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Ipsy Glam Bag Plus October 2020 Spoilers!

We have spoilers for the October 2020 Ipsy Glam Bag Plus!

Here are some of the products they are sending this month. Not all subscribers will receive all items:

TARTE Double Duty Beauty™ Shape Tape™ Setting Powder in Translucent

Get a flawless finish—no wizardry required. This vegan translucent powder blurs, bakes, and sets your makeup. It gives you a soft focus to blur the appearance of fine lines and imperfections and has a netted sifter that dispenses the perfect amount of powder.


DR.LIPP Lip Tint 3 Pack

Share your luscious secret with someone special or just treat yourself to this superfood natural tint set and thank us later for your naturally glowy rosy lips, cheeks, and glossy lids. This set boasts the beautiful natural pink of Sweet Potato, sexy burgundy of Elderberry, and the fresh coral of Red Radish.


MISCHO BEAUTY Nail Lacquer Set in Top Coat and Unbothered

Ready to update your nail game for fall? This lightly heathered lilac and high-shine top coat is a great way to start. Two coats of Unbothered and one coat of fast-drying top coat is all you need for the perfect summer-to-fall mani.


Think of this as like a magic wand for your eyes. It’s made with Super-Skin Boosting Factors complex, which combines an oxygen-releaser, hyaluronic acid, and clarifying L-enzyme to leave your eye contour flawless, day after day. Photoperfector HD technology gives you instantly visibly enhanced eyes.


THRIVE CAUSEMETICS Brilliant Eye Brightener™ in Aurora

Here’s another eye fave that’s put a spell on us. Powered by Ring Light Technology™ to diffuse light and define features, Brilliant Eye Brightener™ highlights, brightens, and opens your eyes, providing an instant eye lift. It’s infused with macadamia and meadowfoam oil to hydrate and help reduce the appearance of fine lines. The long-lasting, waterproof formula complements every skin tone and highlights all of your best features.



This extreme high-shine gel gloss is all treat, no tricks. It’s comfortable enough to not weigh you down and reflective enough to show your true colors with a shimmer, sparkle, or true shine finish. Chaser is a sheer mahogany brown with golden highlights.


VIOLET VOSS Lip Gloss in Romantical

Another gloss on our must-have list is this fantastical shimmery pink that gives a new meaning to “sparkle.” Wear it alone or on top of your favorite nude lip to add a touch of whimsy to any fall look.

What do you think of the spoilers?

And if you are new to the regular Ipsy, it is a $12 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes. And check out our Ipsy Spoilers to see what’s coming up in future boxes! Ipsy Glam Bag Plus is $25 a month. Check out our Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reviews to see what you can expect each month.

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus

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Comments (81)

  1. Has anyone else done their personalization? I just did mine and I was horribly disappointed. I’d share a screenshot if there was a way to add one. My first personalization selection was decent although I regret my choice on that one after reading reviews of the products. My second selection was three of the same product in different shades with the fourth option being an eye shadow palette. I received two eye shadow palettes last month and one of Ipsy’s choices for me this month was also a palette. I’m going to end up with another two eye shadows since I didn’t want any of the bland glosses in the 2nd selection. The third selection was yet more lip gloss as well as two different eye brow pencils and the fourth option was an eye pencil for “brightening”. Out of the last few months I keep getting multiples of the same item in different colors or brands as my options. It’s really disappointing because Ipsy was amazing at first. Last month wasn’t horrible but it wasn’t great. This month I don’t even feel like I’m getting my money worth. Plus the new bags are okay but not all that great compared to the actual zip bags we received before.

  2. Oftentimes the sheep are actually hurt in the shearing process. It’s very common for them to be left with open wounds and even get fly strike inside the wound.

    • Yes, I have read that too. I really, really hope they don’t pick that for me (going to go adjust my profile now!)

  3. I love all of these spoilers with the exception of Haus Labs.

    I also love my September bag.

    They chose
    Goldfaden MD Elixir Protect + Repair Serum
    Trestique Bronzer stick

    I chose
    Laura Geller spackle mist restore
    Dr. Brandt pore dermabrasion
    Colourpop lip trio

  4. I liked my September Ipsy. I wanted items that I couldn’t choose however I loved what I got to pick. I don’t care for the sparkle stuff or odd colors but love the creams, moisturizers and usuable products. I changed my preferences this month to get some different choices. I would prefer an actual zipper bag rather than soft material as it doesnt seem to protect my makeup. Thanks Ipsy.

  5. Not all sheared wool is derived cruelty free. I recommend not researching this topic if one has a weak stomach. I would prefer not to have lanolin in the products I use.

    • I will take your word for it. My cousin has sheep that she shears but it’s more of a hobby farm than a business so her sheep are family.

  6. Wow! DhL is so slow, I don’t get my box til September 24th, if I’m lucky. They say they are backed up, haven’t they been that way for 6 months now? When are they gonna figure out a system, getting a box I ordered on the 2nd is ridiculous…just ranting.

    • My ipsy bag is shipping from a town 2 hours away. It’s been stuck at “en route to DHL distribution center” for more than a week. 🤷🏻‍♀️ It’s not even a decent bag this month. I’ve already cancelled because I’m on product overload, but if I hadn’t, I would cancel over ipsy’s continued use of DHL.

    • Yeah, DHL is horrible. I made a separate ipsy item order that shipped out the 10th and has literally sat somewhere in DHL hell until today (still won’t arrive until the end of next week) but yet my glam bag shipped out on the 16th and arrived today. They sent it UPS this month. Not sure why but I’m so sick of DHL. They can use the covid excuse all they want but they’ve always had issues.

  7. I agree, I didn’t like any of the choices. I hope there’s some better makeup for us to pick from. This is not what i would buy at all. Why is there eye cream in every month. How much can a person use!

    • I agree too many eye creams I have like 10 im gonna have moisturized bright eyes for the rest of my life!! Where’s all the fun fall colored lipsticksicks?? The pretty colored cream blush? Maybe some hair products.

  8. On the Tarte, do they send only the dark color?

  9. With the Tarte Shape Tape, what color do you get? I have seen a couple different ones. Thanks

  10. Wow Oct look’s amazing so far!!

  11. Omg yes!!!!! I am so so so excited for next month now! Literally love and want everything I see! They always do that to me one month I don’t like anything and then the next month I want it all lol so and SUCH CUTE BAGS!! Love 💕

    • LOL, that’s good, you can predict and set your subscription frequency)) I’m newbie, I love trying it all 🙂

  12. Had such a mess on my account. I skipped regular bag but I have plus. It emailed me saying I successfully cancelled plus? But the 2and came and I still picked my products. And then got charged for regular bag. Ugh she forwarded my info to the Tech team and refunded me but it’s a mess.

  13. I really like Filorga’s other eye creams, and I’m getting to the bottom of the pot of that I have. I would really like to try this new formula. I skipped September, but there aren’t any October spoilers that I really dislike.

  14. I want all of the spoilers!!! Exciting!!

  15. I’m pretty excited for most of these spoilers! I always have a few items from the spoilers either picked for me or available in my choices, so I’m confident October will be a good bag for me! I’d he happy with any of these. I skipped September based on the spoilers and cause I really needed to save money this month. Super stoked for October though!

  16. I’m honestly in LOVE with all these spoilers except the HAUS lipgloss (Only because of the shade would not look good on me. I received it in the shade Ethereal a few months back and really like it!!) and the nail polish. Everythang else I would love especially the Dr Lipp products. I’ve been wanting to try them for the longest time and just never have!!

    • The Dr. LIPP products are AMAZING… I skipped a few.months with ipsy but i would love to get the trio pack and the tarte shape tape… I cant wait.

    • Dr.Lipp is AMAZING!

  17. I wish that was a pressed powder. Am I the only one who hates loose powder lol?

    I was thinking of signing up for plus for the cute bag, but I don’t really want any of these items. The Ultimate spoilers look great, but if I am paying $50 I am just going to go shopping for what I want.

    • I prefer pressed powder.

    • I actually prefer loose. I have dry skin and have to use VERY light powder and pressed powder is too heavy

  18. I am very excited for the spoilers except for the HAUS lip product.

  19. I’m loving these spoilers! I’m on a no-buy season so I must resist!

  20. This is more my style! I skipped September because there was just nothing there for me. The only items I wouldn’t want here is the Haus lip gloss and the setting powder. I only ever set my under eyes and I have enough good setting powder to do that for a lifetime. I’m in for October!

  21. I skipped the past 5 months but am going for October. I like the spoilers and I’ll use the bag so it’s worth it to me. I only get the plus when I need something now or I really like spoilers. I’ve gotten over my makeup addiction. But now it’s more fun seeing what others got. I got over my addiction by cutting back and putting myself on a budget and throwing things away that got old. When I really saw the waste I was upset with all the cash I spent. I figured out if I saved my budget cash instead of spending it on makeup I could buy other things like a sofa a vanity. So that’s what I did but I still award myself. I took 4 months budget and signed up for Fabfitfun for a year. I use to get 15 subscriptions a month. Now I get 1 or 2 a month.🙃😊

    • Great job! I’ve cut way back too, it’s more exciting now then receiving an overload of things I can never use all of in time.

    • Diane,

      Good for you!! What subscription boxes do you miss and what do you miss?

      I have Allure, Ipsy, Fabfitfun, Causebox, Bombay and Cedar monthly and quarterly lifestyle boxes. I also have Singlesswag.

      I got several of the CauseBox summer welcome and intro boxes. I pared that down to one. I have two Fabfitfun boxes, which I love because some of the products are different and other repeats I regift. Ipsy plus works best for me. I have two. Bombay and Cedar I love most everything and bought two mystery boxes for regifting.

      My general strategy is to take what I like and regift the rest.

  22. You know your bag is bad when half the subscribers skip it. The September bag is so awful they have to start slinging October’s bag on the very first day. I was on time and the choice/add-on went live around 6:15 am CST. Ipsy picks were an eye cream and one of the Avant items. The choices were mostly indie items….I got the Laura Geller Spackle (I wanted this), a Colourpop lip gloss trio (for my niece) and a Wander black eyeliner. Yes, you heard me correctly…..I chose a black eyeliner. Nothing at all to choose from because Ipsy has had the same items for MONTHS. They just recycle from bag to bag or choice to add-on. Don’t worry if you don’t get something you wanted, it WILL be offered to you in the next few bags. I was not offered one single thing in the spoilers. There were a few add-on products but I keep getting the same things (I don’t want it yet you’ve tried your best to make me have it….I have seen the black/gold tapered brush since March!) So I skipped add-ons and went to the base bag. I had forgotten that I was active and needed to cancel so I missed choice. It was actually a much better bag (except one of the items was a repeat). After October I am out of Ipsy Town. I don’t care to see spoilers or anything that might suck me back in. I have been an Ipsy member for 8 years. The name brands are no longer there (as compared to earlier Ipsy) and most of the stuff was just cheap junk (unless you had to pay extra). It makes me sad, but give me an October bag with my points redemption and I’m out.

    • My September Plus is fabulous for me!

      • I love mine! The items they picked for me and the choices they offered me mirror my profile beautifully.

      • I love mine too. I really wanted the Goldfaden serum and they read my mind and picked it for me! The mascara gets great reviews, and I really like the look of that brush set. That plus two nice eye creams (something I’m low on) makes a very good bag for $25. I also liked the addons. I’ve been wanting the Huda lipstick in a purple shade and finally got one!

      • Me too! In fact it seems like most people really like their Sept bags. There will always be the miserable ones who can’t be happy about ANYthing regardless of what they receive for $12 or $25……….but I’m 100% beyond thrilled with my September GBP!! I’m always happy because for $12 or $25 I’m getting a total steal and what I don’t use myself, I give as gifts. Win/win.

    • I can see your point. I am ok with my bag but do not love it for the mere fact that I was excited about the spoilers, yet other than one item that Ipsy picked for me, none were available as choice options. Many of the items available as choice were recycled from previous months. Some bags are better than others. June, July and August I loved, September, not so much.

    • I just started bag with the Ipsy Glam bags, and went with the plus in hopes for better products. I’m ready to ditch Ipsy again, for the same reasons I cancelled previously. It’s all junk! Waste of money for me.

  23. Based on my GBP today, the odds of any of these spoilers being in my October bag are pretty low… I feel like I should stop getting excited about these.

    • And that is yet another reason I am leaving Ipsy after October.

    • I feel the same way. The spoilers we see are never an option for choice!! So disappointed.

      • I’m happy. Instead of the spoilers, they offer me things I’m excited about. I’m glad not to have the spoilers.

    • GBP?

      • GBP is the abbreviation for the British pound sterling, the official currency of the United Kingdom

      • in this case GBP is Glam Bag Plus – the currency would make no sense here. 😆

  24. Yuck to the Haus lip gloss. I picked that when it was a choice a few months ago and it was the worst makeup I’ve ever tried. IMHO it was the same a dollar store stuff. Weird scent, the formula was not pigmented and didn’t last at all. Plus it had the consistency of drug store brand…was a flashback to my teen years.

    • Have to agree about that Haus lip gloss. Tacky and tacky. Not a great brand, in my opinion.

    • Bummer! What shade did you get? I wanted the mauve one (Ethereal), but I got the white one (Entranced). I was disappointed until I tried it on. I liked it.

      • I felt the same way! I got the Ethereal one and I ended up really liking it! I would love to end up getting more of them just not in this Chaser shade. Haha. I’m very fair skinned and this shade would look horrible on me!!

  25. What a great month! I love the bag and I want all the spoilers!

    • Me too! Everything looks amazing!

  26. When would I need to order to skip September and get the October box? This one looks really good but I did not want anything in the September box.

    • I think if you join now it doesn’t start until October anyway. I can ask the Ipsy team for you if you want me to? I’m not sure if they let you choose your first month. At least that’s how it used to be when we had only one choice. I can ask that as well if you like?

    • I upgraded to include plus on the first of this month and I won’t get one until October so you’re safe. They may email you saying you will get one for this month but you won’t. I don’t know why they do that.

  27. I skipped September and I thought these were for this month and I was so mad at myself for skipping. I am def. getting October.
    On a side note I received my tarte items last night from that last sale and wow, I picked great items and I picked perfect shades. I wanted to appreciate these items and not get more so I skipped ipsy this month.

  28. I am actually excited about October. Still thrilled to bits that I skipped September, though.

  29. Ugh! I hate that bag!

    The spoilers are great, but that bag is awful. Meh.

  30. Ugh! I hate that bag!!!

  31. I never got a single Ipsy spoiler in my life!! Maybe once, I have had Ipsy for like 8 years, now they have add on spoilers!! At least I can get those!! Haha

    • Same! I feel like they are always just add ins and we get the same repetitive crap to choose from in our bags. October is the last month for me if it’s more of the same

  32. These spoilers look REALLY good to me! Especially since it seems like several of them (Tarte powder, Haus lip gloss, Violet Voss lip gloss) might be available in multiple shades.

  33. Nothing I want in these spoilers. Maybe November, well have to see what other spoilers come up before skipping October.

  34. Love it!

  35. I want the bag and that’s it. Hope something better comes along.

  36. Well, I guess they got me for another month. Hopefully more than one of these will actually be an option for me this time

  37. Want that Violet Voss lip gloss!

    Is the Tarte picture correct? This may look translucent on Serena Williams but not on me.

    • The violet voss lip gloss is actually in points right now.

      • It’s nice that they’re always trying to trick us 😒

      • In a different color, “Dream”. The one above would look better on me. I’ve never had anything from Violet Voss, so would be happy to try.

    • I wanted the Violet Voss gloss as well, but it is really small, almost half the size of the one I got from Boxycharm last month. Plus looking on Violet Voss’ website they don’t seem to carry lip products anymore. idk what to think

    • The tarte powder comes in 2 shades.

    • Yes, Julia, I was wondering the same thing. The picture looks like the pigmentation is very dark. I would love to try this, but could only use it if it was actually translucent. Hope IPSY will be able to shed some light on this.

    • On the spoilers page on the ipsy app it says translucent tan deep so prob is unfortunately right

  38. Very nice! I would love to try all of these with the exception of the Dr. Lipp item (I tried it before in a Birchbox and found it to be gloopy). Everything else is great. 🙂

    • Agree on Lipp. I really found it to be funky. Bad texture and taste. Pass, lol.

    • I also agree about the Dr. Lipp. Its made of lanolin, a “waxy substance derived from sheep.” Ick. As a vegetarian I don’t want that on my lips! I will be very bummed if they pick that for me.

      • Lanolin comes from sheared wool, it doesn’t hurt the sheep.

  39. Another pass for me

  40. Wow!! I actually want ever single spoiler!!!

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