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We have a spoiler for the November 2020 BoxyCharm base box thanks to Yosef!

Your November box may include:

Natasha Denona BoxyCharm Exclusive Palette

What do you think of the spoiler?

The choice items for November are:

What are you picking?

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, the regular Boxycharm box is $25 a month:

Use this link and coupon code ADDMORE6ALL09 to get a $6 coupon for the BoxyPopUp when you sign up for a subscription!

Check out our reviews of Boxycharm to learn more!

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Comments (56)

  1. ….aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand the bait and switch. “Charmers will receive the palette, OR 111 Skin Hyaluronic Booster; OR an Alamar eyeshadow primer.”

  2. This is a full size 5 pan pallet, not the mini — they run around $48 dollars. That said, she has 10% off site wide right now and the $25 mini’s are 22 and some change (I MIGHT have purchased 3 LOL)! I just got the Glam pallet and mostly stick to cool tones, not to mention I dont NEED anymore eyeshadows — but if I don’t get this pallet in BC I’m definitaly cancelling all 3 (base, premium, and LUXE) — I held out just for this tbh. I’d prefer cool tones, but this just looks like Thanksgiving in an eyeshadow! 💜

  3. I got an email with a good coupon for Boxypopup for November but I have to reactivate by Oct. 31st – does that mean I will get an October and November box? Like I’ll have to pay $25 Oct 31st and $25 on Nov 1st?

    • I hate how they say its 25 dollars not it’s not let’s be honest its 40 for canadians…so is it worth it now?

  4. Sephora has a new Natasha Denona Mini Zendo Eyeshadow Palette and it looks A LOT like this one. One of the colors is a bit gray and the orange is a bit less orange but it definitely looks like the same palette. Lol I don’t have a problem with it, I have 2 of the minis n I like them. Just letting u ladies now 😉🥰😊.

  5. With the palette being a boxy exclusive I can’t help but to wonder if it the same ND formula

  6. Why don’t we get as many spoilers as we used too? 🤷🏻‍♀️. I don’t like this…

    • I know! I keep checking back and no spoilers!

      • ME TOO ☹️☹️☹️.

  7. Why do they keep trying to force orange on us. Who does this look good on?

    • it looks nice on people with brown skin

    • I hear you! Seems they push a lot of orange on us, must be a closeout colors or something. Ive been disappointed w boxy lately. Ive had multiple missing items & because it takes so long to hear back, my issues never get resolved. It becomes a bit exhausting. One of the only reasons I continue w them, is because of the skincare items. Im just so tired of them showcasing items that I never end up getting. The good variations seem to go to influencers or someone, because its sure not me.

    • Wish we would of gotten one of her palettes that was like 3 of her metallics and 2 mattes…Her metallic shimmer shades are the true winners they are so rich and so gorgeous, plus easy to work with..

  8. I hope the colors work out to be good, I’m mainly looking forward to trying the formula if I get it. No other way I’d get my hands on one of her palattes.

    • I wouldn’t count on this being the actual ND formula. Boxy has a bad habit of collabing with expensive brands and using a cheaper formula

  9. I hope i don’t get this. I do not like neutrals, browns, oranges, or yellows. If I do get it I will be gifting it.

  10. I’m a platinum/ bleach blonde with light medium neutral toned skin, I can totally rock this…..I really hope that this is a true representation of the actually pallettes, formula wise….it looks like it is, boxy maybe just picked the colors.

  11. I love Boxycharm but I think I need to quit for at least a year. Its become a hoard. My vanity table and drawers are packed.. Ironically, I wear a face mask 6 days a week due to covid. I use very little make-up these days. I miss it!!!

    • I usually have a community makeup sale in my own town….I recover some cash, unload some product, plus can safely pass on something like a mask I tried for free……I squeeze everything onto applicators….lol but it totally works!!!! You be surprised how many will ask and show up, just do it safely!

  12. I LOVE Natasha Denona eyeshadows they are so pigmented and amazing. I really hope I get this but unfortunately im use to getting nothing I actually want. Im pretty over boxycharm at this point and am thinking of cancelling. My last boxes have had hardly any makeup items in them just mostly lotions, soaps and hand creams.

    • I doubt this will be the actual ND formula. Almost every time boxy has collabed with a brand it hasn’t been the brands normal formula.

      • Really, i didn’t know, so the brands can actually release their product with a different formula, scandalous.

  13. Has choice already happened for the base box? I know I made my choice for premium already and I’m digging this base box. Please let me know. Thanks

    • Yeah, it happened several days ago.

  14. I hope i get it! I love the shade!

  15. I think if people put their thumb over the orange, they would see the other colors are very pretty and flattering. The orange may surprise you.

  16. I’m into these shades (for Fall especially), but I do have some concerns about whether the formula quality will truly be comparable to her other palettes. Even thoseh ave some variances on their own tbh.

  17. I like it, but it is not enough to bring me back to Boxy. (I also don’t trust them that I’d actually receive it lol).

  18. I am in the minority, as a redhead with a warm complexion the palette would be perfect for me.

    • I also have a warm complexion and would love to get this! Nice fall palette!

  19. I’ve never had a ND palette and have always wanted one.

    I won’t cave for this one though. That orange shade is so ugly on me that my picky beauty queen can resist. Lol.

    • If you have never had a ND palette you wouldn’t know how amazing they wear regardless of skin tone , I have every ND palette and those ridiculous looking colors are easily incorporated into an everyday lifestyle!

      • Totally agree Angie, I can’t believe all the hate in these comments. I don’t get Boxy but I’m debating it just for this ND mini-palette. It’s a whole different level of eyeshadow. Colors you never dreamed you could wear are possible when they’re creamy, dreamy, buttery and oh-so-blendable. I have her mini sunset and big Tropic palettes (talk about colors you don’t think you could wear!) and I have been wearing the heck out of both, even shades/formulas I never thought I could get away with.

        The minis are a great way to try her products out without breaking the bank; they don’t require such a big commitment and the formulas are just as amazing.

      • Really?? Now I need to try it! I just got my first Pat McGrath palette and I was blown away! It was like pure pigmented butter! I can’t even really explain it. I keep making everyone swatch it lol. I’m sure my BF is getting REALLY sick of sticking his fingers in my eye shadow every time I say, “omg but just feel it again!”

        So if it’s like that, I need to try it for sure!

      • Ermmm Unfortunately this palette will not be in every box. Also every time boxy has collabed with a brand for an eyeshadow palette or anything it has NOT been the regular brands formula so I’m not sure this will be regular ND formula

    • Honestly, just wait until one of her palettes you like goes on sale at Sephora if you really like something, or on her website. I got 2 of her palettes through huge sales on Sephora. I got the mini Lila palette for like $13 CDN (orig. $33, clearance price was $16.50) and the Tropic palette for around $68 CDN (orig. $162 CDN, clearance price was $81). Both palettes were on clearance and I think I also used a 15% or 20% discount. And that’s additional off the already reduced price. ND palettes can be bought at a nice discount, if you look for the right sale. Right now they still have her blush and contour palettes on clearance. Use an additional discount and you can get either palette for $40 or less. Plus, that way you know you’re getting a true ND formula, not one made just for Boxy which might have questionable quality like other collabs.

      I cancelled all my Boxy boxes in the summer, and haven’t really been tempted to come back at all. I was so sick of the bait and switch (showing great products – like this ND palette, only to get something else entirely not even advertised. Very few people actually get the advertised items – mostly influencers and the lucky few “normals”), getting mini products instead of full size, not to mention the major quality issues, having to deal with horrible customer service, cancelled pop-up and add-on orders, COD charges, etc. Plus the bonus gifts for signing back up have been so lame. Mostly $6 or $12 coupons to use in add-on/pop-up. Right, so then the order can get cancelled again? Maybe I’d sign up again if they offered the Park Ave Princess palette again. Maybe.

      Now I just look for sets and deals that I want from Sephora, Brands themselves and other shops like Shoppers, and actually get the items I want with the quality I want. And I tell you what, Sephora has excellent customer service for the few issues I’ve had. I’ve also gotten great deals from Urban Decay and SDM. Plus, honestly a lot of the stuff you get in Boxycharm, you can find in your local Winners/Marshalls/TJMaxx.

  20. Meh

  21. I wonder about the quality though. BC has done this before with “exclusive” items that are made at a different factory with lower quality ingredients.

    • Exactly

    • I was just thinking that! I compared the ingredients of the story book cosmetics palettes a few weeks ago. Their palettes made in the US have minimal ingredients. The ones made for Boxy have a huge list of ingredients.

    • Exactly! And it’s not going to be in every box

  22. Nice! I liked the choices too lol.

  23. Great brand, but let’s see how many ‘normal’ subscribers actually receive this. This is an ‘influencer’ only item I guarantee.

    • I doubt this will be an “influencer” exclusive partly because it says it’s a BoxyCharm Exclusive Palette, which usually means just about everyone gets it whether they want it or not. Either way, I’m expecting to see it in my box because despite not being an influencer, I usually get surprisingly good boxes. If there really is a good box list, I’m somehow on it, and I’m terrified of screwing that up.

      • Same! This would be my first Natasha Denona palette and fortunately these past months I seem to get everything I want. Here’s to hoping we all get it!

      • I was on the good box list for a long time. I’ve been subscribed 6 years on Nov 1. I usually received the “influencer items” but don’t make a big deal of it. For the last 6 months or so I have been receiving variations that are meh at best. It’s incredibly disappointing. I’ve considered canceling numerous times, but just can’t quit Boxy.

      • Ssshhhh…Crystal don’t tell anyone but I’m on the good box list too! I’m like always excited to get my box. When i say i love BoxyCharm I’m serious!

      • I watched a video of Joe saying almost everyone will get the Made for boxycharm pallet the have one million made

      • The last Boxycharm exclusive palette wasnt in my box but I was getting the crappiest variations. I ended up cancelling regular and luxe a while back with no FOMO til this. Idk if it’s worth signing back up though.

  24. Yosef said they’ll be in a million base boxes so people can’t complain and say only PR will get these lol

    • Yosef says A LOT of things that end up not being true. In the 3+ years I’ve been a member I’ve learned to never trust what he says.

      • I agree yost lies all the time

      • I agree!!! This October made it 3 years iv been getting boxy and these past months I’m just not getting good stuff like we used to ☹️ Boxy is still a pretty good deal but it just sucks seeing others getting such good items when i have just been getting so-so items. I think they try but with so many subscribers they just are in over their heads!! I think the colors in the pallet are beautiful and fingers crossed 🤞 I get it!!

  25. Great brand awful colors

    • Agree 100%

    • OMG yes…. these colors are horrible

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