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Allure Beauty Box December 2020 Full Spoilers!

We have a full spoilers for the December 2020 Allure Beauty Box!

FYI – If you sign up now, November will be your first box. Check out the November spoilers here.

If you aren’t familiar with Allure Beauty Box, it is a $23-a-month beauty subscription that was named one of the Best Women’s Subscription Boxes and one of the Best Beauty Subscription Boxes by MSA readers in the 2019 Subscription Box Awards. Sample sizes are usually good (typically at least three or more full-size items per box), and Allure does a great job of including new brands + products.

The December Allure Beauty Box will include:

  • Ciaté London Trend Edit Eyeshadow Palette (full-size)
  • ByMe x My Beauty Brand Black Liquid Eyeliner (full-size)
  • La Roche-Posay Retinol B3 Serum
  • Caudalie Vinosource S.O.S Thirst Quenching Serum
  • MUDMASKY Leave-Me-On Winter Mask (full-size)
  • BONUS: Cetaphil Healthy Glow Daily Cream

What do you think of the spoilers?

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Comments (180)

  1. Okay, the Allure site and Amazon are now showing the Cetaphil cream as the 6th item, no longer a bonus. Smh. That’s some b.s.

    Yeah I skipped, but I don’t want to skip bad boxes. I want the boxes to be at least as good as promised.

  2. I just called Allure customer service because they have the full list of items in the December box starting today. They confirmed that there will only be 5 items this month, not including the bonus Cetaphil sample. I had read a couple of comments here saying they were told that these weren’t the full spoilers so I was holding onto hope that they were going to surprise us with some great product for the usually-great December box, but nope. I skipped December, of course.

    I signed up for the yearly membership and I thought it was possible they were just having a rocky start to their new “upgraded”box, but I can’t believe their December box is so bad that they even shorted us an item. I don’t see any excuse for this. If I would’ve known these boxes were going to be so bad I wouldn’t have bought a yearly subscription, and honestly I would’ve just canceled altogether, because IMO these boxes haven’t been worth even the $13.75 monthly.

    I hope they get their act together and give us some awesome boxes because otherwise I feel like they used the old bait and switch to rip us off.

    • According to a post on Reddit, Allure emailed a subscriber and said that there will be 6 items + bonus Cetaphil item, but there will be variations for the sixth item. The possible sixth item is either Proenza Schouler Arizona Fragrance, Amorepacific Time Response Eye Cream, or Armani Lip Liquid Ceder/Lipstick Red.

      • Oh wowww. I held out and didn’t skip December based on other people saying they emailed customer support and they said there would be a 6th item not including the Cetaphil. The only item I’d care about is the Amorepacific but not if its sample size and btw, wasn’t the sample size the new subscriber item last month?? I absolutely do not want makeup especially lipstick… not a fan to begin with but why would they give lipstick when we have to wear face masks all the time right now? I have Arizona and its just ok, def not a winter fragrance! Im gonna stick with my previous comment and dub this the “Rona box”

      • @Jess, Hmmm, that’s weird. I spoke to 4 CS reps (one of them twice) and a supervisor (I’m not a Karen, but I am from the let-me-talk-to-your-manager generation 🤷🏻‍♀️) and not until today did they have content information for the December box. They literally said there would only be 5 items this month and no mention about any possible 6th item. I now understand all the comments about how bad their customer service is.
        @Rebeccah, you can still skip during the first couple of days of the month. The rep also told me that if I change my mind about the box I can call back during the month and “un-skip” it. Who knows if this is really true, but that’s what they told me. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • I’m submitting a complaint to the bbb. I have pictures and emails to back it up. My agreement said 6 items and I don’t care if they are now trying to count the bonus item as a product, it said it was a bonus. I intend to ask for my money back for the rest of the year. It’s says you can’t but allure can’t pick and choose what they want to on a contract. You either honor the whole thing or it’s void. Now whose to say this won’t happen with other boxes, not just this one ? And this has mother to do with the products themselves. They could put anything in the box to make it 6 items. A facemask or scrunchie. I don’t care what. Just keep your word allure !!! I feel so ripped off and disappointed in a box that I have been with for years and have always defended. But no more

    • Okay, the Allure site and Amazon are showing the Cetaphil cream as the 6th item and no longer a bonus. Smh. That’s some b.s.
      Yeah I skipped, but I don’t want to skip bad boxes; I want the boxes to be at least as good as promised.

  3. Hmmmm I can’t use the mudmasky either because it would be too heavy on my face. But now I’m thing it might make a great hand cream. It’s a good product and has better ingredients than most of the hand creams I use so I think I’ll use it that way. Waste not, want not, right now and with all the antibacterial gels I’m using my hands are raw.

  4. I made a hasty decision to commit a year before price went up. I truly regret that.

    I signed up from October, I thought October box was weak for the price increase but I was interested in vitamin c powder and that alone was ok for even $23 although the rest was bunch of samples. Then, November…not even worth $13, so I skipped. December is even worse I thought it is $10 Rite Aid box or something. The only item I may use is liquid eyeliner here, and I don’t know if I want to pay $13 for that knowing the rest is going straight to trash.
    I kinda doubt Allure Beauty Box may go bankrupt or something for loosing too much customers, and worse, is preparing for that, collecting as much money as possible with cheapy products. Look at that mysterious emails extending a year subscription until December. Sorry for harsh comments but the recent boxes were that disappointing. I still have 11 months to go. I wish I could cancel this and stop seeing spoilers forever.

    • I really hope you don’t intend to throw the items in the trash. You could gift them to others, donate them or swap or sell them.

  5. Try getting the Ipsy Glam Bag for $11 and then get the Allure Beauty Box in the same week. Allure is more than twice as good as Ipsy in my opinion. I just canceled Ipsy and I’ll just skip the months I don’t want with Allure.

    I’m also getting rid of Scentbox. I have only liked the perfumes I received. I haven’t loved any of them. $20 is too much to pay for something you’ll never use. You can return scents you don’t like but I’m pretty sure if I returned them every month they would have a problem with it. I only returned one out of 6 months. At least I can use most of what is in every Allure box.

  6. I got my November Box today. As much negativity as there is. I loved my November box! I was really impressed at the liquid eyeshadow. It has so much coverage and looks so pretty. The Manna Kadar Lip Bliss surprised me as well. So many negative thoughts about it. I felt really great on my lips. I think the last two boxes have been worth the price increase. I am still excited to see what they have in store for us. Also remember we are in the middle of a Pandemic, so supplies might be harder to get.

    • I actually ended up liking my November box once I received it. Glad I took a chance on it.

  7. I tried reading some of the comments but had to stop- too much negativity..

    • Everyone has been spoiled and only wants items from well know high-end brands.

      I much rather get new brands to try then fake subscription box only brand with crazy made-up prices.

      That being said, I am still not happy with the new price increase. Allure set the bar too high for itself from all the crazy good boxes this year. It is still a great box for $23, but it is no better than when it was $15. To me, it is more than what I am willing to pay for new toys every month. I was very happy to be spending a little bit every month, not because I need anything, but just to have some fun.

  8. I signed up for a yearly subscription in September but skipped the Sept box. October and November were o.k. TheDecember box is not for me and I called Allure and skipped December. Hope 2021 will be better.

  9. I emailed them to ask about Bonus items counting towards the 6 total and they claim that not all “spoilers” have been released and that there will be 6 items and a bonus….I’m not sure whether I should skip this month until I see this alleged final item lol.

    • Hmmmm. Maybe they realized it says 6 items and they didn’t provide 6 items. They were wrong. So we’ll see right ? Lol. Thanks for letting us know 😊

    • That alleged sixth item better not be the Ciarte Dewey Stick, LOL.

      • THAT IS SO FUNNY!! I am dead sick of those Dewey sticks. I would rather smear Vaseline on my face!!

      • I have used mine as lip balm, and love it. Adds a little shine, decent ingredients, good for my lips.

    • Given that the page above is taken from Allure’s November/December print/e-edition, they really need to get their collective act together.
      This is getting stupid.

      • I think, they will call the bonus item the 6th item… I had high hopes for Allure with the box increase and promises. So far, my hopes are quickly being stomped into the ground. It doesn’t matter that a lot of us locked in the old yearly price because now that I was told to expect a 23 value then it should be a box at the new price point.

        Now, I did just cave and get the perfume box so I guess there’s one promise they are fulfilling🤪.

      • I thought that so I specifically asked and was told that Bonus items DO NOT count towards the total number of items in the box. Given the price increase, they will be getting an earful from me if there aren’t 6 + the bonus lol. Just screenshot the email because I can already suspect what will happen

    • Oh I did also, and said it was false advertising and they told me in the email this isn’t all the spoilers… Hmmmm how did they know where I was seeing them? So these spoilers are everywhere and they are saying they are not all. So I’m guessing they will hurry to put in something and it will have variations because it’s last minute. And the box won’t be shipped until the end of the month because they will need to add to boxes that are already made. But, they will blame it on the mail being slow at Christmas… Can you tell I watch too many murder mysteries ??? Lol

    • I wrote to them as well and got the EXACT same response. I wrote back “I look forward to being surprised by the 6th promised item.”

    • I just called customer service and they confirmed it’s only 5 items this month, not including the bonus. I don’t understand this b.s.

  10. very disappointed only one full size skin care item – the makeup does nothing for me the reason I picked allure is because of the skin care focus, was hoping the Christmas time box would be a lot better

    • Allure has always been fairly evenly split between makeup and skincare, though. (And even here, it’s two makeup items vs. four skincare items, so….) If you want a box that focuses all or mostly on skincare, I’d recommend BeautyFix instead of Allure.

  11. I signed up for an annual subscription in August to lock in the old price and the terms then were that I could cancel for a prorated refund. After seeing this yesterday, I called to cancel and was told that their policy had changed and that there are now no refunds on annual subscription. My request has been kicked up to a manager, no promises made. I really regret signing up. Allure has had some great brands and products in past boxes but wow, they have lost their touch and this policy change makes me think they are struggling.

    • Not to get super technical, but this was a monetary agreement between client and business. You basically entered into a paid contract, which included a stipulation that you can cancel your membership. If they go against that contact, you are legally allowed to break that contact yourself, i.e. reporting it to your bank as fraud.

    • To my undestanding, you can still skip a month. All subscription boxes go thorough ups and downs, I am sure good months will come up at some points. And to be fair, this box is killer for $13, even if it is not your favorites.

    • I signed up in September and it clearly stated that you cannot cancel. If things were different in August, you should be grandfathered in.

  12. I just emailed them to skip December’s box. This will be the first time I ever did that. None of those products do anything for me. I signed on last November and the December box last year had a beautiful highlighter palette and I remember it being an impressive box so I was pleased with my decision. I have to agree that since the price increase the boxes have gone downhill It’s a shame because this was my alltime favorite sub box.

    • I just did the same, first box I skip in 2 years, it’s just sub-par.

    • Wow, I didn’t know I could skip. Might skip this one

  13. You have got to be kidding me. THIS is the December box? The one we wait for all year because it’s usually great? I was excited when I saw the spoiler for the eye shadow because I figured that meant we would be getting some kind of curated box. This must be a “clean it off the shelves” box. Kind of like the “mega” box I got for committing to another year. It was full of leftovers from the last 1.5 years of boxes. I am glad my husband locked in on the old price, because if we were paying $23 for boxes like this, I would cancel and move on to another subscription.

    • Wendy—

      I totally agree with you on the “Mega” box of leftovers! The box had Summer 2019 on it and about half the samples were either dry or ‘weathered’ looking, meaning that they looked like they had been knocking around the warehouse for awhile, and they were cleaning their shelves. I was SO disappointed that I paid for a year upfront.

    • I literally feel the exact same way…wtf. I am really disappointed.

    • I signed up for Allure for the first time, and even I could tell that box was full of trash. Such a joke of a “gift”
      Even the Anastasia hi-lighter palette, which I was actually happy to get as first time customer, is now $12 at TJ Maxx. I still like it, but I’m starting to think that if you’re getting freebies, there’s something “wrong” with them

  14. This box is ridiculous! This is definitely not worth the $23 a month, this is just like the $15 that we were paying! With the upgraded price they were supposed to upgrade the products! This is sooo disappointing especially for the December box (Christmas box), normally in December they have great boxes. Im very upset with this, will either skip (if I can) or cancel for now. Totally ridiculous!

  15. I have had the Allure box since it first started. It was the best box ever! Always lots of great products and brands. I received a full size Sunday Riley vitamin C oil one time. Another box had the Sunday Riley Luna oil. At one point they even sent out a separate gift of two Marc Jacobs lip glosses for being a long time loyal customer. What happened to giving those kinds of products. That was only at the $15 price point too. Each month has been so disappointing now. I have not liked the past couple of boxes, and decided to cancel my monthly subscription. They sent me an email offering 2 for $15. The next two months back to 15.00 each month. I guess I should have looked at the December spoilers before accepting the offer. Really awful products this time.

  16. Well, I think I’m gonna pass on Allure for a while. I just can’t justify the price increase so far. Seems like they just wanted to up the price of the box, but not the quality of the products 🤔 the palette is pretty but I know I have atleast 5 other palettes with that color story. And the Cetaphil? No thanks. The perfume box looks kind of nice though. Wish they would do that every month, I would definitely get that!

  17. I am not really feeling this box at the increased price point. It is just me too or has the variety of products really left much to be desired? This box has two serums in it, last month had a serum in it, August had a serum as well. It seems like every box for the past six months has had some sort of sheet mask.

    As others have said, I don’t mind paying more for better quality or more prestige/cutting edge products. For example, I have really enjoy the Nue Co Topical C booster. That being said, $23 for Cetaphil, Ciate, and a bunch of other brands I have never even heard of is not very impressive.

    I also miss when they had boxes with products that made sense together like the Dec. 2018 box with a mini Juvia’s Nubian eye palette, liquid lipstick, highlighter/browser from ofra, liquid eyeliner, etc. They had Juvia’s Place products featured in a box long before they were being sold at Ulta. I remember in November 2018 they had a box of all sorts of different masks foot mask, facial mask, lip mask, etc. Jan. 2019 they had a box with two, one of which was full sized, Riley Sunday products. Those were really cool boxes at a lower price point. What happened to Allure Beauty Box? I miss seeing new to the market innovative products and prestige brands. This has just been disappointing.

  18. I hope Allure reads these comments. They are BOMBING big time with their price increase, and the seriously less-than-impressive boxes. GET IT TOGETHER ALLURE!!!! Yes, you locked a lot of people in to the old price, but when that expires, your subscriber list is going to be a ghost town.

  19. Is this the “Christmas 2020 ‘Rona box”??? Are they pranking us?? Ciate is a cheap end brand and the reason I subbed to Allure was to avoid crappy palettes! I’m here for the skincare! I usually receive 1 product in the box that makes it worthwhile for me and I had high hopes for the December box. Its Christmas it should be ok at least! Sooooo 5 products, the only decent one is a sample and the bonus for new subbers is cetaphil! I hope this is a joke…

    • Agree bad box. The bonus Cetaphil is for everyone not just new subscribers

      • Even so, just horrible it’s included. Def a throw away for me.

    • This box has always been about makeup/skincare. I’d rather have more makeup heavy boxes. Especially since they are in the fashion industry, it would make sense to have a good mix, the last few months boxes have been nothing but serums and skincare..a nice pallette here and there would be cool as well, especially since most makeup is highlighters and random lip products. Allure sent out a good nubian pallette one year and it was great quality to the point I went out and bought a bunch pallettes, I did the exact same with the single Natasha denona shadow…

  20. What is going on here?? This was my absolute favorite beauty box…until they raised the price and now the products have gone down hill. I am so disappointed. This was the one box I looked forward to the most each month and I was always happy with the products but I just can’t even defend them anymore. You raise the price and start giving us basically drugstore stuff??? It seems that since they raised it in October, every month gets worse than the last. This is supposed to be one of the best boxes of the year in December and black eyeliner? Really? The one product I would want to try isn’t even a half a ounce. Come on Allure, you need to get it together because you are going to loose your most loyal customers. Ipsy plus is only $2 more a month for FIVE full size products and you get to pick 3 of your products. Only ONE of my products from ipsy plus was a Murad product thats $82! And that was just 1 product! Last month 1 of my products in Ipsy plus was a Sunday Riley product that is $85!! Not expecting to get 6 $80 products every month but giving cheaper brands that only have.33oz of product is ridiculous and there are a few of them in this box. If you are going to raise your prices to other competing beauty boxes, you better make sure its on par with similar boxes at same price point. Im definitely skipping and if January is bad for the 4th month in a row, I’m out. I REALLY hope they start listening to their customers and get it together ASAP.

    • I totally agree. Price increase and now we get brands I’ve never heard of. I had a feeling when the said full size products we’d start getting face mask and nail polishes. Used to be my favorite box with great value. Now it just flat out sucks. So disappointing Allure.

    • I finally invested in an annual sub expecting greatness especially with the price increase and I’ve been OK with the past boxes, finding at least 1 item that makes it worthwhile, but for a December box this is so disappointing. I cannot stand palettes and that’s the reason I subbed with allure…I want good skincare… they lead off with a crappy brand eye shadow palette and the only good skincare item is a deluxe SAMPLE? WTF seriously??

      • Right?? I have enough lame palettes to last a lifetime from other boxes. I have always expected more of Allure and they didn’t let me down…until now. I really hope they see how many either keep skipping months or canceling all together so they can see how unhappy their customers are now. Its the only way it will change when it starts affecting their money. They changed the box size since we were supposed to be getting more full size products and so far the last few months these products would fit in old box which I actually preferred since I could use to organize my products or use as gift box but no, they took that away as well. Ughhhh! So frustrating! Allure is supposed to have the best connections to get us great products out of all the beauty boxes and this is the crap we get? No thank you.

    • ipsy’s that good? i did not know that! i might have to check it out. I feel the exact same way you do. This box was sooo good I have no clue what happened.

      • I personally love the Ipsy plus bag. I mean getting to pick 3 of your 5 full size products is great and so far I feel like they actually listen to the quizzes and reviews we leave to give us the appropriate choices to pick. That has been my experience at least.. I prefer more skincare and the majority of what I get is skincare with a bit of makeup but makeup I actually want. I get sooo much value for $25 a month. Then the add ons are amazing too. I highly recommend it.

      • I feel the same way you do about Ipsy Glam Bag Plus, this is my second month with the Plus and I have been happy both months with the product choices and the items that Ipsy picks for me. Definitely well worth it!

  21. When Allure announced the price increase, I was 100% sure we would be getting AWESOME products, this is beyond pathetic. You would think for December being Christmas, they would of made a better box. This isn’t even worth the old $15 price IMO. I regret getting the year special now that I see how bad they lied to us. Just sad, I really thought Allure was way better than this….

    • I am usually not one to complain about subscriptions. I know going into them that it’s a gamble.
      That said, Allure was the 1 box that never let me down.i don’t feel like this is any better than what it was at 15 a month, in fact, I think it’s worse.
      I just received my Nov box and the serum is good but everything else is just whatever.
      I subbed for a year because I was so bummed about the price change and was sure I wouldn’t be disappointed but man, what a let down!
      I’m honestly shocked that Allure would do us all like this. I’ve been with them for years and this, at least to me, is not at all what they promised when they announced the price increase.
      Hopefully enough people will voice their disappointment and aggravation and they will make necessary changes. If not, I don’t see Allure lasting very long. Not with all the competition at about the same peice or less.
      I received my FASHIONSTA THE BOX at the same time as my Allurw and for 21.00 it blows Allure out of the water.
      So bummed.

  22. If they said 6 items there should be 6 items. A bonus is a bonus not another item. I’m going to back and re-read the the change post because this is false advertising and should void the contract agreement

    • You still can find the description of the box as below….

      “6 OR MORE products valued at $100+ (previously 5 or more products valued at $70+)”

  23. Meh. Not really excited about this one. The Mudmasky may be interesting?? I don’t know anything about this brand. The BONUS Cetaphil is a joke. I thought the new Allure Box was supposed to have 6 items AND perhaps a bonus, not 5 and a lame bonus. This box would have been one thing at the old price point, but it was supposed to be better at $23.

    I highly doubt these items are ‘what the beauty experts want now’.

    • I went to the Mudmasky site to read up on it, and it sounds like it would be great if you’re outdoors a lot in cold or cool wet weather. Or if you’re indoors and the air is VERY dry.

      Other than that, will probably be too heavy for most of us.

  24. This is the worst Allure box I have ever seen. Have been happy with the Allure box and have loved most of the items in past boxes but this is just pathetic. Ciate originally started out as a unique nail company that had all kinds of unique nail art kits. Then they abandoned that for cheap generic makeup. I don’t wear black eyeliner and the rest looks like cheap drugstore items. Had no idea it was possible to skip a box. Have annual and will be skipping this box.

    • I didn’t think that you could skip a month if you had a annual subscription, only monthly subscriber’s. I would just call and see!

      • Thank you. Was wondering about that. Saw a bunch of people mention skipping a box and was not sure if annual had that option. Will call them and see. Otherwise, will gift this out to a friend.

      • You are very Welcome! 🙂

      • Yes, you can skip. I have annual subscription and I skipped the November box and now planning to skip December as well.

      • Thank you for clarifying! I just know when I called Allure when there price increased, that they told me that if I signed up for a annual sub, I couldn’t skin months, but they may have changed it now.

    • I have an annual and emailed [email protected] yesterday to skip and got a confirmation earlier today that i will be skipping this box. Hopefully that helps!

      • Thank you so much. Will do that today.

  25. Overall, disappointing again. Last year’s box was probably better, and for only $15. However, I looked up the eyeliner brand, and the founder of that brand is also the founder of Eyeko. Hoping this one is just as good as the Eyeko eyeliner. That would make the box worth it for me.

  26. Underwhelmed is an understatement with December’s box. As a new annual subscriber since September, I was hoping for an amazing December box with it being the holidays and all. Nope. For $14 bucks it’s definitely meh. I mean I wear black winged eyeliner everyday so the eyeliner will get used, but IDK if the palette are my colors and I have enough masks to last until the rapture. Sounds like I might be able to skip a month but honestly I just want to get the annual over with and not drag it out. I won’t be renewing.

  27. I’m skipping December as well.

  28. If you have dry skin or you want a new eyeshadow palette, then this would be a good box for you. I’m skipping this box because I have oily & acne prone skin & I’m overloaded on skincare. I’m an annual member with Allure. If they had a full size of the La Roche-Posay Retinol B3 Serum, then I would try it because I want to improve my wrinkles. I also have too many eyeshadow palettes right now due to FabFitFun and IPSY Plus. I don’t need another liquid eyeliner.

  29. I’m seeing people post that not everyone will get the bonus item (cetaphil). Why would that be? How is it determined who gets it?

    I may not be understanding what a bonus item is… I thought it was something above and beyond the curation of the box, like “here’s a little something extra we had laying around, thanks for ordering”. Am I misinterpreting?

    (Yes, i also understand that the promise is 6 items and that would be a promise excluding any bonuses, so if the cetaphil is a bonus the box should actually have 7 products in it. My question is more “what is a bonus and why would only some boxes have it?” Or I guess, is that incorrect information posted previously?)

    • “Bonus items” are generally only for new subscribers to allure box.

      • “Bonus items” are actually sponsored items (aka, items that the brands pay Allure to put into the box). New subscribers receive “New Subscriber Gifts.”

  30. I’m so disappointed. The Ciate London palettes are awful, I’m having enough black liners and the samples aren’t adding value to this box. Big ooopfff.

  31. I was curious to see if December would be better than the past few months since I cancelled last month. Guess what? I’m glad I cancelled but sad because I miss how much fun and variety this box used to have…

  32. Eeep. I’m a long time subscriber of Allure but I didn’t go annual as I’m on product overload. Their nonsense about the price increase (or not) in October and the snottiness of the customer service rep I emailed with really pissed me off so I unsubscribed and switched to Amazon. I liked last month’s box, but this one is a real downer, especially for ~$26 ($23+tax) where I live. I’m glad Amazon makes it so easy to skip. See you in January, Allure. I hope your New Year’s resolution is to come back fresh and exciting.

  33. I’m wondering how far in advance they have box products lined up.

    The boxes since the increase have been pretty much like the $15 box,

    People were saying that they had gotten emails stating the price increase wasn’t going to be until December, I wonder if that was they original plan but one department wasn’t paying attention and it got rolled out early.

    I’m locked in until August 2021 at the old price, but unless there’s a drastic increase in either the quality of the brands or they include some really radical new brands or really interesting other sorts of items, this will probably be the last run for me.

    I already ditched Ipsy Plus. I just was not getting anything really good and I want to see how things shake out with the BoxyCharm acquisition. I picked up Boxy for the last pop-up sale and got my box today and it was the usual 3 out of 5 no good.


  34. And I can’t even find that black liquid eyeliner that is one of the full size items.

    • My Beauty Brand is a British operation that collaborates with a (big name) British makeup artist.

      They apparently crank out kits at irregular intervals.

      I wouldn’t mind except that, like everyone else here, I have a bucket of black eyeliners in various formulas.

  35. SO glad I didn’t do an annual. I’d still have 12 months left to start 2021.

  36. This is no way worth the cost. Does every sub box have to include a black eyeliner? Allure did promise more value and SIX items with the $23 box. So far I don’t see justification for the $8 price increase. I actually subscribed for the November box. No idea what made me do that. I will cancel for December. I believe that I enjoy wasting money until the bill arrives.

  37. I miss the times when allure’s best box was the December one. Glad i canceled in October.

  38. I want to skip (have an annual) but I’m afraid at the end of my year they’ll mess up and not tack on for free the boxes that I skip. Anyone ever had a problem with skipping?

    • I haven’t had any issue so far, but I was a month-to-month subscriber and started my annual subscription before the price increase, so I can’t really tell you if they’ll mess up, but since I haven’t read any comment regarding this issue, I suppose people were able to skip smoothly and not loose boxes. I personally prefer to send an email to skip, this way I have proof in my records and it helps me to remember I skipped a box.

      • Yes – if I do skip I think I’ll email – I want it in writing.

  39. You know what just occurred to me? SO MANY people (myself included) are going to skip December’s box, they’ll be dumping these products into their free “bundles” until the end of time. It’ll be the Model Co eyeshadows all over again…

  40. Called to skip, thx for whoever left msg stating skipping is an option.
    Ever since the price increase, the boxes so far had been meh to me.
    They used to also have meh boxes before, but would then come up with exciting one after a few let downs.
    The 3rd box and esp the Dec one, can’t believe it’s such a let down box 🙁

  41. So only 5 items? LAME.

    • I understand being unhappy if you are paying the new $23 price, but for anyone who locked in old price this seems like a good value. I pre-paid for the year and I think it worked out to $13.75/box. Not bad for three full sized items and a couple samples.

      • I agree Kate, great box for $14.

      • Disagree.
        Three full size products—yes. But the quality isn’t there. The eyeliner is some weird pseudo mlm type of a brand, mudmasky and ciate will have their products made in the PRC instead of in Europe. They use cheaper ingredients to make their products for these boxes so they aren’t the same quality you get if you buy a ciate palette from their website. The la Roche posay and Caudalie are the samples they give you for free with purchase. The same ones I already have 4-5 of. It’s just not worth the value for me at $14 or at $23.
        Allure is really scraping the bottom of the barrel with products. The eyeliner is akin to the manna kadar from this month. I thought I would give allure some time to settle into their new mojo but this isn’t a good outlook. Things just keep getting worse.

      • I kinda agree Liz but all these brands give sub boxes inferior products. Not just Allure. BC, Glossy, Ipsy, they all do. The only ones that don’t are boxwalla, BH& BF. That’s why I don’t do these boxes and stick to high quality ones

      • I agree – I locked in at the annual rate. The price you noted puts a lot in perspective.

  42. Third one in a row I’ve skipped. For me, the value is just not there.

    • I’m almost in the same boat since October was the first in my annual, but I’m skipping November & December. These have been not to my liking at all, almost like they suckered us into annuals and now and don’t care.

  43. I mean, yeah, I can work with this. Cetaphil and LRP aren’t exactly high end brands, but I like them just fine. Excited about the palette and the mask, which is good because they’re the full sizes. I’m surprised though.. I thought the price increase was supposed to include 6 items, but the cetaphil is being treated as a “bonus” item, so where’s item #6?

  44. There is no way I would be paying for a Allure sub, there is no way $140.00 worth of products there. Allure is trying to charge more for the same $15.00 box of products that they were previously sending. It is basically the same box, just paying more for it!

    • Except the box before was usually much better.

    • If you look at the teeny tiny fine print, the $140 value includes the new member gift, which is honestly ridiculous. The Peach & Lily Glass Serum is worth $39, so our box (unless you’re new!) is worth $101. I’m not impressed and I’m not happy.

      • Yeah, the value is still not there.

  45. For the first time I will skip this box. I only liked one out of the last four boxes. Sad for December. I hope the new year is bigger and brighter.

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