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BoxyCharm October 2020 Full Product List!

BoxyCharm November 2019 beauty and makeup subscription box review

Here is the full product list for the October BoxyCharm base box:

  • HIPDOT – Color Change Pink Sponge Duo – Pink
  • HIPDOT – Color Change Pink Sponge Duo – Blue

  • SYMBIOSIS LONDON – Tightening & Resplendent Eye Mask
  • Frank Body – Glow Mask

  • tarte – Maracuja Miracle Mist Setting Spray
  • Sol de Janeiro – Brazilian Kiss Tinted Cupuaçu Lip Butter

  • Ace Beautè – Draw It Lip Liner Duo – Be Peachy So Gorgeous
  • Lavaa Lashes – Charm Faux Mink – Black/White

  • LUXIE – Wonderlust Set – Periwinkle
  • Beauty Bakerie – Breakfast In Bed Eyeshadow Palette

  • Pretty Vulgar – Nesting B!#%h Face Palette
  • Spongelle – Body Wash Infused Buffer – Cherry Tonka Musk

  • RODIAL – Soft Focus Glow Booster Drops
  • Dose of Colors – Meet Your Hue Concealer

  • Murad – AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser
  • Grown Alchemist – Matte Balancing Moisturizer – Acai Berry & Borago

  • FARSÁLI Privé – Quench Moisture Replenishing Serum
  • REALHER – Ultimate Glow Getter Cheek Trio
  • Ciaté London – The Editor Palette – New England

What do you think of the spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, the regular Boxycharm box is $25 a month:

Use this link and coupon code CANDY6ALL to get a $6 coupon for Add-Ons when you sign up for a subscription!

Check out our reviews of Boxycharm to learn more!


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Comments (48)

  1. Anyone get a 1.1 lbs box?

  2. I just received my base box this morning! Wieght:1.3lbs variation #76.
    Farsali prive quench was my chioce. Also received:
    Beauty Bakerie breakfast in bed palette
    Luxie eye brush set
    Frank Body glow mask
    Lavva lashes
    Really love this box although I won’t use the lashes,was hoping to make a trade for the Tarte’s Maracuja setting spray?

  3. I got my Ipsy GBP and Boxycharm both on Saturday, and was impressed by BOTH!! That NEVER happens!!

  4. Very happy with my box! #74. I love everything!

    Pretty Vulgar Palette
    Tarte Maracuja Setting Spray
    Farsali Quench
    Symbiosis Eye Mask
    Hipdot Sponge Duo

  5. Base Box
    Variation 66 WEIGHT 1.5 lbs / 0.68 kgs DIMENSIONS 9x7x3 in.
    Pretty Vulgar Palette
    Rodial soft focus glow drops
    Murad Cleanser
    Sol De Janeiro lip butter
    Lavaa Lashes
    171.99 Value

  6. My only real want was the Farsali which I got along with:
    the Editor palette,
    Brazilian Kiss the lip tint,
    Rodial glow drops which I liked from another box a while back,
    Spongelike, which are always good for travel.
    Overall a good box for me!

  7. Mine weighed 1.2 pounds and contained:
    Farsali serum (choice)
    Hipdot sponges
    Nesting B*tch face palette
    Tarte mist
    Symbiosis eye mask

    • My choice was farsali as well. And I would be happy with a box like yours 🙂 thanks for sharing. Mine should be here Monday!

  8. Just got mine today. No shipping notification via email or on boxycharm site. So, Yay, happy Friday surprise! The Murad Cleanser was my choice item.

    Variation 68:

    -Murad Cleanser
    -Bakerie Palette
    -Grown Alchemist Moisturizer
    -Sol De Janeiro Lip Butter

    • Nice items!

  9. I just received mine. I never received an email saying it had shipped but here it is! 🙂

    VERSION 73

    Pretty Vulgar Palette
    Grown Alchemist
    Murad Cleanser
    Sol de Janeiro Lip Butter
    Hipdot Sponges

  10. Has anyone got their box or seen an unboxing with the farsali yet?? My box is shipping I just got the email today. It’s 1.4 lbs so I’ll probably have spongelle in it but I’m ok with that. I’m really curious as to what the other items could be.

  11. I got my box yesterday and loved it! I got the brushes (always need them), SDJ tinted lip butter (WOW LOVE), Spongelle (love), my pick Dose of Colors concealer (too light, even after I used the website’s recommendation and watched youtube videos. BOO), and the Ciate palette (nice enough).

  12. I’m going to type out my wish list and come back and tell how close they got it. It will go by what I have on my profile. Guarantee you they will so far off, like always.

    Farsali- I chose this
    Sol de Janeiro lip butter
    Cavaa Lashes
    Mourad Cleanser or Grown Alchemist

    I won’t be too happy with anything else really because the options just suck. I don’t use blush, bronzer, glow drops, ugly colored lip liners, or bad low quality palettes. Those sponges will suck. Most of us use only beauty blender sponges. Do any of us really need more brushes from Luxie? Let’s be real here. We don’t. Maybe they should give brushes to newer people who don’t have 100 already. I guess the Tarte spray wouldn’t be too bad. But watch, I’ll come back and say I got lip liners, sponges, and blush.

    • Why stay subscribed? Just curious, since you don’t sound exactly excited…😂🤷‍♀️

      • Thank you so much for saying this❤️ ☝🏻I was biting my tongue….hard. 🤣

      • right…

    • I’ll take ALL the one sided (I dont like double ended brushes) they will send me!!! I love and will have 500 brushes and think I’m so slick..then when it comes time to wash them…..hahaha. but luxie are great brushes and hold up well washing them.

      Wish they would send us some GOOD large face brush sets

    • I am curious what Amanda got in her box vs what she listed!! That would be an interesting thing for people to post each month, and then what they got!!

    • 🙋‍♀️ I do! Gimme all the Luxie brushes. I have a lot of them already but would never complain about receiving more. Luxie has excellent quality brushes that hold up amazingly.

    • I got
      Farsali: chose this
      Ace Beauty lip liners- unusable colors
      Pretty Vulgar face palette- I NEVER use highlighter, bronzer, etc. At least Ipsy would let us choose one type of item to be exempt.
      Frank Body Glow Mask- I should have included this on my list because I do have body products chosen so this is good.
      Grown Alchemist- Good!

      So I only got 2 things that I have selected on my profile not to get, lip liner and face palette. I’m happy with the Grown Alchemist, Farsali, and Frank Body. Not bad really. Could have been a lot worse.

  13. Got my box today and I’m okay with it. I’m a palette junkie and the Beauty Bakerie colors look right up my alley. I got the Luxie Wanderlust set of brushes (don’t need any more brushes…ever), Dose of Colors concealer, Symbiosis London eye mask (worth $93? We’ll see…), and Ace Beaute lip liner duo. Could’ve been worse.
    It was .9 lbs, version 28

    • Oh man, this is the exact box I would want except switch out the lip liners for the tarte spray! I always get the absolute worst variations and none of the good stuff always paraded all over YouTube/instagram spoilers, it’s so frustrating. If I don’t get the tarte spray and the beauty Bakerie palette after all the hyping up they did I’m going to be really upset.

      Last two months I got none of the stuff that they were hyping besides the palettes everyone got. I didn’t get the Marc Jacobs lip gloss (which was in EVERY unboxing, I thought it was 100% everyone was getting it), didn’t get any of the Sunday Riley, didn’t get any of those big trestique sets, didn’t get Huda matte/metal, and out of the like NINE different shades of fenty highlighter they had available, EIGHT of them would have been workable with my skin tone in some way shape or form (and they are well aware what my skin tone is)- take a wild guess which one I got :/ yep, the ONE that doesn’t work in any way for me, the very darkest one. I’ve been so disappointed every time I do an unboxing since I resubscribed a few months ago. The only thing keeping me from unsubscribing is the opportunity to buy add ons and pop up. Otherwise I’d be so gone. It’s so frustrating, I really wish they’d go back to MUCH fewer variations. Especially if they are going to continue to COMPLETELY disregard the info we give them about our complexions and preferences.

      • If I get the beauty bakery palette I’ll be happy to swap with you, I really don’t use eyeshadow and I have millions of new palettes sitting in my vanity

  14. Premium full list is also up.

    You can get more sneak peeks at what will be available in add-ons next week by which products appear with slashed prices (as seen with the Rodial drops + Ciate Editor palette in MSA’s screencaps).

  15. I’m not over the moon about anything I see in the box – but its such a fantastic deal for $25.00 that I can’t complain. With Christmas coming I will have lots of homes for items that are not useful..I really hope 🙏 that I don’t receive those dang sponges or the Ciate London editor palette again. Also on my list of don’ts is lashes, eye or lip liner, mascara and sheet masks. I’m pretty happy with most other products. Love Spongelle and its a scent I’ve never seen. Hope I get one.

  16. Boxycharm has a premium unboxing on their IG live just now.

    Illuminati X Isa pallete
    Fenty brow pencil
    Clarins primer (?) product
    Kosas blush/hilighter
    Laura Geller lip product (6 shade variations)

    Pretty sure all of these were mentioned on MSA though

    • And Go-to exfoliating pads

  17. I knew these items would be in the box. I was sent a survey months ago and it showed these items. I also know about upcoming items.

    I don’t want the beauty sponges, Ace Beaute liners, lashes, Real Her palette or Spongelle. I can’t use lashes, because I’m allergic to adhesive. I’m highly allergic to strong scents. I’ve received several sponges from Spongelle. The scent takes over my box and I’ve experienced nausea from opening the box. I’m not impressed with the quality of Real Her. I also have enough liners and sponges to last a lifetime.

  18. Ulta has a Beauty Box Caboodles Edition. Got mine yesterday. Did a YT video. X

  19. Ulta has a Beauty Box Caboodles Edition. Got mine yesterday. Did a Youtube video. X

    • I laughed when i saw caboodles were back and then my make up box broke. I got the pink one with the ulta coupon, rewards and birthday discount. What a steal. I will probably gift most of the make up to a niece but i really like their eye primer so keeping that!

  20. Does anyone else have a problem with leaving a product review on the Boxycharm site? I’ve tried repeatedly and all I get is a frozen screen and a spinning heart as soon as I click on submit.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    • That happened to me once few months ago. I choose “open in new tab” the review there. Not sure if it’s just temporary glitch or that fixed it but I could leave review that way.

    • this happened to me too. all I had to do was allow popups on the site.

      • Thanks for the advice, easy peasy. I was able to leave my first review today. Thanks again. 😁

  21. I’m a little sad I cancelled after many years but with my luck I would have gotten eyelashes, lip liners, glow mask, setting spray (and I have the latter). I’ve gotten to the point now where I just throw in a little eyeshadow and mascara since I wear a mask quite a bit. And with glasses that fog up constantly I have to wear waterproof mascara because it runs otherwise. I have to remind myself every time I see one of these posts and I want it, want it, want it.

  22. Some great brands! Believe it or not I still haven’t tried a spongelle ;))))))

    • I LOVE Spongelle! Have been buying them up during add ons! I gave one to my daughter to use when she came to visit last month and she loved it as well! I so hope I get another!

    • I’ve never used a Spongelle either(!), and I probably have at least 6 in various shapes, sizes, and scents in my stash from boxes. I’m working my way up to them, lol. They sure do make the container I store them smell good though!

      • Don’t postpone happiness Luna, go ahead and give one a try, I think you’ll like it!

      • You’re going to love them!

      • I think you guys are convincing me to move it up in my queue 😀

  23. I am so excited to try the Sol De Janeiro. That is my favorite brand hands down. I was going to order the lip butter on my own, but I really hope I get in my boxy charm this month!

    • I just got my SDJ lip butter in day before yesterday and the scent is so strong. I’m not one where the scents bother me, but I can’t wear it comfortably. It is a great lip balm minus the scent 😊👍 Good thing yall are getting it in Boxycharm as an item and not paying the $20 for it like I did🙌

      • To me the SDJ lip balm smells like play doh with some vanilla thrown in LOL

      • This exactly, now I hope I get it. Getting something I want from these boxes is half the battle! I have the original Brazilian Kiss Lip Butter and I love it. I am hoping these have the same scent. I have loved every SDJ product I have ever tried.

  24. Just got my email yesterday saying mine has been shipped which is early this month, I normally get my notifications around the 10th but I’m happy!

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