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Macy’s Beauty Box November 2020 FULL SPOILERS!

We have FULL SPOILERS for the November Macy’s Beauty Box!

November’s theme is Open. Have Fun. Repeat.:

We’ve chosen the top brands & essential items the beauty-obsessed can’t live without. Try them now. Love them forever. $90 Value.

The box will include:

  • Bag
  • SK-II Facial Treatment Essence (PITERA Essence)
  • Jean Paul Gaultier Men’s “LE MALE” Eau de Toilette
  • Mugler ANGEL Eau Croisière II Eau de Toilette
  • Dermablend Loose Setting Powder
  • TanTowel Half Body Classic
  • Anthony No Sweat Body Defense
  • P/Y/T Beauty Full Filled Plumping Lip Gloss
  • Jockey Women’s TrueFit Promise One Size Hipster Underwear
  • 3INA Eyeliner

What do you think of the spoilers for the November 2020 Macy’s Beauty Box?

Macy’s Beauty Box is $15 a month. Each month you will receive five deluxe beauty samples, one bonus item, a collectible cosmetics bag and a $5 beauty coupon exclusively for Beauty Box subscribers, available for use online and in-store.

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Macy's Beauty Box

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Comments (297)

  1. I received an email from Macy’s saying the December box will be delayed 🙁

  2. Question…. Has an one tried to return the underwear?

    • Do they sell them as just one piece? My guess is this was specifically made for this box. If you were to go to the store it would be either pack of a few or different packaging. So, pretty sure they will not take it back in this case.

    • I’ve worn them and they are a little big on me and I’m a size 8.

  3. To add to all the aggravation, now they sent an email about the December box stating there will be a delay shipping it 🙄 so unprofessional to say the least.

    • What is it that you’re upset about? The fact that their employees should be protected due to COVID and the suppliers as well?

      Cause I’d rather people’s lives be saved than having my $15 beauty box.

      Honestly, I’m surprised at what some people are upset about when people are getting infected with COVID and dying.

    • Got the same email. As long as the delay is not too long, I am OK with it. If it’s a week or two, I can live without my beauty box. But if it’s any longer, I sure hope they don’t charge me now and wait 1 month to send they box.

    • I just hope the actual contents are better than what we got this month…

  4. Count me in on the missing item, two subs and $10 coupon instead of $5. I love the SK-II Essence, best product ever, so I was excited about trying the cream, kind of disappointed it was replaced. I’ve had so many issues with their customer service I’m not surprised about this nor I’ll try to contact them as my blood pressure has better things to do, but nevertheless wanted to join in on the comments.

  5. I was so disappointed. I was able to cancel on the 10th. I didn’t get the eyeliner or the body defense. I did get a serum sample. I’m a big girl, those panties are so small. I called customer service and was put on hold for too long. I’m glad I canceled in time to not get December. I have tipsy, allure, and birchbox. None of those have ever been as disappointing as this box. For 15$ they can keep it.

    • Did they help you? Same thing happened to me. No eyeliner or body defense and panties too small for me. They told me there was nothing they could do for me because they do not accept returns or send missing items. Rude customer service, felt scammed.

  6. FYI, I just used my $5.00 off coupon from the subscription box and it took $10.00 off my purchase.

  7. Macy’s currently has some sets in their beauty Sale & Clearance section – All About Eyes and All About Lips, at $17.50 each.

  8. I used my coupon today online, and I got $10 off, not $5. I wonder if Macy’s added an extra $5 off to all the November box coupons? I’ll take it!

    • Thanks for posting this! Have to try it tomorrow! 😀

    • Was just going to post this. It’s a nice surprise 🙂

    • This is awesome! I just got a $100 perfume for $40 (half off on current sale + the coupon). 💃

      • I just got cosmetics on sale and used the coupon and it took $10 off.
        It helps!

  9. Just curious, did anyone get the SKII cream?

    • I haven’t seen a single person getting it.

  10. I received the November box and have no complaints. True, there are substitutions, but we are getting more than our money’s worth for $15. With the coupon, the monthly charge is $10. I found this box had a lot of packable items- the bag is ready to stuff into the corners of suitcases when we are ready to travel again and the jockey underwear does fit a lot of sizes(including mine) and great to tuck into a bag. I did receive the SK-II facial treatment essence and it looks great.

    • I really enjoyed this month too despite the issues. The panties are amazing. So soft and comfortable and I love the perfume, gloss and SKII. The tan towel was an odd addition but I’ll save it for summer. Definitely got your money’s worth in my opinion. Wonder if the coupon works on the parties?

  11. I came here to let y’all know about my missing items and the sub on the RNA cream, which was what I was looking forward to the most. Now, seeing how many others were missing the eyeliner and Anthony product, I think I am even more upset 😢 I called customer service and they did offer a refund, but how can they include a little Oops card to justify not sending 3 products. I called +1-800-289-6229, if anyone still needs the number. After not getting the Jo Malone box, I was trying to stay positive, but how disappointing. I am going to cancel, I just wish I had done so before the cut-off on the 10th.

    • I was happy with my box, asI said before my underwear cost more than this box however it’s the principle, I won’t accept an oops card so I called customer service and received a refund on this box. I called 1-800-289-6229

    • I was missing those same 3 products. They included an oops card saying my items were replaced. However, there were 3 missing items and I only had 2 replacements. The replacements were a small StriVectin sample (packets) and SKII Pitera Essence. I don’t mind the replacements… but I was still short one product from what I was expecting.

  12. Received mine, same replacements as everyone else. I’m most disappointed in the bag. My favorite part of Macys subs is the pouches. I initially thought the bag was a decent size, but it feels like bag for a 3 year old to carrie toys. Oddly enough, I liked the underwear. The rest of the box is meh.

    I will keep December (because I need a pouch) and be done with Macys this year.

    • *carry

    • Update: I used the bag today! it is 91 degrees in Miami. Placed sun block, keys, cellphone and a book and went to the pool! So… I actually like the bag now 🤷🏾‍♀️

      • I am so jealous you get to go to a pool. Our pools have been closed since March. 🙁

  13. Wowsers!! Looks like everyone is in the same boat regarding the missing eyeliner. I just opened my box, and thought I had dropped the eyeliner somewhere on the floor. I thought I was going crazy!! Can someone pls tell me the phone # you used to get in contact with customer service? I know I had tried calling before regarding the Jo Malone box, and the gentleman that answered had no clue on what the beauty box was. Any help would be appreciated!!

  14. I had the same substitutions as everyone else. I could not find an email, so after some digging I found and initiated a chat.

    The representative on the chat told me (verbatim,) “this is not the right department that can provide sufficient assistance on this issue. As we have limited access on it.”

    I find it fustrating that some people have been offered refunds via chat and I’m told I have to try the customer service number instead. Very inconsistent customer service across the board. Boo you, Macy’s.

  15. I live in rural area and just received mine today…. and I came here to see everyone’s comments. My content was the same. I understand SK-II’s repacement, but foil packet sample for a replacement for…. I don’t know which product… either the full size eyeliner or the Anthony body producct… is not cool. I would have been ok if they sent “comparable” items, but they did not. I chatted with customer service and he said he was going to refund me in 5-10 business days, so lets see. I was happy to receive Jo Malone box last month which was my first box from Macy’s, so I had high expecctation… I think the underwear will work for me size wise and I can use for days when I play sports and the bag will go to my tie dye loving sister in law. My powder spilled a little, but wasn’t a bit mess. I am assuming that I am too late to cancel, so I will see how it goes for the next month or so and decide.

    My question is… is the $5 off card stackable? I haven’t used last month’s…

    • Not stackable

      • Hi Nat, thank you for letting me know.

    • While it’s not stackable, Macy’s did increase it to $10 instead of the normal $5 off. I’m assuming to help make up for all of the issues with this months box.

      • I think the $5 on the card just might be a misprint.

  16. I received my box with the coupon and the mask and an opps messege but nothing else. I call to asked for a replacement but was told they dont offer one. They gave me a refund. I was so disappointed. I will see how December box if it does not get better will cancel.

  17. They didn’t give me everything they guaranteed to be in the box and refused to reship/refund so I called my bank because this is fraud. They said that the only way for me to get my money back is to return the box. Why would they want me to return underwear that I could have potentially already worn?

  18. I was missing the same items as everyone else. I just went on chat and the customer service rep apologized, refunded the cost of the box and told me to keep what I received. I am pleased with the way they handled it for me.

  19. I just canceled the box because November was so disappointing. No eyeliner, SII cream or Anthony. I am a size 16 so I doubt the panties will fit. What an odd item in a beauty box. I received StriVectin foils instead. I’m a senior and would have preferred the Neutrogena. Anyway, cancellation is the 10th of the month, which I missed. I will be getting December and hope it is jam-packed with goodies for the holiday season. Why do I doubt that.

  20. I was fortunate not to have an issue with the Jo Malone box, but I was missing the same items as everyone else this month. I did a Chat. At first, I was offered a $5 coupon. I said that was still disappointing and was then told the matter would be escalated to a manager for full refund. We’ll see if they actually honor that refund. It’s too late for me to cancel December, but this will be my last shot with the box if there are further issues. I get that COVID is getting in the way, but it’s not good business practice to substitute full-size items with foil packets and expect customers to be okay with that.

  21. This was disappointing. I ordered October Jo Malone box. Confusing emails about it being shipped and charged then notified it was out of stock and refunded. Still wanted to give Macy’s a try only to find 2 items missing (full size eyeliner and Anthony no sweat cream PLUS they swapped a $235 dollar ski-ii cream (sample of course) for the essence which I already have. Total scam as insert does not reflect what we actually got and the replacements suck. False advertising and just bad business. If full size product is advertised you can’t just leave it out and throw in a foil sample instead. Called CS and got full refund without having to send back junk. Also ended up cancelling my subscription.

  22. Pretty disappointed with this subscription. Missing the eyeliner, and two products were substituted. I thought coming from Macy’s the box would contain the items advertised for the month. I think I am going to cancel this subscription and switch to Birchbox

  23. I am also missing the same two items with the same substitutions. I was disappointed for a minute, but when I think about the small amount of money I spend on this box, and the value I get from it, I am not going to complain. I do hope that so many people requesting full refunds for boxes they received doesn’t mean the end of this box. It’s the only one I’ve kept out of many. 🙂

    • Agree!! Initially was upset… then again do I really need another black eyeliner??.. NO! The foil packets definitely did not make up for missing items and they could have included a $10 coupon but I think the value is still there.

      • They actually did increase the coupon from the normal $5 off to $10 off. I know it doesn’t say it on the coupon, but when you enter the code, it automatically takes $10 off of your beauty purchase. You can also use it on the Black Friday deals they currently have posted.

    • Thank you!!!! So many stores are going bankrupt and the pandemic is still going on. We have to be patient. J Crew, Neiman Marcus, etc are all bankrupt. And we’re worried about $15. If it’s so bad, just cancel. And we have to remember that this is a luxury good, we don’t exactly need it. We CHOSE to sub, we could’ve cancelled long before.

      As much as I’m not happy with what happened but I hope for the best. I was not happy when they cancelled this box for months and I’m happy that it’s back even though it’s not pack up to par.

  24. Surprised at all the hate for this one. It’s a $15 box with a $5 coupon and that includes shipping. It’s a beauty box, you take a gamble for that price. They aren’t guaranteeing items. The SK essence alone is worth way more than the box plus a super cute bag and a pair of undies. Some fun other items too.

    • For me personally it’s just that there weren’t many items in this box that I would have used to begin with, but I was really curious about that anti-chafing cream. Aside from that, I don’t wear synthetic underwear like that (nor do I think it belongs in a beauty box, really – I mean, random unrelated items like that are certainly not the reason I subscribe), I don’t use (or particularly need) lip plumpers, and I think that Thierry Mugler’s Angel is pretty much the disgustingest perfume ever made (also not sure why they’d include such an old scent to begin with).

      So it was definitely disappointing to see that those two items were missing. I guess I am not sure why they even went with the June box in November when they didn’t have the stock to cover even that. Seems like a strange business decision to me, that is definitely biting them in the behind right now with all these refunds.

      But yes, I am also happy to receive the SK-II essence.

    • They released spoilers a few days before shipping them out, so yes it’s ok that some of us are upset the box we got was missing items and not up to the value they posted. It’s insane to me that they would send out the June box with 2 items missing, 1 swapped out, and a weird foil packet that IS NOT even close to a valid substitute. If they have June stockpiled that means they have other boxes too, why not just put some of those items in ours? They had months to prepare, it’s weird and shows they don’t care.

    • I did not receive the essence. I received a foil pack. And I was also missing the powder. I did ask for a refund and got it. And if this causes Macy’s beauty box to go under-
      Oh well! They had to know this would upset their customers. What was the thinking process?

  25. Mine arrived missing the Anthony product and with the two substitutes. Not worried, but does anyone else think this was the May box? Tan towel, pastel tye-dye bag, antiperspirant … sounds like a spring box. Kind of curious if we get bronzer and sunscreen for December.

    • As I learned from the CS rep, it was the June box.

      • I was missing two items as well. One of which was the full size liner. The other the Anthony body defense. They also sent me some neutrogena foils which in no way makes up for what was missing. They also substituted the essence for the cream. I am not happy. Giving Macy’s one more chance but any more missing items will result in my cancellation of this box.

    • Jo Malone was the May box initially.

  26. Very upset!! Two items were not included in my Macy’s box and all they could do is send me a promo coupon to use in the future that omits all clearance or sale items so it’s pretty much useless. Hey Macy’s if your going to tell your customer this is what they will get and you don’t deliver… you suck.

  27. Just got my box. Missing eyeliner, Anthony cream AND SK-II cream. Instead got SK-II essence and Strivectin “Skin Reset” sample kit. Anyone else get that? I’m sort of ok with the replacements, especially if the eyeliner was black which I wouldn’t use anyway, but it is not an equal number of items (although the Strivectin thing is 4 foil packets, so maybe they’re counting it as 4 things) and without the eyeliner I got 0 makeup items.

    Last month’s Macy’s Jo Malone box was maybe my favorite beauty box EVER so I’m going to give them a pass on this weird one.

    • CS copied and pasted some verbiage:

      Due to an availability issue, the following two sample products previewed within November’s Beauty Box marketing promotions were unfortunately replaced with other items: SKII Facial Treatment Essence (replaced with SKII RNA Cream) 3INA 24HR Pen Eyeliner (replaced with Strivectin Skin Reset).
      The Beauty Box is a great way to get new and exciting products that you normally wouldn’t try and hopefully this new sample is something they will love!

      I asked about the the Anthony cream and they said:
      Let me inform you that unfortunately, we cannot replace individual items or replace a lost shipment.

      So seeing if I can a refund and canceling. I’m a bit overstocked anyway and also subbed for the Jo Malone box.

      • No refund offered. Canceled!

    • Mine too. I think we should have gotten 2 replacements. I kept looking in the book and checking my trash…

    • I got the same box, and it is a total DUD.

    • Amy, I got the same items that you did.

    • Got my box yesterday and I was also missing those three items and got the same subs as you. I am highly disappointed with this and based on the feedback of others, won’t even bother trying to contact CS. Last month I got the Jo Malone box and one of the perfumes broke during shipping, which upset me because it was the one I wanted. Contacted CS then and that was a nightmare. Overall, will most likely be cancelling the subscription unless December’s box really knocks it out of the park. Such a letdown from Macy’s!!

  28. I have yet to receive mine!

    What’s up with that Macy’s?

    I am waiting to be disappointed by you…

  29. Got my box and missing the same items everyone else is missing. At this point I will not bother contacting them as it’s too much hassle for just $15. I have to say, that I previously contacted CS via chat another month as my box never got to me and they refunded me. I currently have another issue with Macy’s not beauty box related where I mailed back an item I ordered and I was supposed to get a refund by now, but still no luck. I emailed CS this time and got a reply right away to be patient. Anyways, their CS not so great.

    • How did you contact customer service? I am not finding a number or way to send an email under contact us. Thanks

  30. Okay, I finally got the chat to work. I am actually happy that I got the SK-II essence instead of the cream, but I am also missing the eyeliner and the Anthony body cream like everyone else. Phone customer service stated that items in a beauty box should be “random” anyway, and that they can’t refund me for anything, but the guy in chat initiated a refund before I even asked.

    It’s obvious that the Macy’s sub is struggling, and I am sure all these refunds aren’t helping. I want to see what they do for the December box, and then will probably unsubscribe until they get back up on their feet (if they do).

    Btw, based on the item number the rep in chat mentioned, this is the June box.

  31. Like everyone else, I was missing the Eyeliner and Anthony Body Defense and got the Essence instead of the cream. Prior to checking here, I reached out to chat and was told that “this month samples may vary from the preview due to availability. My system won’t let me to send you the missing items, you will need to wait until next month.”

    I responded that I thought his solution was not appropriate and asked for a supervisor. Supervisor said they would refund me.

    We’ll see if I actually get the refund. I was looking forward to the eyeliner as a stocking stuffer for one of my daughters, but it’s not the end of the world. The underwear was terrible. Tossed them in the trash. I wear size 12 and these were not made for up to size 14 women, lol.

  32. How are people getting Macy’s live chat? In Chrome I can’t get the chat button to work at all, and in Firefox and Microsoft Edge I get “404 Page Not Found” when I click on it.

    • Try again some other time. Mine was also like that “404 Page Not Found”. Then I close it and try again after 10-15 min.

    • I’ve never seen a chat before and I’ve looked for it. I emailed but then they made me call them. You might have luck, the email is customerservice at macys dot com, which was also hard to find for some reason.

    • Find the FAQ at the bottom of their site and type in “chat”, this should bring up the virtual assistant. In the chat I typed in “missing beauty box items” and the virtual chat asked me if I wanted to talk live CS. From there I got my refund. Hope this helps!

  33. I understand the substitution of the SK-II cream for the essence. However, I didn’t get the 3INA eyeliner or the Anthony No Sweat Body Defense either. I chatted with customer service who told me that since these are “samples” they do not owe me a credit or refund. I told them that one of the “samples” was advertised as a full-size and that I wanted a refund. They were no help. I called Macys customer service and told them I was going to cancel my Macys credit card. They told me they would credit me for the entire purchase price of the box. I’ll wait and see if it happens. This is terrible customer service. If December’s box isn’t good I’ll be canceling.

    • I am the same – If December stinks, then I am canceling.

      • I was missing two items as well. One of which was the full size liner. The other the Anthony body defense. They also sent me some neutrogena foils which in no way makes up for what was missing. They also substituted the essence for the cream. I am not happy. Giving Macy’s one more chance but any more missing items will result in my cancellation of this box.

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