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Birchbox November 2020 Sample Selection Time!

We have spoilers for the November 2020 Birchbox! Selection will be open for all subscribers on October 27th.

If you aren’t familiar with Birchbox sample choice, each month subscribers get to pick one of the samples in their box, pick a completely revealed curated box for that month, or swap it. (Alternatively, you can pick nothing and get a complete surprise.)

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Here are the sample choice options:

Curated Box Option 1: Katia’s Picks:

Curated Box Option 2: Clean Routine:
Curated Box Option 3: Fragrance Favorites:
  • Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Bloom Eau de Toilette
  • TOCCA Giulietta Eau de Parfum – 50 ml
  • Juliette Has a Gun Not a Perfume Eau de Parfum
  • TokyoMilk Dark La Vie La Mort Eau De Parfum
  • Lavanila The Healthy Fragrance Vanilla Coconut Eau de Parfum – 1.7 oz.
  • Rebecca Minkoff Eau de Parfum
  • Birchbox Jade Roller

This month you also have the option to swap your box for:

Saturday Skin Rise & Shine Gentle Cleanser (travel size) + Jade Roller

This soft, whipped cleanser combines apple and peach extracts to whisk away impurities without stripping the skin for a fresh, revitalized complexion. After cleansing, take time for a facial massage using your jade roller. Facial rolling, an ancient chinese beauty ritual, helps to reduce puffiness, stimulate lymphatic drainage for natural detoxification, boost circulation, and relieve facial tension. Start at the center of the face, under the eyes and cheekbones, and gently press the roller into your skin, rolling outwards and upwards toward the hairline. Use a facial oil or serum before to help the roller glide with ease (and to help your products absorb better). For extra soothing, try storing your roller in the fridge beforehand!

Or, Swap for points:

What do you think of the spoilers for the November 2020 Birchbox? Are you going to pick a sample or one of the boxes?

Birchbox is $15 a month. Check out our reviews of Birchbox to learn more about this monthly beauty subscription box!

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Comments (87)

  1. Well…I am with Birchbox until February 2021 since I signed up for 6 months

    I swapped for points, nothing was really calling my name this month which was sad because November is my birthday month

  2. Now I remember why I let my Birchbox subscription lapse. They drew me back with the recent deal with the SR and $9 boxes, but four hours after choice opened, the fragrance curation was sold out. So I redeemed for the credit. I suspect I’ll do that most months because I hate having those tiny samples shipped. At least now they also seem to offer a full-size choice, too.

    • I’m exchanging for points too. There is good value in their Limited Edition boxes but not so much in the monthly box

  3. I swapped for points because none of the boxes were calling my name! I hope they have some nice sales around Christmas time. Last year, I was able to score some awesome deals!

    • That’s what I’m thinking, too. I’ve been swapping for points a lot lately, so I have a little “nest egg” for Black Friday and other holiday shopping!

      • Good idea, Melissa!

  4. This is my first month after subbing with the 40% off deal and I went with the swap for points option. I feel as though this might be the route I go most months – does anyone know if there is a limit to how many times we can swap for points?

  5. Yesterday, I totally thought I’d go for the fragrance, but when it came time to choose, I went with the Arrow hair care sample.

  6. Can you wait to see your box reveal and then choose to swap for points instead?

    • It’s been about one year since I was last subbed, but as far as I recall, the reveals always occurred after sample selection was closed.

    • Laura, no. That’s the roll of the dice when you choose a sample.

  7. Wish comments would post without a delay – not a new account or different device-
    Anyway – do the perfume samples come with their own small boxes or on the perfume company cards – or just in the box all together?

    • It varies. Some don’t have a card or box.

  8. To whomever has received Birchbox perfume samples: Are the perfume samples in those little individual boxes like the Juliette has a gun samples – or are they all just tossed in the box with tissue paper?

    • Most of the samples in this kit will either be loose or on a card. The Tocca May be in a box but I’m not sure.

  9. I am between the Regular Curated box because I like Amika hair products or the SR sample. I have been using the SR sample already from another box but I keep forgetting to use it so I can’t say if I’ve noticed any difference to my skin. Has anyone tried the Crabtree & Evelyn cleanser? I don’t know anything about the brand.

  10. WOW…just received my sunday riley jars from birchbox for joining one year …that was fast, last time it took them 2 months…they are getting to be the best for shipping..

    • I received a bag today with the two free samples, but not the Sunday Riley jars. Do you think they might arrive with the first box? It’s supposed to show up tomorrow. I hope that the SR stuff will be in there.

      • That’s how mine arrived. Free pack first day, box and duo the next.

      • I should be receiving my two free samples today, but I don’t yet have a specific date on when my first box will be received (just a 3-day date range). I sure hope my SR jars come with the box! (even if in separate packages)

      • It will. I got my mystery sample pack (and cookies) last week, and today my October box arrived with my SR duo.

    • I got mine today, too.

    • That’s great!! I was too late for the SR but the promo for the fall box worked. I told my mother and she was able to add it as well. I hope it shows up for us both!

  11. Is anyone else not receiving points for their reviews of the products we receive in our monthly boxes? I haven’t been able to review for points since May…. I’ve left many product reviews since then but have not received the points to my account. When I try to review the product again, it says it has already been reviewed.

    • We no longer receive points for reviews.

    • I think they stopped giving you points for reviews of box items after the first five reviews at some point.

    • I thought they discontinued points for reviews YEARS ago; it’s why a lot of people left. But you are experiencing the same thing as me when I go into reviews– you get the “write a review” box, not the review that has a bunch of 1-5 options and stuff.

  12. i’m getting # 2 and 3…right now i have 2 accounts with birchbox..

  13. I went with the perfume box. I have enjoyed every other one they have offered. I love all these scents as well. I’m embarrassed to admit that I must be the last person on planet earth who does not possess a jade roller, so I’m rather excited about the inclusion of one in this box. At one time I subscribed to nine beauty boxes monthly so I don’t know how I missed that trend……

    • I chose the same. I don’t own a roller either.

    • I don’t own one either. I’ve always been interested in them but have never splurged on one, or received one in a box. Not signing up for Birchbox for it though lol.

    • Me neither. Lol I really never knew anything about them until very recently. I came across one at Ross earlier- go figure. lol

      I was a little torn. I ended up picking the sample box with the Kiss and Smink Everything stick. I thought it might be handy on days when I’m only wearing heavy sunscreen but might like to bring in a add a little color. I take a lot of nature photos, and I generally look kinda awful when I go out doing that.

      My “skincare routine” has predominantly consisted of washing my face with a decent enough Olay Scrub, and occasionally (usually not for too many days at a time) some basic lotion like the original Olay pink stuff. I have skin flaws for sure, especially this year it seems (46), but I suppose I’ve probably been a little lucky.

    • I never got a Jade roller, either, but I got a quartz one from Goddess provisions. I’ve never used it. There are lots of jade rollers at my nearby TJ Maxx, but it is nice to get one in a box instead, i guess.

  14. This is my first choice month for the annual I got with the 40% off deal. I think I’m just going for the points because the only box pick I’m tempted by is the perfume and I don’t want that jade roller. Plus $2 a piece for the little perfume bottles seems like less of a deal than $13 towards a full size of something from the shop.

  15. I was able to make selections today as an Ace.

  16. The Sunday Riley skincare line is fantastic!

    • That’s going to be my choice!

  17. I chose the clean box because I would use everything (except for the jade roller…not sure what I will do with that). Now I am wondering whether if I chose the detangling spray, I would get 6 products instead of 5. I thought the boxes were supposed to have 6.

    I am an Ace through the end of the year. Unless they start going hard with the sales (customer appreciation in September was very weak) I will not be an Ace next year. If I lose my Ace status, I will unsubscribe because the boxes are getting worse. I don’t know that investing the in annual price is even worth it. I think I can make do with my Ipsy glam bag and add-ons/other sales they do.

    • I am in the same situation… I had Birchbox since 2011. I lost my ace status this year, which I do t tho k I should have cuz I ordered a bunch of end of year sale things. Whatever I regretfully am canceling this month. It just is not worth it. One use repeated samples is all Birchbox gives now. I used to be so excited for my box. Oh well I really cut down all I have now are two Ipsy bags (one glam bag and plus)

    • I agree, I’ve been Ace since 2011 and only kept the sub because of the awesome sales and random $5 we’d get in our accounts. I don’t even know when my Ace status expires or how many points I need to continue as an Ace. I wish they made it clearer on their site. Last year I had to email to find out how many points I need to stay an Ace. The sales have been lackluster and the tiny samples just aren’t worth it without Ace perks.

      • Yes, Valerie! I’ve had to email them to ask about points and ACE status, too, and they act like I’m dumb for not being able to find it, but it literally does not tell you. I had to go through my list of orders and add up how many $$$ I had spent in order to figure it out.

  18. I’m leaning toward the fragrance box, mostly due to the mini Tocca, but I’m wondering how disappointed I’ll feel getting a box basically filled with vial samples next month, lol (the roller will be gifted). My other choice would be the SR serum since I love that stuff. Hmm, I might just go for the SR for the surprise elelment. 🙂

    • I’m going to get the fragrance box. I love sample perfumes with spray tops bc they are so easy to toss in a bag and not take up much room.

      • I love perfume samples with spray tops too 🙂 Since I’m not Ace, I have an extra day to decide. That Tocca definitely would make the set worth it to me, but I’m almost positive I already have that mini bottle in the featured scent. Probably if I didn’t, then I’d go for it. 🙂

    • I selected the fragrance box, too.

  19. Not impressed with any of these choices. I already have a jade roller from another Birchbox set.

    I am surprised that the roller wasn’t one of the sample choices.

    • Annie S., I believe the reason the roller wasn’t a choice is because EVERYONE is getting one regardless of what sample you choose. They sent an email saying that there will be a jade roller in every November box so I guess they didn’t offer it as an option because it will already be included.

    • I’m pretty sure these are the same jade rollers that they have been trying to get rid of for years at this point. Sending them to everyone is just the newest way of going about it.

  20. Did anyone purchase yearly subscription with disount and your acccount is showing $13 worth of points for swap?

    • Yes, that’s me. I thought it was odd. Maybe they’ll adjust it downward tomorrow.

      • That’s the monthly price for an annual. I doubt they have a way to it adjust because people got a deal on the annual price.

    • I have the annual sub at a discount and have swapped for points on multiple months. The $13 worth of points stays at that value; you actually come out ahead.

      • @Frances are the points just like cash when you use them? Meaning that you can buy things during the 40% off sales and pay for them with points and or use gift with purchase codes when you buy things with points?

      • @Amber – yes, they’re the equivalent of cash and can be used on sales and you still can get gwps as well.

      • Great! Thank you! It’ll help in picking out something during a sale.

      • Yes, Amber. The points are just like cash. Doesn’t affect coupon codes or sale prices or anything. You just click to apply the points like cash against the balance, and then the remainder is charged to the payment method you specify. It’s really an easy process, not to worry!

      • Thank you, Frances and Dea!
        One of the things I’ve learned from this site is you should always check with people who know how it works to get the best deals with Birchbox.

      • Thank you for the info! I swapped for points for Nov. as I am not wowed by any of the options plus getting second Oct. box for signing up the annual deal.

  21. I would really like to try the new arrow detangler, and some of the other samples are new to me. Think I’ll take my chances with the spray and hope I get some other interesting surprises!!

    • June I think I am going to do the same. I’ve really been wanting to try the spray and it gets wonderful reviews on the site. I love perfume though so I am having a hard time deciding.

  22. Does anyone know if we can use points for one of the Discovery Kits in their store?

    • Liz – yes, the points can be used on anything in the store, including the kits.

    • Once they add the points to your account you can use them on discovery kits or anything else they sell in the shop. I will be losing my Ace status at the end of the year but have used a ton of Birchbox points on discovery kits and limited edition boxes.

  23. A few of these items look good to me, but the fact that a jade roller is included as one of the items is a huge turn off. To me, a jade roller should be an extra item. I remember when the price originally went up, they said extra product will be included for 6 in total. With the roller it’s only 5. They are really trying to get rid of these. No thanks, Birchbox. I do have 2 already and determined to not add anymore to my collection

    • Such a huge turn off for me too! Far outweighs any item I might want, so points it is

    • The roller is in every box. BB said it would be included with every option.

      • Yeah, I know. And this is exact reason why I am not getting a box

      • The least they should have done is 5 items + a roller. What happen with promise of 6 items in the box when the price increased?

      • I am one of the few who dont yet own a jade roller! I’m hoping rolling under the eyes with my serum or eye cream will help with puffiness….we shall see.

      • June, I don’t own one. I’m glad to receive it.

  24. I don’t love these choices. However, I need a travel sized conditioner very badly so I am definitely picking the clean box.

  25. I like a few items, maybe might go for the travel size Saturday Skin and the roller, or…. going for the customize choice and picking the color stick

  26. OMG that jade roller is in every option, including the fragrance box. LMAO.

  27. Great choices! So glad I renewed.

  28. To me, the curation really sucks this month. I will swap for points.

  29. Wait. Tocca 50ml Perfume??? That’s the full size? That retails for like $50… omg. Definitely choosing that box!

    • Don’t get your hopes up! Many times, Birchbox will put in the photo of the full-size item, but you’re not getting the full size. I’ve never seen them part with a Tocca full-size item for less than full price. Maybe best to chat with a rep and ask what the size is.

    • careful there Christina, Birchbox is famous for showing a full size then sending a sample

      • That’s what I was thinking about for the shampoo and conditioner. They look like travel bottles, but previously I’ve received foil packets.

    • I noticed the Lavanila days 1.7 oz, I can’t see them putting two full size items in a $15 box. I wish they would respond as I want the fragrance box but not if it’s tiny samples.

      • *says

      • gotcha! yeah thats true, weird they would list it as 50ml only for it to be smaller… dumb haha

    • I PROMISE YOU it is not full size.

    • Trust me…its not full size.

    • I just chatted with a rep to confirm. All perfume samples are the standard small sample size, and the Tocca is FIVE ml (not 50), which is considered a “deluxe” sample. Hopefully they’ll change this on the app so that people don’t get too confused!

      • What the vanilla says 1.7 oz so that’s not right either? Pretty pissed at this whole box now.

      • That’s right- the Lavanila is a sample size, most likely .17 oz (which is 1.5 ml). The rep confirmed nothing in the perfume box is full sized!

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