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Birchbox Coupon – Get An Annual Subscription for $7.83 a Box!

For a limited time, use this link to save 40% off an annual Birchbox subscription! That brings the price down to $94 –  $7.83 per box! (Regularly $13 per month with a 12-month sub)

Birchbox is $15 a month. Check out our reviews of Birchbox to learn more about this monthly beauty subscription box!

Full details: No code required. Redeem a 40% discount when purchasing a 12-Month Prepaid Beauty Subscription Plan. Price will automatically adjust upon checkout. Cannot be combined with other discounts, offers or promotional codes. Code cannot be applied to orders after they’ve been placed. 12-Month Subscription Plans cannot be cancelled midterm and will renew at full price after the commitment period, unless opted out. Offers not valid on Subscription Gift Card purchases. Valid for new subscribers only for a limited time. Offer subject to change without notice. Void where prohibited. Taxes apply.

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Comments (85)

  1. I caved. I haven’t subbed since 2016 but can’t pass up $8. Curious to see if anything’s changed.

  2. I got my October Box and the Sunday Riley Duo today.
    The shipping does seem to just appear stalled for a few days while it’s making it’s way to Florida where I live. It didn’t change for a few days from GA to here, then was delivered. It will probably help to know how that works for the future. Interesting samples were inside, I look forward to trying. So, so far my experience with Birchbox has gone ok.

    • glad you got your box and the SR Duo! I just received my mystery pack (two mascaras & the cookies) yesterday. Shipping has been taking a while but with covid and the mail-in-ballots being the priority, I can understand. The SR code didn’t work when I checked out but I was able to add the Fall Kit. Fingers crossed it’s in there when my Oct box finally arrives.

  3. The tracking for my October Birchbox seems stuck at USPS awaiting item. Weird during the week.b today is the first day of the 3 day arrival window. Not sure why it hasn’t moved. It’s only 1 state away.

  4. I got my box and my Sunday Riley duo and my sample pack today. Yay! The box is so much like the ones I got from Birchbox 5 years ago when I had a sub for 3 months. I would never pay $15 bucks for this or even $8. But I’m guessing there will be full size swaps I’ll think are worth it, or maybe I’ll just trade for points and get lots of Beauty Protector detangling spray. I love that stuff.

    If anyone is curious: my pack was a cookie and 2 of the same Marcelle mascaras. My is Marcelle CC Cream, Touch In Sol Glassy Skin Balm, Kiehl’s Dark Circle Eye Serum, Benefit brow gel and Davines shampoo and conditioner.

    • My October box was shipped but is still several days from delivery. I got my mystery pack Saturday. It was the cookies, blowpro weather girl anti-frizz serum and LOC Luminous Lip Shine in Glisten. They’re pretty tiny but might be well suited for me. I haven’t gotten to try them yet. I guess I’ll see how I feel about the value of the boxes overall. I’ll have to get the hang of the various options.

  5. Got my mystery pack today — two good-sized mascaras and Milk Bar cookies. Could have done without the duplicate mascaras but an improvement over the teeny tiny samples I received with my last mystery pack.

  6. I got my mystery pack yesterday (doucce mascara and acure undereye gels) and my October box is shipped. The app says I’m getting Marcelle BB cream, Amika perk up dry shampoo, Benefit gimme brow, R + Co acid wash rinse, arrow oil cleansing spray, and Lise Watier primer. This assortment is why Birchbox wasn’t doing well, in my opinion, but I’m looking forward to choosing a sample, box, product or points next month. Hoping like others the box contains my Sunday Riley products. 🙂

    • Interesting, because I just got my reveal, and I am getting the exact same 6 samples.

  7. I am a few days late to this promotion and am seriously considering doing it. I miss Play by Sephora… this is less than $8/box, so could be fun to have low key monthly box again. Not sure how birchbox is these days… I was member back when it was $10/month and the samples were tiny. Then I switched to Play by Sephora and that was that. ANYWAY, the only code I can add on in “DOUBLEFUN” which gets me a mystery box. Is this the same thing as the mystery bundle with the cookies? That one doesn’t sound good… I can’t get the SR or the Fall Kit. Just want to try to get the best perk before checking out.

    • Hey I just tried it and was able to get fallkit to work but you have to add the 10$ sample pack (under collections, free gift with purchase) for it to work 🙂 hope that helps! I think the sunday Riley one no longer works though.

      • yes!! Thank you! I placed my order last week. I haven’t received anything in the mail yet though. Did your Fall Kit end up arriving?

  8. I caved! Birchbox was what introduced me to subscription boxes in general and I feel like I can justify the 8$ a month price. Back when I subscribed, you were not able to select any of the products so I am happy to see they have changed that and have been loving the “clean box” spoilers for the past few months I have seen on MSA. I was also able to add on the sample pack and Fall Favorites kit so I am super excited! I usually buy stuff from their shop during the holidays anyways so even if I don’t like the curations they have available, I will just swap for points and wait for a sale 🙂

  9. I saw this deal posted and went and subscribed not knowing anything about the Sunday Riley duo promo or mystery pack! So after everyone posted here I sent them an email and they told me since this was a 40% off deal I’m not supposed to be able to add any codes. I told them people here got the annual deal and added the mystery packs and also put in the code for Sunday Riley and got everything. They said sorry I can’t do that but they did decide to send me the Sunday Riley duo to be “nice”. What the heck? Whatever! At least I got that and oh well about the mystery pack!!

    • I’m glad you were able to get it. Let’s hope they also decide to be “nice” to those of us who have it in our order confirmations. Lol The site easily let us do it at the time. 🙂

    • You could have added the mystery pack yourself because you placed an item in your cart that cost more than $35. Birchbox has always had that mystery pack deal for purchases of $35 and over. That was an oversight on your part and not their responsibility. Yes, it was nice of them to send you two full-size products even though you did not know about the code when you placed the order. They were not required to do so.

  10. Guys, I’m a little worried. Got shipping confirmation for the gift with purchase box only. Nothing about Sunday Riley even though my order confirmation showed it in there. Anyone get Sunday riley shipping info? I hope this works soooo much.

    • I did too. I was hoping that’s because the SR stuff goes with the box itself maybe, or shjps separately some other way, as some sign on bonuses do. I really don’t need to have a battle on my hands. I screen shotted the offer earlier to show a friend, so I have that. The “mystery items” might count as a “store item” and ship separately. Here’s hoping.

      • Crossing my fingers you are right! I don’t want to fight this either, but at least we can all fight it together if we must.

    • I’m in the same position. My mystery sample pack arrived today by itself, and I contacted CS (through text message) to ask if my Sunday Riley duo would be included even though it doesn’t show as a line item. They texted back right away confirming that it would be, and would ship with my first box! 🙂 So I don’t think that you will have to fight it.

      • How was your mystery bundle? Mine was…..interesting. A package of Milk cookies (didn’t know food was in this subscription), a teeny tiny lip highlighter (?), and anti-frizz serum. It was a little odd. Is this normal for Birchbox?

      • Oh, that’s wonderful to hear! Makes me feel better and just looking forward to our little monthly boxes of fun. 🙂

      • Sarah – the mystery packs are rarely anything to write home about. The cookies are not normal – I got them too, but I recall reading in a review or some other post here that Birchbox had a birthday celebration, so they were sending out cookies with orders. The last mystery pack I got was two of the same sample sized mascaras (of a lower quality brand). This time I got an Amika hair mask sample and a sample sized facial oil – it was probably the best/most useful sample pack I’ve gotten from them. But hey, it’s free, so I can’t really complain.

      • Sara, I got exactly the same mystery bundle as you. Tiny LOC sparkly gloss and a little anti frizz hair serum. And cookies! I’d heard such bad things about the mystery bundle that my expectations were rock bottom and so it was better than I expected 😆

      • Woohoo! So happy to hear it will ship with your first box. Just got confirmation that my first box is getting shipped. Crossing my fingers it’s with the sr creams! I didn’t get to pick anything in my box though, so that was a little weird. But I’ll take whatever this month if I get my tidal and ceo 🙂

  11. looks like the SR code is no longer working… bummer!

    • Actually, I added a mystery gift and was then able to get the code to take.

  12. I’m so excited by this!!!!! I have missed Birchbox but not enough to spend the full price. I was waiting for a great deal to try it again and the Sunday Riley sealed it for me. I skipped allure and am thrilled to be getting Birchbox, my old flame, again.

  13. I bit. Took it and the Sunday Riley stuff and the mystery pack for $100.16. That’s $8.35 per box plus four free items. Maybe this will quench my desire for samples and I’ll stop checking out the daily ipsy deals.

    Speaking of – today it’s nail decals that say “vote.” Great timing, ipsy. By the time your warehouse packs the orders and gives them to DHL who takes them for a spin around the country, the election will be long over.

  14. Omg, just stacked the Sunday riley offer with this discount and the bonus box for orders over $35. I feel like I just won the skincare lottery. I’m so excited I could flip! So happy!

    • Guys, I’m a little worried. Got shipping confirmation for the gift with purchase box only. Nothing about Sunday Riley even though my order confirmation showed it in there. Anyone get Sunday riley shipping info? I hope this works soooo much.

  15. If I already subscribe month to month and I’m an ace am I able to upgrade to this deal? If I cancel my current sub to get this deal do I lose ace status?

    • I’m Ace and I did it.

      • Hi Alice, did you cancel your current sub and resubscribe with the discount? Thank you for your help!

  16. What is the Sunday Riley code please?

    • The code is SUNDAYRILEYDUO. Once you hit the subscribe button on their website, the code is provided among various promo options available. It’s also noted further down in the comments.

  17. Ladies, I’m on the fence. I’ve been with Birchbox before. Money-wise, this is a good deal. With sales tax, I’ll be paying $8.38 a box for some monthly pampering and fun.

    If you pick one of the three samples, do you get four other items or five other items?

    • It used to be 5 total. If you look at the reviews it will give you some idea.

  18. I ended my annual in September and just ordered one box for October for $10 as I am an ACE. I just cancelled my monthly and signed back up again with annual. Even it said for new subscribers only, it let me add the SR coupon code and showed the 40% discount. My question is… am I going to recieve another October box?

  19. Luna….thank you ..i did just what you said and it worked…gee..what would i do without you..your a good friend..

    • Yay! I’m glad it worked! 🙂

  20. Ahhhhh so tempted. But, no, I’m going to go subscription box free for a few more months, and resubscribe to ipsy on a month-to-month basis. No more annuals; it’s just too much stuff.

    • I am exactly in the same boat.. this is the best I have seen from birchbox so I am tempted to get this offer but I am also going subscription free until my stash is reduced..

  21. Okay, they hooked me on this one… just too good to pass up. Just resubscribed.

  22. i just tried to get the year for 94.00 plus the sunday riley code and it did not work for said only one promo code.

    • tammy g – there’s no promo code for the $94 deal so the only code you need is for the SR duo. You can also add the free mystery pack for spending over $35.

      • jen… do i just go to the sunday riley promo get that and then tap on the year?

      • Hi Tammy, I added the annual, then went to their gwp page to add the free mystery gift, then at checkout added the SR code. I also saw the same message somewhere around the promo box that only one code could be used, but when I read the description of all of the discounts & gifts where the total is it mentioned the duo SR gift along with the mystery pack and the 40% off an annual offer (the SR products did not show as an item in my cart as I assumed they would).

  23. If I loved the Sunday Riley creams, this would be a great deal, but those are the only 2 SR products I don’t like. I haven’t had BB for a couple years now and haven’t missed it. I’m okay with skipping this for a better offer, even if it never comes.

  24. Honestly been waiting for this over a year… yay! I’ve missed my BB.

    • Same here! I’ve always enjoyed the boxes I’ve received, but with the price hike and considering I lost my Ace status a couple of years ago, I always felt I’d re-sub if they had a gwp to tempt me (which they had one, but I was too late to get it) or if they had a sale that made their boxes no more than $10/month. I saw the SR offer, but decided it wasn’t enticing enough for me to re-sub because I’m pretty sure I already have both of those moisturizers, but typically that would be a gwp offer that would have gotten me to re-subscribe. Well, I re-subbed to the annual, and got the SR offer (which I may gift), and I’m super excited to finally get Birchbox again… especially since a lot of their pre-curated boxes have been catching my eye, and I always like to think which one I’d pick if I was still subbed. 🙂

  25. Well, Allure beat them to it and now I’m kind of sad.
    This is a cheaper deal, though less full size products.
    And I still have a soft spot for BB from subscribing to it for 3 years in the past. It was my first sub ever, back when the boxes were brown and you could get points for reviews

    • Ok, the Sunday Riley offer is kind of tempting me, but I haven’t loved any of the products I’ve tried from them… idk if I should chance it. I do actually need face cream

      • Same.

  26. This is though. With tax and all this comes for me at $8.6/month. Plus,the 2 SR (tbh the tidal made my face overly greasy when I tried a small sample). Do I need it? No. Am I going to have product overload for the next 2 years? Probably. Still I kinda want it…

    • Btw, unrelated, what happened to Sunday Riley subscription box?

      • SR said it has been temporarily paused due to the pandemic — it was really more lifestyle products with a few skin care products thrown in and they’re having difficulties sourcing that kind of stuff. But they said there are plans to bring it back when the supply chain is more normalized.

      • @Reeb thank you!

  27. Do you all like Birchbox better than Ispy?

    • No way! Not even close anymore. At one point, I subscribed to 12 different boxes, so I’ve tried many. Ipsy is the only one I still get, besides the occasional Allure or special edition box. Boxy also reels me in sometimes, but I usually regret it.

    • For this price, I like it better than renewing my regular GB annual. Plus, getting two free full size SR products. I’m getting this instead of an advent.

    • Hi Amy. I like BirchBox but I love Ipsy. I tend to get get a better variety and larger size products in my Ipsy. (Meaning more full size. This is a great price for BB though so I might subscribe again.

  28. I was a subscriber in the past, so now even if I use a different email address and different cc that order doesn’t go through…

    • I qas past subscriber. I used all my old info.

    • The discount is automatic at checkout.

    • Really? I just signed up with my existing login ID and credit card on file, and had no trouble at all. It appears you dont need to be a new member, just commit to 1 year. I’d try again, or call CS.

  29. I just took the plunge – for under $100 (including tax), I got a 12-month sub, the Sunday Riley duo (CEO cream and Tidal cream, both full size, $130 total RV), and the free mystery pack (probably those mascaras they’ve been sending, but whatever). That’s a pretty nice deal IMHO.

    • How did you get that? It won’t let me combine to get the gift bundle and I don’t see it giving me the Sunday Riley eithe . Just shows the year deal.

    • Oh – I see the code for the Sunday Riley works:) but I still don’t see the free mystery pack?

      • If you go under “Collections” in the main menu bar, then select “Gifts with Purchase” the first item you’ll see is “Spend $35+, get a free Mystery Sample Pack.” Add that to your cart. It will show as a $10 charge, but then the $10 will be deducted from your total (it’s combined with the annual sub discount). On that same page you can see other GWPs you can choose, but any of those would replace the SR, as you can only pick one GWP. The mystery sample pack is handled a bit differently, so the system allows that to be combined with a GWP. HTH.

    • Thanks for pointing this out Sherri! I forgot about the mystery pack until I read the posts here. I added that and the SR duo. I was thinking I’d sign up again if their BF deal was any good, but this seems to be a good deal!

  30. i’m just getting over my 6 month sub..but this seems like a good deal…thinking..

  31. Regretting my annual sub with Allure.

  32. I took advantage of this a couple days ago. Can also stack gwp codes.

    • Really? Which code did you use? It is such a good deal

      • I was able to use the Sunday Riley promo (two free Sunday Riley full-size products) with the promo SundayRileyDuo. Also added free mystery pack with $35 purchase.

      • That’s a great deal with the Sunday Riley! I wish they were ANY other SR product, those are the only 2 I don’t like. I feel like if I bite on this, a “better” deal (for me, anyway) will come along. It’s only October…what other deals might they offer closer to the holidays?

        I’m okay with the FOMO by passing on this. I haven’t had Birchbox for a year or 2 now and don’t miss it.

      • I was able to add the SR and the mystery pack also! Yay!! Got some Christmas gifts

      • I added the Sunday Riley duo code wt checkout. All info is on their site.

    • How did you add the mystery box

      • If you go the Birchbox Gifts With Purchase page and add the mystery sample pack to your cart. It will automatically remove the $10 charge if you spend $35 (which you would for this annual):

        And then make sure to add the SundayRileyDuo code in the promo code box at checkout. That’s how you can get both 🙂

      • Search for mystery sample pack, add it, discount applied in cart

      • I don’t know the easiest way but I googled it in another tab, and then added it to the cart.

      • It’s just a couple samples pack. Not a box. I don’t even add that anymore.

    • I couldn’t add the SR, but was able to add the mystery item. Wonder why SR didn’t work. Are you a first time subscriber?

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