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Ipsy Glam Bag October 2020 Spoilers!

We have spoilers for the October 2020 Ipsy Glam Bag!

Here are some of the products they are sending for October. Not all subscribers will receive all items:

 BOBBI BROWN COSMETICS Smokey Eye Mascara in Black

The perfect complement to a smoky eye look, this kohl-pigmented mascara delivers high drama by creating extremely black, stretched-out lashes in an instant. Plus, the long-wearing formula holds its own against flaking, smudging, sweat, and humidity. Plus, a thicker brush base evenly combs through eyelashes from roots to ends, while a tapered tip grabs those small, hard-to-reach lashes.


SUNDAY RILEY Auto Correct Brightening and Depuffing Eye Contour Cream

We love when an eye cream goes the extra mile. This one delivers a lifted and depuffed look while reducing the appearance of dark circles and fine lines. But it also has fine, sheer shimmer to add even more brightness to your eyes. Caffeine and Brazilian ginseng root extract rapidly reduce the appearance of puffiness and dark circles, energizing tired-looking eyes.


SMASHBOX Oil & Shine Control Primer

This fave feels like clouds and mattifies like magic. It truly controls oil and shine throughout the day and is infused with healthy-skin ingredients like Witch Hazel, Salicylic Acid, and Zinc. The result is a silky, cloud-like matte finish that helps makeup look better longer.


R+CO Waterfall Moisture + Shine Lotion

A hair lotion that works on fine to medium hair? Now that’s magic. Cascade into an overflow of moisture and shine with this ‘do maker. This lotion will leave hair glossy, soft, and manageable. The scent? Juniper Berries, Blood Orange, Rhubarb, Leather Accord, Violet, and Dark Woods. It’s perfect for fall.

BAREMINERALS Strength & Length Serum Infused Mascara in Extreme Black

This clean, vegan mascara is formulated with a plant-based lash serum that’s proven to deliver visibly longer, fuller lashes — instantly and over time. Contact lens wearers, rejoice! This baby is formulated without unnecessary additives, harsh ingredients, or hormones to be safe and gentle. It also has a patent-pending paddle brush that gives you a completely new way to apply mascara — the brush lengthens, lifts, and defines for your longest lashes ever.

LAURA MAKEUP LABS Queen Blending Brush

Get an airbrushed finish on every single look with this blending brush featuring soft, cruelty free, and vegan fibers. It’s got a super comfortable and glamorous handle and a slightly flattened brush head to work on every eye shape and size.

MALIN+GOETZ Mojito Lip Balm

This hydrating lip gel helps replenish dry lips with a blend of fatty acids that offer a layer of nourishing protection from day to night. It absorbs quickly and does not transfer or require constant reapplication. Its signature mojito scent will also help you hold onto the summer vibes just a little longer.

What do you think of the spoilers?

And if you are new to the regular Ipsy, it is a $12 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes. And check out our Ipsy Spoilers to see what’s coming up in future boxes! Ipsy Glam Bag Plus is $25 a month. Check out our Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reviews to see what you can expect each month.


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Comments (55)

  1. For IGB I was able to pick the Oryza Astral Amethyst Shimmer Eyeshadow as my October pick. Not sure why that option is not on the spoilers. Also I am not in need of more eyeshadows but I am kind of overflowing with eye serums, face creams and mini mascaras at this point. So I picked a makeup item to see if they switch up my products a bit.

  2. I was considering skipping a month because I don’t like the bag. But I love the items shown so I won’t. I loved my September glam bag and the Mystery bag. Due to having too much I’ve

    • My comment posted before I was finished. (New phone lol). What I was going to say is I’ve canceled all my other subscription boxes because I have too much. But Ipsy is making it hard for me to cancel my glam bag because I am loving everything and it’s only $12.

  3. Sherri — my timeline for regular Ipsy bag says 9/23 is the choose a product date.

    • Thank you Patsy! I have emailed Ipsycare twice now and neither customer service rep. Could tell me anything. 😠 I was like really? I really appreciate you taking the time to let me know! 💓

    • I guess that doesn’t apply if we skipped September then? I never got the choose product option. Boo. :/

  4. I didn’t like my August products and I hated my September products. I canceled. I will probably resub again, but not any time soon.

  5. These spoilers look awesome!! Just an FYI, if you get the Bobbi Brown mascara it’s going to be TINY. I’ve gotten a few samples of hers and they are literally microscopic.

    • Barbi mascara?

  6. Hey all, Ipsy Pop-Up Sale is going on right now. Duos for $5 and bundles for $10, $20, and $30. I spent $50, yikes how does that happen?!! LOL Have fun!

  7. Love the bag and love these spoilers! I also loved September. So much complaining about shipping I swear it’s like no body cares that we’re STILL in a pandemic, places are still short staffed, still incorporating safety measures and distancing, I’ve rarely ever gotten my bag before the third week of the month even before this. It’s a makeup bag not life saving medication. Amazon has spoiled too many people.

    • Thank you! I can’t believe the griping on here sometimes – people are lucky to be getting ANYTHING at this point in time. Just understand from the start that it’s not going to get to you quickly and stop complaining about how slow everything is. It’s the new normal – just accept it!

    • Right. I still don’t have my bag. It will get here when it gets here.

      • Except that while I understand with the whole, social distancing and health precautions in place, my bags have gotten out in regular time this whole time 🤷🏼‍♀️ if anything, when all this first started, they got to me sooner.
        And the shipping argument is bogus- I’m a reseller, I sell things on the internet on different platforms, and I haven’t seen any change in the times my items get there whatsoever.

  8. September was an absolute BUST for me, as were the add-ons, I think I’ll only be actually using one or two products I’ll be receiving.
    Thankfully, just as I was starting to get pretty much over my ipsy sub, I see these spoilers.
    I’d be more than happy to get any of these pretty much, except the mascaras, which seem to be what most ppl are excited about lol. I have so many mascaras from all my subs, I don’t think I’ll ever have to buy mascara again in my life. Literally.
    I love everything Sunday Riley, this is one of the only products I haven’t tried, and have been wanting to for awhile. Overall looks like an A+ bag for me, and not too soon, either.

  9. They could send me all repeats and I would be happy this month. That bag is fantastic!
    I have received a lot of R +CO items and the work great , smell lovely but unfortunately I am allergic. It was so hard to give all my R+CO items away. I may even get am ultimate for October because the bag is so amazing.

  10. I still haven’t received my August bag. My package (with $50 worth of add ons) sat for 3 weeks at the warehouse waiting for pickup. Now when i search DHL it says the tracking number is invalid. Good God… time to cancel. I hope i can get a refund for this nightmare…

    • DHL SUCKS! I really hope IPSY gets rid of them! Every since DHL got involved both my GB and GBP come later and later…even before COVID! I followed the tracking several months. It starts at ISPY in NC. Then it USE to come up this way directly to MD….then here to PA to the main (only one I think) sorting place in Harrisburg. Then back down to my post office. I live 5 – 7 minutes from Hagerstown MD So I got both of my subs fast! Once they started using DHL forget about it! This last time when it hit MD it went right past me up to NJ then back to MD then here to PA to sorting station then to my post office! (I think I left out a state somewhere lol) All said it took over 2 weeks to get to PA from NC! And I screen shot the tracking every day for proof! I could have walked there faster to pick it up! This never use to happen prior to DHL! YES…. I know that f’n COVID does factor in somewhat and that companies are short staffed, and that my IPSY isn’t as important as other things, but this is crazy!
      As for your bag what did IPSY tell you when you contacted them? Please complain about DHL to them… also anyone else that has a problem with their service! And, from now on, everyone should sign up for tracking updates….it’s FREE….for both DHL and from the Post Office (USPS)! It goes directly to your e-mail, or if you choose, text messaging. And screenshot each update for proof!
      I just thought of another thing for you to check! Go to Your Account and click on Orders! It is broken down monthly and it has your Add-Ons shown there and anyother items you purchased…not the bags themselves though. I know my Add-Ons have been coming in separate IPSY pkgs. So check there to see what it shows!
      Most of all Good Luck! Stay Safe!

      • Thanks for all that, but I’ve canceled. Ipsy refuses to refund me, even though the tracking number they supplied no longer exists anymore (the label was printed and sat for 3 weeks, then “disappeared “). They will only send replacements that will further be delayed or disappear until you can’t do anything about it anymore (and of course the really good add ons are out of stock, so I’ll be getting a piddly refund for those in a few weeks). $75 spent 6 weeks ago, and nothing to show for it – no shipment in transit… nothing. This company is deplorable! I hope my credit card company will do the chargeback.

      • Oh, I feel your pain, I am about an hour west of you in Little Orleans, MD, and it’s always the same thing. It’s like going on a wild goose chase, when tracking my GBP bag.

      • Good advice. Mine created a ship number never left and then disappeared, didn’t even get updates , so maddening hope someone / dhl is making good use of my missing products .

    • Haven’t received my August yet either and now my 56$ in add ons are no longer available, second month in a row . My tracking said the exact same thing! Good luck !

      • I here you Tamara this has been going on for 3 months for me. Still waiting for Aug bags and no add-ons they are all gone. Somebody at DHL must be having a field day. They always seem to lose mine just when it’s time to hand it over to the post office.

  11. I’m looking forward to some of my Sept items that look great, but wasn’t interested in the add ons. For October, I recommend the Mojito balm! I would love to try the Bobbie Brown mascara. Thank you those of you who warned about the other one. The blending brush looks cute, but I don’t need more. Can’t wait to see what else ipsy is sending!

  12. If I sign up now will I get the October bag as my first bag? Or should I wait? I don’t want September’s bag, but I love the one for October! Thanks!

    • I have the same question, and it’s really difficult to find the answer, as it turns out!!

      • I sent an email to Ipsy, and got this response:

        Our billing period usually ends around the middle of each month, so if you signed up around that time, you might be immediately billed for the October Glam Bag.

        So I guess I’ll wait till then to sign up.

  13. I’m new and very excited to get my September bag. I absolutely love this October bag. I liked the choice of September products and I believe there are some good choices for October as well. Did I state that I LOVE the October bag? Oh, right, I did.

  14. I have tired the mojito balm. Its fabulous. I think I got one back 3 years ago in my ipsy.

  15. I was thinking of re-subbing for just the bag in Oct. the spoilers were very boring and meh until I scrolled to the end. I LOVE!!! that monitor lip balm. Praying I get it when I resub!

  16. I love 💕 Smokey Eye Mascara! I hope it is offered as an add on. I never count on it being in my bag to start. I would like the Mojito lip as well. I wish Ipsy would ditch the bag and include an extra item instead. My annual ends with the September bag. Still not sure if I will renew.

  17. I like the bag but after the September junk not sure I will even remain a member. Even addons was a bust. It seems Ipsy is going downhill again. It’s like they go in waves between Ipsy and Boxycharm.

    • Love the bag!

    • Yeah, I was hoping to see the Kaja bento shadow and the Purlisse CC cream in the add ons.

  18. I’m okay with any of the spoilers Except the bare minerals.
    I don’t know if it’s the formula or if it just for some reason doesn’t work on my lashes, but I received it with the box they offered about a month ago and I swear that it had flaked off and smudged under my eyes by the time I got in my vehicle to go to work.
    I’ve given it about 3 more tries and I keep having the same experience.

    • It’s definitely not just you, and certainly not a bad batch. That abomination of a mascara smudged and gave me raccoon eyes within a matter of minutes.

  19. Looks like I’m probably going to be skipping again.

  20. My brain is still grumping about my Sept bag! LOL But, these are decent spoilers. Some name brand mascaras are interesting but I just bought new Eyekos from Ulta’s 21 Days event. SR Eye Cream looks nice. Oooohh, that PURPLE brush!!! Mojito lip balm sounds yummy too. The bag is a little freaky looking to me, that huge eye is somewhat uncomfortable for me but I love the zipper pull. Might take it off and add to my key chain and dump the bag or bury it at the bottom of a drawer, creepy sucker! lol

    • I am grumpling too. September’s bad had the teeny tiniest of samples in the bag. I’ve grown used to reasonably sized products from Ipsy and I am hoping this is not a pattern.

      • Although I still haven’t received Sept’s bag, (have an estimated delivery of the 21st, the latest I’ve ever received a bag) I’m not really missing out on much, as I’ll only be using 1 or 2 of the items. And the bag itself is absolutely heinous. October is my birthday month, and I’m super stoked abt these spoilers! Serendipitous! Lol

  21. I love all these spoilers, but the one I want the most is that gorgeous brush!!!!

  22. A mascara I’m actually interested in trying?!

  23. When should I sign up to get October’s box?

    • I signed up today and it said I was getting October, which is the month I wanted (so I can get the bag, I love the design).

      • Awesome, thank you!

  24. I like these spoilers and the bag is cute for October. I’ve been making my bags into wristlet. I hate carrying my purse around plus they make nice gifts with makeup.

    • Great idea! How do you convert them? Do you add a strap or use as is?

      • I add a strap to them, they make nice gifts. My friends really like them.

  25. I really love that R+Co leave-in, especially if I use a dry oil to seal it into my hair. I definitely would pick that if it’s a choice.

    Malin + Goetz lip balm looks good, too.

  26. I like most of these! I’m most interested that gorgeous brush, but the Malin+Goetz lip balm, R+Co product, and Sunday Riley eye cream are nice too.

  27. I like the bag. Eye contour creme might be good.

  28. Solid products for the spoilers. I’m over Sunday Riley after too many products failed to live up to the hype for me, but know she has many fans. I’d like to try that primer, although I usually use a primer with spf. The purple blending brush is right up my alley. Solid products, but not much in the way of new products.

  29. OOOH! Great spoilers..I’m a mascara junkie..I have so many, but I can’t stop! I REALLY want the Sunday Riley and that brush is gorgeous (all about the purple) YAY!

  30. Oo, need the lipbalm and the Sunday Riley!

  31. These are nice spoilers… I especially like the mojito lip balm. 🙂

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