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Breo Box Winter 2020 Spoiler #2 + Coupon!

ByMSANov 20, 2020 | 17 comments

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We have a new spoiler for the Winter 2020 Breo Box!

Breo Box (regularly $159/quarter) is a quarterly lifestyle subscription box. Their box focuses on “health & fitness and everyday lifestyle essentials.” With every box, you’ll receive 6-9 essential products selected for the season.

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And here is the latest Winter 2020 box spoiler:

Sohp Touchless Dispenser

In a contact-free world, it only makes sense thatyour hand washing experience was also contactless.With the Sohp Dispenser, you can rely on precise andtouchless soap dispensing. Get started by fillingup the 350 mL reservoir with your favorite gel soapand start washing those germs away!

Featuring a clean, minimalistic design, built-in rechargeable battery via USB, infrared sensor and splash-proof design.  $49 retail value.


Lume UV Wand

99% effective against germs, bacteria, and viruses, use Lume to sanitize desks, restaurant seats, packages, shopping carts, and more. With a wave of a wand, you're protected from harmful viruses and germs in 10 seconds or less! It's so lightweight, you can carry it in your purse or backpack.

With cold and flu season right around the corner, we must be more diligent than ever about protecting ourselves and our families & Lume is one of the easiest ways to do so.  $79 retail value

What do you think of the spoilers? 

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The Products: Receive a box each quarter with 5-8 essential tech, home, and fitness products that are carefully curated to fit each season.

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I got this box and was pretty excited about the soap dispenser, but I can’t get it to work. It’s charged and makes a noise when I activate the sensor, but no soap comes out… this product isn’t widely known, so I can’t even find troubleshooting for it anywhere… oh well

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Finally, another spoiler 🙂 Its not really a “I must get this now!” kind, but it is interesting. I like the recommendations in the comments to use it in the kitchen when cooking, as that would be useful.

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That soap dispenser would be so nice to use when cooking!

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I got a hands-free foamy soap dispenser as a house warming gift recently and I really like it. I do a lot of cooking and wash frequently while cooking. This little thing is really handy. Mine has batteries but they last a long time and if this one holds a charge, it probably won’t need recharging very often. Certainly no more often than you’d be topping up the soap anyway. I use rechargeable batteries in mine so I don’t have to keep buying them. I think this usb recharging method might actually be easier. I’ll put this one in the bathroom. Just re-subbed to Breo recently and so far I’m pretty happy with it overall. They always seem to have a few gadgets that make good xmas gifts, too.

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I am a big fan of Breo Box, I just hope the whole box is not “Covid” themed. Looking to escape!

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Theresa L. Villeneuve

I’m very skeptical of that wand. I don’t see the wand for sale anywhere, which makes me think it’s a cheap Chinese gizmo. The soap thing is ok, but honestly…is pumping a pump such an imposition? Am I going to want to charge that thing up regularly? Just one more lame chore.

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In the kitchen, after mixing something with your hands and they are gooey, this will be perfect! There are many times when baking or cooking that trying to find a clean area somewhere on my hands becomes the equivalent of a search for the holy grail – so, this will work great. I thought the same thing when I saw my friend’s touchless kitchen sink faucet – now we have one and cannot imagine going back.

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Good point, ladies! Will consider that!\


The touch less soap dispenser would come in handy if you’re cooking and don’t wanna cross contaminate. I hate touching meat and then touching the soap pump to wash my hands, cause now the pump is dirty

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I got foaming automatic soap dispensers off Amazon they are battery operated but I use rechargeable batteries and honestly I love them. No, pumping a dispenser is not hard but they don’t always stay in place sometimes you need two hands when it gets close to being empty sometimes your hands are full or really gross and honestly it’s such a nice little convenience.

I think the ones I got look nicer it’s just a big clear reservoir and the automatic part is big and white on top but still smaller than this one but I can stick this in my extra bathroom or something.

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Beth in Oklahoma

I purchased a touchless soap dispenser from target several years ago, and it’s very handy, but it doesn’t have a rechargeable battery and has a smaller reservoir. That looks really nice.

But most of the reports says those wands do not work, and just give a false sense of security. You would need to hold it for 30 minutes or so to be effective.

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Hi Beth – can you share where you saw that it would take 30 minutes to be effective? I haven’t seen anything stating UV takes that long and would like to check out their research.


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If you choose to buy a UV-C device make sure it’s been lab tested in a medical lab. The ones that have will tell you how long you need to expose an area to the light for it to be effective. They will also have proper health warnings about not exposing your skin nor your eyes to UV-C light. It can cause cell destruction because it kills bacteria by breaking down it’s cellular structure and it can’t differentiate between bacteria and the cells making up your skin. There are some pretty decent legitimate reviews out there. There are also different types. There are some that are made to go inside shoes. My Dad’s podiatrist is a big fan of those for reducing bacteria in shoes. There are ‘towers’ that look like an Amazon Echo or Google Nest device. Those work on a timer and can sanitize small areas of places like kitchens and bathrooms. There are the wands which is what you see in the spoilers here. Those are used for spot treating or doing ‘sweeps’ over areas but tend to be less effective because the skin exposure risk is higher meaning they need a less intense UV-C light. The final type is the enclosed box or container. Those are the ones where you can get small ones to put keys and phones in or bigger ones to put shoes, bags, ect in.


How long it would take the UV light to kill a virus depends on the irradiance light and there’s not enough product information given to know that about this wand. This is from consumerlabs:

In order to be effective, the right “dose” of UVC must be applied. The dose is a function of the UVC intensity or “irradiance” from a specific distance from the object times the number of seconds the object is exposed. Irradiance is measured in milliwatts (mW) per square centimeter (cm2), and the dose of UVC is measured in millijoules (mJ) per square centimeter (cm2) of the object being irradiated. (In scientific terms, 1 mWs/cm2 =1 mJ/cm2).

So if your UVC lamp has an irradiance of 5 mW/cm2 at a specified distance from an object, then holding the lamp at that distance from the object for 8 seconds will deliver a dose of 40 mJ/cm2, because 5 mW/cm2 multiplied by 8 seconds = 40 mWs/cm2 or 40 mJ/cm2.

A dose of 40 mJ/ cm2 is generally considered sufficient to disinfect (99.9% reduction in infectivity) a wide range of bacteria and viruses, including certain coronaviruses that infect animals (Malayeri, IUVA News 2016).


I could definitely use this in my kitchen. Other places too but since it’s only one I’ll put in my kitchen.

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Oooh this spoiler is actually pretty exciting for me. I always wanted a touchless soap dispenser.

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Me too – I’ve had my eye on them for a while now. Going to be kind of weird charging a soap dispenser via USB, but so be it.

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