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BeautyFIX November 2020 Available Now + Full Spoilers!

The November 2020 BeautyFIX subscription box is available now! 

Each box will include:

  • HoliFrog Superior Omega Nutritive Gel Wash (5.1 fl. oz.): A refreshing gel wash loaded with probiotics.
  • Babor Collagen Concentrate Ampoule Serum Concentrates (7 ampoules): A set of ampoules with a concentrated booster that firms, smooths and tones skin.
  • Vichy LiftActiv Peptide-C Anti-Aging Moisturizer(15 ml.): A peptide and vitamin C rich moisturizer that works for 48 hours.
  • REN Clean Skincare Ultra Comforting Rescue Mask (10 ml.): A soothing facial mask for all skin types.
  • Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Mask (1 oz.): A deep conditioning hair mask for restoring brittle and weak hair.
  • Verso Super Facial Serum with Retinol 8 (1 piece): A retinol-based face serum for mature skin.
  • Sachajuan Hair Repair (30 ml.): A hair treatment that strengthens and restores your locks.

What do you think of the BeautyFIX spoilers?

BeautyFix is $24.95 a month. Check out our reviews of past BeautyFix boxes to learn more about this subscription.


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Comments (70)

  1. I am so tempted to resub just for the barbor ampules (they are SO good!)

    • Agreed! The babor ampoules are AMAZING!

  2. FYI – Just received the replacement Verso serum in the mail (sample size). I never called or emailed – they just sent it to me.

    • I got an email that they were sending it. I didn’t even realize I was missing it. I guess that’s the sign that I have too much stuff

    • Well, I never received my Beautyfix box, but they sent a Verso sample which I received in the mail today, but it’s an eye cream….

    • Well, I still haven’t received my box, but they sent a Verso sample which I received in the mail today, but it’s an eye cream….

  3. I just received my verso sample from Beauty Fix… I have another #4 Verso but it is superfacial with retinol but #4 with hydration with niacinimide. Beauty fix did a grand job of fixing their errand.. Over and beyond if you ask me.

  4. Did anyone get a Clarity Cleanse Daily in their box? I’m missing the Verso product but received this in my box. Assuming it’s a sub? Hard to tell without the insert card though.

    • Yes I got it in the replacement box they sent. No verso

  5. Beautyfix shipping is terrible. My box shipped out on the 3rd. I live in Texas. After it arrived in Texas on the 7th, it went to Indiana. Now it’s just sitting there. I love the subscription And have been a long time subscriber, but have canceled in the past due to their shipping issues, I may have to do so again. Also I got an email from Dermstore saying my box was missing some items. 😞

  6. Does anyone know if BeautyFix is ending? I recently canceled it but now I want to re-subscribe and I can’t see where to do it on dermstore’s website. When I go to manage my subscription there is no option to renew.

    • Look under gifts and sets, it should be there.

      • Thanks! I messaged customer service and I am back on!

  7. The box hasn’t been available for a few days on their site. I really want to order it

    • Same! I was really looking forward to trying the Holifrog and Babor.

      • I just heard back from customer service they said “Currently the November Beautyfix box is unavailable due to a stock issue. It should be available for purchase within a week”

        Hopefully we can still get it.

  8. I was also missing the Verso. Called CS on Saturday and was told I could get either 1500 points or 15% off the box (which was only a few dollars). I told her neither was acceptable, so she offered to send me a whole new box at no charge. I agreed to that. Today I received a full size (1 ounce) Verso serum, but no box. I assume this might be because they ran out of the box. I confirmed with my credit card to make sure that I wasn’t charged the $120 for the serum.

    • Wow that is some serious customer service. You got a great deal! Can’t believe they even sent it in the mail so quick. It really shouldn’t be this rare to receive service like that unfortunately it is…

      • DS has the very best cs.

    • I had 2 subs. I was offered 1000 points for 1 box and a new box for the other. Days later they sent an email saying they’re sending the serum so I wonder if it’s gonna be the sample size, another full box or a full size serum 🤔

  9. I was offered 1500 points for the missing serum. They have great customer service!

  10. My box was also missing the Verso and the pamphlet. I contacted CS this morning via chat and was told/offered this: “This month there was not a pamphlet sent out in any of the boxes. However, I do sincerely apologize for the missing item. It is unfortunately unavailable which is why it was missing from the boxes. To compensate for this I can either issue 1500 rewards points or process a partial refund to your card of $10, whichever you prefer?” I did ask if the lack of a pamphlet was just this month or would be a thing going forward, and she checked and said they weren’t sure yet.

    • UPDATE: Received the Verso serum in the mail today, after receiving an email a few days ago saying they were sending them out.

  11. My box was also missing the Verso. I need a retinol and was looking forward to trying this one too!

  12. I didn’t receive the Verso in my box, and I contacted CS, ending up with 500 points to be added to my account. That’s worth $5 off an order. Not great, but not terrible either.

  13. We have two Beautyfix subscriptions at my house both arrived today both missing the verso and with no pamphlet with product information. I called customer service said they were out of the Verso and offered to add some points to my account. I guess I’m okay with that the points are nice you cab use them to buy whatever you want. I’m back up to 5000 points since about a year ago enough for 50.00 in products of my choice. That’s great.

    • Hi Melanie, would you mind saying how many points were you offered? I’m interested in ordering this, but while the Verso wasn’t the main draw for me, I was still interested in trying it, and it’s a bummer that nobody seems to be getting it.

      • I was about to write that I got the serum, but I thought I’d check, and I also didn’t receive it. I hope CS helps with this matter.

  14. I received my box today and it is missing the Verso serum. There is no booklet either. Kinda bummed but I don’t want to have to send it back. I suppose I should call customer service just so they know how many people this happened to. I do like the full size gel wash and collagen concentrate and the Vichy is nice. It’s a good box but I’m a little disappointed about the missing items.

  15. I received my box and the Verso serum was missing. Did everyone else get it?

    • Nope! Mine was missing also. I called customer service and they said I have to ship the entire box back and they will send me a new box. Doesn’t sound sanitary at all, plus that just sucks.

    • I thought it seemed like something was missing. Also, no info about the products.

    • It was missing in both my boxes. My rep said a lot of people have called saying this.

      • Are you guys returning the box to get a new one? Or just dropping the issue?

      • Are you guys returning the box to get a new one? Or just dropping the issue?

      • I’m getting a new one.

    • Yep, missing 😢 I don’t know if I’ll send mine back or not. Seems like they would just want to send out the replacement item instead of getting all the boxes back and sending new ones 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • I was missing the Verso, too. Glad to see I’m not alone. I’m bummed because it’s a retinol product and I love trying different varieties, but probably won’t pursue it. Kinda weird they would just exclude it with no explanation or variation, though.

    • No, did not receive either the Verso or the product pamphlet. Since this was such a widespread issue, I wish they would just make some sort of statement and try to make it right some way without everyone having to call individually.

      • @Gina – totally agree. Did ANYONE get the Verso? From the comments here, it appears not. They should just give everyone points as a show of good will.

    • I am also missing the Verso, which is what I was excited for. Why on earth are they having people ship the boxes back? What a waste.

  16. The hero product and the deluxe is usually pretty great but their samples are tiny Birchbox sizes. If I didn’t have an overload of unopened cleansers I would have purchased for the Holifrog. The new $6 shipping is gonna make me think twice each month

  17. OOOOooooo Great box! Lots of products and finally some retinol!

    • Rookie question here from a newbie…is retinol bad to use all of the time? I got the Verso 5 eye serum with retinol and the esthetician told me its not good to use it more than a few days at a time.

      If it help I’m 41 so it’s not like she was being kind that I have time!

      • It’s kind of weird that she told you that? It usually takes a month or two to start seeing results from using retinol, so it’s super important that you use it consistently. Especially because your skin tends to “purge” when you are just starting out. Stopping and starting retinol just means you will be forcing your skin to purge all over again.

        Maybe she meant, don’t use retinol everyday? That’s more of an issue with skin sensitivity, not the retinol itself. I have sensitive skin so I only use retinol every other day, and I don’t use it on the days I use my AHA serum. Certainly when you are just starting out using retinol, I would recommend that you use it only 2-3 times a week, and build from there as your skin acclimates. Also remember to always wear SPF during the day, because retinol makes you more sensitive to UV rays.

  18. Thank you everyone for mentioning about the new shipping charge. I am holding off… plus the HoliFrog wash is geared towards oily skin, so it wouldn’t have worked for me especially dudring dry months.

  19. Soooo sneaky. They now charge the standard $5.95 to buying this box because it’s less than $35. So it’s really now $31 box plus tax. Very sneaky! Now Ipsy Plus is clearly the best value at $25, and Macy’s at $15 looks a lot more affordable…until they decide to jack up their price too. The price increase in the subscription space is clearly up a lot this year.

    • Hi Stephanie — shipping charge is for the first box only and then free for each box after. I believe they do this to curb people from subscribing/unsubscribing.

      • Yes, I did the online chat with them because i was concerned about the shipping charge but there is not one if you are already a subscriber. This will be my second box and she said I will not be charged so I guess I just made it.

  20. Probably would’ve bought this box for $25, but not for $25 + shipping. We had a good run, Beautyfix.

    • Exactly my thoughts…

    • Ditto. I wanted the October box but when shipping is 28% of what I’m purchasing it bothers me.

  21. I see a lot of ladies commenting on hair masks and wanted to pass along my HG hair mask…..Joico Defy Damage Protective Masque. I have thick, wavy, dry hair and this product makes my hair look like I went to the salon. I use it once a week, leave it in for 10 minutes and once out of the shower I put another dime size amount on my towel dried hair.

    • Joico is my HG. No matter what, I go back to that brand.

      About 10 years ago, I really fried my hair–bad. Went to Sally Beauty, and they told me to go next door to Target (lol) and get the Joico (K-pak, maybe?) hair mask. I always have a stock of Joico hair masks to this day!

      Tip: you can usually find Joico a bit cheaper at TJ Maxx 🙂

    • Thank you for this! I’m always looking for hair products. I wish MSA had a section where we could post our all time favorites.

  22. Nothing here excites me. At all.

    • Agree. Would like to see more SkinCeutical, Skin Better Science, Revision products. Brands that are more popular and have been for years. Most of the time I have never heard of the brands that are in the box. Allure was a great box a few years ago but cancelled 4 months ago for the same reason. Ipsy also.

  23. I really want this but I have SO much product already. I might cave for the cleanser and Babor

  24. Great box! Looking forward to trying everything. Give me all the hair masks.

  25. I’ve noticed lately there not doing any makeup products…hmm.

  26. Since when does Beautyfix charge for shipping? I went to subscribe and it’s an additional $6 for shipping now 🙁

    • They started this month. But it’s only for your first month, after that you won’t be charged.

      • Ooh I wonder if that’s to stop people from subscribing just to get the lower price & then canceling?

      • I think this is exactly why! And it will probably work lol. At least for me 😂😂😂

  27. I know a lot of people won’t be happy for two hair masks in one box, but I’m excited! I will definitely use these for the winter. I’ve been wanting to try Holifrog and Sachajuan for a while now, so this is a great box for me. Everything else is just a nice bonus.

    • I love hair masks as well. I dye my hair at least once a month, so it needs as much attention as I can give it.

      • Me too! I’m all about hair products!

    • You should check out the Birchbox Treat Your Hair Kit if you like masks. It’s $30 and there are a bunch of awesome hair masks in it. I bought 3. It’s far more worth it than this box in my opinion. Nothing in BeautyFix has interested me in months.

  28. I would prefer if there wasn’t two hair items, I really only like skin care. But that being said I’m still excited for this box and will use all the items!

  29. Love this box!

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