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The Detox Box Review – September 2020

The Detox Box is a green beauty subscription box from The Detox Market that costs $55/month. You’ll usually receive 2-3 products from a featured brand each month that follow their strict ingredient standards and help you discover non-toxic ways to continue your beauty routine. What I love about this subscription is that I can try popular and undiscovered brands alike at a really good value!

FYI – COVID-19 Update: You can read about how The Detox Market is addressing shipping delays and other adaptations during this time right here.

This box was sent to us at no cost for review. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

About this Green Beauty Box from Detox Market

The Subscription Box: The Detox Box

The Cost: $55.00 a month with free shipping. Save with longer commitments.

The Products: Each month you’ll get a box featuring one or more green beauty products from the selected brand of the month at a value of at least $90 with complimentary shipping.

Ships to: The US only.

The Detox Box September 2020 Review

The info cards provided give us some details on both items included this month, as well as some background on the brand and creator: Josh Rosebrook! I am a massive Josh Rosebrook fan, so I am thrilled with this box already.


Josh Rosebrook Complete Moisture Cleanse, 3.3 fl oz – Retail Value $47.00

This might be one of the most delightful cleansers I have tried in a very long time. Everything about this product from the clean packaging, to the texture, the ingredients, and the scent is checking all of my boxes! This cream cleanser is pH balanced and SO gentle. If you have a heavy face of makeup, cut through it with an oil cleanser first, because I don’t think this is the sort of formula to get waterproof mascaras off. This is a great second step in a double cleanse for that sort of purpose or a wonderful single step for a cleaner or more sensitive face. The good ingredients in this cleanser form a really, really long list. Here are a few of my favorites: aloe, broccoli oil, jojoba oil, argan oil, milk thistle, avocado oil, and honey. It’s actually really incredible that so many oils can feel so light on the skin. The scent is also pretty blissful, a blend of ylang-ylang, rosemary, and eucalyptus. Although this fragrance comes from essential oils, this stuff is just so gentle that even people with sensitive skin should be able to enjoy it.



Josh Rosebrook Hydration Boost Concentrate, 30 mL – Retail Value $65.00

This serum feels much lighter than so many out there, and if I personally had to classify it, I would call it more of an essence. You can totally use this along with a serum and not be overloaded by any means. It smells SO good! The description includes the words “flower waters” which might be my favorite pairing of words ever. Besides, maybe, lottery winner. Inside this watery serum are a blend of coconut water, lavender water, hyaluronic acid, green tea extract, calming calendula and chamomile, and other truly wonderful things. It leaves a light and hydrated texture on the skin that feels really nice and not at all filmy. If you have oilier skin I could totally see you using this as an extremely light day moisturizer, but if you are dry, combine this with a cream for the best results.

Verdict: This month’s Detox Box had two items from one of my favorite brands. Seriously, I could see Josh Rosebrook in every box and be thrilled over it. The value this month is $112 which I find fine for this $55 box because I love the brand so much. It is kind of like a buy one get one free sort of deal in my mind, which I would have jumped on if I were out shopping in the wild for these items.

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? Yep but be fast! Sign up now to get September as your first box. Just be sure to take a peek at this page to double-check when you sign up and click here to see the latest spoilers!

Value Breakdown: At $55.00 for this box, here’s what you’re paying for each item:

  • Josh Rosebrook Cleanser $23.09
  • Josh Rosebrook Serum $31.92

Alternatively, each item has an average cost of $27.50.

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What do you think of the featured brand from this month’s Detox Box?

The Detox Box

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Written by Megan


I love natural/vegan beauty products, Korean skincare, unique jewelry, and weird candies from far away places. When I am not waiting for my next exciting box you can find me painting or taking photographs of interesting people. I never leave home without pug hair somewhere on my shirt and a bold lipstick on my smile.

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Comments (21)

  1. My comment is for the September Box. I have enjoyed all my previous boxes HOWEVER, the Josh Rosebrook Box arrived and I was shocked. The products had a foul smell – I literally had to throw them away. Prior to that – I posted on Instagram ( I did not mention The Detox Box but I did mention Josh Rosebrook’s products ) one of the sites suggested that let the Josh Rosebrook company know what had happened and to warn others of the products. Well, Josh Rosebrook sent me many emails that put me down & threatened me – they did tell me to send them the product back ( during the Co-vid quarantine) & prove to them something was wrong. After that they continued to harrass me until I finally just said “enough” and left them to decide what they wanted to do. I only tell you this because I am a new client and I believe that you should have notice that some bad products are out there – the smell was just foul and the coloring of both product very dark and well I was disappointed. They will say they offered to make it better but I have the emails proving they were not a company I would ever do business with – after talking with my husband – he encouraged me to send you an email. Mainly because we expect quality from a company like yours. I wish you had just resent the Graydon package again – no foul smell – good value and nice package. I am looking forward to the new package I received today. I wish you safety and blessings at this time and PLEASE be wary of clean beauty that smells. They do have to be taken care of in a special manner. Regards.

    • This is shocking to me! I always imagined this would be such an upstanding company! I’m so sorry you went through that ordeal.

  2. I just wanted to say thank you so much for this discussion. Not only did I get awesome information, but I know I’m not alone in my continually increasing stash! This is why MSA is such a great site. A daily must for me! (Although, I’ve had enough of advent calendars. 😂). You guys rock! ❤️

  3. Flora-too funny!! I hear you. Gone through similar phases

    • I do have a spreadsheet that I put all my car expenses and medical mileage for tax purposes and those I actually can seem to keep track of since I don’t have as many updates as my sub boxes. You know you have a problem when your sub boxes are more time consuming than tax info 😆

  4. I keep them all visibly on my phone. I have a “subscriptions” section (don’t know what it’s technically called, but the square on the main screen you can drag App Icons into and make a “folder” and I add a link to the home page of each subscription to the it. For longer then month to month, I rename each with the date of expiry (like F21 for February 2021). I also have a link to cratejoy there where I easily manage those. I can explain it more in detail if anyone is interested in trying it out.

    • Yes, please.
      Thank you!

      • Say you just came to MSA for the first time, and you realize how awesome it is and that you want to comeback easily. To create a direct link to the website on your iphone or iPad main screen:
        1. While on the MSA home page, select the up arrow in a box icon at the bottom of the screen (for my iPad, it’s at the top of the screen-this process world for either)
        2. A menu will come up. Scroll to and select “Add to Home Screen”
        3. You’ll be able rename it or keep the name that is there. Some websites have done the work for you and have a nice icon (like MSA 😉)
        4. Select “Done” or “Add”
        5.Somewhere on your phone’s main screens, you will see the new Icon and the name you just gave the icon. You can leave it there for now…
        6. …you then sign up for Detox Box and want to add an icon on your phone, too.
        7. Repeat steps 1-5 for Detox Box.
        8. You now have 1 icon for MSA and 1 icon for Detox Box.
        9. Touch and hold the icon for Detox Box.
        10. A menu pops up. Select “Edit Home Screen”
        11. All the icons are now wiggling on your screen
        12. Touch and drag the Detox Box Icon onto the MSA icon.
        13. MSA and Detox Box icons are now together inside their own new folder
        14. Select “Done”
        15. Touch and hold the new folder icon
        16. A menu pops up. Select “rename” to rename your folder

        You can do this with all of your sub boxes and organize the folder however works best for you. I have a page in the folder for meal kits, a page for current monthly beauty boxes, a page for seasonal boxes, and a page for cancelled boxes that I’ve renamed with the date of expiry. I used to have a separate page for all boxes that have selections, so I can go to one place to make sure I’d done all the selections for the month.

        Sorry if it’s too detailed or not detailed enough. Let me know if you have any other questions or if I didn’t quite explain it right.

  5. A bit off topic on organizing in coming products but I had someone suggest making a Pinterest board of all the products I currently own. I’ve organized mine by skincare, body care, hair care etc. I have found this more useful than a spreadsheet. With their pictures and notes just below I can state if something is already open, and when they expire. It has helped me reduce over spending and wasting products. Thought I would share the great idea 😊

  6. How does one use full size products every month, do you use on your body? I have samples that last a month. Love this sub but no way I could even sub quarterly. Insight requested!

    • They usually mix up the types of items they send – one month was a really nice hair care/shampoo and conditioner set and the other had some great facial cleanser and serum products from a different brand. Sometimes there are product category repeats (I have enough Vitamin C serum to last at least a year lol) but for the most part I feel like I can use everything reasonably before it would expire!

    • There is a nice bit of variety with this one for sure! Personally, I rarely get to the bottom of most things. This is one of those boxes that always seems to deliver some of my fave brands though!

  7. I felt so silly this month when I saw this month’s spoilers. First, I was really excited when I saw the spoilers because it was the first time I had seen that particular cleanser (and seeing a new cleanser from a brand I like is a major weakness of mine when wanting to (re)sub to a box), and I had missed out on the hydrating serum when it was featured in a past Beauty Heroes box (I was on a stubborn no-buy at the time). The silly part was I re-subbed to a 3-month sub based on the spoilers, completely forgetting I was already subbed to a 3-month sub (this would be box #2 in the sub). Doh! Forgetting I’m subbed to a box is a first for me. I contacted Detox Market right away, and asked if they could cancel my order (I’d understand if they said no since it was my oversight). They replied within an hour and were so sweet and confirmed my order was cancelled. Whew!

    • Lol, for that I keep excel spreadsheet and keep track every month what I supposed to receive and what I received and all my prepaid boxes. I don’t even do this for my band account.

      • I have a spreadsheet too,

      • The funny thing is that I also keep a spreadsheet AND (ironically) to make it easier on myself to remember which boxes I’m receiving every month I jot them down in a notebook (for easier access), and it was when I was going to update the notebook (seconds after re-subbing) was when I saw I had Detox Box listed as a box I was going to receive in September, lol! Even without consulting my spreadsheet or notebook I know what I’m subbed to and when they expire, but for some reason I just spaced on this one. 🙂

      • Tell me more about your spreadsheet. What do you track? I set up one for my stash and then never updated it. Had product, box, month received and expiration date.

      • Spreadsheet …when your skincare stash becomes “work” #Stashqueen
        I started a spreadsheet to keep track of skincare that I would purchase again and I also got lazy about updating so it was easier to create an Amazon wishlist (I use the Amazon assistant plug-in to add products from websites.

        Then I started a spreadsheet to keep track of my swap stash and I found it was just easier to organize my stash better (use a multi drawer organizer that I can separate in categories).

        So spreadsheets and me aren’t friends anymore lol!

      • Thanks for the tips & trick, everyone!
        Maybe I should start a spreadsheet too.

      • I once tried to create a spreadsheet to keep track of my stash, and not even having completed one product category I was over it, lol. I love spreadsheets, but if I had to update one every time I brought something into my collection, took something out, then finished it, it would definitely feel like work, and this whole beauty box thing and trying new beauty products (plus re-visiting some old favorites) is fun for me and I’d like to keep it that way. 🙂 Using a spreadsheet for just my sub boxes that I access only once or twice per month is more doable for me. 🙂

      • My spreadsheet shows boxes I sub or have subbed to. Those highlighted are current subs, if prepaid and when expires, price, frequency (monthly, quarterly) and date received. For Oui Please I listed each box and date received because of issues but others I override date every month. I also have a separate tab broken down by month to keep up with how much postage I spend on swaps.

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