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Ipsy Glam Bag October 2020 Choice Time!

It’s time to pick one of the items for your October 2020 Ipsy Glam Bag!

Which product are you choosing for your October 2020 Ipsy Glam Bag?

Here’s a look at the October the bag design:

What do you think of the spoilers?

And if you are new to the regular Ipsy, it is a $12 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes. And check out our Ipsy Spoilers to see what’s coming up in future boxes! 


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Comments (87)

  1. I’m happy to see someone loves the briogeo leave in conditioner.. I just ran out of my living proof. I hope I get to try this in my bag.. first month of ipsy for me

  2. I didn’t get those choices. I chose a full size Ofra highlighter in bellisima.

  3. No SR left for me, guess I was too late. I’m getting the Tarte tinted moisturizer – crossing my fingers that the “fair” is actually fair and not orangey!

    • Sam, I have a sample of this Tarte moisturizer in Fair Neutral which I received with a recent Tarte order. I’m quite fair and thought it was a nice color for me. I did not find it orangey at all. If it’s the sample size that Tarte offers with their points program, it’s a very small sample size. I was disappointed in the size. It seems like sample sizes are shrinking across the board nowadays. I hope you’re happy with the color.

  4. I picked Ofra highlight in bliss. They make my favorite highlighters. Don’t know why it’s not listed on yours

    • People with fair or light skin were not offered highlighter . I had mine set at medium and had Ofra as choice.

  5. I picked S R eye cream. I am looking more towards skin products than makeup. I have so much makeup, even gave a lot of it to my daughter and still have enough to last me a lifetime lol. Husband tells me to start selling some of it but I don’t want to!!

  6. Am getting 2 bags for October. I like the design of the bag for October. I picked the Oryza palette for 1 bag and the Bobby Brown mascara for bag 2. The palette looks pretty and I like the colors. I’ve not tried any Bobby Brown products. Never have gotten any samples so I had to get the mascara.

    • I have a couple of those Oryza pallettes. They are small but I love them! I toss one in my purse for last minute makeup!

    • I’m getting 3 glam bags for oct 🤣 the spoilers were my jam!!! I had my mind made up on the bobby brown! But no! Something about that it mascara made me desperate to try it! So I picked it. And the other 2 sundae products for my other 2 bags. That was the best and hardest choice I’ve seen! Benifit is my fave brand. Honestly I wanted it all so bad!!! Fingers crossed for add ons!

  7. I just sub to glam bag today and does anyone know when can I pick my choice? It just says “your glam bag is coming soon”, I hope I’m not getting the Sept bag.

    Also, they reactivated my paused GBP after I sub to the glam bag and charged me for it but no pending charge for gb. Now I’m very confused, had to pause GBP again and wonders about glam bag.

    • Hi Lynn,

      You will most probably get the October bag but you won’t be able to pick your choice because this is your first month. You will be able to pick starting in November.

    • That’s weird. I resubbed just to get the cute Goth bag and it let me pick a sample and sent three emails saying You are getting October. Sunday Riley was not an option though. You might get better stuff by rolling the dice.

    • I skipped my Oct GB and re-activated my GBP on the same day. I just logged in after seeing your comment and my GB was unskipped so I skipped it again. Hopefully it will stick this time. It is still showing my GBP as active.

  8. I grabbed the tarte foundation. Sunday Riley eye cream, the brush, and the IT mascara weren’t choices for me even though I have eye cream set for always and I’m 38….

    • They tend to have a set number of each product available for choice, so sometimes popular products aren’t available later in the day. You can usually guess which ones they’re going to be by reading these comments 😂

      • I thought stuff was selling out too but I could have picked the purple eye shadow palette and I signed up around noon EST. People who had gone in earlier couldn’t see it. I think it might be set to profiles.

    • They never have all options available for all subscribers, & they give anyone who asks why the runaround. It’s a mystery.

  9. I cant wait until my annual is over. Every month I regret signing up for it. The value keeps getting lower and lower and they clearly are not using my profile anymore. My bag this month was all samples again (as opposed to 1 or 3 full size that are typically given), contained repeats that I’ve marked 1 star on the other 3x I received them. This used to ve ny favorite affordable option. Im so sad at the decline in items ive gotten

    • I hear you SquirrelyGirl! What bothers me is not getting the Ipsy offers that I pay for and never receive. What’s even worse is that I have to reach out to them to check the status of it only to be told that they’re out of stock and a refund will be issued. It’s happened more than once. I’ve also had problems with add-ons that I purchase that they ended up running out of stock of but yet still made it available for add-ons for plus. It is very frustrating when you anticipate something such as an offer and it just never comes. I really like getting Ipsy overall especially now they we’re able to choose one item because you’re at least guaranteed to get something that you want if the choices are good.

      • This happened to me back in April, and I just chalked it up to COVID or DHL being a lousy company because things apparently went south when they were supposed to transfer my order from DHL to USPS. This is interesting to hear that it has happened multiple times (not getting your Ipsy offer).

      • I haven’t had issues with add ons or offers, but I do know they switched to DHL and they are quite possibly the worst shipping company out there. My bag comes way later than it used to, but it does arrive (with the exception of one lost GBP bag which was replaced). It sucks though, when you don’t receive what you’ve paid for and are only offered credits

    • The regular IPSY bag is only samples. I think you’re confusing it with the Plus, which is full-sized items. If you’re hoping for at least 3 full-sized products you should definitely be getting the Plus.

      • No. I am talking about the regular bag. I have been a member for several years and we have always gotten 1 or 2 full sizes. My last 2 bags have ONLY been samples. I used to get a nail polish or an eye liner, lip product etc that were full size, but I feel like being locked in at the $10 rate, they have chosen to give us wimpier products. My bag value this month, barely added up to $20, where in the past I have received anything from from $45-85 in product. I think a lot of us long time subscribers of Ipsy are noticing that things have changed.

        And now that they are consistently sending me products that they used to avoid sending me (because they paid more attention to profiles) it’s an even less of a value to me. I have canceled all my beauty subs except Fashionsta (I’m grandfathered in at $19.99) and So Susan Color Curate, because for a few more dollars- it’s all full size and all cruelty free. I don’t mind indie brands, so for me it works. I do still have Ipsy Plus (I’ve gotten it since they first introduced it) but I skip it more often than opting to get it now.

      • I have received regular for 3 yrs and there are totally full size products. I usually always get 2-3. The ofra highlighter is full size and so are lipsticks, single eyeshadow, brush, some blushes and eyeliner . I was also disappointed in Sept samples. Seems like they raised price and give more samples than $10 bag had.

    • Now I hear you on the profile being more of a general suggestion vs rarely meaning you won’t be sent those types of products. They purposely don’t have a never option 😉

      As far as product size, technically the blush brush, lip balm, and eye shadow quad are all full sized products … but as was mentioned above, Plus is all full-sized and you do get to pick more.

      • I have GBP [but skip a lot now] and having been getting regular for years. My point was just that for my last couple of bags there hasn’t been a single full size item. Now I really wouldn’t care about that if I was receiving items I enjoy, but I haven’t been lately. There used to be an option to contact them and opt out of 2 categories, but they don’t have that anymore. Now I’m receiving repeats. I have received benefit porefessional 4x now. Their gimme brow 2x. Etc etc. The value just isn’t there for me anymore. I feel like as soon as I locked in the annual $10 price, the bag has gone downhill. Like I said before, its a bummer because it used to be my favorite inexpensive bag

  10. There were SO many good choices this month – I could have easily picked out my bag just from the above items! I ended up going with the Malin+Goetz balm, because it’s full size and I’ve heard really good things about it. But I could have just as easily picked the Gimme Brow, Sunday Riley Auto Correct, or the Briogeo.

    Also, for some reason, I don’t think I was shown the Oryza palette? Perhaps I just wasn’t paying attention. That’s too bad, because those colors are right up my alley. Crossing my fingers it’s in my bag.

    • Really the lip balm is full sized? I must have missed that but that’s awesome! I’m glad I chose that. I got the palette as a choice, but didn’t get any SR choices unfortunately. Hoping the auto correct is in the add-on’s or in my bag because I wanted try that!

  11. I usually hate when ipsy sends a product we’ve received in the past but in a new shade…but was so in love with the Oryza palette I got last month that I picked the amethyst this month. Those teeny little things are SO perfect for me! I really love that they actually make cohesive eye looks (unlike, say, Clinique’s tiny palettes, which never make any sense to me).

    But in general I’m so in love with all of these choices! I’d be happy with almost any of them.

  12. For my three regular glam bags I chose Ofra full size highlighter in Blissful a shade I don’t have, the Tarte maricuja foundation, and the brush. No Sunday Riley on my choice list! I don’t get why because I have reviewed Sunday Riley products 5 stars in the past.

    • So bummed I didn’t have the Ofra ‘Blissful’ as a choice. It’s a mystery because Ipsy is fond of sending me highlighter in every bag.

  13. Was anyone else surprised that choice seemed like it opened when they said it would vs an earlier mystery time? As a West Coaster I was thrilled it was 6am vs 4am!

    • Choice always opens at 6 am you are thinking add ons on 2nd that opens at 4:30 am PST.

    • It’s the add-ons on bag reveal day that open earlier than the stated time- usually around 7:30am ET. AFAIK, choice always opens at 9am ET.

    • Thanks! It all blured together with GB and GBP and Add-ons and Choice and …

  14. Why the heck is regular glam bag and ultimate choice open today but we have to wait til October 2 for plus bag??!! Stupid! I don’t get my monthly check deposited until the 3rd and I always miss plus choice ugh! Doesn’t make sense they all should be on the same day!

  15. I got the Smashbox primer. I’m almost out and even the tiny tubes last awhile since I don’t use it everyday.

    My eyes gloss over even new and interesting mascaras now since I couldn’t get through all the ones I have if I tried.

    I’d be happy with most everything else except the brow gel, I prefer pencils.


    • October 2… some people say their Ipsy timelines have updated to show Plus Choice as Sep 30 (I paused for Sep, so I can’t see the timeline on my account).

      • Im confused I guess cause Choice is today for GBP and GBU. Thank you

      • Yes, the switch to the second of the month started in September, so that you can check your regular glam bag reveal before you buy add-ons for Plus.

    • Its on October 2nd, its always on the 2nd of the month now that we get to pick 3 products every month. My timeline doesn’t show it on September 30th, my timeline doesn’t have September 30th on it at all. It just has 10/1 and says Stay Tuned

      • Thanks for the info! I know Ipsy Timelines are often glitch, so I try to take sudden date changes with a grain of salt.

  17. Great choices! I actually picked the brush because I’m tired of cleaning mine lol. I just opened a new bottle of luna oil, and I have a bunch of eye cream right now so ruled out the SR items. I just bought the Benefit brow gel recently. Everything else I liked too, but I wanted the brush the most

    • The only thing that really interests me, is the blush brush… so, I went with that. I’m happy with it. 🙂

    • Em, my apologies… I thought I was posting a new comment. I didn’t realize I had replied to your comment. 🙂

    • I went with that pretty emerald blush brush too. SLMissGlam brushes seem kinda pricey so when I can take advantage of one, I like too, and nothing else was really screaming my name. Well, the Oryza Purple palette was quietly calling but I have those shades in many of my other palettes. The emerald brush made my eyes glaze over! lol

  18. This was the first GB choice in a while that was actually really hard for me to decide. I wanted practically everything. I chose the SR Auto Correct Eye Cream and I’m hoping a lot of the otber options are available in add ons. Flash sale had some awesome options this time too

  19. I already have 2 of the Tarte tinted moisturizers thanks to their 4 for for $35 sale. I picked the Oryza Amethyst palette . Amethyst is my birthstone. I am hoping it looks like one on Oryza website and not stock picture Ipsy showed.

    • Do you like the Tarte Tinted Moisturizers? That’s what I chose for my bag, I’m always happy to get a new foundation to try.

      • Yes I do it feels light and I forget I have anything on. When I want more coverage I use my Tarte tinted pressed face powder I got in other Tarte kit and it’s perfect.

      • Awesome, thanks for responding and for the tip! I’m 31 and still haven’t found my “holy grail” foundation so fingers crossed that I love this!

  20. Easy choice for me. I went for the brow gel! I need more eyeshadow and mascara like I need a poke in the eye. I was tempted by the lip balm though.

  21. I picked the lip balm; I almost picked the night oil, then saw the mojito lip balm, which is my most favorite lip balm!! LOVE that stuff!

  22. I didn’t have either of the Sunday Riley as choices! Not at all thrilled with any of the other choices. Skipping again this month.

    • Same! Neither of the Sunday Riley products were on my choice list. This is my first glam bag and I picked the oryza eyeshadow quad. I love the fall colors there!

    • Same here, both Sr items were not choice items for me… Not really happy but want the bag so didn’t skip. Ended up choosing lip balm.

    • Same here! SR products are my fave and neither were options for me. I didn’t realize that all options weren’t available to everyone. ☹️

    • Same with me, I think I only had 10 choices available to me and none of them were calling to me so the easiest choice was to skip!

    • Why isn’t Sunday Riley on my choice list? Lame!

  23. I guess I’m the only one that wasn’t too thrilled about the choices!! I’m usually the complete opposite and love everything. Haha I chose the Sunday Riley eye cream because I’m really into eye creams at the moment. I love the colors in the Oryza palette but I received one last month and it just didn’t perform well for me!! I was kinda bummed because the colors in it were really pretty too!!

  24. This was a hard choice! I went with the Tarte hydrator because I need something with a bit of color. But! I really wanted the Bobbi Brown mascara and the sleeping oil. Thinking add ons are going to kill me if they’re as good as the choices.

  25. I picked the Oryza palette. I never pick makeup, especially eyeshadow but I love oryza and the colors are perfect for fall!

  26. This was a hard choice for me . I was undecided between the tarte foundation and the Sunday Riley eye cream. I ended up with the Sunday Riley eye cream to try something new .

  27. Picked the Sunday Riley eye cream. I like sparkly eye creams 😬

  28. I chose the Mojito lip balm! Lots of good choices this time!

  29. I went for the eye cream. It was a hard choice! I was also tempted by the Tarte, Briogeo, and mojito lip balm. I decided that I am in need of eye cream more than the other items. Hopefully I still get them in my bag!

  30. I chose the Tarte Foundation, I love being able to try different ones. But I hope the Mojito lip balm and IT mascara are in add-ons, two things I really want to try! Fingers crossed GBP choices and IPSY selection is better this time around. I wasn’t thrilled with this month.

  31. Great choices and I spent too much on the flash sale! Could not resist!

  32. I selected the lip balm (it got great reviews on the M+G website and I desperately need a good lip balm) and also dropped an embarrassingly large amount of $ in the flash sale…

  33. Got the Luna night oil! These days I don’t usually wear makeups so it’s time for trying some skincares for me 😂

    • Same for me–normally I’d be all over eye shadow (love the green palette that’s a choice in Ultimate, but skipped Ultimate this month) or blush, but been focusing on skin care. I figure the lip balm is a form of skin care!

  34. Lip balm here, too!

  35. I love the briogeo leave in conditioner and buy the full size, so a travel size will be nice to have. It is the only thing that works to prevent static for me in the winter when I straighten my hair.

  36. I picked the brush just cause I thought it was so pretty! Was this close to choosing the SR Luna night oil but realized I already have several small samples of it. Added on the Farmacy cause I can never turn it down!

  37. Went for the Sunday Riley eye cream. My skin either loves or hates their products so I’m excited for a sample.

    • My skin hates every product. I’ve had a bad reaction to every product I’ve tried including the sleep oil. Not sure why.

  38. Surprised myself by picking the Mojito lip balm. It sounds yummy and I’m hoping it will ward off lippies in my GBP since I’m now getting one in GB!

  39. I picked the Malin + Goetz lip balm.

    Remember to check product sizes so you’re not surprised when you get your bags!

  40. What an amazing selection! Way to go, Ipsy!!! I couldn’t pass up trying the Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil!!

  41. This was an easy choice for me. I’m a sucker for eye creams so I picked the Sunday Riley. I haven’t had to by myself a full size eye cream in years because of all the ones I get in subscriptions.

  42. I got the Luna but I think I’ll probably skip because I just dropped a lot of $$ on the flash sale.

  43. I got the mojito lip balm 🙂

  44. This has been the best round of choices in a long time, possible the best round ever. Hopefully the rest of the bag and the GBP choices are just as good!

    • I love this site so much because to me it is truly interesting and fun to see what other people like and what makes the world go round and how different we all are. This is the second time ever that I let IPSY pick for me because while I wasn’t unhappy with the choices, I’ve just already tried most of them and wasn’t really torn between picking like I usually am. The Flash Sale was the same way this time although I was THRILLED to see the Farmacy Green Clean again. That stuff is awesome!

      • I’m also letting ipsy pick for me this month. I do like the mojito balm, but I know that because I’ve gotten it twice from Birchbox. Nothing else screamed must have to me, and I’ve seen lots of people post that they get their best bags when ipsy picks it all, so I thought… why not? But I did get the lip balm duo from flash.

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