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Net-A-Porter 2020 Advent Calendar – Available Now + Full Spoilers!


The Net-A-Porter 2020 Advent Calendar is available now! 

If you thought the countdown to the holidays couldn’t get more exciting, the new NET-A-PORTER Beauty Advent Calendar will definitely up the ante. The perfect gift for the beauty enthusiast in your life – or just an indulgent treat for yourself – this exclusive edition is filled with some of our favorite products and has a value of £1,115. Each of the 25 drawers reveals a best-seller from brands like Omorovicza, Augustinus Bader, Charlotte Tilbury and Philip Kingsley, all of which will see you through the season and have a restorative effect once it’s over.

The Box: Net-A-Porter 25 Days of Beauty Advent Calendar

The Cost: $300

  • The Products:
  • Oribe Gold Lust Repair & Restore Shampoo: 15ml/ 0.5fl.oz.
  • Oribe Gold Lust Repair & Restore Conditioner: 15ml/ 0.5fl.oz.
  • Slip silk hair tie
  • Pai Feather Canyon™ Eye Cream: 15ml/ 0.5fl.oz.
  • Joanna Vargas Ritual Bar: 100g/ 3.52oz.
  • Hayo’u Beauty Restorer
  • 111Skin Vitamin C Brightening Booster: 20ml/ 0.68fl.oz.
  • Virtue Restorative Treatment Mask: 15ml/ 0.5fl.oz.
  • Chantecaille Pure Rosewater: 30ml/ 1.0fl.oz.
  • Dr. Barbara Sturm Hyaluronic Serum: 30ml/ 1.0fl.oz.
  • Ren Clean Skincare Perfect Canvas Clean Primer: 30ml/ 1.0fl.oz.
  • Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Deep Conditioning Treatment: 40ml/1.4 fl.oz.
  • BY TERRY Hyaluronic Pressed Hydra-Powder: 2.5g/ 0.08oz
  • Philip B Thermal Protection Spray: 60ml/ 2oz.
  • Omorovicza Deep Cleansing Mask: 50ml/ 1.7fl.oz.
  • Mauli Rituals Supreme Skin Cleansing Oil: 30ml/ 1.0fl.oz
  • Susanne Kaufmann Pollution Skin Defence System: 3 x 2ml/ 0.21fl.oz.
  • Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick Pillow Talk
  • U BEAUTY The Super Smart Hydrator: 15ml/ 0.5fl.oz.
  • Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Hyaluronic Marine Dew It Right Eye Gel: 15ml/ 0.5fl.oz.
  • NIOD Non-Acid Acid Precursor: 30ml/ 1.0fl.oz
  • Natura Bissé Diamond Lip Booster: 15ml/ 0.5oz.
  • Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder
  • Luminous Light: 1.3g/ 0.04oz
  • Augustinus Bader The Rich Cream: 15ml/ 0.5fl.oz.
  • Costa Brazil Body Cream: 25ml/ 0.9fl.oz

Are you going to grab an advent calendar

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  1. Rochelle – The weight of the Charlotte Tilbury lipstick from the UK box is 1 G – 0.3 oz. and it is a travel size.

    I have this color in a larger size and would be happy to swap the smaller size that you would like for your purse.

    • Thank you Julie!

  2. My box was ordered from the UK site and I did have to peek at everything in the box, mine was ordered from the UK site and I am curious to know what the possible difference are with ordering from the UK site verse the US site.

    As I am reading a few other comments in this thread, one difference in boxes I am noticing is that the Pillow talk lipstick for most people seems to be in the full size. Mine arrived in a small tiny size in a cute box. So I am disappointed in that.

    I will be curious to hear from others who ordered from the US what their difference is. I love the lip booster product so far.

    • Julie, did you check the weight of the pillow talk lipstick on the box? I originally thought mine was a mini by the look of it. It looks tiny & I own multiple of these lipsticks & they seem larger. But after reading on here that people received full size, I looked at the size on the box, looked it up online & it is actually the same size. I haven’t opened the box to look at the actually lipstick though. Unless it’s misprinted or I read it wrong which could always be the case…I looked quickly & small print is getting harder to read every year! I may have to go grab an open lipstick and unbox the new one to compare but I’m trying to wait until December!

    • Yes, size of the lipstick in UK box seems to be the only difference. It is a 35$ lip pie so, whatever people saved by ordering from UK ended up to be taken away by the size of the lipstick 😞
      Some difference in packaging (boxes) between US and UK (US has most of the items in boxes) but that’s probably small detail

      • Monika, what is the actual size of the lippie? I hope it comes up on the swap site if it’s smaller, I’d love a smaller size to fit in smaller handbags.

  3. My calendar arrived today. ( I ordered from the NAP UK site) to save a few dollars.

    Everything was delivered perfectly. Continuous updates from the shipping carrier.

    The package was beautiful and first thing I did was feel for packages and I opened a few drawers t to check for boxes. So many items had boxes, the only thing that was not a full size was the lipstick. I was one who received the mini size of the lipstick, but it was in a box.

    Beautiful packaged.

    • I forgot to say that I ordered from the US but wish I had been able to order from the Uk site! Congrats, that was a sweet savings!

      • Rochelle, US box has 3.5g (full size) which is still pretty small 🙁 Esp for 35 USD

      • Thank you Monika! Yes, that’s the one I got from the US. It is full size even though it looks small. I’m wondering what size the mini lipstick in the UK calendar is?

      • Rochelle it is SUPER tiny, like 1/3 of the already small full size. Several people complained about it on YouTube.

      • I was able to order from the UK site right now, for roughly 219 pounds. Which comes out to roughly $283 USD; so it does seem the difference in $ is lost with the smaller size of the lippie, but I’m ok with that. Hopefully nothing else is smaller!

  4. Ladies, my calendar just came today … Charlotte lippie is FULL size and all the high priced items have boxes (except clay mask from Omorovicza)
    I saw bunch of reviews on Youtube – none of the girls got full size Pillow Talk and none had boxes for the “bottles” and few of them complained! Wil Win …. this is awesome. I might be ordernig second box LOL

    • Awesome!!! I blindly felt inside each drawer when I received mine, and I did notice quite a few were in boxes 😀 I hope you really enjoy your calendar and find some new faves! 🙂

      • I think, I am tempted to buy another one! Serious cosmetics hoarder 🤦🏼‍♀️

    • Thank you for the heads up! I just checked & my lipstick is full size & boxed as well! That’s a win for me too, I love it! Did your Augustinus Bader cream come boxed? Mine did not. If anyone is interested in ‘splitting’ their calendar (like we used to do on the forum), I’d take the Augustinus Bader cream, or swap for it unused. I can’t wait to start opening drawers in December!

      • Rochelle, yes rich cream from Augustinus B came without the box for me as well … and I am NOT waiting for December haha. Already used several items from the box and love them (lip booster is awesome). Also, watched several youtube reviews … and while on the video of Dr. Barbara Sturm Hyaluronic Serum found much bigger, cheaper and more advanced Hada labo JAPAN Skin Institute Gokujun premium hyaluronic (already ordered).

        Colorado is already dry and windy, so just about time to put all the items to a good use

      • Monika, I can’t reply to your comment below, but thank you for replying! I can’t wait to try the lip booster & Barbara Sturm too. I’ll have to look up Hado labo, thanks for the tip. Colorado is beautiful, I’ve only been there once but it was dry!

  5. Beware! I got my Calendar delivered today and 12 items are missing! Just Empty boxes! Called NAP Customer service and they gave me the run around! Had to call my credit card company and file a Dispute. Very Angry 😠

    • Oh no. That is a lot of money to make an error with missing items. Now I am worried about mine.

    • TC — What did they say they thought the problem was? Curious.

      • They didn’t say anything, asked me to take pictures of the empty boxes and send them to them??? I said that was ridiculous, and some other not so nice things, so then they said they were going to start an investigation with UPS?? And that would take 30 days??? That’s when I called my Credit card company,,, and they put an instant dispute on the charge. NAP called me back this morning and left a message that there is now an investigation with UPS. So whatever that means IDK

    • I’m so sorry to hear about that! 🙁 I got my calendar today too, and the first thing I did was feel in each drawer to make sure something was in each one (which I do with all of my calendars). I really hope everything gets resolved for you soon!

      • Thank you Luna 😊

    • TC — I hope they resolve the problem and keep us posted. For those of us who ordered we are all going to be anxious to check the boxes when they arrive. Possibly their production department that produces the boxes may be where the error is.

  6. Oct. 8 – 7:30 pm CST, I was able to order this through the NAP UK site, and my final cost with shipping for my area in the Midwest was $289.00. These were showing sold out earlier on the UK site, but are now back in stock.

    • It looks like the UK version is sold out again. 🙁 but in line with what you said, sometimes NAP’s inventory does seem to get sporadically replenished, so it’s definitely worth it to keep checking out 🙂

      • What is the difference between the US and the UK boxes? They look the same to me.

      • Hi Luna — I’ve noticed this on the UK site several times over the past three days, prior to making a decision to purchase. It will appear as (sold out) and then later in the day into the evening the item reappears as (in stock). I wonder if that is so they can allow sales to be staggered for their customers so everyone has a chance to purchase the box at different times.

      • Hi Margie, I’m not sure if there’s a difference since I haven’t bothered to compare the two. There might not be a difference at all! Like with some of their beauty kits, they’ll sometimes launch on one of their international sites first, then eventually will launch on their US site, and both versions will be exactly the same. 🙂

      • Hi Julie 🙂 That’s good to know it’s going in & out of stock. At least those that want to get it on the UK site won’t give up hope if it’s showing as out of stock 🙂

      • Thanks Luna. If there is no difference, why then are so many people trying to purchase it from the UK? Am I missing something? My son purchased mine from the US site.

      • It’s cheaper to get it off the UK site 🙂 I tested it, and it’s about 13% cheaper getting it off the UK site. I just checked, and it’s available again on the UK site too!

  7. Unless I get really tempted by a calendar I’m just going to buy a Skinceuticals set I bought the Liberty advent last year and I liked it but I’m thinking for that amount of money this year I’m going to go full size.

  8. Off topic do you think that Popsugar will bring in their LE Holiday boxes for men and woman again this year after suspending subscription boxes? That has always made such a great gift year after year for me.

  9. Ok, I could not hold anymore and just ordered. I looked at Liberty calendar and it was not as good as this one. After sleepless night, I finally decided to buy it. In comparison with other 2020 calendars this one is so much superior and I just love the lux brands they included.
    P.S. There is two more calendar that I am still stalking – BeautyExpert and Mankind.

    • I agree with you, Sverlana, I like this calendar best. I ordered mine yesterday.

      • If it ever go on sale, I will get a second one 🙂

    • I’m stalking those ones too Svetlana! 😀 Last year, Beauty Expert’s calendar came out on 10/15, and Mankind’s calendar came out on 10/28. Hopefully we’ll hear something on at least the BE calendar by next week! 🙂 I’m also keeping my eye out for the Mr. Porter calendar too!

      • Luna, I hope they will be good and reasonably priced. I have low expectation for BE, it will be probably filled with same brands as rest of them. However, keeping high hopes for Mankind. I got one last year and was very happy with it.

      • Mankind’s calendar is always so awesome. This will either be my 3rd or 4th year getting it to give as a gift, and it takes everything within me not to raid the unisex products and replace some products with other “manly” products because it usually includes products that aren’t in my other calendars PLUS they’re all full size…. which is another thing that makes it hard to give away (and wrap! it’s quite heavy!) each year. Despite how much I have I’d love it if us ladies could have a 25-day all full size calendar too! Skinstore came close with their 12-day calendar, but this year they decided to throw in samples.

      • I bought it two years in a row and love it. I use everything myself! Even shaving cream, which is such a delight.
        Skin Store is a disappointment this year, I rather have 12 full size then 25 samples.

      • I was told I should get one for myself and one for a gift, but ugh, that feels like too much (did I just say that?!? 😀 ).

      • Does Mankind have two sizes of Advent calendars this year?

    • I’m still torn about whether to ask my Brit friend to send me the SpaceNK calendar. I just paid $3k for a major car repair so my emergency fund has taken a hit. But the best advent calendar is an emergency right? 🤷‍♀️

      • Flora, not it is not! Plus are they going to ship it to you, it is additional expense.

      • Ouch! I feel you… while not as much, I recently took my car in for an oil change, and $900 & four hours later…. 🙁

  10. Luna, thanks for letting us know how you use up products and how many you have used! So interesting! I should keep track. I was keeping empties for a month or two, but it piled up and I never took it to a beauty recycling place like i wanted to.

    • It is interesting seeing how much product I go through! The curiosity was getting the better of me for a while, so I decided to start keeping track of my empties for this year, and it seriously feels like I’ve only used a fraction of my total. I think I’m going to take a break of tracking it after this year now that I finally have an idea of how much I use, how long it takes me to use up certain products, and probably what’s most interesting of all… how much it’s all worth in terms of retail value!

      • Thanks for answering my question 🙂

        I did an inventory today! I plan to go through all the stuff before getting additional stuff. I realized Im trying different brands everyday and thats not working out for me. I like the idea of finishing a product before opening another one in the same category.

        Im curious to know of your opinion of the Barbara Sturm serum! I will ask you in a few months!

      • Hi Gloria 🙂 I find focusing on all of the samples I have of any one given product really helps in determining if it’ll work for me. Plus, just focusing on a single product at a time really makes it feel like I’m going through it faster… not that I’m trying to rush through my products, but at least it feels like I’m rotating through them at a decent pace. Have fun experimenting! 🙂

  11. the liberty calendar is out to day too and was wondering if its worth getting?

    • I’m debating right now about the Liberty’s calendar.
      But between the NAP and Liberty’s, NAP is the winner for me.

  12. Laura, thanks for your suggestions. I am game for all except the dreaded GLOSSY BOX! They have the worst customer service. I had a horrible experience with them a couple of years ago that took forever for them to make right. In the end it still wasn’t right. I just accepted it and gave up. I had never been treated so poorly by any company. After looking into it I found out I wasn’t the only one. I just refuse to give them my business.

  13. Does this eventually go on sale, like after Christmas?

    Carla’s comment further down got me wondering, sounded like she got one last year on sale.

    • Last year’s calendar sold out before it went on sale, however 2018’s calendar went on sale, and they even brought it back (2018’s calendar) this year too and marked it down but only by 30%. However, that’s not to say this year’s won’t go on sale. It could! 🙂

  14. I love net-a-porter! I bought one of their boxes a few years ago and loved everything. The Aurelia product that was in it was my fav and to die for! I’d spend $300 on just Aurelia products if I could. But this box has an amazing value, just more than I can afford. 😫

  15. Now THIS is an advent calendar. Man do I wish I had $300 lying around.

  16. Hey, Luna, question about Space NK: Last year there was a U.S. version that went live at the same time as a huge GWP (which I bought because you alerted us!) I know the UK version is sold out — do you know if there’s going to be a U.S. version coming?

    • Hi Veronica 🙂
      This year Space NK didn’t do a U.S. calendar, but rather an international calendar that could only be bought on their UK site. As you saw, it looks like the international calendar is sold out. 🙁 This doesn’t surprise me because now the U.S. is in the same market as all of other non-UK countries that Space NK ships to rather than us having our “own” set of inventory of calendars.

      • Aw, rats! I would have ordered the international version if I’d realized that! Well, now that makes my decision on the NAP advent much trickier! 😀 Thanks so much, Luna.

  17. Luna is the real MVP!

    • Aww, thanks May! Advent calendar time is one of my favorite times of year, lol! 😀

  18. When I see a price this high, I kind of glaze over the products and automatically go, nope, that’s a car payment. My car payment is really $295. I hope whoever gets this, enjoys it.

    • This is totally a car payment or an annual sub (12 boxes instead of one!) to a beauty box. The delight in unpacking an advent calendar – well, I can probably get the same pleasure from an advent calendar that costs a tenth of this price. The MSRP doesn’t matter if you had no intention of paying full price for any of the products included.

      • Dea, you are right, but to me this calendar definitely has value because I would never buy these brands due to prices and I know most of these brand would never show up in sub boxes. This calendar is the only way for me to try really expensive brands and products.

  19. I am on the fence. I really want it and I think it is a best calendar for this year so far, but I am up for renewal for new see skin box. The price for both is the same and quantity of product is the same. Decisions, decisions…..

    • Hi Svetlana 🙂 FWIW, with See New Skincare you get mostly all full size products. 😉

      • but brands are not as fancy as in this calendar 🙂

      • True… they’re definitely in a different genre. 🙂

    • I’m renewing my SeeNew.

  20. I just purchased the calendar and after the VAT adjustment it is £212 or approx. $275 USD and free express shipping

    • How did you manage that? My total price with taxes is $323.25

      • I agree, my price in my cart appears $323.25. Is there an adjustment made in price when billing?

      • When I checked out, I clicked Honey In my browser. I had entered the promo code first10, but it didn’t work. At checkout it was £200 plus £12 tax for a total of £212. I double checked with the credit card company, and with exchange, it was just under $276

    • My total is $318 just before I hit purchase. I’m in the US. I held back and didn’t buy. Kim- by chance are you in Canada?

      • No, I am in the US

  21. Luna- I really appreciate that you take the time to break down the prices for us!

    • Me too, thank you!
      Unrelated: every time I read your name, Luna, I have an old Italian song by Gianni Togni (I had to google it :P) that comes to my mind 🙂

      • Oooh, I’m going to have to check out that song! 🙂

    • My pleasure Suzanne! 🙂 With high priced calendars (and LE boxes) I’m always so curious to see what their true value is 😉

      • I agree, Luna. I like this Net-a-Porter advent. I think I s the best of the calendars we’ve seen so far this year.

  22. Thanks Luna! I really appreciate that you take the time to break down the prices for us.

  23. I agree, the price is high but the box does have value. For me, these are products I use and I think unlike other advent calendars I would use most everything in this box. I am on the fence as the price is on the high side.

    The shipping is free. 🙂

  24. wow too expensive during covid times. I did buy the one that was $199 when it was 50% from last year and I got it for $99. I wont pay more than that for it so more than likely wont be getting it at all.

  25. Off topic, but I was wondering… for those who are planning on getting the Harrod’s calendar, have any of you had any luck getting it? I’ve tried to get it a few times since it went live a few days ago, and I continue to receive a payment processing error even though my cards are clean (and it’s clear the payment never even tried to hit my bank since I never got a text from any of them asking me to confirm the international charge as a precautionary measure). I think it’s something on their end, but at the same time I can’t help but think it’s me, lol (like maybe a wonky browser or device issue (I’ve tried a few of each to no avail)). Surprisingly, I haven’t seen people saying anything about not being able to get it, unless I’m looking in the wrong area…. or no one but me is trying to get it, lol. Anyways, just thought I’d ask. 🙂 If I miss out on it this year, that’s cool, but I figured I’d try to get it while it’s available, and it’s one calendar I try to get every year.

    • luna…if your trying to use your debit card it won’t go through…you will need a charge card, that’s not from your bank…i’ve had this happen to me before… good luck…

      • Thanks tammy 🙂 I have tried a few different credit cards, but none work (even though there’s no issue with them on other sites, including international sites). Oh well… maybe it’s not meant to be this year. 🙂

    • Hi Luna,

      My Son wants to buy me one of these wonderfully decadent, frivolous boxes for Christmas.
      But I can’t decide which one. If you had to choose just one in the $300.- $350 range which one would you pick? Thanks Sweetie.

      • That’s so nice Margie! 🙂 I too was gifted some calendars this year, and I’m beyond thrilled 😀
        I really only look at multi-brand calendars, so I’m not super familiar with all of the single brand calendars that are out there and their prices, but as far as multi-brand calendars go in that price range (or near it) I’d suggest comparing the contents of Net-a-Porter, Liberty ($275), and Alyaka (a green beauty calendar) ($190 – $250) and seeing which ones look best to you. 🙂 I’d also suggest checking out Space NK ($206 after VAT is removed) and Harrods ($279), but SpaceNK is now sold out 🙁 and I’m personally having a hard time buying the Harrods calendar (I think it’s a system issue on their end), but it might work for your son (if you like it best)!.

      • I know you didn’t ask me, but I would get the Liberty one or maybe Glossybox if you like more makeup! I love the fortnum and mason one but it doesn’t ship directly to the US so you would have to go thru a little more effort by joining a package service that can ship it internationally. Have a great holiday!

      • Hi Luna! Out of curiosity, did you get Alyaka‘a regular or luxe calendar?

      • Hi Flora 🙂
        I ended up getting the Luxe, but you know… even before I bought it I was questioning if the extra $$ was worth it, and I’m sorta leaning it might not be, but at the same time I figured since it’s my first calendar of theirs I’m getting I’ll just see if it feels like it was worth it to me at the end after opening it. But having said that, I do feel like this year’s calendar is better than last year’s (which I didn’t get…. I waited & waited for it to go on sale, but it never did… they just eventually removed it from their site)

        All of the products in the calendar are the same with the exception of the following 9 items that brings the total items from 28 in the regular calendar to 37 items in the luxe version:
        Olio e Osso Tinted Balm No.5 ‘Currant’
        David Mallet Blush Spray Hydratant 50ml
        De Mamiel Revitalising Body Serum Luxury Miniature 30ml
        John Masters Organics Hair Milk with Rose & Apricot 30ml
        Amly Beauty Sleep Deluxe Miniature 15ml
        Oskia Renaissance Mask Luxury Miniature 10ml
        Zelens Transformer Instant Renewal Mask Luxury Miniature 10ml
        Leahlani Pamplemouse Cleansing Oil Deluxe Sample 3.7ml
        8 Faces Boundless Solid Oil Deluxe Sample 3ml

        Will you be getting one of their calendars? 🙂

      • Thanks for the breakdown Luna! I’m still waffling. I think I would also lean towards the luxe version since those 9 items look good.

        Technically, I’m in a position to purchase a pricey calendar or two 🤑 but I have been trying (with minimal success haha) of cutting expenses so I can treat myself to a new luxury car (yep, even though I paid $3k in repairs to my old vehicle, it is still in decent shape without too many prior major repairs and my daughter will start driving in 2 years). I want to try that Augustus Bader cream too. Cult Beauty has the most things I want to try and is probably at the top of my list.

        I do have a friend in London that I could ask to ship me any UK only calendars but I’d hate to pester him. He had a stroke that destroyed about 5 years of memories and that was the period when we were closer friends. While he wouldn’t charge me extra, I don’t want to make him have to run around for me during COVID either.

        I also have an embarrassing backlog of products but I did cancel all but a few of my subs and started following spoilers to only sub to those that didn’t have any variations. I think I’m down to Curology, Macy’s, See New, Pusheen, Boxwalla, and seasonal Bombay & Cedar. Then I pick up the occasional Beauty Heroes, The Detox Box, Laurel & Reed and Love Goodly. I want Clean Beauty but I hate that it is a 2 month minimum.

        Sorry for ranting about my first world 🌎 problems.

      • Best of luck on getting your new car! 😀 What of kind of car were you thinking of getting??
        Your car sounds kind of like mine 🙂 I have an older car that I love that will be hitting its drinking age in a few years, lol. I basically bought it new back then, and for its age it has done really well and I’ve had to get very few repairs… probably because I’ve always been good at keeping up the maintenance like clockwork. I did have to get a $3K repair on it 6 years ago, so I feel you there girl. Despite its age (and minor limitations), it’s dependable and gets me where I need to go and for that I’m incredibly grateful. I wouldn’t mind keeping it until it feels like it’s ready to keel over (it still feels like it has quite a bit of life in it), but my family says otherwise, and I’ve been told that if my car can hold out another 5 years (which shouldn’t be an issue) then they’ll get me a new car. Nice! I should add I’m also the chauffeur in my family, and even though I’m not “into” cars per se I’m sure they would like to be riding around in something nicer, lol.

        That’s so awesome that you and your friend became closer after his stroke. You’re a sign of a true friend. 🙂

        Over the years, I’ve also (greatly!) limited the number of subs I have. It’s probably pointless to list my subs because they’re constantly changing, but kind of in line with what you said, I only sub to boxes now based on spoilers. I try to stick to only one month for any given box, but sometimes to me getting a prepaid makes it more worth it. The only exception to the spoiler rule is that I do usually have an ongoing sub to Macy’s since it’s impossible to see spoilers ahead of time, plus they’re just a fun box to receive for me. However, now that I’ve received the Jo Malone box, I decided to cancel my subscription for the next two months and will pick it up again in January.

        No need to apologize for sharing your thoughts at all! They’re just as valid as anyone else’s. 🙂

      • Hi Luna! I created a new thread on Sublandia so we can ramble on about out of topic stuff like cars 🤪

      • Cool! Thanks Flora 🙂 I’ll have to check it out!

    • I think I will try Harrods. It’s something different and looks Lux!
      Have you tried PayPal?

      • No, I don’t have PayPal. I signed up for it once a few years ago, and the one card I linked it to almost immediately started having fraud on it (and I never have fraud on my cards (gosh, I hope I didn’t just jinx myself there)), so that experience was enough to swear off ever using it, lol.

    • Hi Luna,
      I just looked at the Harrods calendar and was considering getting it. Just wanted to check with you, there’s $42.50 shipping fee, is this correct? I’m also trying some codes I found online but there is nowhere on the site to enter any code?
      Once I have all this figured out with you then I will try to hit the pay button and let you know if it works.

      • Hi GMforever,
        Yes, unfortunately the shipping does cost $42.50, and I also didn’t see any boxes to add any promo codes. Sorry! Even if it continues to be a bust for me, I really hope it works for you! 🙂

        Btw, Selfridges beauty calendar is now available, and that’s another one I had been eyeing, so I tried to get it, and I noticed the section of the checkout page where the card info is entered looks just like Harrod’s, and wouldn’t you know.. it didn’t work for me either. But I was able to get Liberty’s & Alyaka’s (both UK based) calendars today with no issue so I’m convinced it’s whatever payment service they’re using that’s not agreeing with my cards, lol.

      • Thanks Luna for the info. I’m still deciding for the Harrods’s calendar, total with tax is higher than I would have liked I might try getting it anyway, if I don’t have any payment issue.

        I was planning on getting the Liberty London’s calendar and somehow I thought I’ve read somewhere that they would deduct the VAT like other UK sites, but it’s not the case? They’re charging $275 which is £215? I was so disappointed, was hoping for VAT refund.

        I’ve never heard of Alyaka before, gonna take a look.

      • When I got Liberty’s calendar it was through their U.S. site so it was already in USD for me, and I believe it was also $275. Sorry, I think my comment was misleading in making it sound like I got it through their UK site. I guess my point was they’re UK based and didn’t cause any issues with payment like Harrod’s & Selfridges was causing me. Alyaka’s calendar showed in USD too, but I think they’re UK based too.

      • No need to be sorry Luna, you did not mislead me at all. What I was just pointing out is Liberty is charging us US customers the same price they’re charging UK customers ( $275 = £215).
        All the other UK sites are offering a US price with VAT deducted already, like Harrods, Selfridges and others.
        So, I’m still debating at this point, hope they won’t sell out before I made up my mind.

        I sometime (not always) have issue initiating payment with Space NK and the only way I can make it work is paying through Paypal. It’s probably your only way to pay for Harrods/Selfridges.

      • Thank you 🙂 I think I’m going to let Harrod’s & Selfridges go this year (if a site doesn’t work like I expect it to I sort of am over it pretty quickly, lol). UK sites aren’t consistent for me… some remove VAT but most don’t. Fortunately, Space NK removed it on their calendar, which was a nice surprise I wasn’t expecting… and checking out with them was a breeze!

      • Okay, so I just remembered…. I know someone who I think has a Paypal account and I know they’d let me know use it to get the calendars, so I think I’ll give it one last ditch effort, lol. The only thing is I won’t see them until the weekend, so by then the two calendars may be sold out, so fingers crossed! 😀

      • Did you know Luna that the Harrods’s 2019 calendar went on sale at 50% off last year? I just googled and saw this, which made me pause and think maybe I should hold off buying Harrods right now and wait and cross fingers I could score this on sale. Whenever I do that, things tend to sell out though haha! I should stop Googling.

      • Oh, that’s right! Now that you mention it, I do recall seeing that, but with the sale their remaining calendars sold out super fast. I actually wouldn’t be surprised if it goes on sale again this year since I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who had a hard time getting it, plus not everyone has a PayPal account. It’s definitely a dilemma on whether to wait! I’ll still see if I can use my brother’s PayPal account (if he has one), and if so, I’m thinking I’ll still get it now since I like to have all of my calendars good to go by December, plus in general I like to have as few boxes coming to my house as possible in November & December. You’re gonna have to let me know if you do get it on sale! 🙂

      • Luna, you’re probably right, there’s little chance that we (US customers) could have a chance to score this on sale because of time difference.
        FYI, I contacted Harrods about promotion codes (as there’s no box to enter them) and they just got back to me and told me that their site do not accept promotion code.
        However, if you signed up for their rewards program, they run a 10% discount from time to time for rewards member and they told me there’s one coming up soon.
        So I’m waiting for this one now. 🙂

      • Oooh, good to know! Every bit helps! 😀 I think I’m already signed up for their program though, and I’m not really a fan of creating multiple accounts with stores. I should inquire with them about why their system isn’t accepting cards, but at the same time I really don’t feel like bothering with it too, lol. I’m sure they’ll just assume and say it’s the banks rejecting payment which I know isn’t true.

        Regarding the sale, I remember reading about it around 6amPST, and when I went to the site they were already sold out. Assuming the sale goes live at 12am UK time we probably could have a decent chance of taking advantage of it since it’d only be 4pmPST. 😉 Maybe something to keep in mind once December comes 😉

      • Ohh, yes! Thanks Luna for letting me know about this. Yes, definitely if they start their sale after 12AM UK, we actually have a better chance to grab this, fingers crossed.

        I will probably get one if they run the 10% soon and if it ever goes on sale, I’ll get a second one just because I suck and can never help myself when I see a deal.

      • Believe me… I would totally get another one if I could get it for half off! 😀 Plus, I think now I’m a little more determined to try to get the Harrod’s calendar, because my mom said it’d be an early Christmas gift from her if I can figure out how to make it work. 🙂 It’s sweet because she knows I always get the Harrod’s calendar, and while I gave up on trying to get it for a few days, she hasn’t given up on asking me about it (lol), and today I told her my ideas on maybe trying to get one (seeing if my brother has a PayPal account or I’ll temporarily open a Paypal account just for this (and the Selfridges calendar) then close it out right away, but I wasn’t fully committed on pursuing them (meaning I wasn’t going to try hard to remember about it, lol). But she said she really wants me to have it, and my calendars won’t seem complete without it, so it would be a gift from her to make my “collection” complete. How sweet! Now I’ll DEFINITELY try to get it, lol! I’ll keep you up to date on if I’m successful. 🙂

      • Haha! You sound so sweet and your mom is one trendy mom to want to get some beauty advent calendar. It’s so good to have someone in your family to share your love for beauty boxes, my husband doesn’t get it. Lol!
        I’m stalking Harrods now for their 10% offer as I want to get it just to experience their luxurious touch. The more I look and read about Liberty London’s calendar, the less I want it, this made my decision easier.
        I will also try to see if by any chance I could get Cult Beauty’s tomorrow night, probably not but let’s see.

      • BTW Luna, you might want to contact Harrods re issue with payment processing, I’m sure they’ll would be grateful to know about this so they could fix it? As they potentially are losing sales to due to this.
        Otherwise, I hope your bro could help you with Paypal or maybe some of your friends could too, most people have Paypal nowadays, someone should be able to help. 🙂

      • Update on the Harrod’s calendar!… my brother does have Paypal, and he let me use his account, and he said I (or my mom, since the original plan would be the calendar would be a gift from her) didn’t have to pay him back because that would be my main Christmas present from him. How sweet!!! Of course he cringed as I gave him a big bear hug, but he deserved it, lol. I told him about my credit card fraud that I experienced the one and only time I used Paypal a few years ago, and he said that I need to make my password as crazy as possible, and I should be good. I don’t think my password was crazy like his, so I think whenever I have to use Paypal again, I’ll take his advice. I tried to get the Selfridges calendar too, but it’s currently sold out. They have a Coming Back Soon message, so I’ll just keep an eye on it, and let that be my first purchase on my new PayPal account. 😉

      • Awesome! I’m so happy for you. What a nice bro. Those calendars a selling so fast!

      • Hi Luna,
        Not sure if you will read this message, just wanted to let you know that Harrods just started their 10% week-end, this will go till this Sunday.
        I went ahead and ordered the Advent Calendar, can’t wait to get it.

    • I’ve tried and tried and have been unable to check out and get it. Now I’m waiting on Jo Malone. I Did get Charlotte Tilbury. Rituals. Feel Unique and the look Fantastic Beauty chest but I so wanted Harrods :(. I’ve tried so many times. I have now given up. Please let me kn-ow if you manage to check out

      • Hi Cindy, I think I’ve given up too. After getting some other calendars today, I’m over it, and will just cross my fingers I can get Harrod’s next year. I got their calendar the past 2 or 3 years, and I always thought they did the best packaging of products by wrapping them in paper then putting them in their own individual mini Harrod’s drawstring bags, then in their own drawers. I loved collecting those little bags over the years. 🙂

      • Luna just tried Harrods again and it worked with PayPal! Woo hoo finally. Now off to Net-A-Porter 🙂

      • That’s awesome! I’m so happy you were able to get it! 😀

  26. I think it’s sold out already.

    • It’s still available… I just checked 🙂

  27. Not in my budget anyway; however, it seems a little overpriced…by about $100…or more.

  28. After buying past seasonal boxes of theirs, this looks like just a couple of those boxes, so somewhere around $200. Not $300

  29. $300?


  30. What items make this worth $300? I’m not seeing it.

    • De. Barbara Sturm

  31. Luna:
    What is your play on this?

    • Hi tat 🙂
      I got this 🙂 I’ve been waiting for it to go live since I let MSA know it was on their site about two weeks ago (they just had a Coming Soon message next to it for what felt like forever, lol).

      Here’s the value breakdown:
      Oribe Gold Lust Repair & Restore Shampoo: 15ml/ 0.5fl.oz. – $2.28 value
      Oribe Gold Lust Repair & Restore Conditioner: 15ml/ 0.5fl.oz. – $2.69 value
      Slip silk hair tie
      Pai Feather Canyon™ Eye Cream: 15ml/ 0.5fl.oz. (FULL SIZE) – $54 value
      Joanna Vargas Ritual Bar: 100g/ 3.52oz. (FULL SIZE) – $22 value
      Hayo’u Beauty Restorer – $57 value
      111Skin Vitamin C Brightening Booster: 20ml/ 0.68fl.oz. (FULL SIZE) – $155 value
      Virtue Restorative Treatment Mask: 15ml/ 0.5fl.oz. – $9 value
      Chantecaille Pure Rosewater: 30ml/ 1.0fl.oz. – $22.20 value
      Dr. Barbara Sturm Hyaluronic Serum: 30ml/ 1.0fl.oz. (FULL SIZE) – $300 value
      Ren Clean Skincare Perfect Canvas Clean Primer: 30ml/ 1.0fl.oz. (FULL SIZE) – $50 value
      Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Deep Conditioning Treatment: 40ml/1.4 fl.oz. – $5.40 value
      BY TERRY Hyaluronic Pressed Hydra-Powder: 2.5g/ 0.08oz – $17.33 value
      Philip B Thermal Protection Spray: 60ml/ 2oz. – $15.36 value
      Omorovicza Deep Cleansing Mask: 50ml/ 1.7fl.oz. (FULL SIZE) – $125 value
      Mauli Rituals Supreme Skin Cleansing Oil: 30ml/ 1.0fl.oz – $15 value
      Susanne Kaufmann Pollution Skin Defence System: 3 x 2ml/ 0.21fl.oz. – $65.80 value
      Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick Pillow Talk (mini – size unknown)
      U BEAUTY The Super Smart Hydrator: 15ml/ 0.5fl.oz. (FULL SIZE) – $68 value
      Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Hyaluronic Marine Dew It Right Eye Gel: 15ml/ 0.5fl.oz. (FULL SIZE) – $48 value
      NIOD Non-Acid Acid Precursor: 30ml/ 1.0fl.oz (FULL SIZE) – $45 value
      Natura Bissé Diamond Lip Booster: 15ml/ 0.5oz. (FULL SIZE) – $77 value
      Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder Luminous Light: 1.3g/ 0.04oz – $6.24 value
      Augustinus Bader The Rich Cream: 15ml/ 0.5fl.oz – $85 value (NAP sells this size on their site)
      Costa Brazil Body Cream: 25ml/ 0.9fl.oz. – $54 value (NAP sells this size on their site)

      Total value (not counting the following two items I wasn’t able to value) is $1,301.30 (a 77% savings; it’s like buying the Barbara Sturm serum, then getting everything else for free, lol):
      Slip Silk Hair Tie – I wasn’t sure what size the hair tie, plus they sell multiple sets of each kind of tie.
      Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick Pillow Talk – this definitely looks like a mini, but I wasn’t sure of actual size

      • Darn girl, you are good. I am interested, but I’ll wait til it goes on sale. BTY…I have to hand it to their customer service reps. Best I have ever dealt with. BYT…this is a substantial box. Save it for a kid to do an art project.

      • Hi Tat 🙂
        While it’s no indication of how this year’s calendar will perform, I thought I’d mention that last year’s calendar sold out and never went on sale (unlike 2018’s calendar). NAP brought it back briefly in November, but then it sold out again. Hoefully this year they made more! 🙂 I think that’d be cool if it did get discounted! I’m not sure of the timing, but I know they do beauty sales where all beauty (including the calendar) is 15% off, so hopefully they’ll do one of those sales before the holidays (and before it sells out… if it does). 🙂

      • I just thought I’d share that I already got a shipping email! 🙂

      • Wow!!! Thanks for this! by just looking at the photo it looks like just samples.

        Im curious about a skin routine that I’m able to use all the products. Would you mind sharing how you do it? I subscribe to Mintd and buy at Sephora (the moisturizers I like) and I feel Im always on product overload!

      • Luna!!! I specifically seek out your reviews because you are so thorough in your analysis. THANK YOU for going through all this legwork for us! You are the BEST! 🙂

      • Hi Gloria 🙂
        Definitely doing what’s comfortable for you and your skin care routine is the best thing. 🙂 I can totally understand how introducing this many products to a skincare routine (and to a collection) would overwhelm someone (of course, they all wouldn’t be used at the same time in a skincare routine, lol).

        Fortunately, my skin is very resilient, so it’s able to tolerate all of the different products I try out from my boxes. I think what helps me too is that I stick to one product at a time until I completely finish it before moving on to something else so that I can see “real” results from the product… and yes even samples, as I tend to get many uses from samples (and I don’t skimp on my product usage (I’m not wasteful either).. I just use what feels right to me). Another thing that helps me in using my products is that I’m very consistent in doing my skincare routine 2x/day, so that’s over 700x/year I’m using my products, lol!

        This year I’ve been keeping track of my empties (which includes skincare, makeup, body care, haircare, fragrance, nail products, aromatherapy… basically anything I get in a box), and I do a sort of quarterly roundup where I add up how many full sizes, deluxe samples, packet samples, etc. I used up. I was shocked with my YTD numbers (as of 9/30) because I have used up 107 full size products, 85 deluxe samples, and 52 packet samples (I count sheet & eye masks separately, and those total 78 so far)! Wow! (again, these totals aren’t all skincare though) I don’t feel like I’ve gone through that many products (I actually feel like I use my products a lot slower than others), but that’s what my numbers say!

      • You’re welcome Frances!! 😀 I’m so glad it’s helpful!

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