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Allure Beauty Box December 2020 Spoiler #1!

We have a new spoiler for the December 2020 Allure Beauty Box!

FYI – If you sign up now, November will be your first box. Check out the November spoilers here.

If you aren’t familiar with Allure Beauty Box, it is a $23-a-month beauty subscription that was named one of the Best Women’s Subscription Boxes and one of the Best Beauty Subscription Boxes by MSA readers in the 2019 Subscription Box Awards. Sample sizes are usually good (typically at least three or more full-size items per box), and Allure does a great job of including new brands + products.

The December Allure Beauty Box will include:

Ciaté London Trend Edit Eyeshadow Palette (full-size)

What do you think of the spoiler?

For a limited time, receive a free FULL-SIZE Peach & Lily Glass Skin Serum ($39 Value) when you gift Allure Beauty Box!

Allure Beauty Box is $23 a month. If you sign up now, November will be your first box. Check out the November spoilers here.

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Allure Beauty Box

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Comments (101)

  1. I like this but I haven’t been wowed by the quality of ciaté eye shadows in the past, despite loving their nail and lip products. Also, how did I miss that this box price increased to $23?!?! I will be subscribing less frequently now. 🙁

  2. This really isn’t a wow brand. Mediocre. You’d be much better subbing to Boxy they have the Huda ruby obsessions. Seriously gorgeous colors and the quality is absolutely amazing!! 🙏💚💯

  3. That peach and lily serum is my favorite. I bought a second allure box the month it was in it just to get two. I have used it almost every day since I’ve received it and I’ve noticed a huge difference in the texture of my skin.
    I wish I could get it as a new subscriber gift even though I’ve been subbed for years!
    A full palette from a known and reputable brand is a great start for this box and I can’t wait to see the rest.

    • Agree J. I keep Peach and Lily in rotation.

    • I love the Peach and Lily serum too. I’m glad to be getting another one. Since the pandemic and quarantining, I don’t use much makeup, but my beauty routines have been spectacular and my skin has never looked better, even through the mask wearing.

  4. None of these shadow shades appear to be red- Hooray! I’m not into red eyeshadow. Wish the serum was part of the monthly and not the extra gift. Curious tp try that.

  5. The Peach & Lily Glass Skin Refining Serum was one of the July 2020 full size products. So it makes sense to put it as a gift with new box but also tells me they have a lot of extra bottles. I am excited to get a palette, since working from home I restricted myself of buying makeup but I want something new in my collection.

  6. I dont get why everyone wants skincare…why not get a many skincare only boxes?? I’d rather have makeup and a little skincare. Allure was never all skincare. I think it’s been to skincare heavy as is. As with the price increase, they should send FULL SIZE pallettes with GOOD brands on the regular.

    Especially since the brand is fashion geared and also gives out “allure beauty of the year” stamps on different products..and we dont even get sent any of those products that win “Allure of 2020” or whatever

    • As someone who doesn’t wear makeup because I’m allergic to a lot of it, I can tell you that there are very few boxes that are just or even mostly skincare – especially in this price range. I’d like to get a just skincare box and Allure is the closest I’ve found to that. You can customize BirchBox and IPSY all you want and I still get about half makeup related items – even though I’ve been very specific about not wanting those items. Makeup folks have lots of choices for boxes. Skincare – not so much.

      • But they still have beautyfix, testtube, and a lot others that are skincare geared to the point there are hardly any legit makeup subs these days and someone in the “fashion industry ” should have contacts with the best makeup companies out here…..ipsy sends odd stuff remade for them, boxy has now switched up way too much to skin/hair gunk and now earrings etc…there are not any true makeup subs like their used to be and allure used to be more makeup….

    • You think Allure is too skincare heavy because it IS skincare heavy, which is why a lot of us like it. In the past 6 months, they have never had more than 2 makeup items in a box, and often one of those two is more makeup-adjacent like a brush or a lip oil. I’m not mad about the palette at all. I expected a couple of makeup items, per usual. I’m just not particularly excited about the spoiler and am looking forward to seeing what else is in the box.

      • I’ve been with allure 6 years and have never skipped a box. It used to be more makeup based. We used to get MAC and Natasha denona and other GOOD brands in here to try out…now its tiny tubes of skincare and MAYBE a highlighter…why keep ruining subs to all skin and hair junk when there are so many out there already and now its HARD to find a true makeup sub these days. I dont mind one or two skin care things here and there but it must be cheap or the skin care companies cant give away samples fast enough because the sub boxes sure arent sending makeup and a lot of people WANT a more makeup heavy box, or at the very least a gair monthly mix of both and not a highlighter

    • Agree 100%

    • I stopped subbing to makeup heavy boxes because I was tired of getting colors that look terrible on me. I was throwing out full size $20 lip glosses because they were always “Nude” or too dark for me. Or I’d get another eye shadow brush for the bazillionth time. Hard to please so many people. Another reason I like Allure is because I know what I’m going to be getting, The variations are minimal. Nothing like waiting hopefully for an item you really want then having your hopes crushed when the box arrived. With Allure I can check the spoilers and set my expectations realistically. I was thinking of doing Dermstore’s Beauty fix, but this month they didn’t ship out one of their full size products that they promised and everyone is complaining. I love checking spoilers and getting excited about the new products. It’s something that brightens my day.

  7. I was so disappointed in November’s box and October’s. I was going to cancel if December’s box was horrible too. Now I’m actually excited. I know some people don’t care for Ciate products but the ones I have are amazing. I love the way they feel on my skin. I normally prefer more skincare to makeup but I do enjoy palettes. I think I’m in the minority on that. I’m newer to boxes so I’m not overloaded and I have three girls ages 11,12, and 17 who all love makeup. I can’t afford the nicer brands so this helps with that. I started subbing because it’s the only way to get these nicer brands for less than $20.

    • I agree… I love skincare as well, but it having subscription boxes let me be able to send my 14yr old niece makeup. I like that they have brands that I feel are too expensive for me and I get them at discount prices and dont have to worry I’m spending too much .

  8. Happy about the Peach and Lily! I actually really love Ciate’s setting powder but I don’t need another palette. I’ll gift it or donate it.

    • Jean, if I’m reading it correctly, the Peach & Lily serum is not included in the December box but is a free gift only if you purchase Allure beauty box as a gift subscription for someone. This seems to be confusing a lot of people. MSA, can you clarify? Thanks!

      • Hi! Yes, that’s correct. A full size Peach & Lily Glass Skin Serum is a free gift when gifting the Allure box. Hope this helps!

      • Thanks – you are correct. I have an unopened Peach & Lily anyway so it’s probably best not to add to my ever growing stash!

  9. Hi, right now i have this subscription and i want to cancell it. Can someone help me saying how to do it? On my profile account there is no option of this.


    • Hi Joyleth! We recommend reaching out to Allure Beauty Box directly. Here’s their contact info: [email protected] or 1-800-274-1603. Hope this helps!

  10. not excited about getting as i am not exactly using it right now. so i’m bummed but i saw someone else mention that they get a little make up heavy around the holidays.

    i joined allure for skincare.

    i wish one month they gave us a whole routine – cleanser, mask, serum, eye cream, acne treatment, night lotion, day lotion (maybe a toner or special treatment)…… not from the same brand but just a nice set of products that we could all use

    • You’d probably enjoy Beautyfix from Dermstore, more, then.

    • Agree. I only signed up for Allure because of skin care. I have boxy and Ipsy and have to give all makeup away. I had Dermstore didn’t like the small mini samples you only get one full size not worth it to me. This will be a gift so it doesn’t waste either 🙂

    • Allure has been more skincare heavy as of late, but they have always included makeup in their boxes. If you want a skincare-only box, I would suggest you check out Beautyfix, or SeeNewSkincare, which ships every other month and always features a near-complete routine in every box.

      • I did not know about SEE NEW SKINCARE. It seems great and I enrolled. Thank you so much. I do BeautyFix / TestTube / Allure and now this new one. I would never be able to afford all these products individually … and I’m hoping it helps keep me looking young 😁😁😁

        I absolutely LOVE this website and all the wonderful advice and tips I have gotten my moneys worth because of all of you thanks again.

  11. I was initially really excited for this. I love palettes because I hate keeping track of a bunch of small eyeshadows. But then I read reviews on Sephora for other Ciate products, and I’m not so excited anymore. I also personally hate the Dewy Stick from Ciate that Allure sent out many months ago. From the reviews on two other Ciate palettes this could be a disaster…

  12. I don’t mind palettes but is it just me or are there SOOO many palettes with these exact same mauvey reddish colors?

    • It’s not you. This color story is in every box right now. If I’m going to get ten pallets in the same color group I wish they were a color that actually looked good on me.

      • Same.

  13. Don’t use and drowning in palettes…
    There’s only so much you can give away as gifts… Even the person who I usually gave palettes as present had told me she has way too many of them cos I kept giving her the palettes lol
    Allure had been pretty lousy since they increased the price…
    Foolish me for thinking allure is more skincare focused sigh…
    Wish full spoilers soon so I can decide if skipping or not.

  14. I much prefer skincare stuff, but am looking forward to the palette. I have a lot of palettes but they are pretty old and some need to go, so it’ll be nice to have a new one.

  15. I love palettes and love trying brands I’ve never tried!! Great spoiler!!!

  16. LMAO I just commented last night at being surprised we had no spoilers yet… This looks like a really pretty color story though! I’ve never tried Ciate London’s makeup but I guess I’ll get the chance now! Good first spoiler.

  17. I am skipping for the 3rd month in a row. I still have 2 of the Juvia’s place pallets they sent maybe 2 years ago. That was frustrating on it’s own as they weren’t supposed to send repeats. But alas, they did. I am stocked up on pallets. Love using them, don’t need more especially in these colors.

  18. Frankly, I’m just excited to get some actual make-up vs yet another serum/eye cream/whatever. I’m game to try it, and I am also looking forward to the December bod. It’s usually a good one.

    Also, got my “mega” box today. Filled with leftover samples from the past 1.5 years of boxes.

  19. I removed the “Night Shift” setting on my phone to see if those colors were as warm as they looked, and they still looked orangey overall to me. I’m surprised by how long the trend of rust-colored eyeshadow has lasted. It looks just awful on me, despite the fact that my skin tone trends warm.

  20. I might be the only one who isn’t excited. I dislike this brand and I’m drowning in eyeshadow

    • Yeah this brand is cheap and bad ingredients

      • Totally agree!! Ciate? 😫😩 blah

  21. No uso sombras liquidas ni en polvo ..ya siempre vienen estas cosas …tendría q tener un opcional o de igual valor para los que no quieren nada de make up y poder darle un uso a toda la caja …..

    • Translation please

      • I think she said—
        I do not use shadows … neither liquid nor powder … these things always come … I would have to have an optional or of equal value for those who do not want anything to make up and be able to put the whole box to use …

  22. To me palettes are the best way to make a box feel valuable to me, so I’m super happy about this spoiler! I would honestly be happy getting a palette a month, though I know I’m in the minority there.

    But this one also looks particularly pretty to me! Kinda boring, but I love the mix of shimmers and mattes. It’s a bummer that it probably won’t arrive by Christmas, but ah well.

  23. I really like this palette! I skipped the past 2 months, but I might sign back up.

  24. Currently DROWNING in palettes.

  25. Personally, I am not excited. I do not wear eyeshadow. Hope the rest of the box will be great.

  26. I’m here for the skincare! Bring it on!

  27. Am I the the only person on earth who’s tired of shimmering and shining like a spotlight? 🤷‍♀️

    • Lol, no you are not the only person on earth tired of glittering, shimmering shadows and highlighters.

    • Lol
      No, me too…

      • All that sparkle will really jazz up my holiday Zoom looks.

    • You definitely are not the only one!

    • No. Big no. I only use mattes on my eyes and use a liiiight hand with highlighter on my face.

  28. Looking quite nice! I skipped October and November.

  29. That eyeshadow palette has Talc as its first ingredient and talc has been linked to causing cancer. Granted, the talc was in baby powder and similar products that are the main culprit, but even though “this” talc is not used in the same way/the same place as those products, the fact that it has talc is a real concern to me.

    • Then relax. Talc does not cause cancer. Some baby powder formulas were contaminated with asbestos and that’s what caused the cancer. TALC DOES NOT CAUSE CANCER.

      Sunlight causes cancer.

      • Actually there is a link between talc and cancer, but it is genitally applied talc and ovarian cancer. Do not apply this palette in that manner.

      • Ashleigh, thank you for making me literally burst out laughing.

        Seconding this, please do not apply your eyeshadows to your genitals. XD

      • This is a reply to Ashleigh.

        ‘Do not apply this palette in that manner.’

        That remark made my whole week, lol!

      • Dea, thanks for making the issue clear as to what was the real cancer causer.

        People’s comments about where not to apply it made me laugh out loud.

      • The problem with talc and cancer is that talc is often mined from areas that also have a lot of asbestos near the talc/veined in with the talc. Talc is fine, but we need governments to require that it be tested to make sure it isn’t contaminated with asbestos.

        But definitely do not use it on your lower lady bits.

      • I did want to respond that there are some pretty reputable studies looking at the links between ovarian cancer and talc. I can’t post links but if you go to pubmed (a great source for looking up peer reviewed journal articles) and look for talc AND ovarian cancer you’ll find plenty. A recent meta-analysis (which looks at data from lots of different studies) showed “a weak but statistically significant association between genital use of talc and ovarian cancer, which appears to be limited to serous carcinoma with suggestion of dose-response.” I wouldn’t feel comfortable saying it is all asbestos.


  30. Oooooh! That’s gorgeous!

  31. Overall, Ciate is a good line. The Peach and Lily showed up in the box not that long ago. It’s okay, but I can only use it sometimes.

    I’m hoping Allure has it more together since the price increase. I can forgive the first box being meh because of the changeover, but they really need to step it up.

    I’m considering dropping Ipsy because I’ve been underwhelmed since they switched to the drawstring bags. The super personalization is not really going the way I thought it would.

    • I dropped Ipsy after the November bag. I only had plus and my bag was so… bleh! Then they offered me a bogo $3 add-on to make up for it. I thought I would stay but on further consideration the consolation offer bothered me so I left. I was sad about that, but then this palette made me happy – I guess because it feels kinda Ipsy!

    • Pink5, if I’m reading it correctly, the Peach & Lily serum is not included in the December box but is a free gift only if you purchase Allure beauty box as a gift subscription for someone.

  32. This is a great spoiler, and if I hadn’t just picked up the Trendmood x Nabla takeover box (that comes with a HUGE palette), I’d be a lot more receptive to it. Excited to see what the rest of the box brings, though!

    • You’re going to love the Nabla palette! I have several of their palettes and they are so gorgeous and work so well. If this is the same formula, you’re in for a treat!

  33. I’m hoping this is gonna be a curated box and amazing like they do every december.

  34. I already have one pallet and that Ofra highlighter trio which I use as eyeshadow , they will last me the rest of my life, lol. But I know I’m in the minority on that one. I’m here for the skincare.

    • I am also hoping for some great skincare in this box!

    • I’m part of the club! I would like skincare/body products that haven’t been featured recently (as much as I like a good serum, we have had enough for this year), something new to try and that everyone (or at least most of us) can use. Kinda tricky, I know. the only makeup thing that I’d like to try is the becca no pigment foundation (a sample would do :P)

    • I’m here for the skincare, too. That said, I did my homework, and anticipated that Allure would keep their tradition of going heavy on makeup for the holidays. So, I’m not freaking out that one box seems different. I may have to skip this month, though; I’m allergic to this brand’s eyeshadows.

    • yeah i joined for the skin care. i want more of those acne spot treatments!

  35. Awesome!

  36. Noooooooooo!! I came to Allure and left Boxy because I have palette overload 🙁 They’re following me!

    • Omg right?? Thats what I loved about Allure and now yet another palette to put in a huge box I have of unused palettes. Hopefully the womans shelter I will donate to loves eyeshadows.

  37. Do not need anymore eyeshadows. Will be gifting this to someone. Very basic looking.

  38. I like it! I’m excited to try a new brand. Eyeshadow is my favorite!

  39. I am actually excited about getting this, can’t wait to try it out ♡♡♡

  40. I’m excited for this even though I’m not into shimmers, I can definitely wear the mattes!

    This reminds me of the Huda palettes.

  41. Nope. I need to see what else is in the box before deciding whether to skip or not, but we already got some sort of eyeshadow this month and I’m not thrilled about this. Plus, I don’t get excited about palettes, but I know I’m in the minority.

    • I am with you. I don’t like eyeshadow and don’t get excited about palettes either. I think some of us must easily have enough for the rest of our lives and I don’t even wear it.

      • Yes, I am definitely in the group of those with enough eyeshadow to last me (and my friends) a few decades. Same goes for highlighters.

  42. I love Ciate eyeshadow formula the shimmers are buttery but I wonder if this palette was made especially for Ipsy since it is not on the Ciate website. I just hope the formula is the same and not some made in China crap!

    • Hopefully it’s not made for Ipsy, since this is an Allure spoiler 🙂

    • And the link is literally in the spoiler. It takes you to Ciate’s US website.

      • They edited the post to add that, the link wasn’t there at first.

    • This palette is made in China. I looked up this exact palette on eBay and Poshmark to see people’s photos of the packaging and it does in fact say “Made in PRC” on the reverse.

    • If you don’t use cosmetics made in China, then Allure probably isn’t for you. 🤷‍♀️ Plenty of clean beauty boxes out there that would better meet your requirements.

    • I meant Allure not Ipsy.

  43. Love the shades.

  44. Not mad at it I have different brands of palettes but never tried that brand soo nice to add to my collection just happy it’s not a single eyeshadow.

  45. I am happy with this. I am glad to see makeup in the box, I like Ciate London’s powders (haven’t tried the shadow yet), and I like what appears to be a good mix of matte and shimmer colors. The overall colorway is a little warm but I think I can work with it.

    • I agree! I’ll enjoy trying these. BTW -laughed out loud about your talc comment.

  46. im excited hopefully this is the month they actually justify the new $23 price

  47. So pretty!

  48. Meh…

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