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Ipsy Glam Bag November 2020 Choice Time!

It’s time to pick one of the items for your November 2020 Ipsy Glam Bag!

Here are the options for one of our boxes:

Which product are you choosing for your November 2020 Ipsy Glam Bag?

Here’s a look at the November the bag design:


And if you are new to the regular Ipsy, it is a $12 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes. And check out our Ipsy Spoilers to see what’s coming up in future boxes! 


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Comments (94)

  1. Although these are not all up my alley, I thought this was a pretty good assortment of choices this month. Much better than October, for sure. I opted for the brush because I like that shape and I don’t think I’ve seen one like that in Ipsy before. But I also contemplated the ABH items, the Tatcha, the IT powder, and the glow recipe.

  2. A lot of good choices this month, but I went with the Glow Recipe Banana Moisture Cream. I haven’t tried any Glow products yet and I am always excited to try new (to me) brands.

  3. I was going to let Ipsy pick my bag, because the last time I did that I got a great mix of items, but I went with the Tatcha cleanser because I can never seem to get the Tatcha products as add-ons before they sell out (even when I get on before the official opening time for Add-ons 🙂 Picked up one of the bundles too because I love that SPF from Dermedicine.

  4. I chose the glow recipe.

  5. So many good choices. I went ahead and picked the curl cream since I love to try new products for my curls. My sister and I are excited for next month; we are also skincare junkies. 💖😃

  6. I went with the ABH jelly lipgloss. Excited to get it.

    • What good is a lip gloss when you are wearing a mask all the time? 🤷

      Just sayin’.

  7. I had a hard time deciding. A great month for me. I ended up with the It powder because I want to hide those pores. I have 3 bottles of 111 or I would have done that. I was hoping I could buy an empty October ultimate bag. Don’t those usually become add ons?

    • They seem to have stopped doing that. I haven’t seen it since August. 🙁

  8. A lot of these weren’t available for me, second month I skipped.

  9. I went with the eyeshadow primer. I was so torn between that, the Bobbi Brown and the banana moisturizer. I hope I get one of them in my bag or as an add on. I’ve never used an eyeshadow primer and I love eyeshadow! What’s wrong with me? Lol After 33 years of life I’m finally starting to explore more with makeup and skin care, thanks to Ipsy!

    • I thought eye primer was just a made up expense lol. Now I am hooked. It’s so humid wear i live and make up just disappears. I switched to tinted primers and skip shadow now. I hope you love it!

  10. I went with the Bobbi Brown cream base. I got it last month and it was pretty small but I use it specifically on the undereye area and it is amazing. My concealer has never gone on so smooth. I was considering buying the full size, but since I use only a small amount at a time, the two samples should last me a while.

    • Also, the sample size is 7 ml where the full size is 15ml and retails for $53!

      • Thanks for the info! I was tempted. Hopefully it will be in add-ons!

      • Actually FS is 1.7 oz. and the 15 mL travel size is $20.

      • TG, thanks for pointing that out. I double checked and I had looked at the wrong product. The vitamin eye base is $53 for 15 ml. Sorry for the confusion Charlotte!

  11. There were a lot of good choices this month but I’m still going through my skincare product overload. I went with something simple: the Anastasia Beverly Hills mini lip gloss.

  12. So many great choices !!! I chose the bobbi brown primer im so glad it was a choice for me I really wanted to try it last month . so yay!

  13. How do you contact or email Ipsy? I don’t see a contact us on their site?

  14. How do you contact or email Ipsy?

  15. Me too! I picked the face base since I’ve been looking for a good moisturizing primer and haven’t tried Bobbi Brown yet. 🙂 I was really tempted by the eyeshadow primer, too, but I already have a few good samples I’m going through.

  16. Kind of surprised more people didn’t go with the 111Skin cream. I was planning on getting it after seeing it in the spoilers bc I know how expensive the brand is. But their prices always amaze me, full size version was $200 + 😳 Insane but I will absolutely jump on the chance to get the sample size. For a second I was thinking about getting one of the cleansers. I’ve used the Tatcha moisturizer before and really liked it, so wouldn’t mind trying more from them. The Glow Recipe was an easy pass for me. I’ve tried their watermelon sleeping mask and wanted to love it but it did nothing for my skin besides leave it feeling sticky. Liked the lipstick color and if it were full size I might have chosen it. Definitely better choices this month, hopefully that’s something we’ll keep seeing

    • It’s a beauty box brand, never been seen before ipsy, and I don’t think it’s been in any other boxes, either. They can give it any price they want, to make you think you’re getting an amazing product for a great deal, but could actually cost pennies to make and have less than stellar ingredients.

      • 111Skin is sold at Nordstrom. So what are you talking about?

      • Amber – that’s not true. 111skin is sold at Neiman Marcus, Saks, Bloomingdales and Nordstrom. Where did you hear it was a beauty box brand?

      • 111Skin *is* sold at higher end department stores. But more often than not, the versions that appear in beauty boxes are not the same versions as the ones you pay the high-ticket prices for in aforementioned stores. Just look at the list of ingredients. They’re never in the same order and you often get more “junk” in the ones you receive in Ipsy, Boxycharm or FFF.

        I personally have found that while the products are not bad (they won’t break you out and don’t smell bad or any of that) they certainly do not feel especially luxe or worthy of the hype. To each their own. It’s an established brand, but what you get from Ipsy is more often than not going to be the same thing you drop $100+ on in Nordy’s.

    • Honestly, I’ve tried multiple 111 Skin products through various beauty subs, and I have just never been impressed. Full of ingredients that are sensitizing for my skin (benzyl alcohol in eye cream, what), with no noticeable results. Just not worth the $$$ imo. But if their products work for you, of course it’s a great deal.

      • I agree on the 111 Skin comments. I have tried 5 different products, lured by the crazy retail, and none have impressed. I went with the shape tape. I would have selected the Tatcha, but I believe that is more suited for oily skin. After reading the comments on the Bobbie Brown, I hope it might be available in the add ons.

    • If 111 Skin works for you, this sub and Boxy are amazing in terms of value! They don’t work well with my skin, so I’d rather have a lower retail value product that gets used.

    • I’ve tried that 111 skin repair serum & honestly I could take it or leave it .

    • I tried 111Skin serums and cream before. how did i like them? Zero results on my 40+ old skin? High retail prices are just a marketing scheme. All the youngsters run to get samples as add-ons thinking they get “the greatest for the lowest” . Good luck, kids! I will keep my IPSY subscription for now, and continue buying natural, healthy creams, shampoos and hair masks made in Belarus. Never been disappointed. The most expensive shampoo or mask i ever bought from Belarus cost me CAD $12 for 1.89 L bottle, and the most magical creams (especially those i brought from a monastery) cost me CAD $8 . I feel the magic using all my Belarusian products and a few Korean and Australian ones.

  17. I went with the Shape Tape…even though it’s the same size as their tinted moisturizer from last month so it’s going to be literally the size of my thumbnail XD

    • It’s in a cute tube (mini version of the full size). I got it from add-ons, and it’s actually a good amount for concealer.

      • I bought a GIANT shape tape from QVC. Unfortunately, it was a shade too light so it went back.😩. Maybe this one will be the correct shade.

  18. Glow Recipe Banana Cream for me. I also bought three $5 duos in the Flash Sale, mostly body moisturizing products for my winter lizard skin lol

  19. i got the 111 skin cream…i’m always looking for high price items..

  20. I almost chose the Anastasia lipstick but realized I’ve never been able to wear their lipsticks because all the reds I’ve gotten from them lean really brown. Great for someone else!

    I chose the Honey Jarrett cleanser. I got it before and fell in love with it, but Ulta doesn’t carry it and I like to buy most of my products there.

  21. Am I the only one who picked the 111skin cream? Excited to try it, but this was a hard choice this month between so many nice brands.

    • I chose it also. At first I thought it was a hard choice, but then I saw the Tatcha is for oily skin (mine is dry), and I remembered I’m sadly allergic to banana (Glow Recipe). I bought the shape tape as an add-on last month. Then I read some reviews for the 111 skin and decided it was worth a try.

      • My bad i have dry skin too didnt realize the tatcha is gor oily skin. I may try to update and change it.

  22. There is so many things I want to try on this list. But I regularly use the tarte shape tape so thought I would get my money’s worth with a product I always use and then the rest would be bonuses so here’s to hoping I get to try some of the other products I’m interested in.

  23. Ehhh they don’t have anything I want. Going to skip this month! 🤷🏻‍♀️

  24. I chose the Glow recipe, I have really been wanting to try the Banana Souffle.

    • I recently bought a full size glow recipe plum plump hyaluronic acid serum from Sephora and I really wished I had sampled it first it’s kind of really sticky but I couldn’t bring myself to return it cus I just wanna love it so bad lol. 🤦🏼‍♀️ Anyone worried about the banana scent, I think it might not be too bad cause I found that the products I’ve tried from glow recipe don’t smell as strong as I thought they might.

      • I got that from Trendmood and fully agree. It’s so sticky! I too want to like it, but I don’t reach for it very often.

      • there’s like no scent at all! I was kind of surprised but I have really really REALLY sensitive skin so probably for the best. I already have a full size but picked that as my choice because I’ve been loving it.

    • I hope you like it! I’m OBSESSED with Glow Recipe products. I have extremely sensitive skin and I’ve found that none of their products irritate it. I’ve been slowly purchasing their whole collection (its a bit pricey) and so far everything is great. The banana souffle cream has the exact smell and texture of jello banana pudding. 🙂

      I don’t work for GR, lol but maybe I should. Their sister brand “Sweet Chef” is great, too. Its plant based and very natural but less expensive; you can buy it at Target.

  25. I picked the Perfect 10 brush. As soon as I did, I remembered someone suggested that you let Ipsy pick for you to get better results. I’ve gotten mascara and primer in my last 3 bags and I really really don’t want anymore.

    • I kind of wish I had let them pick for me too. The brush looked good i normally will go for the brush if there’s one offered on choice day, but there was too many other good choices for once. I’ll maybe add that brush on I’m thinking if they offer it 🤔

    • For the last few months I’ve been letting them pick for me, and I’ve been pretty happy with my bags. I think though if you really love a choice item, pick what you like. I usually am pretty ambivalent about the choices, which is why it doesn’t always matter to me.

  26. The lipstick, tatcha, and Tarte concealer were all really calling to me. I have a lipstick problem so I couldn’t help but to choose the lipstick in the end.

  27. I went with the Tatcha cleanser.

    That Anastasia lipstick looks to be too weird for my complexion. I was momentarily taken with the highlighter but ultimately choose the Tatcha.

  28. When is the choice for the Plus bag open?

    • yes when does it open for GBP and GBU??

    • Plus is on the 2nd. Ultimate today.

  29. IT Pressed Powder — just my experience, I received this is a prior Ipsy bag (I think 2 years ago) and the powder was super soft to the point of falling apart after one use. The packaging was a bit difficult to open so it was nearly impossible to use the product after it fell apart without powder flying everywhere upon opening.

  30. I chose the Tatcha cleanser. Is this full size? I thought all the products in GBP were full size so I am confused by what someone above wrote. Thanks

    • These are choices for the regular glam bag, so no, it isn’t full size. Personalization for GBP isn’t until 11/2.

    • Today’s choice was for regular glam bag

      • yes i see now but i thought we do all choices for all bags today??

    • GBP choice isn’t until Nov 2nd. You pick 3 of your products.

  31. I went with Tarte!! my fave concealer and this mini size is the perfect size for my purse!

  32. I can’t decide if I should pick something or not. Last month I picked something and the only thing I liked in my bag was my choice item. So now I wonder if I’d do better with an Ipsy picked bag.

    • That was my thought as well, so I’m letting them pick and see what happens. I find that if I don’t like any of my options they do a decent job with my matches from my profile.

    • I let them pick my regular bag and usually am really happy with it. I did consider picking something this month, but the one time I did that…I did not like my overall bag, as much.

      This will be the last test for Plus and whether I cancel it. September and October were not great for me. The choices simply sucked, but other options were good. If I don’t get better choices, it will be time for me to pause or cancel Plus.

    • I’ve been in the same boat these last few months. Since several things on this list look good to me, but nothing looks great, I decided to let them pick for me this month.

    • Last month was the first month I picked a product, and I loved my bag! They put almost all of the other items I was considering in it. I hope for the same this month, but we will see. I’m just tired of getting eyeshadow in the same exact color. Lol

    • I caved and picked the Glow Recipe. I probably should have let them pick though. I liked my first regular bag which they picked, and the months when I let them pick my plus bag I got things that weren’t even choices for me. Remember that month a bunch of people didn’t have the Sunday Riley as a choice? I was annoyed that I didn’t have it as a choice so I didn’t pick anything and I ended up with a bag with it in it. I let them pick my plus for me in September and ended up with a spoiler item I wanted but hadn’t had as a choice.

  33. I think it’s time for a skip. Nothing I wanted in particular and the bag isn’t my style. I guess I have too much stuff lol.

    • I skipped for the same reasons.

  34. This one was hard! I ended up going with the eyeshadow primer because it’s full size and I needed a new one.

    • Me too.

  35. When are add ons?

    • Add-ons are right after your bag is revealed. I think it’s the 2nd of each month.

    • Add-ons don’t open until bags are revealed on the 2nd of each month.

  36. Great choices, I wasn’t sure between the tatcha and eyeshadow primer. I ended up choosing the tatcha bc I feel I wouldn’t see it in my bag if I wouldn’t choose it otherwise.

  37. I’ll echo everyone else …. so many great choices! I went with the Bobbi Brown moisturizer/primer but was very tempted by Tatcha, lippie, tarte concealer, and IT cosmetics powder. Should be a great month for add ons for me!

    • I chose the Bobbi Brown too – I love that stuff! I’ll be happy even if the remaining items I get are duds – it’s worth it just for the primer!

  38. Went with the eyeshadow base; my standard one is clear and I think the light shade might be worth checking out to see if I can get some lighter colors to pop more 🤷‍♀️

  39. I needed and chose the eye shadow primer, great timing! But it was so hard to choose this month!

  40. That was hard! I ended up going with the ABH lipstick because I love that color, and I’m curious about the formula. But I was really tempted by the Tatcha, Glow Recipe, and Shape Tape (Ipsy even got the shade right!) too. Crossing my fingers one or all of those will end up in my bag.

    • That color is gorgeous, I would get a lot of wear out of that. I hope they have it as an add on.

  41. So many great choices. I was tempted to go with the anastasia lipstick but I think the color will be too dark for me. I went with the sand and sky as I know I will use it, but hoping for the tatcha or the glow recipe to be in my bag as well!

  42. I went with the Tatcha but, hopefully, I get some of the other choice items in my bag.

  43. Hard time choosing but I went with the pressed powder. Boring but useful.

    • I almost went with the pressed powder too because I love love love the IT Cosmetics brand and I would really like to try their powder, but something about the packaging makes me think it is going to be so itty bitty t tiny to the point of not really being able to get a real feel for it. I very much hope I am wrong though.

      • I chose the IT powder. I received it a few years back and loved it, so I’m happy to get it again. It’s not huge, but it’s big enough to know if you like it and want to repurchase. The packaging sucks and it did crumble when I was starting to hit pan, but this time I’m going to put it in my magnetic palette.

  44. I went with the Tatcha Cleanser 🙂

  45. I went with the Bobbi Brown face base. I’ve heard good things and I’ve never tried anything from them before.

  46. I picked the Tatcha cleanser. Great choices this month!

  47. I picked the eyeshadow primer. I’m in need of one…and its FULL SIZE❤

  48. So many good items! Not sure what to pick …

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