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Patchology Deluxe Mystery Box Review – August 2020

Patchology is a skincare brand that focuses on face masks, and they recently released some new mystery boxes to help “self-quarantine with a side of self-care.”

As of publication, this box is still available for purchase!

My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

About this Box

The Box: Patchology Mystery Box Deluxe: 24K Magic

The Cost: $50 + free shipping

The Products: “Our Mystery Box Deluxe: 24K Magic is full of skincare and accessories. $100-ish worth of product for only $50.”

Ships to: The US

Patchology 24k Magic Deluxe Mystery Box August 2020 Review


This kit came with a Patchology-branded bag that can store some of the sheet masks (or other skincare needs!).

Keep Smiling Moodpatch Lip Gel – Retail Value $3

I love the Moodpatch line from Patchology, and the aromatherapy properties of this mask are sweet violet and lavender while coconut extract hydrates your lips. These stay in place when I am chilling out on the couch, and the lavender and violet scent helps me relax. If you’re not a fan of scented products I would definitely skip these since they chill out in close proximity to your nose, but I really enjoy them.


Flashpatch Illuminating Eye Gels, 5 ct – Retail Value $15

I love eye gels, and I reach for them even if I don’t have particular eye concerns I want to target. These are made with vitamin C, green tea, and mulberry extract to brighten the appearance of dark circles, and they only need to be worn for 5 minutes which makes them great for getting ready in the morning (they also can catch falling eyeshadow when applying eye makeup, which is helpful when I am doing more than one color all over my lid).


Moodpatch Down Time Eye Gels, 5 ct – Retail Value $15 

I was hoping some of these eye gels would be in the mystery box- I’ll take all of the Moodpatches! The aromatherapy in these bad boys is a blend of calendula, lavender, and evening primrose. The calendula helps with inflammation, the evening primrose helps to soften and tone skin, and the lavender helps me zen out and relax. Along with soothing the appearance of tired eyes, these were a perfect pair to the Moodpatch lip gel for a face for a bliss.

As soon as I applied these I started to relax.


Little Helper Supplement, 6 ct – Retail Value $12

I really didn’t love the taste of these (they reminded me of cold syrup), but wow did they work. The patch dissolves in a few seconds the way some of the Listerine mouth wash strips do, and then within about 20 minutes, I went from wanting to take a Sunday nap to having enough energy that made me want to tackle washing my makeup brushes. As someone who frequently has low energy but never developed a taste for coffee, these worked well enough that I want to re-purchase more to have when the afternoon slump hits me at work.

FlashMasque Illuminate 5-Minute Sheet Mask, 2 ct – Retail Value $16 ($8 each) 

I didn’t know that there were skincare products out there that worked well enough to make my boyfriend notice, but he unpromptedly told me that my face was “glowing” when I had used this mask an hour before I saw him. That lives up to the ‘illuminate” name of these masks, and the ingredients combo of vitamin C, licorice, grapefruit extract, and panthenol worked to hydrate and brighten my skin after only wearing this mask for a few minutes-  5, to be exact. Sign me up, I need ten more. 


Breakout Box 3-in-1 Acne Treatment Kit – Retail Value $20

I literally came so close to purchasing this about a week or so before this box arrived, so I was stoked to see it in the kit. Inside the kit are 3 blackhead eliminating nose strips, 24 pimple shrinking salicylic acid dots, and 24 whitehead absorbing acne dots, along with two storage patches to store the acne dots in. I love the combination of a targeted acne treatment dot and then following up with a hydrocolloid patch once the pimple came up to a head. The dots had great adhesive so I had no trouble leaving them on overnight, and I really appreciate being able to store the open dots in the included pouches (I have definitely lost acne patches after using only one or two because the see-through nature of the patches). I don’t normally reach for nose strips, but I love and trust Patchology so I gave them a shot. I do feel like there was some gunk taken out of my face, but the stars of this kit are the acne dots for sure.


Restoring Night Cloudmasque, 0.2 oz – Estimated Value $8 (Buy the 1 oz version for $40)

I loved the texture of this moisturizer- it was thick and reminded me of poking firm pudding thanks to the whipped texture (is that too descriptive?). This night cream has the star ingredients hyaluronic acid, retinol, and peptides as well as niacinamide and 17 plant extracts, so it has a whole host of ingredients to improve the texture and appearance of your skin. When I woke up after using this the night before, my skin wasn’t dry or irritated. Overall, I really enjoyed this.


Daily Gel Moisturizer Aquaflash, 0.2 oz – Estimated Value $4.20 (Buy the 1.7 oz version for $35)

This is a much more lightweight moisturizer compared to the night cream, but it still has a great ingredients list. This gel moisturizer is made with neem tree extract, hyaluronic acid, vitamin B5, aloe vera, and fermented yeast. It sank into my skin quickly without leaving it sticky, and it layered well on top of my serums and under my sunscreen.

Verdict: I am a huge Patchology fan, so I have been itching to grab a mystery box from Patchology for a while. This was an incredibly satisfying box for me- between getting a product I seriously almost purchased the week before along with more of my beloved Moodpatches and discovering the supplement strips, I am a happy camper. Value-wise, Patchology promised a “$100-ish” value and everything in the box added up to $93.20. That is a few dollars short, but the personal value is there for me. 

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you order today? Yes, this is still available—and check out the other mystery boxes available here.

Value Breakdown: This box cost $50 with free shipping and I calculated a total value of $93.20. That means you’re paying approximately the following per item:

  • Lip Gel: $1.61
  • Illuminating Eye Gels: $8.05
  • Down Time Eye Gels: $8.05
  • Little Helper Supplements: $6.44
  • Illuminate Sheet Masks: $8.58 ($4.29 each)
  • Breakout Box: $10.73
  • Cloudmasque: $4.29
  • Aquaflash: $2.25

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What do you think of the Patchology Mystery Box?

Written by Jessica Hapak

Jessica Hapak

I am a staunch believer that pineapple doesn’t belong on pizza and when I’m not working as a family law attorney I enjoy hiking the Louisiana trails (alligator sightings are a favorite!) or relaxing with Duchess, my cat. I’m a sucker for anything labeled a mystery box and I’ve never met a bath bomb I didn’t like.

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Comments (21)

  1. I have really been enjoying this mystery box! Especially the energy patches. However, I don’t need the acne dots, so I was going to list them for swap and hope to trade for someone’s unwanted energy patches. BUT it’s not a stand-alone subscription box, although this brand is in several different boxes. Jessica, any idea on if we might be able to add these items to swap?

  2. Just snapped up a box and some things for an at home pedicure !! Thanks for sharing what you got.

    • Thanks for reading, Holly! Let me know what you think of the mood patches 🙂

  3. Lol. I use my eye masks opposite to Jessica as well. Maybe cause I have a scrunched face but the big ends glide right down and end up near my nose. Hehe. But with the small end words my inner eye they fit me perfect.

    • I do too! My first thought when I saw her in them was “ohhhh! I’ve been wearing them wrong!” Lol

      • As I understand it, the big side out toward your ear is good for targeting crows feet and fine lines, and the big side in towards your nose is good for targeting under eye circles.

    • I don’t think there is a wrong way- preference and comfort is what matters! 🙂

  4. I don’t think there’s a “wrong” way. I’ve always worn them the way that Jessica’s wearing them. 🤷

  5. I really enjoyed this box but I could not handle the flavor of those supplements! They taste so bad.

  6. There was a 20 % off code as well, RAINCHECK20, i think it still works!!

    • Thank you so much for posting that code! For $40 this was a steal!

    • Thank you for posting the code, Annette. I just ordered. And thank you for the review, Jessica!

    • Thanks for the code! Ordered a box!

  7. I know the other was a night moisturizer but it was still nice for them to include a lighter gel formula alongside the heavier for different skin types

  8. Nice review, but you’re wearing the eye patches the wrong way. The thinner end goes on the inside corner of your eye.

    • Hi Laura, thanks for reading! You can wear the eye patches either way 🙂

      • I’ve always worn them the same way as you! Lol I thought thats how they go

    • I would venture to say the same thing as Jessica. With the way that my eyes get puffy and my cheeks are, Jessica’s way also works for me.

    • Actually, if you click on the link to order a mystery box and scroll to the bottom of the page the very first thing you see is a model wearing the eye patches EXACTLY like Jessica. 😎 and as others have said, it’s totally preference.

      Also, I ordered a different Mystery box From Patchology awhile back and it was also awesome. I didn’t receive the Acne patches kit (I was hoping I would ) but I got the chance to try it through another subscription service and it is so great. Like Jessica mentioned, there are two kinds of patches in there and I am in love with the salicylic acid ones.

      I didn’t realize they had so many different boxes available right now!!!! I don’t know how to decide which one to get. Thank you so much for the code Annette!! And thanks too for the review Jessica, otherwise I would not have realized this was still available. If MSA is up for it, I would love to see a review of one of the $30 boxes as well! 😍🙂

      • Hi Joy- Not the Other one
        I’ll reach out to the powers that be and see if that is an option. I love Patchology and their mystery boxes, too 🙂

      • Okay so I couldn’t wait and I ordered the $30 Shell Yeah and the $50 Sky Blue. With the awesome code from Annette it was $64 together. Here is what I received in each:

        Shell Yeah ($30 box)
        Okay so I know this is super silly but I thought that maybe since it was called “Shell” it would have to do with the beach & that made me think maybe it would mean like stuff for a pedicure since you show your feet at the beach? I was WRONG! LOL!

        6 ml sample of Aquaflash Daily Gel Moisturizer (I received this in my last mystery box)
        3 pairs of Flashpatch Rejuvenating Eye Gels
        4 pairs of Moodpatch Keep Smiling lip gels (I received this in my last mystery box)
        4 Flashmasque 5 minute sheet masks in FIRM
        Patchology branded Make-up bag (I also received this in my last mystery box)
        1 foil sample of the Lip Service Gloss to Balm Treatment

        Sky Blue Box ($50)
        1 single pack (15 count) of the Clean AF facial wipes (received in my last mystery box)
        1 small box (15 pairs) of the Flashpatch Rejuvenating Eye Gels (received above in smaller box)
        1 full size (9ml) Lip Service gloss to balm treatment
        4 Flashmasque 5 minute sheet masks in Hydrate (received in my last mystery box)
        1 single pair of Moodpatch Perk Up eye gels (received in my last mystery box)
        Same makeup bag from above
        1 single foil sample of the Little Helper Energy Supplement (strip for under tongue)

        My take away from buying 2 boxes at once is that I won’t do that again. I know it is not their fault as they have no way of controlling which boxes people buy therefore they are unable to prevent overlap so I am not saying anything negative at all about the boxes themselves-the value is ABSOLUTELY there, I am just disappointed that I purchased 2 different boxes and got so much of the same thing. Not to mention I received most of it already in the box I purchased 2 months ago. I was hoping for some pedicure type stuff or some acne stuff. But I will use all of this and I LOVE the brand so it is really a win regardless.

        Also, just for reference, I think the main reason I was a little underwhelmed was because the last mystery box I purchased just about 2 months ago (It was called Lavender or something like that) was by far superior in my opinion. It was $50 and had an ENTIRE BOX of clean AF face wipes (that is 4 packs of 15 wipes each!) an ENTIRE BOX of Flashpatch Restoring Night Eye Gels (5 ), an ENTIRE BOX of Keep Smiling Lip Patches (5), an ENTIRE BOX of Current Mood Eye Patches (6 pairs total, 2 of each variety which was nice), 1 Flashmasque Face Mask in Hydrating, 4 The Good Fight Acne Face Masks, a 6 ml sample of BOTH the Aquaflash gel and the Cloudmasque night cream, and the makeup bag. This box was my first ever mystery box purchase from them and it was the reason I did not hesitate to order another one. I have to be honest, I was not as thrilled this time. Lesson learned that I need to quit being a lunatic who wants one of everything and just buy 1 mystery box! LOL 🙂 Sorry for the super long post, I just thought it might help someone else who is considering purchasing one.

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