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BoxyCharm November 2020 Full Product List!

BoxyCharm November 2019 beauty and makeup subscription box review

Here is the full product list for the November BoxyCharm base box:

  • Natasha Denona – Peak Palette
  • Beauty Bakerie – Breakfast In Bed Eyeshadow Palette
  • 111 Skin – Hyaluronic Acid Aqua Booster

  • Dr. Brandt – Antioxidant Spray Toner
  • Peach & Lily – Power Calm Hydrating Gel Cleanser
  • Volition Beauty – Snow Mushroom Water Serum
  • Earth Harbor Naturals – HELIOS Anti-Pollution Youth Ampoule

  • FARSÁLI Privé – Quench
  • Murad – Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture for Eyes
  • Jouer – Essential Lip Enhancer
  • Milk Makeup – Kush Waterproof Mascara – Black

  • Benefit Cosmetics – Gimme Brow + Volumizing Eyebrow Gel
  • YENSA – Pumpkin Turmeric 2-In-1 Radiance Polishing Mask
  • Half Caked – Game Changer Lip Fondant Trio
  • Beauty Creations – Esmeralda I

  • Beauty Creations – Esmeralda II
  • Beauty Creations – Boudoir A Eyeshadow Palette
  • Beauty Creations – Cali Glow
  • INT Cosmetics – Lip Oil

  • Jecca Blac – Liquid Corrector 2.0
  • Moda – Ultimate Eye Sculptors – Rose Gold
  • Alamar Cosmetics – Pero Primero, Primer! Long Wear Sticky Pigment Base
  • Bodyography – Eye Pencil Duo – OnyxBlack Walnut

What do you think of the spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, the regular Boxycharm box is $25 a month:

Use this link and coupon code QUEENSRULEALL to get free Eloise The Queen Palette and a $10 credit for the BoxyPopUp when you sign up for a subscription!

Check out our reviews of Boxycharm to learn more!

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Comments (43)

  1. Box 14, 1.7 lb. New subscription so also received the Eloise The Queen palette.

    -Beauty Bakerie Breakfast in Bed Eyeshadow Palette
    -Volition Snow Mushroom Water Serum
    -Milk Makeup Kush Waterproof Mascara
    -bodyography 2 pack eye pencils (brown/black)
    -Int Cosmetics Lip Oil (Red)

    Pretty happy with the box. I would have been upset I didn’t receive the ND palette but my friend didn’t like the colors so she gave it to me two days ago.

    • Best of both worlds. Gotta love that. Lol

      We’re box twins! The first I’ve seen with my exact products. 🙂

      How do you know which # variation it is? Did a spoiler lost them? I’m very new to all this.

    • We are box twins! I just got my box. I am pretty pleased with what I got. I got two palettes because I got the Eloise for resubscribing missed choice for Nov
      It’s all makeup except for the serum and I needed a good serum

      • Hmm. I’m beginning to wonder if those of us who Subbed/resubbed for November, and possibly also missed choice got that exact box.

        I had high hopes for the Mascara, and love the container, but I’ve tried it twice now, and It has just ended up under my eyes where I already fight dark circles. 🙁 From there, it suddenly lived up to it’s more waterproof reputation. That’s typical in my experience, but I’m still hoping to find something that lets me actually wear mascara. Especially since I think I finally stumbled upon an eyeliner that stays where it belongs on me! (It only took 46 years! lol)

  2. Got box 53… Hated it so much…
    The only thing I’ll use is prob farsali and may be able to gift the brow product (which I picked it with gifting in mind).
    So many variations… With my luck, even with profile completed, it’s been months that I could use 100% of box items…
    Gonna try till end of year then it’s keep or bye bye sigh…

  3. I have never hated a box this much from Boxy.

    The only color cosmetics were crap wood eye pencils, which I never use because they skip and look terrible. The rest was skin care and a lip enhancer (fancy chapstick.)

    Just teased me with that Natasha Denona palette and besides not getting that, I got no color cosmetics! They had a dozen eye palettes available and couldn’t be bothered to send one to me. Or a blush or any makeup.

    I like skin care, but not as 100% of my box. Wood eye pencils do not count as anything but cheap sh** filler. After over 5 years subscribing they pull this bull? If my premium box is this crappy, I’m screaming.

    And I’m really starting to think that 111 Skin brand is an overpriced fake brand to make the box look more valuable. The price they list for it is higher than brands that I’ve actually heard of. I feel scammed.

    • I recommend that you go into your preferences and change to the “all makeup” option to avoid getting so much skincare. I changed mine and put palettes as a top choice when I saw the ND palette. I ended up getting the ND and Ciate palettes this month.

  4. I’m really happy with the variation I received! My box weighs 1.1 lbs and I received variation 20♡. My box contains:

    Natasha Denona Peak Palette
    Dr. Brandt Antioxidant Spray Toner
    Jouer Lip Enhancer
    Half Caked Game Changer Lip Fondant Trio
    Moda Ultimate Eye Sculptors

    I chose the Jouer and it’s great! Very moisturizing and long lasting. The liquid lip trio are wearable colors including the red which I normally don’t use. I love toners so I’m excited to try, and needed one more than any other type of skincare. The eyeshadow palette is perfect for fall and are colors I normally use. Plus, they go well with the liquid lipstick. At first I was meh with the Moda brushes but I primarily use blending brushes so these will definitely be used. Very happy with Boxycharm!

  5. I got box 26. I picked milk mascara and received

    Natasha Denona palette
    Dr. Brandt spray toner
    Half Caked lip trio
    Alamar eyeshadow primer

    I’m happy with what I got

    • I got the same one too! Was your mascara dried out like mine? I didn’t really like anything in this box. Holing out for December’s Luxe box.

      • Except the toner…

  6. I GOT 2 BOX for one base box subscription today(11/11/2020): I got two variations and I’ll put the info here if it helps anyone. I am not on any social media platform, so being an “influencer” is out of the question.

    1. #53: 111 Skin, Farsali Preve(Quench), Gimme Brow(which I picked), Half caked trio lip fondant, and Jecca Blac liquid corrector

    This is definitely my box since I picked the brow thing. This came in a 9x7x3 box weighing in at 1lbs 0.45 oz

    2. #39: ntasha denona peak palette, volition beauty snow serum, jouer cosmetics lip quencher, beauty creation cali glow, Bodyography eye pencil duo

    I like this box way better. This came in a 9x7x4-5inch box weighing about the same.

    I think they should have only 10-20 variations and let people pick the variation they want. These boxes are not at all fair or even in products. This would be more transparent and then people can pick what they need.

  7. Super disappointed in this months box. The lip shades are not pretty, and I’m not a fan of the ND palette. The toner looks nice and I’m excited for the milk mascara. I was really disappointed with the choices for next months luxe box as well. Hopefully the rest of the box will make up for it… considering going back to ipsy in January if Boxy doesn’t woo me.

  8. I don’t love my box but I don’t hate it either. I got the Natasha denona pallet which I know a lot of people wanted. I don’t use warm tones like that so it’s not useful for me but it’ll be a nice gift. I like the serum and I don’t mind the eyeliners. I chose the Jouer lip treatment but then I also got the lip oil which I wish I would’ve been replaced by some thing else so I wasn’t getting two similar items. Value is definitely there and even though it’s not useful for me it’s nice to finally get a popular spoiler item.

  9. I would be happy to trade, I really wanted the Natasha Denona palette and ended up with both serums.

  10. I’m not seeing anyone with my weight box. 🙁 I’m so curious to know!!
    its been “pending” to ship since Friday *facepalm*\
    any one?

    1 lbs
    9x7x3 in.

    • Mine is 1 lb also and has been “pending” since Friday. 🙁
      Waiting impatiently. Lol

      • Ok, I got my first box. The good news is for me, once it ships it’s only about a 7 hr car ride away so Fedex brought it pretty quickly. Hopefully that will be the norm.

        I got the Eloise The Queen Palette for signing up then these box contents:

        -Beauty Bakerie Breakfast in Bed Eyeshadow Palette
        -Volition Snow Mushroom Water Serum
        -Milk Makeup Kush Waterproof Mascara (glad I didn’t buy it in the pop-up)
        -bodyography 2 pack eye pencils (brown/black)
        -Int Cosmetics Lip Oil (RedY?)

  11. I just resubscribed. I’m getting the Eloise palette as a gift. Other than that I’ll have to wait and see. I got an email telling me it shipped. It’s 1.9 lbs but I don’t see it anywhere. I really hope it’s a great box!

    • I have to say kinda loved seeing people on here talking about the weights of the boxes. I appreciate the clever and obsessive nature of that. It seems like a very me thing, but I’m not sure this one would have occured to me. It made me smile for sure. 🙂

      I got the Eloise Palette too. My box says 1.7 lbs. I had to look for where it even says that. Not that I have any idea what that might mean. Lol

      • Yeah, mine was on the FedEx tracking link under details. I am surprised that it shipped so soon.The palette looks so pretty. Gl on the contents of your box.

      • Thank you Barb. You too!

        It says actually 1.79 I think. And it’s 9x7x4. That would be with the Eloise palette though, so it may not exactly match standard November weights or dimensions.

      • La mía pesa lo mismo estoy ansiosa por saber si viene la paleta de ND
        podrías decirme que la recibiste en tu caja ?

      • Lo siento, No ND 🙁

        Kush Mascara
        iNT Lip Oil
        Beauty Bakerie Palette
        Bodyography Eye Pencil Duo
        Volition Snow Mushroom Water Serum
        Eloise Queen New Subscriber Gift

        (Habla espanol muuuy poquito

  12. I received mine today. My variation was 31 with box dimensions 9x7x3 and weighed 1.2 lbs.

    I got:

    Natasha Denona Palette
    Milk Makeup Mascara
    Peach & Lily Gel Cleanser
    Yensa Pumpkin Tumeric 2-in-1 Polishing Mask
    Jessica Blac Liquid Corrector

  13. I received mine today! Happy with everything. O got Variation #15, weighed 1.1 lbs

    -Natasha Denona Peak Palette
    -Farsali Preve Quench Serum
    -Jouer Cosmetics Lip Enhancer
    -Half Caked Game Changer Lip Fondant Trio
    -MODA brush set

  14. Just got mine! It’s not bad. I really wanted that spray and the half caked trio, but but I got box 17…

    The ND palette (looks better in person!)
    Gimmie brow in #4
    Yensa Polishing Mask
    Snow Mushroom Water Serum
    Jecca Blac Liquid Corrector

    • How can you tell what number box you got? I have just returned to BC but haven’t gotten anything really good yet!

  15. Full spoilers for all the Premium items are also up now!

  16. I thought this was a makeup sub box, not much makeup considering you only get one pallet and most of the makeup featured is pallets.

  17. Just got my box, I’m pretty happy! I chose the Milk mascara.

    I got the ND palette, Volition beauty snow mushroom serum, INT Cosmetics lip oil, Alamar sticky pigment base. Variation 13, 1.2 lbs.

    • What a great box! Enjoy.

    • My box is 1.2 lbs too. I hope I get the ND palette. What were your box dimensions?

      • Mine is 1.2 pounds as well! I chose the Benefit tinted brow gel. I’m really hoping I get that ND palette!!

      • Lanie
        Good luck!

  18. Does anyone else have the problem of boxycharm never giving out shipping info..I don’t even know when its coming..I never get an email? Thanks

    • It was in my app, right on the tab for whichever bag it’s for.

      • My apologies, I somehow thought the question was about Ipsy.

        Under Account, My Items in Boxy, it just says “Shipping November 2020,” so far. I am new, so obviously can’t yet speak to how the status may or may not update in there.

  19. Slashed prices tell you which things are going to appear in the PopUp shop. 😊

  20. Really want the dr Brandt , volition and 111 skin but knowing my luck I won’t receive even one of them lol

    • Same. I would be super happy if 4 out of 5 items I receive are skincare products.
      If they can’t honor our preferences, why even bother to ask??

      • There’s a 99.9% chance I’m going to end up with that Bodyography eye pencil duo, since I have three others that I never opened.

      • That’s what made me quit Boxy in the first place.

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