe cancel? No one forced anyone to sub to these boxes. This is my last one after skipping a few seasons. I don’t think I’ll renew b/c I like a calendar of when we can expect certain things and not freefloat it especially when deciding between boxes, but this is all elective luxury and privilege right now.


You want to choose all items? You do understand this is a subscription box and there is a reason it comes at a steep discount for products? I am an annual subscriber so I can choose some categories but I also enjoy the surprise of the other categories. You really need to just go to TJ Maxx and make your own box if you feel so strongly about picking every single thing.

FYI PopSugar stopped doing their beauty box. Curateur has basically no choice aside from maybe one item and you’re basically choosing between a cheap white clutch or a cheap black clutch. And Bombay & Cedar lol…I subbed to them annually and fully regret it.

Molly Honey

Obviously I get how sub boxes work and I don’t think we should pick every item. When I say ALL I mean All items that are customizable to some should be for all, without an annual membership. I say All because of fff in particular. Because I don’t agree with letting seasonal only pick a few… And annual get to pick All. We should stop them from playing these games with us. Subscription Boxes are awesome! But they are not a gift or a favor. This is a business that Is making money. Surprise boxes are fun. But this box is like fff. It’s set up to appeal to different styles on purpose, through customization. But then they don’t let half of their customers choose what they really want in the end. The bait that lures you in is then switched to “oh you like the blue one? Well you might get it. But probably not. Here’s yellow.” I don’t like yellow.
Well, I’m not buying another noncustomizable box from Causebox. Until they change this. I’ll spend my money elsewhere. I hope they do change this. They have cool curations.
Just think of the buzz and excitement each season if they included seasonal in choice!!! So many people would come back to this box and really love it. I’m trying to help Causebox. They aren’t taking the nudge from Ipsy and fff. These companies are doing well because their customers are happy.

Molly Honey

No Aurora. I want to be able to customize the items that annual gets to each season. When you’re seasonal you get what you get.
And PopSugar was a lifestyle box not a beauty box, and yes they’re gone now.

Don’t be fooled at how much these products cost Causebox. They are not doing you a favor. They are a business. Sometimes there are great deals but the manufacture of this stuff is done on the cheap! They are getting this stuff in bulk for pennies. I love sub boxes. I like the ones that are surprises, too. But this particular box is hyped as customizable. To offer an item in different colorways or prints or size so that the item would appeal to many…falls flat when you then don’t let half of your customers even act on their own style preferences in the end!!! Makes no sense. Its all a hold out for that big annual chunk or that people will actually buy multiple boxes just to get all the stuff they want.


Wow. Maybe you should just go shopping.


Seriously!!!! Spot on @Katie.
@MollyHoney – What is utter stupidity is how bent out of shape people get over a sub box. Like is this life or death?! I think you’ll survive getting a nicely curated box of items. And if it is that big of a deal you choose the majority get an annual – you’ll save money. WIN WIN. Truly get over yourself with the theatrical spoiled attitude syndrome you clearly possess…

Molly Honey

All subscribers should be able to customize the customizable items offered.
Clearly…I’m saying of customizable items…ALL customers should be able to customize. And yes… PopSugar sure did have customization items and Curateur, as well. This season, for example, Curateur lets ALL customers choose either the white or the black bag! To offer an item in different colorways or prints or size so that the item would appeal to many…falls flat when you then don’t let half of your customers even act on their own style preferences in the end!!! Makes no sense. Its all a hold out for that big annual chunk or that people will actually buy multiple boxes just to get all the stuff they want.


@Katie EXACTLY! And I subscribe to Curateur and did to Popsugar, and you can’t/couldn’t pick all your items – you couldn’t pick ANY in Popsugar, so I don’t know what company Molly was dealing with to get that kind of deal.

Molly Honey

This is shopping. Maybe you should have somebody hold your wallet for you so you don’t get scammed. If you don’t understand how this works.
It is what it is. I like to be a smart shopper. Some people even buy 2 & 3 of them so they can piece together a box they actually want. And Causebox knows this. It’s one of the reasons they continue. Its sick. They are taking advantage of us. The top boxes have gone more customizable for a reason. The customer wants to choose. Maybe you don’t. But I do.

Molly Honey

This is shopping.
So you probably mean don’t spend money on scammy boxes and generic bundles. Shop with a company that lets you pick Items, just like annuals get to, if you are getting a box of stuff or just go normal shopping.?? Yea. That’s what I already do. I subscribe to boxes that make sense and are a decent value.
But, I want to draw attention to this problem. This scam, perpetrated by greedy companies like Causebox. I hope people know what they’re getting in to.
Have you ever stopped to think about why they don’t let seasonal subscribers choose the items they would like????
We treat subscription boxes as if they’re some kind of gift, a favor to us. No. they are making real money & plenty of it. They’re buying in bulk for pennies!!! Its just greed on top of greed to try to convince us that it would put them out to let us pick. Tons of other brands let us do it with no problem. We’re the consumers. When we demand it…they’ll do it. Lets demand it now!!


@Katie – ROFLMAO! Your comment gave me a good laugh, thank you! 😂


This box is beautiful!
I’m excited for spoilers!


5 options to customize, woohoo! As an annual, I’m excited.

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